Editors note: This isn’t analysis. It’s not sage, level headed reasoning with statistical backing. It’s just a fan being a fan. Stoeten did all the reasonable reacting here and here This post is reserved for flippant, irrational fanboyism at its highest.

Travis Snider has been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

My first post with actual words in it on DJF was an ode to how much I missed seeing my favourite player suit up for my hometown team. A number of the comments echoed the sentiment “Who the fuck is Archi Zuber?” which is a question even I’ve battled with in my own head. I decided to not bother explaining myself or why I was here or what I’d be doing, instead opting to let the words speak for themselves and let all the comment mongerers figure out my personality by following my writing. Now, as I stand faced with a white page to be filled up with my second ‘real words’ post, it seems only fitting that the departure of that same player is the topic at hand.

The first time I ever commented here at DJF was March 2nd, 2008. A younger version of Dustin Parkes ran a live blog of the Jays first televised Spring Training game and I was through the roof excited to watch 20 year old prospect Travis Snider take an AB in a Blue Jays uniform. Parkes was obviously impressed:

And I quote:

Archimedes when you were watching those videos of Snider in HS I hope it was on a friend’s computer. I don’t have time to post comments, but I’m sorry, that’s pathetic.

He’s right, you know. Four and a half years later I’m less excited, and probably still exactly as pathetic.

A lot of more sane, rational Jays fans have been asking rhetorically “Why is everyone so worked up over Snider?” and saying “He’s really not that good. What’s the big deal?” and to them I answer: Do you remember 2008 at all?

The 2008 Blue Jays team featured one player (Veron Wells) who hit 20 home runs and posted an OPS over .800. 27-year old Alex Rios had officially begun increasing in apathy and regressing in ability, and we were still a year away from Adam Lind being a breakout player. Moreover, the team was devoid of personality. Travis Snider, we were told, was a fun loving kid with a hard nosed football background, capable of crushing one-handed shots over the wall. He was everything we needed.

2008 also saw the explosion of social media to change the way we interacted. Twitter experienced a 752% growth in users, and as our ability to access information grew we began to understand how we could use our new found connectedness to uncover information about prospects and players that had previously just been names and numbers on a sheet. We all saw everything together. We devoured the 2008 Eastern League Home Run Derby video together, and watched him hit a walk-off home run in his last game in AA. He was our first can’t miss prospect in the brand new age of can’t miss prospects being the only thing that mattered in baseball.

I can’t help but to look at the atmosphere around the team now and see Snider’s imprint on it. It seems like the whole team is made up for free-swingin’, ‘look at how much fun they’re having!’ guys that were absolutely nowhere to be found when he was called up. In 2008, we had a hardass in Scott Rolen, the laissez faire Alex Rios, the soon-to-be-depressed Vernon Wells, and an inhuman robot designed to kill on the mound every 5 days. Snider was the one I could cling to and say “That’s how I think I’d act in this situation”. He was having fun, dancing, interacting with fans on the internet and living the dream of playing major league baseball. It’s easy to take for granted now that we’ve got Brett Lawrie and JP Arencibia and Jose Bautista and all the other smilin’ good guys making youtube videos with our names in them, but for better or for worse, Snider was the one who introduced the information era in Toronto. He would show us his meals or invent hashtags and give interviews about nachos. Travis Snider arrived and matured right along with our awareness and ability to learn about players like him. Like all things in today’s day and age, we matured along from being excited to getting over it and immediately becoming sarcastic and detached.

Pardon me for romanticising baseball, but if you’re one of the realists that don’t understand why someone would care about stuff like that, by all means, enjoy the games the way you want. I’m not telling you that you’re wrong or to change the way you do anything. If you’re like me and sometimes certain players mean a little more to you because of things that have nothing to do with the results of the game, today is not all about sadness. I prefer to celebrate everything Travis Snider represented to the organization. He represented a movement of youth, of exciting young players that were fun to watch and just as much fun to interact with and learn about, which is something that just wasn’t nearly as possible in 2007. He may not be a physical member of the Jays roster any more, but the spirit and ideals he represented are now present on the team in full force. And for that, I say Travis Snider’s time with the Blue Jays was a complete success.

Thanks for everything, Travis. Good luck in Pittsburgh. I hear the meat there is amazing.

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  1. Nicely done.


    • It would hurt more if Lawrie wasn’t here. That’s right, Brett Lawrie also heals people

    • I think this shows AA is the new Colangelo. Terrible terrible move. Even if you can justify it by saying the jays got proper value. The jays have no reason to make that treade. No way Gose hits. I will not buy a tick next year if Rajai Davis is the starting left fielder.

      • by trading a prospect who has never shown an ability to riser to his potential for a controllable live armed pitcher when the bullpen has been the second Achilles’ heel (behind arms falling off of pitchers) of this team all season, and when you have Moises Sierra (i.e. the same guy as Travis Snider) to replace him in the lineup, I can’t see how this is a terrible move.
        That was a clown comment bro.

      • Awesome eee, one more ticket for the real fans. If you are gonna let one move, and one starter dictate whether or not you watch this team… You feel free. I will be a Jays fan to the day I die and I trust the process of AA. I’ll judge the trade after a few months of watching our team play… Just like the rest of us educated fans. Cheers.

      • In order:

        No he’s not, no it isn’t, yes they did, who cares, and OF COURSE you will.

    • Is there a more overrated player among Blue Jays’ fandom? I swear, it’s like Snider has become the mediocre embodiment of some people’s hopes and dreams and admitting that Snider isn’t what they hoped he would be is like admitting that their lives suck.

  2. very well done.

    explained my feelings about the whole situation far better then I could express.

  3. still stunned everything went down the way it did. disappointed in AA with this one.

  4. It’s official, anyone can write here.

    Still taking broads to the Jays game and not banging them you limp wristed fuck?


  5. *Wiserhood clap*

  6. I’m ready for Snider’s first pierogi pic.

  7. Thanks that was nice.

  8. Dont kid yourself archi – level headed statistical reasoning is the best cover for fanboysism and subjective feelings!

  9. Goddamn right.

    I was thinking of that HR Derby video, and meant to include it. Glad you did.

  10. Great post!

  11. Nicely done, Archi. Travis will be missed.

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  12. I approve of this post.

  13. You’re all really nice. Thank you for reading.

  14. I agree with pretty much all your saying, which I think is why he needed to be traded. The front office was pretty much damned if you do, damned if you don’t with him in terms of keeping him in the minors or giving him playing time in Toronto. He was too good to still be in Vegas, but hasn’t shown he can be a consistent big leaguer and, if they’re serious about contending next year, can’t really afford to give him more time to prove he belongs.

    I will miss him, but its for the best that he’s gone, I think. He’ll just be the biggest ‘what if’ question fans can ask ourselves for the next few years, I guess.

    • “if they’re serious about contending next year, can’t really afford to give him more time to prove he belongs.”

      Simply not true. He’s clearly a good outfielder. He needs to be given a season of regular at bats. If the vaunted highest scoring offense in baseball can’t let him do that, then not sure why the Pirates (who, unlike the Jays, are contending this year, are very likely going to the playoffs this year) can.

      The Jays contention or non-contention has little to do with Snider playing every day, or with somebody like Upton playing every day. It’s about pitching, particularly starting pitching.

      So yeah, it might be for the best that he’s gone, but not for the Jays. For Snider perhaps (and I hope so). But I don’t think the trade made the Jays better, or improved in any way their chances for contention next season, unless Lincoln suddenly turns into a good starting pitcher, which by all accounts seems unlikely.

      I hope the Pirates get into the world series, and that Travis has a lot do with why.

      • +1

        I was a huge fan of AAs trading of older bullpen pieces for high upside young players last year.

        I can’t support the exact opposite strategy this year without feeling too much like an uninformed fanboy.

        Different players, different situations and of course all trades COULD work out for either team. I just think it runs opposite to his strategy that worked so well the last few years.

        I hope AA isn’t starting to over think it and trying to fix things that aren’t yet broken.

    • That is only the case if we manage to upgrade the position in the offseason. Snider is still a far better option than Davis or Gose this year and next.

  15. Great post.

    I forget where I first heard the term “liberated fandom” – I think it was GROF, maybe – but I think that’s important here. I’m still super bummed that my favorite player isn’t on my favorite team anymore, but it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch the Pirates from now on.

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  17. I hope he doesn’t become one of those “on his fourth team in five years” players. Good luck to him! And now it’s move forward time for everyone.

  18. I realize I know jack and my opinion means shit, but after coming to expect miracles from AA I really haven’t much liked or understood his recent moves. The glow is wearing off. But I will put it in perspective that these are just minor league players and tweaks…. I thought Snider could have been good and I hope he kicks ass with his new team

    • doesn’t it feel like we are on the other end of an AA deal now?

      and under appreciated much really talented player goes one way, and a faceless reliever goes the other way

      AA giveth, AA takith away

      • The thought behind having a deep, talented minor league system was that the Jays would have a steady supply of quality young players and the unneeded prospects could be traded. I’m still amped for the young players coming up, but not a big fan of the veterans we’ve picked up this month for our prospects. I guess in my fantasy world prospects would be traded for quality starters, not little-known journeymen

        • “The thought behind having a deep, talented minor league system was that the Jays would have a steady supply of quality young players and the unneeded prospects could be traded”

          That’s what just happened.The uneeded prospects were traded.

        • Prospects can be traded for quality starters… just not any of the prospects that we were willing to part with. Your not going to get quality starters for middling prospects.

          • A major league ready OFer (Snider or Gose) would be a very nice piece of a trade for a top player, trading them for almost nothing deludes the talent pool of prospects.

  19. Very nice post. I am already on the fast track to getting over Snider, because life is too short to carry on man crushes for extended periods, but I started getting back into the Jays in 2006-7 after a long strike-induced/Jays shittiness baseball hiatus. Snider really was the first new prospect I took an interest in. The way he got his call up and crushed balls for a few weeks was fucking exciting and teased the shit out of us all. But by now, there has been way too much drama over him. It is also because of Snider that I can no longer get excited about call-ups who start hot in the Show. I have lived and learned.

    • I started following the Jays in the summer of 2008 & was very excited to see Snider play.

      The first Jays shirt I bought in 2009 was a #45 Lunchbox T shirt.

      I am still shocked he is no longer a Jay. He will be missed in LF.

      I don’t think Gose is ready to take his spot & don’t know very much about Moises Sierra.

      Listening to AA on PTS now, I am still not convinced it was a logical move.

      I don’t believe that Rajai Davis can play LF every day.

      It seems the Jays bullpen has to rebuilt for a 3rd year in a row.

      I don’ t like AA’s excuse that the Jays score enough runs so we have a surplus of OF.

      The team needs to outslug the opposition in the AL East because the starting pitching isn’t strong enough.

      • I don’t think offense is a problem. Last I checked we were second in runs scored. The problem is consistency – very all or nothing. And Snider was not exactly lighting up opposing pitchers.

  20. as a huge snider fan, i started to to come to grips with the fact that he might break out with the jays, similar to how i inevitably knew doc was going to leave, i felt the same with snider.

    the thing that kills me though is the timing and return of the trade.. if snider went on to finish the year batting .200/.250/.400.. this trade would have still been possible, since most of snider’s value is in his potential not his so far performance.

    So you trade him now why? could you not have atleast giving him a fuckin shot, at worse case are you telling me you cant get a fuckin all of a sudden good reliever for him in the offseason.

    AA traded 9 players in the last few weeks, 4 with some pretty decent upside.. in the after math the team isn’t any better.

    • The team is better. We improved our bullpen. This gives Farrell some room to pull starters who are shitting the bed (Ricky) and have some depth to finish games and give the offence a chance to win them.

      • the team isn’t better … who did we add that we can definitely
        say is better than brett cecil?

        AA went with quantity over quality.

        So yah, maybe our pen blows less leads.. but we’ll also have less leads to protect. and now moving forward, we need to figure out who’s going to start in lf.

        • you have lost the ability to think if it was there at all

        • This makes no sense… how are there less leads to protect. Jays added Happ, Lyon, Lincoln and the Seattle reliever for Snider (who played 85% of the season in AAA) Thames (who played 85% of the time in AAA and sucked the other 25%) Francisco and his what 12 AB’s and Cordero and his 5ERA. There are less leads because Bautista/JPA/Lind are injured not because of the trades

    • Because the Jays would’ve been forced to either have him on the 25 man for 2013 or release him, free to sign with any team with zero comp to the Jays..
      Better to trade him now and get something.

      • thats a ridiculous justification.

        Who is going to start LF next year? Davis? Gose?

        both don’t have the bat for a corner position.

        they sold snider for pennies on the dollar, and stand to fuck up Gose now as much as they did with snider.

        • It’s not ridiculous. it’s baseball.

          You’re getting too fucked up over a player who has played 10 Major games this year.

          You asked a question, I gave you the answer.grow up and accept the facts.
          I was pulling for Snider but it wasn’t meant to be.
          Life isn’t fair, neither is baseball.

        • “both don’t have the bat for a corner position.”

          …and sadly neither did Snider.

  21. Travis Snider was always the guy you just couldn’t help but root for.

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  22. @ archi

    The cynical,grouchy,old bastard side of me says “decent read”
    The fan side of me says “great read”.

    BTW:Who the fuck are you?

  23. Nice post. Thanks for that.

    Travis was a very likeable personality & player & it makes me pretty sad that he’s not gonna continue his career here. Every time he stepped into the batters box, it became an at bat that I was more invested in. If things went sour in a Jays loss, I could always find at least some solace in any success he might’ve had.

    Best of luck Travis Snider. I’ll be cheering for you.

  24. I remember the spring training left field ‘audiition’. Now both guys are gone. Wasn’t quite sure I envisioned it rolling out this way. But, here we are.

  25. I hope he rakes is Pit. My heart hates this trade.

  26. Who the fuck is this guy? Also at least we’ve still got Colby?

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  27. Thanks for that post…sometimes I feel like we as drunken angry ratraced amatuer sabrematrcian growups forget about playin catch with dad, ur first homerun or Vlad as an expo…that was more fun to read than a 4-1 game graph of a loss to the mariners…keep it up dude!!!

  28. the way i look at it is this. pittsburg now has my favourite player and my favourite jays mancrush project piece. i’m also used to cheering for underdogs and pnc park is sweet as well as being one of the non skydome parks i’ve been to. so now i have a team to officially root for in the national league. go bucs.

    • also. if snider turns into the masher we hoped he would be for the jays it won’t hurt as much if it happens for the team we got bautista from.

    • It would be a nice road trip to visit PNC Park next summer.

      travis will likely become a star in pittsburgh.

      i could see him opening a restaurant there when he retires. it is a meat friendly city.

      • “Travis will likely become a star in pittsburgh.”

        On what basis can you possibly suggest the most likely outcome is Travis Snider becoming a star in Pittsburgh?

        I’ve always liked Travis Snider and in large part it’s probably because he was the only blue chip prospect JPR ever drafted/developed.

        But that’s as far as he has gone to date and while the potential may still be there, the chances he ever reaches his once-lofty expectations are pretty fucking remote.

  29. Thanks a lot fucker. Now I’m sad about Travis Snider AND that Parkes doesn’t write on DJF anymore…

    • GB is that way>>>>>>>>>>.
      Parkes isn’t dead, just relocated.
      And the last couple of DJF posts by him have been very good.

    • Who would miss Parkes? He’s a fratboy asshole.

      • Obviously Ray does,so I pointed him in the right direction.

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  30. Archi Zuber. You have a name for baseball.

    • True story: I’m named after Archi Cianfrocco

      • Fuck off PArkes!

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  31. Nice thoughts, agreed about Snider’s fan-friendly presence representing the newer Blue Jay era.

    Quick writing style tip: fewer meaty paragraphs. Break it up a little more. It’ll be much easier on the eye, especially considering how many of us are reading on tiny screens.

    (And I don’t mean to be *that guy* — just helpful.)

  32. Alex will be on Prime Time at 6. Should be interesting.

  33. Great post.

    The era of Cito punishing Branch Rickey for not integrating Major League baseball fast enough is finally at an end!

  34. Travis Snider was the sophisticated fan’s John McDonald. I hope he mashes in Pittsburgh.

  35. The Jays have more players that have the same or better potential than Snider, and we got a very very good reliever for half a decade+.

    i have no problem with Lunchbox going for that. It removes a need dealing from a position of strength.

    • Who has more offensive potential than Snider had? Marisnick? He’s 21 and struggling in double A. Snider made the big leagues at 20. I mean, I like our prospects and all, but go back and look at what Snider did in the minor leagues, at the age he did them, and compare those numbers to ANYBODY in our awesome system. Snider was the best hitting prospect this organization has had since Carlos Delgado. And they totally fucked it.

    • Corner OFs with 25 HR potential is a position of strength?

  36. This was a very well written piece and a refreshing point of view on this website. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for Snider in Toronto because even though I’ve never been a fanboy and I generally think fanboyism is pretty pathetic, I did like the guy, and I acknowledge that he had a ton of potential.

    But this whole Snider thing went on far too long. It was definitely time for him to go, and those who suggest the Jays didn’t give him a fair shake are kidding themselves. I’m not suggesting it’s over for Snider, but he’s better off getting a shot elsewhere now, and the Jays are better off without having to go through the motions of giving him his chance every year and hoping he’ll actually succeed in one of them, only to watch him disappoint again. It had become pretty clear that it wasn’t going to work out for him here, and he had enough chances to prove otherwise. Let’s not pretend he didn’t. Maybe working in another city with another hitting coach will do wonders for his career. I genuinely hope so. But I can’t say I’m not glad to have this seemingly never-ending tease of greatness over with. It’s time to move on. Go Lincoln!

    • Uh, nice how the opinion piece left out how good ol’ Travis dug his own grave by acting like a complete twat when blowing off management then not reporting to Triple A when sent down (repeatedly)in the first years after he was called up.

      He was never that good to deserve all this hand wringing and now he’s gone. AA got the best he could and now, as somebody said in another thread, there’s an AYCE buffet with his name on it in Pittsburgh.

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  37. “The first time I ever commented here at DJF was March 2nd, 2008. A younger version of Dustin Parkes ran a live blog of the Jays first televised Spring Training game and I was through the roof excited to watch 20 year old prospect Travis Snider take an AB in a Blue Jays uniform. Parkes was obviously impressed”


  38. Lovely post. Thanks, Archie. *big sigh*

    • Also: Thanks, Archi.

    • It’s suddenly raining men.

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  39. Yeah this is pretty much how I feel about Snider. I was really excited when he got called up this year especially since he was playing pretty good.

    Great post.

  40. Archi or whatever your name is, you have to stop using fake names to compliment yourself.

    Even when neckbeard Stoeten writes a good one the compliments are nowhere near as thick.

  41. Yeah, I hear yah. It’s odd how we’re not allowed to think of anything but a player’s bottom line — as if nobody becomes attached to players they root for day in day out. Reminds me of the time I wrote that I didn’t really WANT Barry Bonds to come be a mercenary in Toronto because I thought he was a horrible person and was called “not a true baseball fan” and a racist.

  42. The Jays just picked up Tuffy Gosewisch! Go crazy!!

  43. i said i was rooting for pitt for the NL before the trades happened. so anyone going to dryhump my leg when i cheer can fuck off in advance. i have been watching them closely since the burnett trade as he got run out of ny. imjust glad i wont have to hear anymore travis shit on the jays porn base.

  44. Anyone here remember the last Blue Jay who lived through what Snider lived through in Toronto? http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/d/duceyro01.shtml

    I hope that Travis has a brighter future, at least until Toronto has to face Pittsburgh, in which case I hope he goes 0-for-13 in the series.

  45. Very nice post. Very classy. Good one Archie who? lulz. Snider will be missed.. he did seem to fit in and be one of the guys, and I also hope he makes a big name for himself in Pittsborg.

  46. Can’t say that I’m too broken up about Travis Traded…I was never really a fan, and quite frankly, I’m glad the experiment is over.

  47. Who the fuck is Archi Zuber?

    Sounds made up…

    In all seriousness, great read.

  48. Great, great post

  49. Nice post. I was never much of a fan of Snider or the way he was used over the past few seasons, but at least now he may have a chance at a little more consistent playing time.

    In any case, he’s 1-1 so far as a Pirate with an infield single. It would have surely been an easy ground out to third had the Cubs not played the shift, but a hit is a hit..

  50. travis was opsing .477 vs righties and 1.500 vs lefties. did you think that was going to continue? if you can’t rake righties then you have no hope. travis can’t pull fastballs which is the kiss of death. it was only a matter of time before he gets owned by lefties. in all likelihood he gets waived next year and then gets passed around like a used joint.

  51. I never understood the hype over Snider.

    I distinctly remember his attitude when he first came up. He refused to listen to his coaches, he had an air of entitlement, and he kept rolling his eyes at Cito in front of the cameras.

    Then one day he seemed to have a personality adjustment. I noticed it when he wore that fake mustache to honour Cito. Suddenly he seemed to change his attitude and became a really good guy. I think that transformation was legit.

    I wasn’t a fan of his but in retrospect, remembering the bland personalities we had on the team in those years, you’re exactly right in what Lunchbox represented. Blossoming potential with youthful exuberance which was non-existent on the Jays in those years.

    It hit home to say we might take it for granted now with this group of guys. This team is fun to watch, and the way they interact with fans is amazing.

    I hope he goes on to have a great career and would love to play against him some day in the world series. Jays-Pirates 2013!!!

    Great read. Thanks!

    • Don’t worry fellas, AA has his eyes on one of three LF free agents, Eric Hinske, Fred Lewis and for all your Snyder lovers, Reed Johnson.

  52. Great post.

    I don’t really know why, but this trade really pisses me off.

    A 24 year old AAAA player with pop seems much more valuable to me than a reliever. Relievers can be found more easily than the lottery ticket that is Travis Snider. I wish Travis the best of luck and hope that this deal takes AA down a notch or two.

    • K seriously guys, we need to stop referring to Brandon Lincoln as a “reliever” in a negative sense. We are talking about a guy who was once a 4th overall pick, higher then Snyder was drafted. Also, Morrow was a “reliever” when we got him. Snydes, as much as I did like him is only a career .250 hitter in 800 abs. I hope he breaks out in Pittsburgh, just like I am happy to see Hill doing well in Arizona, but I honestly don’t believe our Lunchbox hero would “breakout” here. The past season and a half we have desperately needed bullpen arms, and I feel much better with having a gose/davis platoon and lincoln, delemwhatever the fuck, lion, oliver and jansen for the rest of this year. Happ goes to the rotation and cecil become the lefty specialist, seriously how is this not a good thing?

      • Main flaw in your “good thing” hypothesis is the assumption JA Happ pitching more innings could ever be considered a good thing. If the Jays are looking to tank then Happ will definitely assist but I hesitate to call getting shelled every fifth day “a good thing.”

        Secondarily I disagree that having a black hole offensively in left field and a marginal upgrade in the bullpen in a lost season is a net positive.

  53. [...] in person? Haha I just want to see him succeed. I am not the only person like this (example 1, example 2) And no I have not met him but I did get stuff signed by him TTM [...]

  54. “Editors note: This isn’t analysis. It’s not sage, level headed reasoning with statistical backing. It’s just a fan being a fan.”

    Why is this necessary? Fuck all you SABR assholes for ruining fandom.

  55. I get a feeling Travis Snider will become a star at age 29 after the Jays either pick him up off waivers or he’s included as a throw-in in a larger trade.

    AA loves re-acquiring guys he’s traded away.

  56. A 24 year old with elite potential for a shit pitcher that can’t start that has been good for all of 20 innings in the nl central? Where do I sign?!?!

  57. Nice writing!

  58. I have always been a huge Travis Snider fan. Like many others, no matter the game situation, if he came to bat I was interested. Much like Lawrie.

    I wish things had worked out differenetly for Travis with the Blue Jays, but I think at the end of the day, they likely felt the orgnization was in a no win situation. As long as Travis was there, no other LF prospect would get a fair shake from the fans. His status was almost mythical.

    It’s like now having to go cold turkey. The sooner we deal with our addiction, the sooner we can all move on. I will now watch the Pirates box scores with interest, and hope Lunchbox goes on to a long and terrific career.

  59. I’ve been hoping Snider would become something, but the more I’ve seen of him – the more he looks like a current Pirate – Garrett Jones. A left-handed bat who through stretches will make you think this is the next great power hitter, then struggle for two weeks (and neither hits lefties that well)…Both ending up as about average major leaguers

  60. [...] was a bevy of so-long Travis Snider posts across the interweb: From DJF, a look at why the hell a player who has had no real success in the majors means so damn much to [...]

  61. You can have him back. Been here a week and he’s been terrible. All he does is hit singles and strike out. If we wanted that, we could have kept Alex Presley and Brad Lincoln on the team.

  62. It might be called Vauxhall-intense, eh John? Are those people cars parked inside the middle of your street?

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