Nelson Cruz running through a sign.

This season still going? Because… um… I’m seeing Kelly Johnson in the post-trade-deadline clean-up spot and I’m starting to think it’s probably Spring Training.


Wait a second– look at that lineup for the Mariners, too! IT IS SPRING TRAINING. IT WAS ALL A DREAAAAAAAAM!!!!!


In a must read at Getting Blanked, our own Dustin Parkes Gose in depth on what’s Gose-ing on with the Jays’ Gose-Gose outfielder who seems a little bit lost: Moises Sier– oh, wait, I mean Anthony Gose.

Shi Davidi tweets that “John Farrell says a thought is to go with 6-man rotation after Monday’s offday, to keep JA Happ stretched out.” And by “stretched out,” I assume he means “not pissing his little pants about not starting, like a child in the throes of a tantrum,” right?

At North of the Border, Gregor Chisholm has a handy transcript of Jose Bautista’s chat with the media today about his injury and the trade deadline– including his defence of teammate Yunel Escobar.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
R. Davis LF
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

C. Villanueva RHP

Seattle Mariners

D. Ackley 2B
M. Saunders CF
J. Montero DH
J. Jaso C
K. Seager 3B
C. Wells RF
M. Carp 1B
E. Thames LF
B. Ryan SS

B. Beavan RHP


Image via Otto Greule Jr./Getty.

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  1. Baseball is a game in which the pitcher throws the ball to the batter, and the batter tries to hit it.

  2. Beavan must be shitting himself looking at that line up. Let’s give Mench and Wilkerson a call

  3. Playoffs

  4. Yep… You gave away the one guy I could cheer for on a team that has no chance at the playoffs… So… Why the fuck am I watching this game?

    You’ve got 2 innings to intrigue me, or I’m gone… And that’s been the same for the past 2 games….

    Note to everyone: The Daily Show is one in less than an hour, and it’s WAY better than watching this shit show…

    • Oh piss off.

      • way to protect your turf stoets. ban him from here, I think he is an underager kid anyways

        • It’s hilarious that the fans are not allowed to mourn the loss of Snider on this blog. We have to parrott AA’s latest change of philosophy & get excited over a Delabar who has 8 screws in his elbow & a failed starter like Lincoln. In february we were told the Jays had a super pen & we had to applaud AA for getting a power arm like Santos who was a converted short stop with 1 year of pitching experience. Santos pitched 5 innings & blew 2 save opportunities.

          Now Thames hits a 2 run HR off Carlos V & Snider had another great game for Pittsburgh.

          How long do we have to pretend that Gose is a major league hitter & clap when he hits a ball out of the infield.?

          The Jays have a new & improved bullpen & farrell is letting Carlos V fall apart on the mound.

          • do you get the idea of sample sizes? If Snider tears up the NL the rest of the year, it doesn’t really mean anything until he does it a second and third time through the league. Don’t get me wrong, I was pissed they gave up Snider, but 3 games means nothing. Unless you want to talk about the “legend” of Sam Fuld.

        • Can you be underage to blog? We aren’t slammin’ flavored vodka here. Or are we?

    • Brandon. Fuck off. Go annoy some other people, asshole.

  5. Zaun is such a fucking tool

  6. Time to multiply Beavan’s career high in Ks by 1.2. That should get pretty close to the final number.

  7. Villanueva throwing first pitch strikes is big time big

  8. Hey, the top 3 batters in this line up belong in the majors! So… I guess 4-9 would probably be pretty good AA players..

  9. HAHA picture caption

  10. Nice catch by the fan!

  11. Colby finally found some kush

  12. Okay, we have one more actual baseball player…

    Then we can wait for 6 more after this…

  13. I get a dinger….

  14. My boy Cletus!

  15. It’s really nice of the Jays to fill the 4th through 9th spots in their line-up tonight with guys that aren’t even close to good enough for the major leagues… That’s great, it’s like the make a wish foundation for shitty baseball players!

    • Yunel’s career 101ops+ and 103wrc+ are apparently not good enough for the majors? Your schtick wasn’t funny the first time around and now you just look like an idiot.

  16. No Sierra? At least he would have been interesting to watch bat…..

  17. I was about to puke when reading the Jays lineup. Am I glad I listened to you and looked at the Seattle lineup as well.

    Holy crap that lineup sucks.

  18. A defensively mediocre, unathletic 1st baseman with unexceptional power, sure glad we spent a first round pick on him….

  19. Anyone got a stream?

  20. Anyone else having trouble with MLB TV? Same problem last night (thank god). App loads, but then nothing but the spinning wheel of where the fuck is the Jays game

  21. Are there still any people that think Cooper is anything better than a really bad AAA bat? I mean, if he was a REALLY good shortstop his bat might be okay in AAA, but since he’s a terrible first baseman, isn’t he just… not even as good as I might be as a baseball player? (trust me, I’m not good enough to play in the majors…)

  22. So, I assume these two teams have a joint function at the conclusion of this game.

  23. Carlos is sort of our best pitcher this year…

    • I hope they re-sign him. Solid long-relief, spot starter

      • He’s like the new Tallett when Tallett would go from long man in the pen to spot starter before Cito overused him & blew out his arm.

        • That’d be a great story if there was any truth to it. When exactly did Tallet blow out his arm? Was it when he actually strained a muscle in his ribcage sneezing, or was it actually when he was diagnosed with kidney disease?

          Are we seriously just making up injuries now for players?

  24. The haters are out en force. Which I guess includes me as I’m hating on them.

  25. Fuck, hope that Thames/Gose matchup wasn’t prophetic

  26. LOL @ Thames…

  27. The Getting Blanked article was a complete waste of time and space. Normally the links I follow from DJF are awesome. I assume you had to prop it up because you work for the same company.

    • This is just personal opinion, but i find that Parkes’ articles are a little too ‘clinical’ for my liking. I mean, he presents valid arguments – I sometimes agree, sometimes dont – but regardless of that, I feel theres little personality to the posts.

      Again, just a personal opinion.s ju

  28. I know Lawrie was kind of forced into the lead-off spot by the absence of anyone else with an OBP above .300, but has AA or Farrel ever discussed how long they plan to keep him there. I thought Lawrie was supposed to project more in the 3 or 4 slot?

    • The thing about projections is that they don’t necessarily mean “in a few months”. He might not be in the 3rd or 4th slot until tomorrow or next year, or until he’s 27. Either way, he’d still match the projection.

    • I’m cool with it. Batting lead should teach Lawrie some patience and good habits.

      • I’m fine with it too, just struck as a stopgap measure that has extended. I guess the hope is for Gose to become a plus batter, but that looks to be a ways away still

    • IMO Lawrie really hasn’t shown the extra base power on a regular basis for him to be in the 3 or 4 hole yet. He’d have to be hitting for a much higher average to make up for that.

  29. Villanueva is going to throw a perfect game.

  30. Kelly likes the 4 hole!

  31. hi guys i am back and just waiting for the game on regular sportsnet at 11. i see the snider crying isnt over and AA is getting some heat for stealing a hot as hell 0.5 era reliever from pittsburgh, has anybody noticed the horrible 10 game stats for the league.sure is alot of mediocrity in the bigs, gives the feeling that a 10 game winning streak might put a team in contention. me thinks AA has hopes of these guys gelling together and going on a roll.

  32. Nice catch coop

  33. Did Stond Jays Fan just jizz himself?

  34. Another accidental hit for Gose. Hard to complain about that though.

  35. For those of us who still care about actually watching games, why the fuck did Davis not tag up on that deep fly to center? he should be on third now with one out.

    i swear to you its because he wanted to pad his sb stats.

  36. Gose says .200 bitches! lol

  37. It’s not often I hit a home run, but when I do, it’s usually by accident.

  38. Started with a lead off double by Coop, love bringing those around. Double steal coming?

  39. Oh Rajai.

  40. Rajai Davis, baserunner extrordinaire.

  41. Rob’s Nine-point Guide to Identifying Depressed Jays Fans:

    As we approach 19 years without playoffs, the population of depressed Jays fans continue to rise. Here is how you can identify a depressed fan in threads.

    1) All or Nothing Thinking: The depressed fan thinks in black and white, with no room for a grey area.
    “We didn’t make the playoffs this year, so this year was a complete waste.”

    2) Overgeneralization: They paint in too broad strokes, usually unfairly brushing the innocent with the guilty.
    “The entire lineup is just a bunch of hackers.”

    3) Mental Filter: They filter out the positive and only see the negative.
    Depressed fan: “All our pitchers got injured and won’t come back the same, Lawrie can’t hit for power anymore, and AA can’t execute amazing trades anymore. We’re screwed.”
    Rational fan: “But dude, EE took a huge step forward, Rasmus is hitting like a star, and our offense morphed into one of the most dangerous lineups in the AL.”
    Depressed fan: “Doesn’t matter without pitching. We’re screwed.”

    4) Disqualifying the Positive: The depressed fan has a tendency to disqualify any positive thoughts, for no other crime than being positive. This is notable because this same thought process does not apply to negative thoughts.
    Rational fan: “Arencibia has been doing a pretty good job developing that power stroke this year. Improved over last season, and his defense is passable now. 20HR catchers are quite valuable.”
    Depressed fan: “Yeah, but his on-base is low, so none of that matters.”
    Rational fan: “Well Kelly Johnson has a pretty good on-base despite his bad year with the bat. Third on the team in walk percentage.”
    Depressed fan: “Yeah, but he has no power, so none of that matters.”

    5) Mind Reading: The depressed fan reads thoughts into the actions of others. These thoughts are usually quite separate from reality, for the simple reason that they don’t know any of these people on a personal level.
    “I bet Beeston told AA to do whatever it takes to get Morneau, just because he’s Canadian.”

    6) Fortune Telling: The depressed fan comes up with dire predictions for the future.
    “I bet Romero’s going to go down with Tommy John surgery tomorrow.”

    7) Magnifying the Negative and Minimizing the Positive: The depressed fan sees negative events as the utmost importance, while minimizing the importance of positive events.
    “Oh sure Joey Bats has had yet another decent season. But he spent time on the DL after the all-star break just like he did last year. Is he a fragile player?”

    8) Emotional Reasoning: The depressed fan makes assumptions based on their feelings. If they feel it is true, then they assume it is true.
    “I never liked that Rasmus guy anyways. He’s going to start sucking any day now.”

    9) Labelling and Mislabelling: The depressed fan labels players and teams, and then become biased by their own labels, interpreting anything that comes afterwards as a supporting fact.
    “Laffey is a useless journeyman. We had to wait a few starts, but we knew he’d would prove himself useless eventually.”

    Whenever you meet one of these depressed fans, have pity. It’s not fun to be depressed. It’s a sickness brought on by years of J.P. Ricciardi and Gord Ash. Try nicely to show them the fallacies in their logic, and if that fails call for a professional.

    • It’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you. Is it irrational depression if, as you acknowledge, we have been 19 years without a playoff game and we have a worse winning percentage this year than last? What would fans in Philly or New York do in this situation, hold hands and sing kumbaya?

    • holy fuckin novel, got time to watch the game asshole?

    • Great post.

      I am sick of these young punks and emotional cries to win now and how AA sucks because he didn’t plug the holes in one offseason. It takes years and years bitches.

      1. The past is the past. Yes it’s been 19 years, and that sucks, but it’s only been 3 since AA came on with a plan. Do people forget how terrible we were when he came here? This is why we love Snider. He was the ONLY minor leaguer we knew, because JP DESTROYED our minor league system. During his reign you couldn’t name another minor leaguer besides Snydes. NOT ONE (with the exception of Russ Addams and that speaks volumes).
      AA restocked the system and the way he did it is incredible, and envy of the league.

      2. The INCREDIBLE draft signings and international free agents should take A MINIMUM 3-4 years to develop PROPERLY. These “win now” cries trying to pressure the Jays will hasten their development. I’m worried Gose, Hutch and Alvarez were rushed. So it hasn’t even been 4 years since his first draft… and remember they come in waves so realistically shouldn’t see results for another two to three years.

      3. AA is a genius GM. If you can’t realize that you are bigger fools than those demanding to make trades to win now after all the injuries we had this year. 19 years since playoffs? Forget that. It’s 3 years into AA reign. It took Gillick 8 years to build a winner, 15 years to bring home a championship. Gillick started with a nothing expansion team. AA started with a worse team than that with those AWFUL contracts.

      You bitch that he hasn’t filled our need for a 2B and SP? Do they grow on trees? Will other teams simply give us these players because we ask nicely?
      Instead of bitching about what he hasn’t done, think about what he has.

      I am sick of the criticism of the Napoli trade. Do you forget how we got Napoli? By dumping Wells on suckers. How could Jays keep Napoli? We needed to devolp JPA at catcher. If we kept Napoli as DH, then there would be no EE today. He had to trade him. If you think he should have gotten more you are nuts. Napoli was a backup catcher who can’t can’t catch and we traded him for a potential closer/trade asset. The optics are only bad because one had a breakout year and the other imploded. Hindsight makes it easy for the bitches to bitch.

      All these idiotic and irrational Jays fans saying he’s failed because the team sucks now really don’t understand player devolopment and what it takes to build a winning organization. 19 years since playoffs? That is NOT on THIS management watch.
      Give Alex the same rope and patience we gave Gillick. If we don’t make the playoffs in 8 years then start bitching.

      Smart Jays fans get it and recognize the plan. Stupid Jays fans are blowhards and their noise has the potential of destroying a solid plan with their pressure.

      Shut the fuk up, let this management team execute the plan, and enjoy watching them build. Accept the Jays won’t win this year and probably not next year. Watch for the devolopment of our system and players, not the score of the games.

      You think Tampa turned into a contender overnight? You think they spent cash to fill their needs in one offseason? Fuk you bitches are clueless.

      • Me too, thank you for this.

        AA: Ninja juggler on a tightrope … gonna be lotsa falls but very exciting.

        Stand Pat used to drive me nuts, but I was younger then and get much more pleasure from this team and baseball, now that I realize it’s a game of failure and grace under pressure. 1 team in 30 “wins” and it is not just the big spenders and can’t be rationally gamed.

        Small steps and repeatable mechanics do help and we’re seeing that emerge.

        If he can game the Angels and the CBA, he can game Rogers when the time comes AND hey, who wants them a Darvish this week?

      • He fucked up the Napoli deal, don’t sugarcoat it. It invalidates everything else you say. Yes, he could have kept EE and Napoli playing every day, by rightly sending Lind down to Vegas and never bringing him back up.

    • Awesome !!!

      Most fans i find who are the pathetic leaf fans who think this is there year but watch baseball on the side.

  42. Kangaroo court tomorrow.

  43. Um 12 minutes ago my jays moves twitter feed told me that Aaron Sanchez was placed on the 7day DL… anyone know more about this? also does anyone have any valium?

  44. Nice thought by Rajai – dude’s a demon out there. Better luck next time dude!

    –Oshawa Ollie

  45. I dont understand brining up Sierra and then sitting him against non lefty starters. I realize they have a need for an outfielder til jose comes back, but fuck if Sierra is that guy then let him fucking play every day. they are not in a penant race and I don’t really even know that his offense would be that much worse than Rajai’s

  46. Oh fuck right off Thames.

  47. ya but he still cant catch

  48. Is it bad that i’m kinda happy Thames was the one who did that???

  49. Ok…I was only secretly hoping for a Thames 2 run bomb…it wasn’t actually supposed to happen.

  50. Of course Thames would hit a dinger. Jerk.

  51. Seriously, two quick out..two quick strikes on a shitty 80 hop roller up the middle for a cheap single..then two quick strikes on this guy thames and then he goes deep

  52. Don’t get used to it Seattle.

  53. Thames has 30 hr potential

  54. So know one has heard anything about the Aaron Sanchez injury?

  55. Yeah… I guess I can say the same thing I said earlier… This line-up has 3 MLB batters in it…. Maybe Escobar makes it 4…. but this is just terrible….

    I can’t watch this and take it seriously…

    Pretty goddamn brutal…

  56. Farrell actually had the balls to say that they Jays had lost FOUR middle of the order bats in the last while..he then had the balls to claim the following players were middle of the order bats..


    now they might be guys that farrell bats in the middle of an order..but noone else would

  57. snider and thames are going to get alex fired.

  58. why in the FUCK did escobar not throw the ball to third?

  59. Jesus was there a reason why Loup wasn’t brought in to face back-to-back lefties?

  60. here we go again with farrell’s starter has to finish the inning bullshit

  61. and now you see the value of bautista folks. the spiritual leader of this team who gives them balls of glory. to all the people saying trade him, this is what you will get. and he is wind in the sails of EE too. edwin success is due to jose

  62. Neh, even if the Jays don’t make the playoffs, they need to hop on a winning streak anyways and ride it for a few weeks

  63. pittsburgh feels real gooey good. have fun boys with the injury curse in the big smoke

  64. You cannot expect a team to score more than three runs against a player the caliber of blake Bevin.

    • That would be ludicrous

    • This season Blake Beavan has held the Rangers and Rays to one run. I suppose this means the Rangers offense is crap?

      Guess what, weird things happen in small sample sizes. Dallas Braden pitches a no-hitter. These things happen in an 162 game season.

      • Rob can you fuck off? I know your favourite little team is getting attacked by meanies right now, but it’s because they’re fucking up.

        If you don’t want to hear anything “negative” about the Jays and only want “rational/positive (lol)” comments, LISTEN TO WILNER.

        This week has been embarrassing for AA and the org. Deal with it fanboy.

  65. How do you get jammed on a hanging curve ball? I have a bad feeling about what we are going to see from mathis as a regular starter

  66. This team isn’t a lost rudderless disaster when they lose to a garbage pitcher, and they’re not the best team in the league when they absolutely destroy a pretty decent pitcher.

    They’re a .500 team, with upside.

  67. another 1 run loss, I knew it. typical blue jays! I’m not watching the end of this fiasco.

  68. If the jays were an olympic women’s badminton doubles team they would be DQ’d for an apparent lack of effort.

  69. opposite field hits, what a novel concept!

  70. That ball wasn’t catchable.

  71. Folks. The unbeatable Mariners.

  72. In strides the future of the franchise.

  73. We are building to something here folks. We aren’t looking to be good for one or two seasons. We are really looking to build something sustainable here, where year after year we are able to compete.

    Now with the Triplets in Lansing and the young stud Marisnick in New Hampshire, that would put us about 5 years about from fielding a contending team. To be safe, however, I believe we should plan for the 17 year old Osuna to get up to the bigs as our 4th starter and that pushes us back to 2018 or 2019.

    By that time the current crop of players will have long since been retired, traded, or lost to free agency so we will need to wait for that next crop of core players to come into fruition….so now we are talking about 2020 or 2021.

    I have been assured by Rogers that if we need money to sign a final piece in 2021 or 2022 it WILL be there.

    the fans will just have to be patient with us..we have a plan.


  75. Hm, didnt think a sweep would be possible without having to face king felix.

  76. gone in 60 seconds, was that a movie or was that the blue jays 8th?

  77. Fuck
    What a shit show of a comment section.
    Was there a mass exodus from the clown college and they all showed up here?
    A tribe of idiots has invaded DJF.

  78. I just realized there was no way we could get thames out because farrell didn’t have the scouting report yet.

  79. What a fucking horrible series

  80. dude, the idiots have always ruled this roost. if you want intelligent baseball talk, head on over to the wilner twitter feed. where you can bask in the glory of wilner’s queefs.

    • i think mike willner is pretty!

    • Actually, it seems to have become a lot worse since the move to the Score. Sure, the early days of DJF were filled with racist/homophobic parody accounts (cito dorito anyone?) and a sea of “Fuck off Parkes”, but a lot of that disappeared last year and this place was actually pretty good. It seems the move to the Score has garnered the blog more attention, and as such it’s attracting the idiots. It’s a shame really that a site of this calibre has such dumb commenters. It’s actually not much different from the shit you’d read in the comment section of a Toronto Sun or Star article. I guess once you get to a certain size, the stupidity you’re surrounded by comes with the territory.

  81. i’m convinced that the jays have their own commenters on this site.

  82. Time to bring up hech and get him some experience for next year. The season is officially OVA’ (it was unofficially over before tonight)

    • Clearly you forgot when the season was officially over two weeks ago, four weeks ago, and eight weeks ago.

  83. Good job, good effort!

  84. I can’t believe that just happened.

    Well, Oakland, your move.

  85. Hey Blue jays!! WAY TO MAKE A RUN FOR THE PLAYOFFS!! Lose to one of the worst teams in American League.. THEY BLOW

    • When they had McGowan, Cecil, Drabek and Alvarez penciled in as starting pitchers at the beginning of the year — I knew we weren’t making shit. In fact, that should have been obvious to ANYONE.

  86. And the Mariners just win their seventh in a row.

  87. Proooooooooojjjectile Vomit!!!

  88. clearly out classed by an opponent from the best division in baseball, the AL west.

  89. im tired of cheering for this team,, only to be let down for the past 20 years

  90. well, you can’t blame them, it’s not like the front office think they can win either.

  91. Mariners post game chick has got some thickness. Thames is all over that shit.

  92. Boooo Jays!

    Oh well, there’s always the next series…. Next week’s games… September… Next year… Whatever…

  93. Lincoln didnt impress me. He came in…gave up three shots…right at people. fuck you AA

  94. what terrible investment of my time,

    i need a new hobby.

    if this team ever get’s good i can just jump on the bandwagon.

    103 games x 3 hr = 309 hr. i could have learned cantonese!

  95. GOOD JOB!!!

  96. World’s worst jays talk caller ever..

    “Do you think Rasmus is a silent leader?”

  97. Kinda glad they got swept. It’ll hopefully knock some sense into the people who thought they should trade the farm for some starters and get into that one-game playoff.

    • Amen.

      It is funny how all these jackasses on these boards are pissing and moaning about our fucking awesome offense and how all we need is some pitching and we’re in this thing. Can’t even score a couple of runs off of Iwakuma, Vargas and Beaven.


      • I would still argue we have a great offense, and that all we do need is pitching. But we need A LOT of pitching thanks to all the injuries. You just can’t win when you use 30 pitchers in 100 games.

  98. Jays Talk callers on a roll. Holy moly.

  99. i’m on hold. very excited.

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