How apropos? I’m writing this from inside a beautifully-architectured Montreal row house, and the Jays’ opponent tonight for the A’s is one-time Expo, and all-time subject of the most flattering pictures in the universe, Bartolo Colon.

Shit, I might even pay attention to this one.


Barry Davis of Sportsnet tweets that Adam Lind was in Florida to see a specialist about his back. There is nothing structurally wrong with him, he says, but he’ll continue rehabbing in the sunshine state, and there’s no timetable for his return.

According to a Jays’ team release, the Jays have re-upped their Player Development Contract with Lansing– which totally makes sense. No early announcement of a deal on their PDC with Vegas though, huh? Yeah, that totally makes sense too.

Speaking of the 51s, hitting coach Chad Mottola spoke to Gregor Chisholm of, the transcript of which is at his North of the Border blog.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet has a feature on Anthony Gose, who hopes to stick around with the Jays.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
R. Davis LF
Y. Gomes C
A. Gose RF

H. Alvarez RHP

Oakland A’s

C. Crisp CF
S. Smith DH
J. Reddick RF
Y. Cespedes LF
B. Moss 1B
B. Inge 3B
G. Kottaras C
A. Rosales SS
E. Sogard 2B

B. Colon RHP


Image via Steve Schaefer/Getty.

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  1. Alvarez strikes out 3 tonight

  2. Bring back the Expo’s

    • Expos fans hacked the Washington Nationals website this week & sent a message to them that the team was moving back to Montreal.

    • The coach of one of the teams I played on in high school was a huge Expos fan, and he had our new uniforms all printed up for the summer… spelling Expos as “Expo’s”.

    • I’d settle for the Vancouver AAA Canadians, the Edmonton Trappers, The Calgary Cannons, …

      • ahhh the Cannons…Tartabull, Brantley, Coles, EDGAR, Soupie Campbell et al.

        I was fortunate enough to play a number of games in Foothills Park with the Calgary Big League All Stars and one Jeff Zimmerman in the late 1980′s and loved the fact that it was the Cannons field. I can’t help but think that like the NHL the currency in the 1990s killed the Cannons but should make them work again now. Hey, if the Jays prospects are going to get skewed in Vegas, may as well do it right in Calgary!!!

  3. Jays need to win this one, so people can stop freaking out.

    Relevant intro to tonight’s proceedings: first 10 seconds of this video.

  5. Alvarez looks good tonite

  6. Alvarez’s fastball is topping out at 90-91 mph, according to MLB Gameday. I thought he threw harder than that?

    • ok, he’s thrown a couple 92 mph now

    • I’ve noticed in a lot of his starts he varies. He’ll be throwing low nineties, then suddenly mid nineties, then back down, occasionally a 97 or something.

      • He’s up to 93 mph, but all his pitches seem to be 4-seam fastballs. He’s still young. I wonder if they’ve considered sending him down for a spell to work on another pitch and expand his repetoire

  7. BOOM!!! That pretty much decides things, I think.

  8. time to switch to the Rangers-Angels clobberfest.

  9. But for injuries and general team shittiness, this year could have been special. On to year of 4 of AA’s plan for sustained success (on the balance sheet).

    • I’m still giving AA the benefit of the doubt and at least another year to take us to the playoffs, but the shine is wearing off the wonderboy a bit

    • LOL! It’s to listen to the fanboys scoff at a wildcard spot & demand a divison winner when this team can’t have “sustained success ” past May 20, which was the peak playoff spot chance this year.

      Another great defensive play by Rajai Davis who loses a ball in the lights on a routine line drive.

      I think Rajai costs us more runs in the outfield than Snider.

      You would think Rajai would know how the lighting works here considering he played for Oakland for a few years.

      Can’t wait to see our mopp up bullpen clean up after another loss tonight!

      Will Casey Janssen pitch at all this weekend???

  10. Bad time for the bats to disappear.

  11. Well that should just about do it. Team never hits in these west coast games.

  12. Can we get abreu for lf or fontaneau for 2b or matsui to pitch

  13. Or cliff lee for lf

  14. i still can’t believe they traded Travis Snider…

  15. Get cliff lee for 1b

  16. At least if they played Sierra one could watch the game to see how he can do.

  17. Methinx he might do better than gose at this point in tme

  18. holy shit Yan Gomes is playing for the Toronto Blue Jays and Travis Snider is not

  19. Ze bats, zey are not working.

  20. Getting punked by a fat, 40-year-old pitcher

  21. There’s always next year!!! Playoffs!!!!!!

    • Beeston ” the money will be there when the time is right”

      2013 won’t be right since half the pitchers are recovering from injuries.

      Lind will probably be traded for nothing. We have holes in LF & probably a rookie 2B like Hech.

      With Hech, Gose & Rajai or some other scrub in LF, there will be much less offense than 2012.

      I assume Ricky Romero will rebound.

  22. Stellar D, Raj…

  23. Go raj – Travis woulda made that – Thames too

    • Yup.

      Crafty McFarrell bringing Happ into a messy bases loaded situation. with 1 out.

      This guy should be a starter or at least a ling reliever coming into a clean inning.

    • dont know about patterson though

  24. Thought we traded Samuel L Thames

  25. Rajai loses the ball and Coco gets a triple. No matter what you think of the trade, I miss Snider’s glove in left field.

  26. Any chance Davis sneaks through waivers and is traded?

  27. E 7 for eternity

  28. Davis for abreu – abreu could dh and play lf As good as Davis.

  29. Anyone else notice the “Yam Gomes” misspelling before the ads?

  30. MLB Gameday Scout: “Alvarez showed faith in Yan Gomes by throwing that slider in the dirt with a man on third.”

  31. rajai for fuck sakes stop the acting. you flashed the glove and missed which was horrible, but the look forward after that was should have immediately been turning around to get the passed ball

    • Rajai looks foolish in LF & makes dumb plays running the bases as well. His sole talent is stealing bases.

      On opening Day in Cleveland he forgot to run to 1B.

      I think he is born on the same day as Bautista. yet behaves completely different.

  32. I’m no Escobar fan but I’ll be fine with him at SS for years to come.

    • me too. he is underrated even by jays fans. he deserves sniders replacement love

      • I think its his perceived attitude. The way he hates called strikes. His nonchalant looks in the field. Like I said though. I’m fine with it.

  33. this road trip is the death knell which recovery is impossible. this is the result of missing bautista and his mojo. maybe running into 2 hot teams has a little to do with it too

  34. Watching the Oakland feed. Between innings, they refer to the Jays as “scrappy” in the commercials for tomorrow’s game. I think I’d rather hear them called anything but scrappy.

  35. where is radar tonight? he was late last night with his love and crankiness. oh report just in. this is his time to yank the dust out of his jollystick

    • I guess it’s a compliment that you know so much about my sexual habits.

      I surprised you have such an interest in my ” jollystick”.I mean I am proud of it but the fact that you know what time of night I “yank the dust” out of it,makes me wonder what kind of stalker are you?
      Like if that’s how you get happy and giggly…
      What I mean to say is, if you need to get in touch with your feminine side and like to dress like a woman,I’m not the one to judge you. You get out of that closet and be proud of who you are, just don’t involve me because this is about you and your emotions.
      No need for you to hide it anymore.

  36. Are shitballers the new market inefficiency?

  37. when the jays lose 9 in a row, I can’t wait for wilner to say hey but when they win 9 in a row you’ll forget all about that losing streak.

    • Haha. Exactly. The go to excuse.

    • Funny but true. He is getting way too pollyannish after each loss. At least h didn’t blindly follow Rogers and support the Travis Snider trade, so he still has a bit of common sense left.

      Remember at the beginning of the year he was bragging that thejays were playing at a 95 win pace, & were ahead in the wildcard race.

      It was silly because of the small sample size.

      • but he never actually said anyting about the snider trade, just hedged himself

        • Yes he did. He didd say that Snider would probably have a good career.

          He didn’t bash AA & his new fetish for relievers., but the fact that he didn’t lavish praise on AA was shocking.

  38. yosemite sam says ah shut up rabbit

  39. 100 bucks says rajai swings at the first pitch and pops up

  40. Rajai Davis will probably fuck this up

  41. A 40 year old fat Toad who looks like a creature from a Star Wars movie is shutting us out.

  42. How many games do we have to lose to get the No. 1 draft pick?

    • Astros are too bad to catch

    • Let’s see, tank for a number one pick; or try to get back in the race, increase attendance, which will increase next year’s payroll and make us a more attractive FA destination.

      How about let’s choose the option that doesn’t involve tanking.

    • Zaunie said it…They forgot to pack their guts for this trip. I think after all those injuries Snider was the last straw. They’ve got no heart anymore.

  43. Just give Sierra the job already hell I’d rather see thames than Davis

  44. Do we lead the league in BB yet?

  45. Delabar! no way

  46. This game is a good cure for insomnia.

  47. Am I the only one noticing that this ump has a pretty small strike zone?

  48. I can’t even fathom how this team became so shitty. It really shows how important having Jose is to this lineup. Feels like they’ve just let this shitshow snowball without the big bat in the middle of the order.

    • Or maybe it doesn’t. I’m really at a loss to find another explanation though. Whatever the reason is, if I have to watch David Cooper be a shitty turtle-faced sack of crap for even one more at bat I’m going to absolutely demolish my expensive TV. Fuck I hate that guy.

    • It isn’t just Jose though. Guys who were super hot, like Colby and Lawrie, really cooled the fuck down.

  49. so why are the bats so silent? the hitters or coach/scout preparedness at fault?

    • I have a theory. Zero incentive. What are they going to do? Bench you? Play Gomes and Cooper? Wait.

      • Yup. Noone left to play for the Jays. Losing Thames & Snider means no competition or any OF spots.

        Lind, JP & Bautista on the DL.

    • it’s the hitting coach. this guy needs to be fired. this team refuses to walk. look at oakland, near the top in walks.

    • Hitting coach probably shoulders some of the blame. But he really doesn’t have much to work with with some of these guys either…

  50. where did the offense go? somebody sacrifice a chicken or something.

  51. Delabar wals a batter . His pitchs are mising the plate.

    Why are the Jays walking a team that hits 229???

  52. Steve Delbar, la hiem!

  53. Shut out my Colin??? What an offense. Good thing our left field situation is set!

  54. Gotta love them seven pitch innings eh? Swing for the fences boys! You might not see a better pitch than the first one!

  55. Fuck you Colon. That bucket of chicken you ate was for our sacrifice

  56. Toronto playing tonight like they can hear the bus running. Looks like they want to petition the commissioner for 7 inning games.

  57. I’m guessing alvarez lost his starting spot

    • I’m pretty sure that was the best start the Jays have had since… maybe Alvarez’s last start actually. Maybe the Cecil start against the Tigers. So, um, don’t really see why THIS start is the one that should cost a pitcher’s role.

      • Exactly. Not a bad line at all. Cliche but your SP should give you 5-7 innings with a chance to win. 3 runs? Jays put up zero? Not hos fault.

    • Alvarez should not even be in the rotation this year. They are retarding his development. And for what?

    • What, for giving up 3 runs? Not likely.

  58. JA Happ really showing why he should be in the rotation…fuck this guy

  59. Patty Tabs makes me want to kill myself with his asinine comments

  60. There’s a hundred million women out there just waitin’ to run this hair between their legs.

  61. If there is one thing this game highlights is the jays absolute need to trade a decent LF for a decent bullpen arm. thank God Alex had the foresight to make that deal.

  62. Telling statistic about Jays pitching for tonight; Yoenis Cespedes has two walks. Yoenis ‘baby Vlad’ FUCKING CESPEDES!

  63. So, AA really admitted he’s wanted Happ for a long time?

  64. 8 walks?

  65. They really need to get rid of tabler.

  66. Fucking Cordero curse. Everything that guy goes near turns to shit.

  67. Rajai Davis takes the most fucked up routes to the ball and then he catches the ball down by his hip HE FUCKING SUCKS BALLS. WHY ARENT THEY PLAYING SIERRA!!!!!

  68. Hahahaha. I’m positive I saw Cletus say, “not a fucking chance Raj. I got this”

  69. What part of “I’m a starter or I’m nothing” did you fuckers not understand when I bitched about my usage last week?

  70. Wow the balls just does not carry in this park at night. That rasmus shot would have been five rows back in the dome.

  71. “I’m finding more and more, as our team is transitioning to a contending team, the bullpen obviously is becoming more important,” LF, not so much.

  72. I blame it on the curse that Bad Vlad set upon the Org when he wasn’t called up and subsequently released. I wasn’t long after that 3 starters were lost. 3 position players to DL
    3 relief pitchers added.

    • Good thing we didn’t call that loser up. We wouldn’t have had a spot for Cooper to waste everyone’s fucking time.

  73. I generally don’t put much stock in this type of comment, but the Jays have looked completely deflated for the past week.

  74. Even I gotta admit it. This is one ugly game.

  75. Colon laughing at us = suicidal thoughts

  76. Johnny? Johnny! JOHNNYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  77. Last Five games;

    1 run
    1 run
    2 runs
    3 runs
    0 runs.

    aint gonna win too many games like that. blame the pitching all you want.

    • No way dude. Listen to the commenters on this very website. This is the number one offense in baseball!

      • True story: the Jays have had fewer games where they’ve scored 0, 1 or 2 runs than the Reds, Nationals and Rangers (aka the top three teams in MLB.)

        Maybe try not to live in a bubble and pay attention to how the Jays compare to the other 29 teams and you won’t sound quite so dumb.

  78. Maybe time to make a fiery speech. Slam a door, act with some machismo.

    • That doesn’t work in baseball. No matter how many doors you slam, the following players will not be hitting anytime soon in a major league lineup

      -rajai davis
      David cooper
      Jan gomes
      Anthony gose.

      The following are injured


      the following are having sub par years:

      Escobar, lawrie, Johnson.

      so all in all, consider yourselves fucking fortunate that the offense did as well as it did for as long as it did…cause the lineup was playing over its head.

    • Naww Grab an armfull of bats, throw them on the floor and scream “Baseball is a simple game!! You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball!”

  79. Remember when I said we would make a push for the playoffs 3 times in five years..I never said WHICH five years!! its a sliding scale mother fuckers.

  80. Well, this is one of my lowest baseball-related moments in a long time. I’m pretty sure June last year was pretty miserable too – Jayson Nix and whatnot. Gonna take off the rest of this West Coast swing; its gotten pretty bleak both on the field and around here. Everyone employed by the Blue Jays should be ashamed of themselves right now – AA, the coaches and especially the players.

    • Silence you furry fool. You’re finished here, you understand? I’ve had it with your whining. You’re cast out, you’re banished.

    • Jays fans need to stop being so negative towards the team. Empirically just look at it. The players are simply not good enough to win many more games than it loses.

      This is certainly due in part to injury, but there also gaping holes in the lineup in terms of DH (when edwin is playing first) LF, 2b, even when healthy.

      the rotation is about what one could expect. sure we lost drabek and hutch but have laffey and carlos really done worse than those two would have?

      morrow is the really only big loss from the rotation.

      I dont want these injuries to suffice as excuses for the regime in the if the team would have been that much better had they “only not sufferred from injuries”

      • The Jays weren’t competing this year and most knew this before Spring Training. The fact of the matter was that the starting rotation was not bolstered and this would have been critical to our success. We’ll be facing the same problem in the offseason.

        AA needs to be looking at at least 2SP, LF, DH and 2B in order for us to compete next year. This is a very large task for any GM.

        • lol!. Gee I must have missed the ads in April telling us that this was going to be a great year for the Jays.

          Vegas odds said the team would win 81 games.

          after the cord spring training & weakness of the other teams in the division due to injury 85-88 wins was realistic.

          It looks like the Jays are headed to around 75 wins.

          Can’t wait for Wilner telling us what a great team the jays have.!

          So next year we have Gose,Hech & maybe travis d’arnaud?

  81. Can’t figure out if I’m too drunk for this shit or not drunk enough

  82. There is always Judo

  83. Cooper!

  84. Fuck off Cooper. Fuck right the fuck off. In the face.

  85. run raj run

  86. AA has been trying to put together a good bullpen ever since he got the job and has failed miserably, he’s desperate now. He just won’t rest until he proves to everyone that he can put together a shutdown bullpen, that will be his main focus next year too.

    • At the expense of what? Prospects and our starting LFer?

      • The funny thing is that the bullpen this year really wouldn’t have been that terrible if it weren’t for:

        a) signing Cordero who was OBVIOUSLY on the decline. There was a great article about why Cordero didn’t have a job yet on Fangraphs way before the Jays ever signed him. Maybe AA should have had a read.

        b) the starting rotation was bolstered to allow players who are better suited to the pen, like CV, Laffey and Cecil to work there.

    • That sounds true. Shutdown bullpen is fine, but without pitching & hitting it doesn’t matter.

  87. Just don’t hit into a double play. Please.

  88. You fuckers..this is all payback for the time ya’lll had me ejected from the outfield stands in tampa bay for heckling you bastards.

  89. Im available to catch until JPA’s finger is healed.

  90. Dolittle did little and Gomes did even less

  91. So Gomes, when did that last pitch look hittable?

  92. this is what happens when alex assembles the worst bench in the history of the game, omar, mathis, rajai, gomes. When you get an injury you have NOTHING to replace them with.

    • The only person really out of place there is Omar. Mathis, Rajai and Gomes are all fairly acceptable bench pieces. Not everyone can be the Yankees and have players like Jones on their bench.

      • As weak as Omar has been offensively, he at least provides capable defense. Honestly, he’s looked better than KJ in the field, which is a pretty damning indictment, given that he’s 45.

  93. For those of you who didnt have a chance to catch me in my brief major league career..I’ll soon be working the tables at Fogo de Ciao…im always available to sign autographs and serve great Brazilian measts.

  94. Ohh Raj. You so crazy.

  95. 4 to 1, sounds familiar.

  96. Time to grab a little lube, throw in some of that AA prospect porn and think about next year.

  97. That’s ok Lunchbox .I mean Cletus.

  98. The offense looks abysmal. It seems as though they have already given up on the season and are just going through the motions. Typical blue jays baseball in july and august. When the fuck is bautista coming back? They said he is ahead of schedule so where the fuck is he? This team is simply the worst with injuries. Not only do a lot of players get injured but when they do they take forever to get back. This training staff just doesnt get the job done. This is not the first year they have had a rash of injuries under the same crew.

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