Top Dog: Colby Rasmus, 9.8%
The Worst: Carlos Villanueva, -27.2%
Worst Bat: Edwin Encarnacion, -14.3%
Impact AB: Kelly Johnson Solo HR, Top 4, 12.0%
Impact Pitch: Eric Thames (fuck you) Home Run, Bot 5, -28.0%
Highest Leverage AB: Jeff Mathis F3, Top 7, 2.41
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Jesus Montero Run-Scoring GIDP, Bot 4, 2.64
Lineup Contribution: -16.2%
Pitching Contribution: -33.8%
Average Leverage Index: 0.90
Chart explanation

This series is the worst.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. Its not so bad. The Mariners are an AL powerhouse, lead by the mighty bat and glove of Eric Thames.Fuck the sarcasm my expectation was that we would sweep this mediocre team. Now to Oakland and their shitballers right?

  2. Horrible series

  3. Officially hit my breaking point where I can no longer watch this team until Jose is back and Gose is sent down. I haven’t missed a game (either watching, attending, listening, or following on mobile) in 3 years. One exception was my wedding day, which ended up being the day of Verlander’s no hitter, so you can see the kind of impact my viewing has on the team. But this is just fucking unbearable.

    • LOL. Its the karma Rogers gets for broadcasting this game on SN1. What their record on SN1 broadcasts?? Like 0-8??

      • agreed! If it wasn’t for rogers on demand I would be still going ape shit over SN-1

        • Just wait for SN to unveil SN-2 in a few years. Then they’ll do what they did when SN-1 came out – put a big chunk of Jays games on it so we are all forced into pressuring our cable providers into picking the channel up and then shelling out the extra $$$$ just so we can watch a .500 ball club every year while Rogers claims they just can’t increase payroll at this time.

          • @RB

            I know your comment is sarcasm but underneath it ,your not far off.
            SN2 or whatever is developed,will make Rogers more money IF there’s something to watch.
            IF the casual fanbase determines there’s no hope then less viewership = less demand and less profit.
            It’s not even about baseball it’s about business.
            Better team=more hype=more content = more money for Rogers.

    • You will be watching tonight….I guarantee it. Sadly, we all will be…

      • Normally I would agree with you, but I am determined not to. And by establishing two requirements it will make it easier.

    • Your wife (husband?) must feel so special

  4. I just hope management doesn’t take the easy way out and think they “see something” in the current roster flotsom and assume they can use them in their current roles for 2013.

    That would be the only disaster to come from this season.

    • Seriously? Our see nothing good at all on this roster? That’s incredible,it must suck to look at life as the glass being half empty…all the time. Even with your hobby and something fun like cheering for a sports team.

      Get over yourself

    • I’m talking about the likes of Laffey, Cecil, Lind etc. But go roll another one.

      • The only thing dumber than the real Gord Ash is apparently his doppelganger commenter. You seriously just said management shouldn’t see anything in the roster then hand-picked 3 players, 2 of which are only on the team cause of mass injuries, to justify your point? Carefully ignoring the fact we’ve scored the most runs in baseball and have above-average position players at 6 out of the 9 positions on the field. Agree with Stonedjaysfan, pull your head out of your ass.

  5. 2012 Blue Jays are the ultimate example of a .500 team that is still a year away. Looks like a 105 win team one series and a 60 win team the next….

    • A year? We need to add no less than 3 impact players. DH, LF, 2B, 2 SP… obviously not all of those five can be filled in the offseason, nor do they need to be to compete. I think we are looking at 2014.

      • I disagree. The fact that this team – currently without 4 of its ideal starters and 1/3 of its opening day starting lineup – is anywhere near .500 is a goddamn miracle.

        Instead of bitching about how you can’;t take anymore, how about a shoutout for the resiliance?

      • Pretty sure we don’t need an elite player at every position to make the playoff. Right now we have 6 above-average position players out of 9 positions. With 2 of those players hitting at a superstar level, our line-up will easily be able to carry two below-average bats at LF and 2B. So I don’t get people bitching about those positions so much.

  6. Derek Lowe?

  7. This game was won and lost in the fifth inning. When they scored to make it 3-1, and had two on and one out with Lawrie up, I knew that was their chance to break it open. He pops up, and then stupidly Davis runs them out of the inning with Rasmus at bat. At that point it was pretty much a feeling that the offense was done and 3 runs would have to win it. Then in the bottom half, two quick outs, then a two strike single, and two strike hr. Fuck you Eric Thames. How many two out nobody runs have the Jays given up lately?

    In the Lawrie AB he got a hanging slider first pitch and fouled it off. If he takes that hittable pitch and pulls it down the LF line for a double, the Jays almost certainly go on to win. That’s what makes baseball so interesting and so nerve wracking.

  8. Jays are 2 – 4 since the Olympics started. Coincidence?

    • Jays are 51-53 since the season started. That’s the coincidence

    • No, @Quandary121 No, our corrupt-ass GOVERNMENT! We the People are geittng fed up with the Fed! We are tired of seeing our being placed in places they´╗┐ don’t belong! 0Was this answer helpful?

  9. The Mariners won this series with clutch hitting. I feel like the Jays haven’t been able to hit with RISP since the 90′s. What to do?

  10. So now that Rogers isn’t paying for the Olympics can we put that money into the Jays?

  11. Sorry but you people bitching Gose will be the ones loving him next year and in the future when he is leading off stealing 50 bases and playing great D. The guy is young I’d keep him up the rest of the year playing everyday if he looks close run with him in 13 if he still looks like he needs time go out sign an old left fielder with a bat for 13

  12. Can we stop with the 10 o’clock games? They make me a shitty employee the next day and they make everyone in the game threat comments cranky.

    • Dear Ray,

      Are you familiar with timezones and/or the geographic location of Seattle?


      Humans with functional brains

      • Dear Functionally-brained humans,

        Ever heard of games being played prior to 7:00pm local time?


        Condescending twit

        • Do you notice that human beings have to work…. there playing in seatle, It’s set to be play 7:00 pm their time so fans can go watch the games…. Common sense anyone?

          • 1. Afternoon games exist. Games were played exclusively before 7:00pm for the first 75 or so years of Major League Baseball. I understand that today this is impractical but most days still feature at least one early game. All the OP was requesting was one of those as a token of charity for people living by the East coast.

            2. they’re; Seattle; it’s

            3. Get a life, Scotty H

    • What’s with the planet having approximately 24 time zones of about 15 degrees of longitude each? That’s just stupid.

  13. What I find hilarious is all of the promotion and talk at the beginning of the season…now we are in last fucking place only getting worse. It isn’t a stretch for this team to finish at 0 wins LOL. Man, Lawrie, JP, Romero, Bats talking at the start of the season about how it’s our time, we’re here to show that we belong…wowzas!

    • What are they supposed to think and say?

      Geez.if the players do not believe that it’s their time and they can’t win, they will not win.

      Sports psychology? Visualization? Positive thinking? Heard of any of these?

  14. Also funny thoughts today on the Jeff Blair show, callers and tweeters saying Bats has given up because the team didn’t do anything at the deadline. While most likely untrue, he probably isn’t in as a big a rush to get back and play at 90% if it doesn’t mean anything.

    • Wow Riggs, you just won retard comment of the day. Your right, Joey Bats doesn’t take pride in his team and profession or anything, so he’s probably in no rush to come back because they didn’t trade for some over the hill veterans to create an image of a “playoff push.” And while we are last place, were actually in the middle of the pack mlb wise by record, but I’m sure you don’t pay attention to things like that cause then you couldn’t make uninformed troll comments.

      • Wow Josh, have a quota to throw around “retard” as an insult much?

        • Ya, Josh totally should have said “retard” at least 6 more times in that comment.

      • Hey Josh, you obviously didn’t read my comment before jumping to your little cry session. I was just saying that’s what callers on the show were saying today. Then my next statement is in regards to a player playing not at 100% because of meaningful games, where as if there is no meaning to the games there is less a reason to potentially injure themselves more. Far from a fucking troll you worthless piece of shit, just speaking the truth. Not sure why you would bring up where our recrod is in regards to MLB teams either? If you had any knowledge what so ever you’d know that doesn’t mean a fucking thing due to different leagues, schedules, etc. Thanks for coming out!

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