Oh, hello. Season still going huh? From Oakland, you say? Well… OK, then, I guess I’d better have some kind of a Game Threat.


Richard Griffin tweets that he thinks John Farrell today took a “backhand swipe at lineup. Asked about 1 walk by last 86 Jays batters: ‘walks are a by-product of good hitters.’ Hmm.”

Elsewhere, Barry Davis tweets that Farrell suggested today that Brett Cecil– tonight’s starter– might be more suited to a bullpen role as a lefty specialist, due to his prominent splits.

A tweet from Oak Sports Mgmt tells us that the Jays have re-acquired Frank Gailey, who you may remember from such trades as the Ben Francisco piss in the ocean.

Apparently Jose Bautista has a new Reebok commercial, and apparently Getting Blanked has it.

Lastly, since I didn’t post it earlier– and it was a real cracker of a show– here’s today’s Getting Blanked Podcast.

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
R. Davis LF
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

B. Cecil LHP

Oakland A’s

C. Crisp CF
J. Gomes DH
J. Reddick RF
Y. Cespedes LF
C. Carter 1B
B. Inge 3B
D. Norris C
A. Rosales SS
J. Weeks 2B

D. Straily RHP


Image via Jed Jacobsohn/Getty.

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  1. Stoeten is a true contrarian.

    • when I sober up I’ll read what he posted to make you come to that conclusion

    • MY REPLY TO OAKVILLE69 from her dumbest argument yet. , let me correct that. To the even dumber but legitimately REAL Oakville69.
      I am the fake Oakville69. Your real reply, is even dumber than my fake post.

      This is what she wrote, in capital letters for all of us to see, at exactly 8/04/12 @ 301 pm EDT:

      I couldn’t even get past your first statement where you lied about how JP drafted players on THIS roster.
      Hill is not on this roster. Would you really be proud of taking credit for drafting Lind?

      You are ignorant. I need not read further.

      I’ve copied this message twice previously. The word press police made me change the words. Somebody is watching us. They will be able to block out arguments they don’t like one day.

      Like my book. But it’s about the Raptors. Remember this time, remember this date. The internet police are going to be detecting words through wordpress to control the way we think.

  2. these West Coast games have been so atrocious, I offer the following freakish diversion (and Stoeten, you may want to save the jpeg)

    Warnings all around


  3. Jays face a rookie pitcher tonight.

    Rookies in their first career start typically pitch well their first time through the lineup. If the Jays get a chance to do damage, it will likely be in innings 4-6. If they do damage earlier, that’s a bad sign for the rookie.

    Though some rookies carry their “first time through the lineup” thing the entire game, pitching a near shutout, and don’t get blasted till their second start.

    We’ll see what the Jays do.

    • The way the jays have been hitting lately it would be a bad nite fir any pitcher. It sounds as if Farrell is even getting a little pissed with the offence. Can t say I blame him.

  4. Make that 2 in 90!

  5. Great now no Lawrie.

  6. More Offensive Stats:

    Jays have 2 multi-run innings in the last 45

    and now Omar in for Lawrie – ffs

  7. well at least the game is on tv early tonight.they need a win badly. does anybody think AA tried to make another happ trade and couldnt get it done. but he is staying in the pen until they figured out what to do with him. maybe going in the waiver deadline. the article on the phillies trade day said the phillies had a massive surprising trade left on the table with someone and i think AA was going for their stud lee and maybe halladay?

    • I think Halladay would be more likely to want to rejoin the Jays than Cliff lee.

      AA would be a hero if he reacquired Halladay. The Jays would be playoff contenders in 2013.

      I know Romero was afraid of halladay when he was a rookie but he pobably would welcme less pressure by having Halladay be the staff ace.

      I think Happ will have to join the rotation soon because Alvarez must be close to an innings limit & Carlos V as well.

      If they want a healthy Carlos V for next year, as well as other issues, why not try a 6 man rotation.??

  8. And Brett Lawrie is hurt.

  9. Can Vizquel even make the throw from third?

  10. Stoeten has officially checkes out.

    • I myself might make it thru 3 tonite b4 I pack it in. These games are getting effing tough to watch. I may go to Vegas to see a realball game where we have a chance to win. This straily doesn;t seem that great to me-throws like Frasor. Guess he’ll 4 hit us

    • He’s probably given up masochism…

  11. Omar Vizquel.. What a great find he’s turned out to be. Didn’t think he had this much left in the tank.

    Never thought I’d miss Steelco Steel Menenchino.

  12. lolololol

  13. Gee funny how that was a strike on Lawrie, a ball here.

  14. Nice accuracy, Rajai.

  15. Toronto Blue Jays, 2012 West Coast version (The Washington Generals of Baseball)

  16. I would have made that throw.

  17. Wow maybe if we didn’t have 26 fucking pitchers maybe just maybe we could have a decent bench like calling up mike mccoy so that when someboyd gets injured like lawrie you have somebody that can actually throw a ball and maybe just maybe we could put somebody in left who can throw a ball straight and hard like sierra instead of corey patt…oops I mean rajai davis. but no lets just pretend that nobody gets injured and lets just pretend that rajai is an elite left fielder.

  18. GIDP’s are saving Cecil’s bacon so far, but they can’t stop home runs.

  19. Why is Rajai Davis still in a Blue Jays uni?

    • More like why is Rajai not riding pine? I had no problem with him playing as bench player, PR late in the game, but that throw was just plain ugly. I kinda hope Mathis tears him a new one in the dugout for almost throwing it the 1B.

      • It baffles me that AA would trade Snider & Thames who were in competition for the full time LF spot while letting Davis play LF full time.

        Snider is much better defender in LF & was hitting reasonably well this year.

        Thames’s bat would be an upgrade over Davis.

        Davis is the best pinch runner late inning base stealer.

        It’s tough to watch the Jays play now without wine or alcohol.

    • Cause we couldn’t find a shitty middle reliever to trade him for.

    • He ran away when they demanded he remove it.

      • Rajai would be incredible as a bench player for a contender. Pinch runner extraordinaire.
        Otherwise, he’s got no business in a professional ball game.

  20. I like how this pitcher making his debut is getting all these calls.

  21. Well you have to give the Jays credit they certainly can make mediocre teams look better than they actually are that’s for sure.

    Oh well so many injuries combined with a few regressions and you get a disaster. It does show a lot imo about the core talent because without it things would be a hell of a lot worse.

    Just sucks to have the season lost so early. I never expected a whole lot to begin with but it’s still a bummer. There’s no pitching prospects to see other than maybe an outside shot at Stroman and just Gose to watch among the hitters.

  22. Lawrie and Nicolino traded to Phily for Halladay and D. Brown.

  23. I like Buck jerking off over Brandon Inge. All I see is the .269 OBP. and think anything the A’s get from Inge is luck.

  24. hey rasmus just popped up. where is rob to tell us how that was just bad luck.

  25. If either Cletus or Encarnacion join Lawrie with an injury this lineup could be one for the ages

  26. at least thames and snider aren’t humiliating us tonight

  27. Another two out, none on run.

  28. Why does Cecil always fuck himself? It’s bizzare.

  29. why do we keep throwing belt high fastballs??????????

  30. 2 runs against, that pretty much puts it out of reach (obvious comment everyone else will make)

  31. when was gomes traded?

  32. Welllll that pretty much puts it out of reach

  33. Who thought the high (slow) cheese was a good idea after humiliating Gomes with the offspeed stuff?

  34. is Yucant Playdefensedes walk up song a portion of a Fidel Castro speech??

  35. Cecil 10 home runs in 40+ innings.

  36. Let Mathis pitch and Cecil catch. Can’t be any worse.

  37. Who is the older pasty guy on the bench?

  38. I’m taking Mr. Cecil to next home run derby.

  39. Youranus Sayspedroiasucks

  40. Poor Straily. He’s gonna go to bed tonight thinking, man, I got this shit.

    • In that park why wouldn’t he? If I was a free agent pitcher I’d be lining up to sign there or Seattle.

    • Too true. On the other hand, you only get to start your big league career once. Memories are forever.

  41. It’s never a good thing to lose players to injury. I’m not saying I’m glad it happened BUT it may have been a blessing. We were not going to win this year but I think if everyone was healthy starting with Santos clearly being hurt before season started, this would have been a real contending team. Then I think the jays would have been pressured by fans to trade our prospects for players to get us a chance to make the coin flip.
    Look at the Philies. They sucked for decades, building from within to finally win in 2008 for the first time since 1980.
    AFTER 2008 they decided to go the big name route aquiring Oswalt, Halladay, Lee, Ibanez, etc and what happened? THEY DIDN’T WIN WHEN THEY WENT AFTER THE OUTSIDER BIG NAMES.
    The problem is that the farm system under JP was destroyed. It takes years and years to develop and what AA has been able to do in 3 years is incredible.
    Patience people.

    • Typing things in caps doesn’t make it true.

    • Yes, we know, the Blue Jays, preaching patience since 1993.

      • If you can’t see the difference between the JP era of preaching patience when he destroyed our player development system (ranked worst in basebal)
        with the current regime cry for patience who’ve built the second best system miraculously in 3 years, then you aren’t paying attention.

    • Please do not compare the Jays to a team from douchefuck Philadelphia.

      Also, correlation does not imply causation.

    • So the Jays should wait 28 years to develop a team?

      The surprise this year is Baltimore is outperforming the Jays.

      Even the Ryas are stilll ahead of the Jays with virtually no offense.

      Atsome point the Jays management/ownership has to be held to account.

      I don’t see how bringing up Gose at 21 will work out much better than bringing up Snider at 20??

      Particularly since the Jays have Rasmus.

      Maybe AA wants to trade Rasmus so he can put Gose in CF??

      • It’s been 19 years since Jays made playoffs. That is the deprived fan’s timeline which is understandable b/c that’s what we want.

        The timeline that current management should be judged is 3 years when AA inherited a horrible team with awful contracts and a depleted farm system. 3 years in baseball for player development is nothing.

        When you use the Rays as an example of a team better than us, please explain how they built their competitive team and how long it’s taken…

      • I actually hate that they brought up Gose.
        It’s the exact opposite of patience and player development.

        Gose shouldn’t be near the bigs until September 2013 at the earliest.

        • Very true. Gose will get a longer leash because the farm is depleted ,& the Jays won’t pay for a top OF.

          Gose is also an AA acuisition, so his mistakes will be overlooked.

          AA went overboard praising the quality at bats from Gose so far this year.

    • I tend to agree, but I also tend to think the Jays system is high on ceiling and low on sure things.

      There is a massive gap between MLB ready talent and the big three in Low A. When it comes to guys that can help next year, there aren’t any. Something needs to be done to bridge the gap for the next 3 years.

      • The reason there is a big cap is because the farm system was destoryed by JP.
        During his name the only two players in our system you could name were Snider and Addams. That is disgustingly sad.

        If they can get 2 starting pitchers to sign for 3 year contracts then I’m all for that.
        Trading our prospects to chace pitchers at this stage just hurts our long term goals.
        Let them develop. If a third of the minors are as good as advertised we are going to be a beast from 2014 to 2020 and beyond.

      • Big three at Lansing are examples of the high ceiling picks.
        How are they doing?

        Deck and Jenkins are examples of sure thing picks.
        How are they doing?

        There are no sure thing picks in baseball. Even the number 1′s don’t make it. This is why scouting is key and why AA rebuilding the Jays scouting department to one of the best (well, jury still out but certainly most active) is giving me hope.


      That timeline is NOT on THIS management watch. Yes it’s been 19 years, and that sucks, but it’s only been 3 years since AA came on with a plan. If you can’t realize that you are bigger fools than those demanding to make trades to win now after all the injuries we had this year.
      It took Hall of Fame GM Pat Gillick 8 years to make the playoffs, 15 years to bring home a championship. Gillick started with a nothing expansion team. AA started with a worse team than that with those AWFUL contracts.
      If the baseball gods were to appease the fan base of all 30 teams, then each team should win ONCE in 30 years. We’ve won TWICE in 20. Stop bitching about 19 years you whiney bitches. It’s embarrassing.
      Teams with longer droughts than the Jays: Twins (20 years) Reds (21), A’s (22), Dodgers (23), Mets (25) Royals (26), Tigers (27), Orioles (28), Pirates (32), Indians (63) and the lovable Cubs (103 years!)
      Before winning the Series in ’04 Boston went 86 years and the White Sox hadn’t won in 88 years.
      The Astros (1962), Rangers (1968), Padres (1969), Nationals/Expos (1969), Brewers (1969), Mariners (1977) Rockies (1993), Rays (1998), have NEVER FUCKING WON and you bitches cry that we haven’t won in 19 years?
      Fuck off with your unrealistic sense of entitlement.


        Wait, wait, wait… no no, wait.

        Can’t wait…. you’re an asshole.


      • If ad hoc team management is a plan, then yes, AA has a plan.

        • good god your ignorance is incredible.

          NINETEEN fucking teams have longer droughts than us.

          Stop crying like spoiled brats.

          With the amazing drafts and interntational free agent signings the Jays have a chance to dominate the league for years.

          • I want some of what you’re smoking.

            Wait, wait, wait, wait….. no no, wait.

          • And if Washington and Pittsburgh get into the playoffs this year, only KC has a longer drought than us.

          • Your goal is to make the playoffs for this year?
            That is the way JP tried to run this team signing BJ Ryan, AJ Burnett, spending on FA’s and cutting back on scouting and international signings.
            How did that turn out?

            AA’s goal, and one which I think is way more exciting, is to build from within to dominate for several years and win a championship or two. He’s following Gillick’s blueprint which took 8 years for playoffs, 15 for championships.
            That is more fun than just make the playoffs once or twice and hope we fluke out like last years Cardinals.

          • And your goal is to wait… and wait…… and wait…

            I’ll take the playoffs, thanks.

            • Why waste your keystrokes BL Helmet, it’s like talking to a retard. This ‘fan’ would still bitch after a 7 game WS win and say ” well, the Jays should’ve swept them!”.

              I feel sorry for these fans.

          • Jays fans are way too jilted by the ineptitude from the JP era.
            His “wait” was bull shit. You could tell because I couldn’t name a single guy from the minors during those years. There was no plan and that was clear.

            With AA there is a plan and I do have faith in his approach.
            The baseball world recognizes what he’s done turning the player development system around from worst to second in 3 years.

            There is a difference between assembling a playoff team and building a perenial championship contender.

            I’m willing to give AA five years.
            If we don’t see the playoffs in 2014 then I will be leading the fuck Rogers cry.

      • Gillick started with an expansion team.

        Other expansion teams have built world series team faster.

        Florida did it in 4 years.

        Wasn’t AA assistant GM during the JP Riccardi years?

        Didn’t he negotiate contracts for Lind & Hill before he was GM.?

        The team will probably end up under 500 this year. Even with the injuries this is not progress.

        • You’re right about Gillick starting with an expansion team. I’d rather start with nothing than the mess inherited from JP with those “immovable” or “albatros” contracts.

          If you know anything about the JP era, he wouldn’t listen to anyone including AA who actually wanted Troy Tolowhatshisnamesky over Romero.
          AA is the anti-JP and that is a very good thing.

          Glad you mentioned Florida.
          Which would you prefer:

          Team A example of slow development approach 80′s Blue Jays: They develop slowly taking 8 years to make playoffs. You get excited hearing names of the kids in the minors like Fernandez, Moseby, Barfield, etc. Then get to know them and watch them blossom into winners and serious contenders from 1983-1993.

          Team B: Florida: They buy their championship and win before you get to know their names. Then they’re gone right away being an awful team for years and years after.

          Matter of preference I guess. I’d rather grow with a team and appreciate their development then have a one and done team.

          • Team C: Kansas City: Having high draft picks for two decades, but never contending due to an unwillingness by ownership to fill in the gaps with quality pitchers.

            We’re way more like team C.

          • You do know that when you open your mouths with “examples” of teams you only prove your lack of understanding of how the Jays work..
            and how player development works in baseball.

            One uses the Rays as an example of a team that’s better than the Jays. Explain how the Rays became a contender and how long it takes.

            Another ignoramous compares us to KC’s player development plan.

            KC’s problem isn’t that they don’t sign free agents. Their problem is that they don’t sign their own players once they develop:
            Zack Greinke, Jermain Dye, Jonny Damon, Carlos Beltran….

            How does that compare with the Jays signing of their devolopment players:
            Bautista, Morrow, Romero, Edwing, …

            Come on people. Stop being emotional and give proper analysis.

  42. I just thought I’d stop by to see if you suckers were still watching this fiasco.

  43. I was really hoping the Jays could at least make it to fantasy football season this year….

    Alas, August is dreadfully boring once more.

  44. KJ is going to be picked off here…

  45. Better Squeeze here!

  46. How does KJ not score there?

  47. a possible crooked number inning alert (only potential at this point but a rare sighting nonetheless, enjoy)

  48. Has any announcer given any indication of how long Lawrie will be out? I don’t know which is scarier in leadoff: Vizquel or Gose. I’d almost prefer they go with Gose as practice for his (hopefully) future role

  49. Again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mathis make contact with a slider away. Ever. Not even a foul off or ground out.

  50. whatever

  51. That is such a fucking meatball. I’m not even mad.

  52. Brett Cecil. The Gopherball Stud.

  53. AL West, Best Division in Baseball

  54. Horrible throw CooperScooper

  55. If the jays go 0 and 10 on the road trip what will happen, a shake up of some sorts?

  56. Can we combine the pitcher and first baseman? We need Cecil Cooper.

  57. Fuck this rookie. Love ya, Colby!

  58. Settle down, Weeks. Someone drill him. Holy hell

  59. Is it me or is there a civil war between Jays fans?

  60. @barfly if the jays really really suck this way out he might be the fall man

  61. This is what I feel while watching Cecil pitch, teetering on the brink of disaster every minute:


  62. Anyone like to see Johnny Damon in LF? He’s available.

    • Or give Sierra at bats…,

    • I desperately want to believe that AA has our new LFer targeted for off season pick-up .

      • Yeah but short term? Can’t be any worse.

        • The argument “can’t be any worse” doesn’t make my heart beat faster. He would be cheap, of course, but as Jays2012 says, why not give Sierra a chance? Sitting on Farrell’s bench quietly as a good little rookie isn’t getting him (or us) anywhere.

          • Fair point. Always liked Damon. Great character guy. I’d like to see Sierra too but I don’t see it happening. How shit have we been and he still can’t crack the lineup?

          • It’s a vicious circle of course–he can’t prove himself to Farrell and crack the lineup if the coach won’t play him, and Farrell likes his veterans.

          • Fuck knows why. Toughest strectch of bal ive watched all year.

  63. Wilners lucky he’s not doing the jays talk tonight

  64. Reddick will fuck us again right here.

  65. Hey folks. Lots of pitchers serve it up, but nobody serves it up like me.

  66. I’m so bad Parkes could hit me!

  67. Brett Cecil is 100% shit.

  68. I don’t even feel confident that this team is on track to contend next year. Value is great but at a certain point they’re gonna have to commit whether it’s via spending large or giving up a strong package. Could the Lansing 3 have gotten Upton? Who knows but they should have been offered. Enough hoarding let’s actually win some fucking MLB games.

    • +5

      There is a core that can win soon. Enough of this endless snake eating its own tail bullshit.

      • He’ll be fine once he’s slotted into a proper role as LOOGY.
        Once he’s mentally tough enough then maybe he can start.

  69. well, for entertainment the most recent BP podcast has some entertaining Artie Lange anecdotes including his Bob Sheppard/Lawrence Taylor bit (it makes me laugh and laugh)


  70. Just bring up the kids already can’t be worse than shitty vizquel and davis

    • Baseball player development is not like hockey.

      It takes 4-7 years for draft picks to develop properly in the minors.

      If you rush them, it causes worse damage. Baseball is a game of failure. A hall of fame player’s fails 70% of the time as a .300 average is great.

      Kids who are rushed can’t seem to cope with it.

  71. Really do not want to see KJ back next year

  72. did we qant him nack this year i didnt but Stoten loves him like snider

  73. Mathis makes up for that last throw. Nice.

  74. And enough AA dick suckery, yes it’s great that he was able to dump Wells’ salary. Now how about putting a fucking contending team on the field. No one objective should have expected a playoff team this year but do we really look like a team that’s one year away? No.

    • It’s hilarious that the money saved on Wells wasn’t all used to rebuild the team.

      The team is still spending less in canadian dollars now than it did in 2008, whereas MLB pverage payroll has risen.

      • You guys think it’s easy.
        Players don’t want to sign in Toronto right now unless we overspend to the point of handicapping the team with bad contracts.

        1. Jays play in Canada. There is a false sense among FA’s that this means playing in Siberia. They think there’s no exposure or marketing opportunities here. They think the taxes are too high. We know this is wrong, but that’s their perspective.

        2. We play in the AL East. Believe it or not, some players are scared to play in the East where it’s way more intense. Pitchers see how many games we play against New York, Boston and Tampa and say no way I want to face them 33% of the schedule…. Not everyone is like Halladay who want to prove themselves against the best.

        3. More importantly, the Jays development plan is still a year or two away from being an attractive destination. Once we’ve got a really solid core, THEN we can be more attractive. Once we start winning from building within, then they’ll want to play here with reasonable market contracts.

        • There is of course, absolutely no proof that players don’t want to play in Canada. Apologists like to present it as fact though

          • Thanks AJ. As I said, they will come if we OVERSPEND for a .500 pitcher and offer out clauses. Your example is perfect.
            Oh, and 1 guy in 10 years. Yes, you have proven your point.

        • Ah yes, the perpetual “two years away” goal posts, moved yet again.

          Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

  75. Well, the good news is that after the merciful end of this west coast swing, our Fightin’ Jays go to Tampa for 3 games, where we know the kind of success they enjoy at the Trop. And, after that, they play 13 games vs the Yankees, White Sox, Rangers and Tigers.

    Sing it Sly:


  76. this game could be boring, but the possibility of injury like nascar proliferates the sport. the added bonus of a clusterfuck play. situation normal all fucked up.

  77. Year 3 – trade combined hope of the fan base for fringy bullpen help.

    The “plan” is coming along.

    • Have you seen Lincoln pitch?

      Hope of the fan base? AA didn’t give up any of his top 10 prospects….

  78. touch me, touch me again.ok ,now after every pitch.thanks

  79. i am surprised they have 1 run

  80. No Joke: in suburban Oakland Cecil’s Famous Burgers (and they have what??? soft serve – I bet they do)


  81. Brett Cecil offers up burgers and soft serve to Oakland hitters

  82. oh that was ugly EE

  83. So this is what our lineup would feel like without Joey Bats.

  84. tsn turning point of the night….. the game start

  85. 5 hits, 1 walk, 8 strikeouts against a snot nosed call up.

    Five game losing streak pretty much closes the book on this season.

  86. Team really grinding in the ninth. So proud.

  87. The chinless wonder seems to still care.

  88. holy fuck buck calling him moises alou. get off the sauce buck your brain has turned to mush

  89. Can Mathis mash?

  90. cmon mathis

  91. Yes he can!!!

  92. fuckin aaaaaaaa



  95. Holy shit. I don’t believe what I just saw!

  96. the blind squirrell found his nut

  97. holy fuck Jeff Mathis

  98. Where’s all the fuckers who went to bed??!

  99. that mad my hair standup. i am a mathis fan since spring

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