Oh, hello. Season still going huh? From Oakland, you say? Well… OK, then, I guess I’d better have some kind of a Game Threat.


Richard Griffin tweets that he thinks John Farrell today took a “backhand swipe at lineup. Asked about 1 walk by last 86 Jays batters: ‘walks are a by-product of good hitters.’ Hmm.”

Elsewhere, Barry Davis tweets that Farrell suggested today that Brett Cecil– tonight’s starter– might be more suited to a bullpen role as a lefty specialist, due to his prominent splits.

A tweet from Oak Sports Mgmt tells us that the Jays have re-acquired Frank Gailey, who you may remember from such trades as the Ben Francisco piss in the ocean.

Apparently Jose Bautista has a new Reebok commercial, and apparently Getting Blanked has it.

Lastly, since I didn’t post it earlier– and it was a real cracker of a show– here’s today’s Getting Blanked Podcast.

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
R. Davis LF
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

B. Cecil LHP

Oakland A’s

C. Crisp CF
J. Gomes DH
J. Reddick RF
Y. Cespedes LF
C. Carter 1B
B. Inge 3B
D. Norris C
A. Rosales SS
J. Weeks 2B

D. Straily RHP


Image via Jed Jacobsohn/Getty.

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  1. Is that Rajai’s 5th PO this season? I’ve lost count.

  2. Oakland guys laughing at Rajai.

    • It’s mistakes like that which make Rajai look silly.

      How can a guy who makes his bread & butter on stealing bases get picked off routinely ??

  3. Lincoln still going…hope Farrell doesn’t bust his arm already.

  4. fuck lincoln is still going .4 and still humming it at 94

  5. Billy HasBeen has turned it around for his rep with this team


  7. yeah i think i like this guy. thanks AA lick lick slap slap tickle tickle

  8. lincoln! lincoln! lincoln!

  9. Lincoln comes as advertised by AA–he’s some good.

  10. If rajai davis cant even run the bases properly he’s probably the most useless player in the majors. Also, these injuries are fucking absurd and its a direct correlation to how shitty the training staff is. These are not fluke injuries and have to do with conditioning. This is not the first year they’ve been injury plagued.

    • So all the blown out arms are due to a lack of conditioning, and nothing to do with the fact that pitching is an unnatural movement. Gotcha.

  11. This is Aaron Loup’s warm up song, right??


  12. kj get a late jump

  13. They are often hard plays, but WTF KJ seems to always come up a little short lately.

  14. Lol what a swing like Moss.

  15. clusterfuck time

  16. I would have thought there would be more drunk people on here at this hour of th day. You people seem to be coherent at 2;30 am mabey thats what the problem with butterfield was, past his bedtime.

  17. There is officially nothing Toronto can’t fuck up.

  18. Loup is proving to be valuable. Who knew?

  19. POW!

  20. we were getting by with starters giving up 4 runs until this week

  21. This is actually a fairly entertaining 5 hour affair.

  22. Looking forward to see Loup hit No.2 in the lineup. Hey, atleast he’s protected by EE, that counts for something right?

  23. Last 14 inning game was the aaron hill walk off single over the yankees i think,
    only 4 more innings to go to tie longest Jays game ever.

  24. I can’t wait for Gose to get on the mound during this game

  25. at least barrel is not giving up on the game like he did in seattle last year.

  26. This is why I love the west coast time zone…….Then NFL Starts, not so much

  27. I still don’t get Gose swinging on a 3-1 count. Atleast it wouldn’t have been Loup leading off next inning.

  28. hope hes better than his bat. fuck how couldnt he be his bat is a zero

  29. So if Rasmus and Lawrie cannot go tomorrow…but they are not injured enough to get disabled, do we just play the next few games with the one man bench?

    • My guess would be yes–I don’t se how you could expect these injuries, let alone protect yourself against them.

  30. Honestly is EE our only hope for a solo blast and a run?

  31. what a joke alex is, with all the injuries he doesn’t call up mccoy so now we have a pitcher hitting. when’s the last time an AL game had a pitcher hitting.

  32. The other thing I want from this game – bench clearing brawl with Gomes on Gomes violence

  33. Prediction for this game.

    Lincoln’s arm falls off in his sleep due to overuse.

    Loup gets hit in the head in his implausible at bat.

    jays call up several players from vegas..but plane crashes into transamerica tower.

  34. I still find it so astonishing when athletes play with glasses.

  35. How can you lose at Cash Creek Casino???

  36. Ump wants to get home. Those weren’t even close.

  37. atta boy Loup – you will remember your first big league AB

  38. Sorry I’m late.
    Did I miss anything?

  39. Loup just had a better at bat than 95 percent of the jays hitters today….

  40. now Loup can walk by any position player and says “you struck out huh, that’s okay meat – pitchers are tough”

  41. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and thought this might be into extra innings. Hilarious.

  42. okay, KJ – this SCREAMS for a break through

    fuck yeah EE, nice steal

  43. Who here has ever heard of me?

  44. Yanni Gomes – this is his walk up song, right??


  45. fuck what a play

  46. shit…i need to do work/sleep.

  47. Looked safe.

  48. at this point, they should just quit.


  50. this game might go for eternity

  51. oh its over soon thx weeks

  52. game…over

  53. weeks is a fucking sub 200 hitter vs everyone but us

  54. No streams for this game from the US that I can find, so I’m “watching” this on MLB Gameday for some reason.

  55. game set match, game will be just short of 3am, not bad.

  56. fuck

  57. Im out!

  58. Not a bad throw though.

  59. fuck off and die

  60. Fucking A’s.

  61. The low of the lows.

  62. ugh but it was entertaining. it had everything even a buttercup fuckup

  63. G’nite.

  64. the fucking pitching cannot hold them off forever….offense sucks balls..and dont blame the injuries because they sucked balls before the injuries

  65. Here’s what I think every time Gose comes up to bat:

    Keep the bat on your shoulders!

  66. Gose has a cannon. Looking at the positives

  67. Fuck those guys in vegas know what they are doing, start of season over under on wins was 81
    no way i would have thought the jays would regress from last year, but looks like they will get less wins this year than last year. tons of injuries this year, bad luck. but overall, season has been a disapointment.

    • Dissapointment?? I’d say its been a full on plane crash

    • There’s a difference between regressing, and winning fewer games. Organizationally, I don’t think the timeline has been pushed back at all. This still should be a contender in 2013 with a couple moves and better injury luck.

      I mean .. with injuries it’s literally a AAA lineup out there. And not far from a AAA rotation. I wouldn’t put much stock in the fact that they might win 77 games instead of 81.

  68. A’s look like they just won the World Series. 1/162, dickheads.

  69. so not only are the jays crushing gose confidence, but they are exposing him for what he is and driving down his once lofty trade value for this offseason. well done alex..well done

    • Yup. At first there was a question about his hit tool. Now there is no doubt… it doesn’t exist.

  70. at this rate the offense averages 2.4 runs per game – noice

    Goats of the Game


    Ashby said it – playing hard is not enough

    It was FUN though

  71. This point will likely go un made otherwise, but with such a short bench, our genius manager should probably not have bothered pinch running for dave cooper in the 9th inning when his run was only the second of the four they need to tie. not sure what the point was. resulted in the pitcher hitting.

    • You can’t blame Farrell on that. Davis was on base behind Cooper and the plan was to at least drive in those 2 runs to make it a close game, and with Cooper running, he might have slowed down Davis.

      • what? “to make it a close game?” they needed three runs… two didnt matter. are you trying to tell me farrell wanted to lose 4-3 instead of 4-2?

        it was a horrid move and he’s done it several times, burning players who are not the tying run by pinch running for them.

  72. Cecil tonight: WHIP of 2.00 and ERA of 7.20


  73. Cecil 1 K, 2 HRs in 5 innings

  74. the saviour has been summoned to oakland

    alas the adeiny hechavarria era has begun

  75. Barry Davis ‏@SNBarryDavis

    Cecil to Vegas. Carpenter DFA. Hechavarria and Chavez recalled. #bluejays

  76. SofWSS is right, Weeks is fucking (.301 OBP, .216 AVG overall this season)

    vs. the Jays – 9 for 22 OBP (6 hits and 3 walks)

  77. Holy fucking Vegas


    That is the top of the order tomorrow right?

  78. West Coast Trip scoring average 11 runs in 51 innings = 1.94 runs per game

  79. Las Vegas 51′s April 5 vs Sacramento lost 11-6

    Gose – Starting OF
    Hech – starting 3B
    Snider – Called up, traded
    D’Arnaud – Injured, but would be our starting catcher
    Cooper – Starting 1B
    Sierra – Starting LF
    Nanita – must be really shitty
    Gomes – Will find a spot somewhere tomorrow
    Mccoy – Yeah…

    Our pitchers were.

    Laffey – New staff ace
    Coello – was here, mad shitty
    Richmond – was here, what did you expect
    Korecky – shitty fat guy.

    Moral of the story: We’ve pretty much called up the entire team. Ugh.

  80. Was at the game tonight. In no particular order…

    The Good
    - lots (and I mean lots) of Jays fans there. Must have been 200 plus wearing Jays stuff.
    - Cooper looked like one of the few professional hitters with a plan
    - Lincoln’s stuff
    - the RC is heaven va coliseum
    - the fans reaction to Mathis was pretty great

    The bad
    - the sierra thing was ridiculous. He didn’t even know to run with 2 outs and the ball in play. Burning him was pretty mad.
    - the snider trade kind of sucks when it means our already bad roster construction gets even worse – imagine a speedy pinch runner rather than starter
    - goes looked out of his depth
    - the offence was pop gun at best – really not very al east
    - sending vizquel

    Entertaining game. They had to cancel the fireworks

  81. Was at the game tonight. In no particular order…

    The Good
    - lots (and I mean lots) of Jays fans there. Must have been 200 plus wearing Jays stuff.
    - Cooper looked like one of the few professional hitters with a plan
    - Lincoln’s stuff
    - the RC is heaven va coliseum
    - the fans reaction to Mathis was pretty great

    The bad
    - the sierra thing was ridiculous. He didn’t even know to run with 2 outs and the ball in play. Burning him was pretty mad.
    - the snider trade kind of sucks when it means our already bad roster construction gets even worse – imagine a speedy pinch runner rather than starter
    - goes looked out of his depth
    - the offence was pop gun at best – really not very al east
    - sending vizquel

    Entertaining game. They had to cancel the fireworks

  82. So when the ranking for farm teams come out for next year and we’re ranked 12th, can we stop hearing the “best system ever” crap? We have no talent in anything above A ball. They’re all in Toronto already.

    • That’s true. The much talked about prospects like Gose,Hech, Travis D’Arnaud & Sierra should be here next year.

      Sierra/Davis will probably platoon in LF.

      The team can’t get into the playoffs with that roster unless they all perform like Lawrie did in his first 40 games.

      The excuses of can’t compete will be readily available.

      AA & the fanboys will give excuses when AA doesn’t get any starting pitching because “we are several players away”

      So onto to 2014, …..

      A rebuild will already be on the way.

      Wilner will brag about the Jays being the most”CONTROLLABLE” roster in MLB.

      Do they give a prize for that?

  83. Hey everyone! The Shitshow’s being relocated. I’m taking it to Vegas! So if you’re in Vegas and tired of Celine Dion or Cirque du Soleil, c’mon down to the 51′s park some night I’m pitching, and take a look at The Brett Cecil Shitshow.

  84. Alex must just feel devastated how his season has just derailed from injuries everywhere.

    Fuck off, injuries.

    • The good news for A is thatthe injuries will be used as an excuse not to compete for another year.

      However as Mccowan said a few weeks ago, the clubhouse will start to get restless that mgmt refuses to get the tools necessary to compete.

      How can Rajai davis look anyone in the eye with his constant dumb plays on basepaths & losing balls in the lights

  85. Why is what’s happening to us NOT happening to Baltimore? They are way past due for collapse.

    • No kidding.

      The Orioles have a TERRIBLE run differential now! Toronto is still positive (though slipping) and the Orioles are the only AL East team negative (way negative). They are not only playing above their heads there REAL results shouldn’t be as good given run diff.

  86. Another one run loss.

  87. I went to bed thinking it was totally over, nice to see the comeback but man this team is snakebitten out West.

    Read a new piece this morning at ALE on Romero’s struggles, what an odd season.


    Also, someone posted the record for the Blue Jays against Oakland & Seattle (on the road for past ten years I think) in the comment sections in one of the Daily Prospect Reports, try to find it. It is pathetic.

  88. HECH has been called up

  89. The 2012 season……and there she goes…..

  90. What happens in Vegas..should stay in Vegas

  91. I like how AA is building but you can’t have 3 rookies in your starting rotation and expect to be competitive. That’s what happened at the start of this year. So, if it’s me, I go to Paul and tell Paul that things are on track in the rebuild BUT the team is ready to compete IF the payroll is moved north of 80 million. The market demands it and it will secure a couple of high quality starters for next year, a bat and some depth, so the prospects, and that’s all they are right now, will have to time to develop and be integrated into the team in a couple of years. Toronto should have a payroll, based on interest and market size in North America, of 125 million at least. If Paul cannot get this worked out with Rogers, I would resign…end of story.

    • The right thing to do would be resign, but that will never happen.

      Swisher in left, and 2 middling starters would be a nice bridge to the youth.

    • Very well said. This year was a learning experience about trying to have a rotation with too many rookies & injury risks, they need either a young stud pitcher or a veteran innings eater.

  92. So hech has NEVER hit rhp in 3 seasons in the minors. Now he is brought up to the majors, and will be absolutely slaughtered. This will be fun and ugly to watch!

  93. The best part of this collapse is I won’t hear Wilner and his “How dare you say they aren’t a good team? They’re only (fill in small margin) out of the wild card!” again until 2013.

    • Wilner has said all year that the team won’t make the playoffs. I think he (and guys like Eric Karrabel) think it’s dumb when fans say ‘my team is out of it’ after a couple losses, while the team is like 3 out of the playoffs.

  94. MY REPLY TO OAKVILLE69 from her dumbest argument yet. , let me correct that. To the even dumber but legitimately REAL Oakville69.
    I am the fake Oakville69. Your real reply, is even dumber than my fake post.

    This is what she wrote, in capital letters for all of us to see, at exactly 8/04/12 @ 301 pm EDT:

    I couldn’t even get past your first statement where you lied about how JP drafted players on THIS roster.
    Hill is not on this roster. Would you really be proud of taking credit for drafting Lind?

    You are ignorant. I need not read further.

    • Hello fake oakville 69.

      You are posting in the wrong thread.

      I did not want to discuss JP Riccardi’s entire drafty history.

      The point I was making is that most of this team was drafted by JP Riccardi.

      In 2010, the team won 85 games. AA made limited change in 2010.

      As time progresses, we will see more of AA’s moves on the roster & less of JP Riccardi.

      I am aware that AAron Hill is not on the current roster.

      During Jp’s reign he did draft many players & made many roster moves.

      AARon hill had success with the Jays & his career nosedived in 2010 & 2011 now he is back in 2012 with the Diamondbacks

  95. How come there isn’t free wi-fi at the Rogers Centre? Just sayin’…..

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