Top Dog: Steve Delabar, 2.6%
The Worst: Henderson Alvarez, -14.4%
Best Bat: Yunel Escobar, 1.5%
Worst Bat: Yan Gomes, -10.4%
Impact AB: Rajai Davis Bases Loaded Groundout, Top 6, -8.0%
Impact Pitch: Hesher Spiderman 2-run HR, Bot 3, -16.0%
Highest Leverage AB: Davis Bases Loaded Groundout, Top 6, 3.22
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Seth Smith RBI Single, Top 3, 1.70
Lineup Contribution: -36.3%
Pitching Contribution: -13.7%
Average Leverage Index: 0.69
Chart explanation

A reliever who came into a game the Jays were losing and only pitched one inning contributed the most positive influence on the game. That about sums it up, I think.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. The annual post trade deadline Blue Jays apathy period, aka August/September.


    • As opposed to the preseason or pre-trade deadline apathy period (with the scrubs for scrubs trades excepted).

  2. Jays are gonna become a minor league affiliate.

  3. time to claim Cliff Lee.

  4. Just cancelled my subscription. My reason: “Team Not Doing Well.”

  5. That game felt like a kick to my nuts with steel-toed boots.

  6. Are the O’s supposed to be any good next year? As in, will the Jays have to compete against 4 good teams in the AL East from now as opposed to 3?

    • If we tell ourselves we wont content next year, we will win the World series. Think it works that way……

    • Their expected win-loss for this season is 46 – 59. They’re playing way above their heads. They have two big time prospects, but I don’t think either one starts the year with them. So unless they make any big off-season splashes they should be a sub .500 team next year.

  7. Last nights game was the first game this season that I didn’t watch. Woke up in the morning and checked DJF game thread. Read the last couple of comments and saw that everybody’s moaning. Knew that they lost and was happy that I didn’t waste my time last night.

  8. i think the everyone is suffering from cognitive dissonance. aa is giving up prospects to get mediocre relievers at the deadline, as if that’s the final piece of the puzzle, yet the team is getting shitcanned on the field by oakland and seattle, the two crappy teams in the historically crappy al west.

  9. Time to address pitching in the offseason, and by address I mean throw money at a big name starter or 2.

    • Yes. Money should solve all of our problems. Look how the A’s make it rain every off season and how well the Massholes are doing this year!

      • Kool Aid drinker till the end.

        You really think the pitchers we have are good enough? Most should still be in AAA or AA.

        • I think his point is that money doesn’t solve fuck all. Just ask Boston, the Mets and all these other teams that have thrown big money at free agents recently a and how many titles they have won.

          MOre money does NOT equal more wins.

          • Boston won a World Series in there. Yankees got a couple of rings with huge payrolls. Clearly throwing money around stupidly won’t get you rings, but evidence is that well-spent it does help

      • Right, because the A’s aren’t a complete shit team once every 10 years, right?

        • Ten years? lulz.

          This decade they had a WC in 2001 and division titles in 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2006. Looks like they are well on their way to another WC.

          I know it’s crazy, but teams can rebuild a lot faster than the Blue Jays can.

          • Well, yeah, it’s pretty easy when in that timeframe only the Angels were a decent team in the AL West, except for the Mariners in 2001.

          • Actually, the Mariners were good until 2003, so I stand more corrected than I first assumed.

    • I highly doubt they’re big players in free agency. Trades are still AA’s tool of choice for adding to the roster. I’m holding out hope based on the fact we have a bunch of improving assets in the minors that a trade for a legit 1 or 2 is more likely this winter than last. Anybody’s guess as to who might be available via trade though.

  10. i love that AA goes on air and calls us contenders just as we are shitting the bed on a west coast road trip :(

  11. The one good thing about this losing streak is that it is happening while the team is on a west coast road trip, meaning that I can just go to bed before the game even starts.

  12. I don’t see what the big fuss is about. The Jays were expected to be a .500 team at best this season. They’ve been decimated by injuries to their top hitters and pitchers. AA is sticking to his plan, which is better than the mess Ricciardi would have gotten us into at the trade deadline in a lost season. I’ll take slow and steady with a built to last mentality, even if it means another meaningless August and September.

    • We don’t need so many level headed posts around here.

      Hyperbole or bust!

    • But we want to pretend we expected something else. This site is full of bandwagon fans that like to pretend they are something more meaningful than that. No, you aren’t.

    • Well said guys. Why can’t these hysterical bandwagon losers see that next year when the entire team rebounds/has career years/exceeds all expectations/stays injury free they will be a legit contender.

  13. Good thing AA traded all those prospects for garbage relievers. With Davis starting in left and Lincoln, Delebar and Happ marginally upgrading the bullpen this team is solidifying its position in dead last.

    Cespedes with an impressive 897 ops on the year playing in that cavern in Oakland. Signed just this past offseason for 4/36. Don’t worry though folks AA is holding out for a true superstar FA. As long as that superstar will sign for five years max and below market to play in Canada.

    • No way the Jays can afford that massive salary.

      • And by “can afford” you mean “willing to spend”. They can afford to buy anyone.

        • Then become a fan of the Yankees!
          The Jays have a slow and steady plan that will make them champions in a few short years!
          Free agents don’t provide sufficient value!
          The Jays have awesome prospects!
          The Jays would definitely have made the playoffs this season without all those injuries!
          Rogers wants to win as much as diehard fans because the more the Jays win the more money Rogers will make!
          In retrospect, this was a rebuilding year.
          The Jays will definitely make the playoffs next year.
          Better order your season tickets right away! Are you also interested in a new Rogers phone or to be kicked in the nuts repeatedly for the amusement of Rogers executives?

          • The Jays have a slow and steady plan that will make them champions in a few short years!

            Not to sound hysterical, because I’m not, but we’ve been saying that for 20 years now lol.

          • 20 years, 21 years … it doesn’t happen until it happens. The conditions are changing. See the bunch of clubs clustered around 500 and the wild cards. It is pretty obvious that a lot of FA contracts are unworkable over time. We could still have VW in left field. When the CBA changed, AA found a new way to game the draft. I believe he will find a way to game Rogers into spending what has to be spent, but I like that we have not done that yet. Watch the ninja juggler on a tightrope, dancing to the changing music.

            • We had to endure Gord Ash and Ricciardi in those 20 years. At least AA seems to know what he’s doing. We’re never going to spend $200M on payroll, so you might as well get used to the model that Oakland and Tampa have used successfully. AA may not hit a home run every trade deadline, but he’s not shitting the bed either. I’ll be curious to see how Garza’s looking in September as they’re draining fluid from his elbow.

          • We also thought Ricciardi knew what he was doing in 2006 and 2008. It’s kind of unfair to claim otherwise now that it’s in hindsight (not to say Ricciardi was a solid GM).

  14. I didn’t realize the purpose of building up the farm system was to trade prospects for marginal relief pitchers.

    • Well it was.

    • The “farm system” is a LOT more than Snider-Thames-Molina.

      • I agree with user “sons.” AA needs to start dealing more potential for shit relievers. When you can acquire a guy whose career peak is 20 innings of solid relief in the nl central you have to make that deal.

      • Thanks. I didn’t know the farm system had more than three guys. Boy, I really feel foolish now. I kept wondering how the minor league teams could win games without any players.

    • Define “marginal” butt fuck

    • can we wait 5 more nano seconds before we declare absolutely that Mr. Lincoln is a marginal relief picture. I could jump ahead and declare that he looks like one of those blow them away dudes, but it’s WAY too soon to tell. He does radiate a steady confidence that is promising for sure.

  15. Stocking up on blueberry Kool Aid… Oh yeahh!!

  16. I thought the prospects without the potential to become superstars would be traded to acquire more superstars? Didn’t AA say he wanted all-stars across the field? That sure sounded like an awesome plan…
    With that in mind, the Snider trade must be a precursor to an eventual Upton trade. That is, as long as the Jays don’t consider Davis a superstar talent, and AA hasn’t been bullshitting fans for the past few years.

    • No no silly. You move up the can’t miss superstars two or three seasobns too early, then trade them for crappy middle relievers to make room for the next can’t miss prospects that should still be in AAA or AA.

      Geesh, get with the program.

  17. I think it will be interesting to see what attendance looks like going forward. Leaving for this road trip, average attendance was 27,442.

    Interested to see if they crater from here on out of the team keeps going like its been going.

    • I’m guessing a ;lot of tickets have been already sold. True fan reactions won’t be seen until next season.

    • They had several thousand fans travel from B.C. to Seattle for that Mariners series they just got swept in. I was going to go but my wife is having some health issues so I stayed in town and watched it on TV instead — which turned out to have been a good thing. It was a bad time for them to suck, but they sucked bad.

      Rogers is missing a moment here IMO. There was a bit of buzz around the Jays and interest was picking up.

  18. I like this blog better since Zuber started posting. What’s the opposite of telling Parkes to eff-off? Whatever it is, that’s what I would tell to Archi.

  19. Further analysis of last nights game will reveal the fact that, some players had a problem hitting last night.

    • Further analysis of last Tuesday’s Trading Deadline will reveal the fact that, some GM’s had a problem acquiring pitching/hitting that day.

  20. Holy shit. I know it’s Friday afternoon, but if you’ve got any new posts in the pipe, please hurry them along Stoeten. This particular comment section has turn into a whinging bag slop.

  21. slow news day huh?

  22. Any guesses how many strikeouts Straily gets tonight? Any guesses how many of them will be by KJ?

  23. It’s fun watching ball games when you are competing for a playoff spot or if you are out of the playoff picture but getting to see promising young prospects get a shot at the Bigs.You can then at least dream about the future. It is depressing watching Mathis, Rajai Davis, Happ, Laffey, Cooper et al. play.

    • I’d rather watch every second of this west coast shit show then read another post by an insufferable short-sighted dipshit. There’s a swinging door that’s gonna smash you in the face on your way back in. Smile and show lots of teeth.

      • I’m shortsighted because I want to see them either compete in the playoffs or play young prospects, not mediocre journeyman? Are you even sane?

        • I agree. It’s time we see what the fab three in Lansing can do in the bigs. I also eat pieces of shit for breakfast.

        • You’re giving new meaning to the term irrational. It’s been all of 7 days since the lights started to statistically flicker on the season. Even Leaf fans have more patience.

          • These are the same people who rail about the lack of patience our batters have at the plate. Baseball is game of failure and cannot be rushed anywhere.

      • And try not to get run over jumping off the bandwagon.

  24. Djf record for least posts by stoeten in a say?

  25. Did these guys ever watch “The Social Network”.
    To make a site that keeps people interested you need to provide information constantly and not let the servers just “stop”
    Since they moved to the score it’s more sporadic than ever.
    Now you know for the long weekend were going to get 3 days of one line bull shit game threats.

    • What the fuck are you talking about??!?! I’d wager you a case of cold pilsner none of your moosehead shit, that we will get ONE game threat for the weekend. And even that is a 50/50 guess. Book it blind guy!

  26. Liked this piece from Griffin, particularly point #1 about Happ.

  27. They need to trade/sign for an Ace and a garza type and trade/sign for a LF and RF this offseason and move Bautista to 1B with Edwin DHing. If not and AA thinks it’s going to be longer-term to be serious contenders then trade Bautista this offseason at peak value, he’s 33 next year.

    • I like the idea of Jose at 1B. While his arm is nice in RF, his range is average at best (imo) and his routes aren’t anything to write home about either. Given his ability at 3rd in the past, wouldn’t a transition to1st seem natural. I mean, Miggy has done it, Pujols, et al.

  28. Aug 3 The Astros placed Cordero on the 15-day disabled list Friday with toe inflammation, Zach Levine of the Houston Chronicle reports.
    Recommendation: Cordero has really struggled since joining the Astros, and it’s likely that the injury at least partially contributed to his struggles. It’s not clear how long Cordero will need to recover, but he should be able to return to the team before the end of August unless the injury is more serious than it appears.

    • “toe inflammation”, with a side order of right arm shittiness. The Astros just want to get him off the roster.

  29. You people don’t understand the genius that is Stoeten.

    The Jays haven’t shown up for their west coast games, so neither shall this blog.

  30. anyone got a stream for 2nite’s game???

  31. Over/under 1.5 game threats this weekend?

  32. Same fucking lineup as last night.

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