Them too? Seriously?

So that was a hell of a game last night, eh? Or… a game, at least. Or… something. Not that I watched it, or anything, but I did catch the end via Twitter while coming up for air after a night in Montreal’s absurdly sweaty bars– which isn’t to say that Toronto shouldn’t absolutely strive to have a place like L’Esco, or that more bars shouldn’t adopt their policy of giving bands playing a liberal amount of free drinks, then charging them staff prices once they’re past the allotment of freebies, it’s just… holy sauna. And I also caught the accompanying post-game roster moves and marvelling at Aaron Loup actually taking an at-bat.

Word now, via a tweet from Barry Davis of Sportsnet, that Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus are not seriously injured, but still sore, which necessitated the call to the minors for Adeiny Hechavarria… to play third base– a position he hasn’t played in a game one single time since coming to the Jays’ organization in 2010. But who’s counting! And who’s counting his platoon splits either! (.736 OPS against right-handers, .954 against lefties).

No, seriously, who cares? Would you rather see Chris Woodward get the call?

Meanwhile, Andrew Carpenter– the bad carpenter, not David, who was acquired from the Astros along with JA Happ– was designated for assignment, Jesse Chavez was recalled, and Brett Cecil was sent to Las Vegas. He’ll join the rotation there, but after John Farrell’s bang-the-fuck-on comments yesterday that his long-term future may be as a lefty specialist out of the bullpen, one wonders if maybe we’ve seen his last turn as a member of the Jays’ rotation. Y’know, unless someone else goes down with injury, which… at this rate, that’s entirely possible.


Happ joins the rotation in Cecil’s place, and will start on Thursday in Tampa, according to another tweet from Davis.

And in another cable on the Rogers-owned Jays from Davis of the Rogers-owned Sportsnet, we have Saturday afternoon’s lineup. Those of you who are either pregnant or afflicted with a heart condition may want to avert your eyes…

Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
E. Encarnacion DH
D. Cooper 1B
R. Davis LF
Y. Gomes C
M. Sierra RF
A. Gose CF
A. Hechavarria 3B

R. Romero LHP

2012, you guys!!!!!!

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  1. Kelly Johnson’s looking awful the dish and in the field these days. Hoping not to see him back next year, just wish he had enough value to land a pitcher before the trade deadline. Give Hech a shot @ 2nd?

  2. Where’s the swag, Jemile?

  3. great put-away slider by Lyons on Weeks there

  4. Dreadlocks + baseball helmets are a bad look.

  5. Lyons and Gomes must know each other from NL Central days

  6. wow Lyon and Gomes, only 4 PA history

  7. Lyon has that nice slider (that pitch to Rosales was just unfortunate kack)

  8. With the rebel yell… mo mo more

  9. Get the feeling we are going to have to make that one run stand up.

  10. Hey, gang. Been a while. I see this site is still populated with shitheads.

  11. I don’t get farrell. Why not Coop for Gomes?

    • point exactly. pinch hit for Hech..and now we have no third baseman. meanwhile let the incompetent wonder get another AB.

  12. WTF is Farrell doing. he just significantly weakened our defense.

  13. The Chinless Wonder just keeps ticking. Nice.

  14. Just like Lind would have done.

  15. Who did they send down to bring up Jenkins?

  16. I want to put my Oh-Oh rod in Hazel Mae’s Yes-Yes cave.

  17. Put me in with the haters but that was just a terrible AB by Davis. First he swung at an outside pitch that bounced off the dirt, then he did it again at a pich so low and outside his bat appeared to scrape the dirt as he popped one up. With runners on first and third.

    • Davis is a guy who should never be thrown anything but junk low and away. it baffles me as to why teams every give him a fastball

  18. It almost seems like Farrell forgot who was playing where.

  19. TSN reporting Carlos V left jays for personal reason. Jenkins called up

  20. Super Louper (get that Red Dick)

    Super Cooper (get those pinch hits)

    who else we got??

  21. Im guessing Lincoln isn’t available today because of his long outing two nights ago. So far so good for Loup…but we’ve had two out woes al series

  22. Here comes a gopher ball from delabar

  23. Fuck yeah Delabar

  24. I could certainly get used to more of this.

  25. Whoa whoa whoa…Delabar threw the ball hard

    Brandon inge..not even an inch

    Edwin all we need

    what do yo say?

    bout or GM AA?

  26. Mighty Casey on the Mound – fuck up this Oaktown 9

  27. Hmm.. didn’t think I would say this after 8 innings of yesterday’s game..but this is actually a pretty big half inning here .

    Hopefully Casey can shut them down.

  28. enought with the fucking hangers dude.

  29. fuck Norris pushing up this pitch count on Janssen’s 3rd straight day

  30. well, weeks is up..I guess we lose.

  31. Jan Gomes – awesome end

  32. FUCK YEAH!

  33. and Cooper’s foot off the bag, sweet

  34. very lucky, but I’ll take it.


  36. Hitting-challenged or not, that should help make the case for Yan Gomes being very valuable off the bench.

    • Johnny Mac V 2.0?

      • He does the corners and backstop (and maybe LF in a real pinch), not the middle infield, but he’s certainly as useful, I’d wager.

        • Oh yeah, value/flexibilty wise was my thought

          • He would have to field every position like the greatest defensive wizzard at each of those respective positions to justify a spot on the team given his horridness at the plate

  37. No extra innings? I want my money back.

  38. Oakville. quiet.
    Conceited defeat. Fine. I wrote this for you.

    Jays fans unite!
    They won tonight!

    Let us sleep well,.
    Before our fight in the morn’

    • @ Looper We can celebrate a win by the kids from Vegas. I must admit Sierra is fun to watch.

      Yan Gomes amazing catch at 3B in the 9th inning then throwing to 1B to pick off the runner was amazing.

      New bullpen looks very god, but let’s see if they can shut down a high powered offence.

      Oakland has a weak offense but timely runs.

      The Rays always give us trouble in Tampa Bay

  39. the AAA kids don’t know we’re not supposed to play well at the Trop; let’s go get the Rays and take down big game James to start.

  40. losing Coco has been soooo sweet

  41. Price pitched today so we miss him in Tampa. Then again, it’s Tampa. Jays haven’t won a series there since the Devonian, I believe.

  42. Wondering if stoned jays fan can take over for me.

    I’d rather deal with someone who’s stoned than Oakville.
    He makes way more sense.

    • @ looper I don’t take any drugs.

      • Maybe you should.
        You didn’t even understand this post.

        I am saying a stoned jays fan makes more sense than you.

        Maybe you should take some drugs.

        • @ Looper

          So now you are advocating I take drugs so I understand your points?

          Dude, you are losing it big time.

          Stick to baseball talk.

          • Does it take three times to explain it to you before you understand reality?

            I said it’s easier to understand someone who takes drugs than it is understanding you.
            When it comes to posts, stoned Jays fans make more sense than you do.

  43. In order to end the debat is whether or not the organization has progressed since AA took over.

    We all agree that it has. Even the haters.

    So then, until the organaization stagnates, let’s give AA and his team the benefit of doubt and enjoy the player development.

    End of debate. Let’s enjoy some baseball.

    • @Looper,

      Why have you started insulting me again?

      Doesi t make you feel cool.

      The organization as a whole may have progressed, but the most important job is to get wins at the MLB level.

      Before we declare AA saint. let’s see if the Jays can win more with AA than Riccardi’s best year was 87 wins & Gord Ash’s 88 win with Vietnam vet Tim Johnson.

      • “The organization as a whole may have progressed, but the most important job is to get wins at the MLB level.”

        This is true, but I think you are overlooking that when you’re rebuilding your core, MLB wins are kind of secondary to putting together a team that can consistently win down the road. (Marcum for Lawrie for example. Or signing a ton of average 1 yr FAs to get draft picks). 1 step back now for 2 steps forward later.

        So, 3 seasons into a total overhaul, I’m willing to mostly overlook the MLB W/L record to this point.

        I think it’s safe to say that going forward though – we’re ready to start seeing results at the MLB level. I’m expecting some ‘win now’ moves prior to the 2013 season.

        • Great post JP.

          I could say something here that would totally freak out the win now people.

          I’ve always thought tanking in baseball was irrelevant. Now the new CBA has changed that.
          Now I’m actually hoping we lose games.
          With the new slot bonus pool, it’s key to get a lower pick. The worse your team, the more money higher that draft position. The higher the draft position, the better the bonus money to spend on signings.

          I will always cheer for them to win. If they are losing in the ninth inning I want them to come back and win.
          If they lose though, I see how we are doing compared to the other losing teams and hope they won tonight too.

          So in short, I’m happy when they win, and not disappointed when they lose.

          I want them to win, I hope they win, but if they don’t it’s not doomsday and blow up the system time!

          I am EXPECTING wins in 2014. I am EXPECTING PLAYOFFS in 2015. I am EXPECTING world series by 2018.
          Today is about hope.
          There’s lots to hope for with this team, and that is a great place to be.

          • @ Looper.
            so now you want the Jays to tank in 2013???

            Not acceptable.

            Tank Nation was a key theme in 2010 on this blog & maybe 2009 after July.

        • @JP.

          I hope you are right.

          AA did comment prior to the trade deadline that the Jays weren’t interested in selling players to get prospects for 2013.

          I wonder if AA will give Lyon a contract?

          Maybe AA is testing out his new Super bullpen for 2013.??

          • I didn’t say I want them to tak.

            I simply said wins don’t matter. I want them to win, but I don’t care at this point if they lose because we are not a championship team.

  44. Sorry, Mike, Lind doesn’t need an automatic ticket to starting nine.

  45. Well done boys – now on to the shitty offense of Tampa – BIG caveat – Rays pitching has allowed 28 runs in the last 15 games

    Fuck me, averaging less than 2 runs per game for two weeks -CRAZY

  46. Amazing stat of the year…of the blue jays 55 losses this year..only SEVEN have not been within a multiple game losing streak.

  47. To give you some perspective…boston, also with 55 losses, has had 15 one game losing “streaks”.

  48. Point being, if this team had any ability at all to stop bleeding, their record would be significantly better. Im looking at you RICKY

  49. Tampa does not have a shitty offence, dm, you fucking retard.

    • Tampa is 23rd in runs scored, and 26th in team OPS. So yes, they do have a shitty offense, you fucking retard.

      • some jackoff is impersonating me. that is not me. tampa’s offense sucks balls…then again they only need one or two runs to beat us..

    • Tampa has the 3rd worst runs/game and OPS in the American League. Yeah it’s pretty damn shitty, especially without Eva.

  50. shitty or not is irrelevant and even a distracting label … how many games have we lost to teams in the last 5 years who we thought were “weaker” teams? Totally useless way to look at things because it focuses outside of what we are capable of controlling … players get deluded about this kind of thing. There are no easy games.

    Oakland’s supposedly weak offence took it to us last week; then the Mariners supposedly weak offence and so on … our supposedly powerful offence is sometimes in a parallel universe when we are playing in this one.

    Confidence, focus, doing the present thing properly which is hard for the younguns … but, small steps in the right direction are apparent …

    • Tampa still has a good team, but only because of great defense and pitching. If the Jays can manage 3-4 runs on any given night (unless Alvarez is pitching) against them, they have a pretty solid chance of obtaining a win.

  51. someone wants a promotion from Vancouver

    Taylor (James) Cole – 35 innings, 1 ER, sub 1 WHIP, 29 Ks

    Brigham Young grad – get your butt to Lansing

    • jays don’t like to promote A ballers who dominate.

      Ashwer woj now dominating AA ball. era 2.0 whip .098

      hope this doesn’t blow up in our face.

      • We’re going to regret that trade… I mean, I could understand using that package and adding one of the Lansing 3 for someone of Garza’s quality… but Happ? Come on. Happ has no place on a competing team… it doesn’t matter how many years of control he has.

  52. so what has happend to jose? first he says he’ll be back in no time, now he says he’s not ready. how long before he’s out for the season? it’s the same crap we heard about santos. and I’m tired of these pussies rasmus and lawrie out with just nagging injuries. what happened to the days of kelly gruber playing with a broken neck? maybe these guys should try sucking it up for once and play a little hurt, especially with the team decimated. if you can’t go after 1 game then hey go on the dl and stop wasting everyones time. make up your fucking mind. maybe if we had more than old man omar who is nothing more than a translator at this point, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

    • What’s the point of rushing back? The Jays are no longer in contention for a playoff spot so why risk further injury?

      • how do you know this? you mean like tampa last year when they were 9 games back?

        • A comeback is possible, but there are too many teams to climb.

          Keeping within 10 games of the second wildcard would be accomplishment.

          This current roster against the yankees ,rays & red sox in september will likely lose many games.

    • I’m sorry, but how does playing a 70%-80% for two weeks beat missing 2-3 games? Especially at the risk of making an injury worse?

      And if you think playing at 70% is better than the alternative, how does an enforced two weeks off solve anything?

      There’s just no real benefit to what you’re asking them to do. They’ll both be back on Tuesday. “Toughing it out” would’ve either had them shitting the bed on the field, or hurting themselves worse.

      • putting them on the dl allows you to call somebody else up.

        • Sure, but they provide a lot less value for a minimum of 15 days. Three days short staffed, to me at least, is better than 15 days with a mediocre replacement.

          The DL is also retroactive, so if they found out today one of them was worse than they thought, they could back date the 15 days to when they last played… So, to me, you always play short for a couple days if you don’t think the injury is that serious.

    • Bautista is still experiencing discomfort in his wrist, so no point in risking aggravating the injury.

      I don’t think the Jays mind seeing Sierra/ Gose in the OF

      • This is what I mean Oakville.
        Sometimes you sound sane.

        Your points on rushing kids and injured players are bang on.
        Everything else in nonsense.

        • @ Looper.

          I appreciate the accomplishment but please stop with the FAKE Oakville69 posts.

          If you want to do parody posts of me then label them FakeOakville so it easier to distinguish between the posts.

          It is tiring to refute all your posts using my screen name.

  53. Travis had another good game for the Pirates on Sunday. Even though he now rides the bench, he didn’t act sullen and looked up a bit when his team scored. Then, in the bottom of the 9th, they brought him in as a defensive replacement! And he didn’t make an error although there were no balls hit to him, but even if there had been he would have caught them.

    • Ok, you are a jokester.
      Your humour is a bit too subtle.
      You play the role of the idiot haters too well.

    • I may be missing the subtle humor here, but actually Snider ran in from RF and caught a shallow fly ball for the final out of the game.

      • He did? OMG! I’ll bet he played it perfectly too.

        • Looper,

          Please stop making fake posts. This is becoming very annoying.

          Snider did make a very good catch to end the game but he was put in late in the game.

          Travis is playing well. so stop bashing him.

          I would rather have in LF till the end of the season than Rajai Davis.

          Another Ex Jay, AJ Burnett is having an excelent year in Pittsbrgh. The move to the National League & being out of the spotlight has helped him.

          • Oakville
            You think I’m awake at 5 am on the last day of a long weekend?

            No sir. You have a following.

            I just added to our origional posts to try to explain to you where are team is in the natual cycle of organizations. Hope that helps you to understand the building process.

            I applaud your quest for knowledge!

    • @ Looper.

      Another fake post .

      Why don’t you grow up .

      You can be funny being yourself.

      • Again Oak,
        It’s not me, but it is funny.

        I’m not doing anymore fake posts from you and for the record I only did the one which is your standard “AA’s had 3 whole years” cry.

        Your real posts are good enough to help my points.

        Enjoy your new following!

        • @ Looper.

          For the record I never made a post that AA had 3 year’s to turn the team around.

          I did say that the team won 85 games in 2010 with Cito & JP leftovers. 81 last year & probably a bit less this year.

          Obviously the injuries have damaged the team, so it’s not a true indication of the talent.

          The Vegas team is here earlier than expected & probably not fair to judge their performance yet, but I have seen some pretty good plays.

          Gomes seems to be a useful utility player.

          Gose is pretty fast.

          Moises Sierra looked good. I don’t know much about him.

          As for the fake names, it’s pretty ridiculous whoever is doing this & I hope Stoeten fixes this problem..

          It’s disconcerting to see other people posting in my name when they make comments I would have never made.

  54. Anthony Gose has reached base in 11 of his first 14 games and 9 of the last 10, now it has only been twice in a game on 3 occasions. Doubles in his last 2 games are encouraging.

    And, pretty good defense and a heck of an arm – a nice revelation, still a guy to dream on, not a bust.

    • As you stated, it has only been 14 games. Even if he had only got on base for 3 of them, hard to call anyone a bust with a 14 game sample size.

  55. I’m sorry, but I feel Jenkins is being rushed with this callup.

    What’s his role? Is he going to start? In place of whom?

    I suppose being rushed didn’t hurt the guy he gets compared to most often around here–Romero–but I thought that was a different regime.

    Maybe they feel, given his struggles, and given the successes of other pitching prospects on the farm, that he’s no longer projected to be one of their future starters.

    • He’s going into the bullpen

      • Oakville knows this because Barry Davis told him.

        • @ Looper

          Yes I read Barry Davis tweet.

          It’s a bit strange to take a starter from the AA & put him in the bullpen.

          I would rather see what he can do than that Igarashi who bombed in Texas & Jessee Crying Man Chavez.

          The bullpen turnover must be the highest in Blue Jay history.

          I think they have used close to 30 pitchers this year.

          • Oakville.

            I wrote before about the quality pitchers who were in the bullpen during our Championship years.

            Having a young pitcher break in to the MLB with a role in the bullpen is not strange at all. Not only is it not strange, but it used to be the norm and still is with teams that have healthy starters.

    • Villaneuva is headed to the Dominican Republic to care of some personal business. Brett Cecil was sent down to AAA. There is a good chance he makes a spot start.

      I’m not totally in disagreement with this move. Why not see what Jenkins brings to the table? We aren’t really in a playoff race here… if we can eliminate finding that #4 starter for next year and fill it internally…. I’m all for it.

    • Well Jenkins and McGuire were guys they drafted specifically because they were considered close to major league ready and could be fast tracked if need be, so the concerns over rushing them aren’t as valid as they would be with some other guys in the system.

  56. Hentgen has spoken about how much starting in the bullpen helped him transition to the big leagues – Jimmy Key did it, David Wells did it – makes sense for many a pitching prospect probably

  57. Just checked in on Frankie Francisco’s stats – he just returned from DL (last game previous was Jun 22nd)

    He picked up his 19th save and in the month prior to his DL stint he pitched in 15 games, 15 innings, 10 saves, 3 ERs and 16 Ks

    good for Frankie Frank and the Muts: his 12 hits and 7 BBs in that same stretch tell me it was the same high-wire act and it may all come crashing down soon

  58. Let’s go Blue Jays!

  59. This ‘Little Looper vs Oakville69′ thing s ridiculous. Stop it.

    Impersonation is the highest form of flattery.

    Seems like Litlle Looper has a crush.

    • @ Looper.

      I hope Stoeten can fix this problem when he gets back.

      It obvious that you get some cheap thrill making fake posts about me & then commenting using the Looper name to comment on a fake post using my name you made.

      You sound like you are in high school .

      Grow up & stick to one screen name.

    • it is, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. and little looper is a pyschotic goof for impersonations. identity theft is the ultimate insult to humanity. go fuck yourself looper. you are the reason we have to have rules draped all over us. the one who wrecks it all

      • lol, give me a break.
        You think there needs to be fake oakville postings?
        The real ones are clueless enough…

        • @ Looper.
          Frankly , I don’t mind the back & forth between us & anyone else who wants to deate the jays team’s future.

          I assume everyone is old enough to stick to the rules & use a different screen name.

      • add Gose’s necklace to the list of the insane ones here.

        Yes, using an annonomous profile handle to make a point about the absurdity of the comments is the exact same as stealing someones actually identity.

        BTW: Anthony Gose’s necklace wants it’s identity back you clueless identity thief.

        BTW: This isn’t Little Looper. I just stole that name to make a point.

        • Hey Gose’s neclace
          How do you know the real Oakville69 wrote this?

          Perhaps he’s realized how dumb his arguments are and decided to distance himself from them by later claiming they’re all fake?

      • You are all freaks.

        Who cares what “name” is used as the handle.

        What I care about are interesting topics about baseball.

        From what I’ve read, Little Looper is a condasending know it all who uses his brain too much to analyze his team.

        Oakville is an emotional fan who seems to not use his brain but cheers with his heart.

        Bottom line is they both want to see the Jays win championships.


        • @ who cares.

          Fair point.

          I am a baseball fan who spends too much money & time cheering the Jays. & way too much time posting to this forum.

          The screen names fiasco is ridiculous. I don’t see the logic in posting under my name & then posting again ridiculing the fake post.

          I think that Fake Cito Gaston posts are funny or Fake player Posts are funny, but it is hassle to respond to people who spend their time ridiculing fake posts I never made.

          I have no problem admitting that I am not as knowledgeable about the Jays as others here because I grew up as an Expos fan. My team was taken from me by Loria who runs the Marlins.

          Have some sympathy for an Expos refugee.

          I always thought the ultimate world series would be Jays /Expos & it almost happened in 1993 when both teams were strong.

  60. The fake Oakville isn’t me.
    He’s funny though. Props to him.

  61. Why do we never get a game on this holiday Monday

  62. I cannot wait for february. as much as people like to bash AA (looking at you hear Griff) selling the farm for an ace would of at best pushed the jays to an early playoff exit. when people talk about time for the jays to spend money, i think this will be the year that the jays make some free agent signings. I think for the most part there offensive holes are few and far between for 2013. injuries are hurting us now but 2013 will have more experienced Sierra or Anthony Gose to cover the remaining outfield hole. the next hole is second. with first you have EE or worse case option Lind. 2013 for second will either be the chance for defensive hech, or make a run for trade. If hech covers 2nd, and say Gose or Sierra start in RF (maybe 2013 jays convince Bautista to switch to LF, otherwise they cover LF), both are good defensive players who have higher defensive upside over thames and snider (folks, snider was valuable for his bat not his defense, there was a reason the jays playded snider in LF. so an outfield of Rasmus, Gose, Bautista, 4th of Sierra or Davis, infield, of EE, Esco, Hech, Lawrie and TDA or JPA.

    now if you look at free agents there are a bunch of 2-4 sp this free agency. Shaun marcum, Edwin Jackson, Anibal Sanchez, Hiroki Kuroda, and Dempster, if the jays were to sign 1-2 of those guys to a 1-3 year deal with Morrow, Ricky (I have a feeling he has been batling an injury this season), they could have a better sp then this year.

    Folks I think those are better targets, than big names like Garza, and Greinke ( pitchers above can give you a comparable value to Greinke, besides his one year he has looked like a decent pitcher, but not an ace, and will come cheaper, Greinke, I could see signing for 5+ years, and with the jays pitching prospects, you are better to take 2 waivers for 3 years than a 5 year deal). I think jays pitching prospects in A and AA can push in 2 years and are better served pushing for a quality 2-3 than go for an ace. You can have more value in baseball with 3 #2 pitchers over 1 #1 pitcher (especially when it comes to the playoffs where suprisingly 4th and 5th starters come out of nowhere to be a teams best pitcher.

    This year there are a several sp pitchers available and I think this will be addressed this offseason. Selling the farm for a 1A pitcher when you can sign 2 2B pitchers, for a couple years in 3 months?

    • Nice post, but if you’re excited for AA to sign Marcum or Kuroda…you’re out to fucking lunch.

    • Here’s what’s wrong with your plan: they’re not signing any of those guys. The team was tired of Marcum’s act, aka partying, which Griff has alluded to on a couple of occasions. Kuroda got $10M with the Yanks, and the Jays aren’t going to pay that because of their “salary structure” that says RickRo is the highest paid SP and Joey Bats the highest-paid position player. Same argument for Jackson, who’s at $11M, and Sanchez, who’s at $8M (Romero will go to $7.5M next year). None of those guys are taking pay cuts to come here; in fact, you’ll probably have to outbid other teams just to get them to come.

      The only way I can see them breaking the salary structure is if they get a no-doubt ace — a guy like Lee, as an example. Otherwise, whoever they’re going to get is going to come via trade. I think AA got a wake-up call last winter when he realized it would take more than he thought to get a guy like Latos, so he might be in a few more conversations over the winter.

      But no, you can forget about the free-agent saviour starter. And your “2B” guys. It’s just not happening. If AA can’t pull off a trade for a young, controllable guy with upside, then next year’s rotation is going to be Romero, Morrow, Alvarez, Hutchison (health permitting), and whoever manages to win a spot out of camp (McGowan, Jenkins, Laffey/Villanueva if they bring one or both back, McGuire if he remembers how to pitch). That’s all there is to it.

      • Is that what happened with Marcum? He partied a lot?
        Griff is always eluding to something…

        This off season is really key for telling us where exactly this organization is in the organizational life cycle.

        My belief is AA will act like he’s trying to chase FA names and elude to some possibilites but really they won’t be chasing FA’s this year.
        Not because Rogers are cheap (even if they might be) but because they don’t feel they’re a FA away from a Championship.

        I think they’re still one year away before that phase. They need to beef up AAA still and have the replacement team ready for reinforcements/replace injuries/replace non producers situtations.

        When JP left the minors in shamples it really delayed any possibility of us contending quickly. AA has build this a lot faster than expected, but it’s not quite ready.

        It’s close though… and I’d be happily surprised if they feel it’s this offseason to spend.

        • shambles. Damn this no edit bs

        • Google Marcum and “flu-like symptoms.”

          I really don’t see them targeting FAs this offseason, I really don’t. And not because of this “Rogers is so cheap ZOMG MULTI-BILLION COMPANY WHY IS MY CABLE BILL SO HIGH IF THEY CAN’T GET A PITCHER” bullshit. More because there’s not much out there that fits with the philosophy and parameters that AA espouses: young, potential superstar/with unrealized upside, five-year deal max, nobody signs a deal over RickRo and Joey Bats.

          Glancing quickly at MLBTR’s list of free agents, the only one that leaps out as matching that is Delmon Young. The question is, will he ever fully realize his upside? Especially when he’s making the same money as Justin Upton? Still seems like more gamble than upside.

          No, if I had to put my money down, I’d bet on two things: one, AA goes hard for Upton this offseason. i got the impression that dealing Snider and Thames was clearing out LF for a reason, because he’s not dumb enough to think that Davis or any split of two rookies is enough to compete next year. I think he’ll be aggressive on Upton.

          Pitching-wise, I’d look for him to target a young, power arm (he’s always talking about needing power arms for the AL East), probably from the NL. (I’d say they’d be in on Liriano, but someone’s going to give him a stupid contract — forward Kenny Williams! — that the Jays won’t match). So to figure out his trade targets, you’d look at Ks and swinging strike percentage, and then try to figure out which of the leaders could be had for the right price. My answer: Cueto, Gallardo, Gee.

          Cueto’s got two more years ($7.5M + 10M) plus a $10M option. Gallardo two years ($7.75M, $11.25M) plus an option. Gee is under team control until 2016. All high numbers of Ks, high swinging strike rates. Contracts are affordable within the structure, you’d take any of them as a 3/4 starter, lets you move one of the kids to the back end of the rotation.

          Again, if I had to put money down, it’d be on acquiring Upton and one of those three pitchers. But that’s just me.

          • if you think the jays will not sign a pitcher for more money $ than ricky romero when Ricky Romero can’t get his shit together you have been reading to much Dick Griffin. RR is in no position to say no pitcher earns more than me. I was giving those as examples to how deep the 2013 sp free agency is not as jays must sign this, but to the fact that I see them going for #2-3 guys over an ace pitcher.

            And Re- Marcum drunk thing see Lawrie, (dude wont be in the league when he is 34 with current style of play.

            The bullpen is set for 2013 and the infield, as is most of the 1-9 hitters, main target will be sp and there is lots of options in 2013, this will be the year they sign a few pitchers, but it wont be a Greinke, (to much money). It wont be for a trade like Lee, Garza, to many prospects, anyone who thinks differently thins AA is building for 2012 & 2013, anyone with a brain who is reading more than Dick Griffin knows AA is trying for a dynasty and is not going to sell the farm.

          • also the other reason the flu like symptoms thing is BS why do you trade him for Edward 40 hands Lawrie???

          • you mean for 2013 C.Zambrano does not fit your young with upside, unreached potential???

          • In more “Jays Luck” news: Evan Longoria likely returns to Tampa lineup tomorrow – of course he does.

          • That’s exactly what I think. The Jays will *not* sign a pitcher for more money than Romero because that throws the entire salary structure for their rotation out of whack. If the No. 3 guy is earning considerably more than the 1 and 2 and they’re outperforming him, what do you think they’re going to ask for in their next contract? No, AA has proven so far that he’s all about the scale and hierarchy, as well as team-friendly deals. Why would he suddenly depart from his philosophy?

            As for the different handling of drinking: you’re a manager at a business. You’ve got two employees. One comes in and asks to leave halfway through the day because he’s “not feeling well.” You check his Facebook. His status says that he was out drinking until 3 a.m. You see a bunch of other statuses about drinking, and tyhey match up with days he’s asked to go home early. The other employee comes in, he looks a little rough, but he hustles and does a good job. You check his Facebook and see that he posts a lot about drinking and late nights, but only on weekends and the occasional weekday. You think back and remember him looking rough then too, but he’s never asked to go home early and he always gets his work done. Which of these employees do you have a problem with?

            The Jays currently have six of seven bullpen slots filled for next year, assuming Santos is ready and Oliver comes back (plus Janssen, Delabar, Lincoln, Loup). You still need another right-hander there, and I don’t think any of the AA/AAA crowd has proven they belong there for the whole season, even as long relief. Villanueva and Frasor are FAs and may or may not be back. Who knows what Litsch and Perez will be like. I figure there’s still a bullpen upgrade to be had as well.

            I’m going to go ahead and assume your Zambrano comment is a joke.

            As for why the Jays are going to look to make a push in 2013… well, go back and read Bautista’s comments around the all-star game about upgrades, re-read the Tweets the players sent around the Snider trade and the comments they made to the media, and then read E5′s comments from the game recap the other night about “finally other people are coming through behind me” and ask yourself what the mood in that clubhouse has to be like, and how much longer the players will put up with it.

            Then ask yourself, based on AA’s track record, and everything he’s said in the media, has he been more likely to lean towards free agents, or trades?

            Think about it.

          • While I agree there’s probably some merit to the whole payroll structure thing, I think Romero forfeited any right to “no. 1″ status this season.

          • You can certainly argue that Romero’s bed-shitting means he’s not a No. 1… but if the organization sees him as a No. 1 — and they’re paying him as their No. 1 — they’re not likely to go over that amount.

      • Romero’s salary will not act as the ceiling for singing a free agent pitcher. In fact, the Blue Jays already have one other starting pitcher who will be paid more than Romero in 2013 and 2014. Brandon Morrow’s salary is $8.0M in each of the next two seasons.

  63. JAYS SIGN CUST!!!!

    This just made my year. And I’m not kidding.


  64. i have posted something 3 fucking times without it posting what the fuck is wrong with the site?

    • I think it is like Twitter Jail – if your posts are too long, too close together, too often, with too many links or some other transgression, I think the bots put you in a queue for actual vetting by someone – the posts will probably show up soon enough and with an actual timestamp – at least that is my observation

      I am sure it is all in the hope of avoiding some of the crazy shenanigans that went on before Disqus – there was some insane trolling that made the comments section almost unreadable, as you may or may not remember

  65. No new posts? WTF?

    • Holiday Monday in Ontario. Plus, Stoets is probably still drunk in Montreal.

  66. Travis is riding the bench again tonight. Although he’s riding it well, like a future HOFer, I’d like to see him playing at home where they wear the unis with the white pants. Now I don’t believe white trousers are appropriate for a middle-aged man, but on Travis, who is still very firm, they look appealing. Maybe when they have him riding the bench they could have him stand up at the rail part of the game. Travis is such a good sport I’m sure he’d be pleased to accommodate.

  67. Wow, did the Jays dodge a bullet by NOT getting Pooh Darvish, 12 baserunners allowed in 6 innings tonight and 5 ERs?? Hey this obviously can still work out fanfuckingtastic for the Rangers but it sure is not the slam dunk it seemed in early May

    10 baserunners in 5 innings in his last outing vs the Angels, 11 baserunners in 6 innings vs White Sox before that, only 4 of his last 10 games were QS

  68. okay, Pooh is now done for the night, 6 innings, 11 hits, 3 BBs, 6 ERs – and he is averaging 112 pitches over his last 11 games – is that meaningful??

  69. Did you see that everybody? I bought the MLB package after Travis was traded, specifically so that I could watch the Pirates games. Tonight Travis was brought in to pinch hit, and hit a grounder that the second baseman missed and got an RBI. Can there be any doubt who won this trade? Travis is now hitting over .200 with the Pirates and if he keeps this up he may get some starts.

    • you cannot call any trade a win or loss untill 5 years later when you can see the full reprocusion of a trade.

    • …that the second baseman missed…
      The second baseman? That was no second baseman, that was Aaron “Pops” Hill. It’s a small world, n’est-ce pas?

  70. Not much to Darvish’s pitch count of late, he is averaging 104 per outing, which is no big deal, 123 tonight

    Verlander avg 114 pitches per outing and 132 tonight

    Sabathia avg 109 pitches

    Price avg 109 pitches

    Felix avg 104 pitches

    Weaver avg 103 pitches

  71. The Jays put out 2 line-ups that call for a “divert your eyes” tag, and go out and win 2 games. Baseball may be unpredictable for the good and the bad, but fuck I’d like to see more of the good. Watching this team shit the bed gets old pretty quick these days.

    • Why are you not talking about Jack Cust?

      • Fine in 2012 in the yankees minors he unimpresses that he was dfa by he yankees. Meanwhule said yankees in 2012 had dewayne wise and jayson nix play some games for them in the show.cust is Aaa filler because of depleted outfield due to snider, thames gose, sierra.

  72. Hutchinson to have TJ surgery.

    So that means he’s gone for all of next year too.

    That hurts

  73. Our lousy GM really messed up by not giving up a ton of prospects for Garza.
    Garza would look really good next to Hutchinson, Drabek & Morrow on the DL

    • Yeah it would be nice if sometimes credit could be given for the trades NOT made. Right now the same people that have been saying “OMGZ AA SUX HE DIDN”T GET GARZA!!!” would be saying “OMGZ AA SUX HE TRADED FOR DAMAGED GOODZ!!!”.

      In fact there’s a few people around here, probably in this very thread, that owe AA and apology right about now.

      • Any offer AA would have made would have been at a substantial discount. I actually don’t think it’s such a terrible idea to take these kinds of risks. The organization has made it very clear that it will not pay anything approaching market value for a top-flight pitcher under any circumstances, so the only way you’re getting someone of Garza’s caliber is to acquire him at a low point (due either to injuries or suckage).

        This is the same kind of gamble AA took with Santos. Unfortunately that one didn’t work out, but it wasn’t a bad risk to take. The real problem was that the Jays didn’t disclose to the fans that Santos was damaged goods. With Garza it would have been well known that he was having problems and nobody would have expected much of a contribution this year.

    • On a selfish level I found myself at the trade deadline checking all the blogs hoping to get an update on a Jays trade.
      Trades are fun and exciting.
      I actually felt a bit disappointed the Jays didn’t make a move.
      That was my reaction as an emotional fan.

      As a realist who understands what the Jays are doing, I’m disappointed we didn’t get a young controllable guy, but I’m thankful we didn’t trade any prospects of significance. We are in the accumulation phase and I’m glad AA didn’t bow down to the pressure of those demanding we “go for it all now” crowd.

  74. A third Jays pitcher needing TJS in one year.

    • Is it only 3?

      Feels like a lot more.

      • If you count career-ending injuries vs. just TJS it’s a lot more:

        Drabek (2nd TJ, only 10-20% of pitchers retain same level of effectiveness–which in his case wasn’t much anyway)
        Frasor (this would be his 3rd TJ–he’s done)
        Santos (likely to become the next McGowan)

        Then you have Perez and Hutchison who are both done for all of 2013.

        And then there’s Romero–who knows what his problem is.

        Pretty decimating, even though nobody should have been expecting much production out of McG, Litsch or Drabek.

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