In addition to the news about Drew Hutchison this morning, the Blue Jays have also announced that Dustin McGowan will– wait for it…– have surgery tomorrow. On his throwing shoulder. By Dr. James Andrews.

Now, keep in mind, it’s not as bad as it maybe sounds…

The first of a flurry of tweets on the news that I saw came from Brendan Kennedy of the Star, while Mike Wilner added shortly thereafter that it’s arthroscopic surgery, and Chris Toman of followed by noting that the surgery will be done simply to further evaluate McGowan’s shoulder joint.

So… no major repairs are happening– we’re told– just an evaluation. But given the player, his injury history, and the contract the club somehow felt it was in their interest to sign him to this spring, it’s certainly not the news anyone wanted to hear. (Well, maybe Parkes.)


Image via Al Messerschmidt/Getty.

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  1. and if the jays are doing something wrong with their pitchers (if), wouldn’t we see latent injuries cropping up with the likes of R-Zep, Stewart and other recently traded arms? If the jays are causing harm, it would be likely we would see a spike in these types of players also

  2. Parkes is going to love this. Fuck off Parkes.

  3. A serious Blue Jays fan wouldn’t love this.

  4. Dr. Andrews giving the Jays a two-for-one deal? They have been a very good client as of late.

    In all seriousness though, shit.

  5. With his luck they will find an Alien monster gestating in his shoulder that will burst out and wreak havoc.

    …. This guy needs to just retire at this point.

  6. I think they signed McGowan earlier this year just to use him as a guinea pig for rehab techniques, so really, he was due for a surgery….

  7. Anyone who gives a fuck about the jays shooting McGowan a few million bucks for having a shitty luck health wise is ridiculous. He doesn’t even really tie up a spot on the 40-Man because he is constantly on the DL.

    Be mad about vizquel tying up a spot and making it very hard to give johnson and escobar days off. At least escobar is having a great season under his latin, veteran, leadership….

  8. jays should extend him a few more years, then trade gose for a right handed reliever

  9. Does this mean his planter faciawhatever has cleared up?

  10. This will probably net him a 1 year extension on his contract, right????

  11. Just imagining that POV surgery scene in Robocop after Peter Weller get shot and wakes up, and everything he sees is now a video display with doctors working on him.

  12. Shocking news of the day.

  13. Wasn’t the argument against Bautista that his 2011 was meaningless and the contract extension years (2012-15) are what counts?

    Well, McGowan was already tendered a contract for 2012. It’s 2013 and beyond where he has to earn, what, like 0.5WAR to justify his pittance of a contract?

    It was obviously a risk from the beginning, but this doesn’t really change how little McGowan actually has to do to earn that money.

    • The guy will probably never pitch in the majors again. Even if he does and reaches 0.5 WAR it was still a terrible way to fill a roster spot.

    • Seriously? You’re still viewing him actually staying on the field long enough to accumulate even a half a win as “little.” Not in the context of Dustin McGowan for the last four years it isn’t.

      • When I say “little”, I mean, what, 50 innings?

        Obviously counting on McGowan to do that is a huge strectch. But there is zero evidence to suggest the Jays are relying on McGowan. He’s just depth with upside if he gets healthy.

  14. Extending McGowan is, to this point, been the most offensive thing about AA’s reign so far.

    • Which really underscores how good of a job AA has done to date.

    • The Happ trade was worse, as it may actually have an impact in terms of meaningful assets. Also, Napoli for Francisco was shittastic.

      The McGowan extension, though stupid, is just AA not having enough money to make a decent acquisition and deciding to put a few bucks on a million-to-one longshot. It’s the baseball equivalent of having nine pennies in your wallet and throwing them away because nine cents buys nothing and you don’t want them rattling around all day.

      • This is cut and paste from my long winded essay on the haters:
        Whiners arguement:
        It was a fine trade at the time.
        Do you forget how we got Napoli? The Angels traded Napoli to us for Vernon Wells. If I told you we’d be able to get someone else to take Well’s contract in a trade you wouldn’t even care who we’re getting. You’d say make that trade! So why cry about losing a guy who didn’t even have a role on our team?
        All he would have done was block JPA development, and we probably wouldn’t have discovered how good EE can be if he doesn’t have to field.
        If you think he should have gotten more you’re nuts. At that time Napoli was a backup catcher who couldn’t catch and we traded him for a potential closer/potential trade asset/potential compensation.

        The optics are bad because Napoli had ONE breakout year and the guy we got imploded. How’s Napoli even doing this year? Last I checked he was hovering around .233 with the same HR’s as JPA who’s been out with an injury.

        Even more laughable about this dumb argument is that the hindsight isn’t even ready for full judgment. What if the compensation draft pick Gonzalez turns into an unlikely all-star?

        So what if Napoli turned into something nobody expected for ONE SEASON. AA said from the start he has to take risks to get high rewards. A hitter makes the hall of fame if he’s successful 30% of the time. Did you get 100% in school? My God, what rate of success does AA need for you to give him credit? Damn you if you won’t give him a pass on a bad trade or even several. He’s made 35 trades and you harp about this one? You are idiots if you believe a man can be perfect.

    • I really don’t see how signing a high upside pitcher like McGowan to a miniscule $3 million contract is at all different from anything else Anthopoulous has done.

      Remember, even if only one out of every four hits their ceiling, you’re still doing well for yourself.

  15. is it me or should someone be looking at the Jays training staff?

  16. it’s always been you

  17. I like McGowan.

    And I’m one of the idiots who liked the contract. I don’t think it was wasted money. Priced at option value and timed to send a clear signal that the club was carrying the greater part of the risk (which it would’ve done anyway, regardless of even a few months of value inflating stats).

    It was always hopeful. Hope now he isn’t done but no regrets on extending him.

  18. Get this guy some stem cells.

  19. Hire Lincecum’s old man as pitching coach.

  20. This deal never made sense and was almost universally maligned. To me, given AA’s history of shrewd trades, it is for that reason that I am inclined to think that this was just a PR move by the club to show some kind of commitment to their players through thick or thin, thus making Toronto a more appealing alternative than it otherwise might be to some players. In the grand scheme of things, there could be a few outcomes:

    1) McGowan does what most people expect and never pitches in the majors again. The PR plan is lost on any and all free agents that Toronto was hoping to entice w/ their move and the whole thing fails. Jays lose a relative pittance to take the chance.

    2) McGowan does what most people expect and never pitches in the majors again. The PR plan entices a free agent (or more than one) to accept the Jays’ relatively similar offer over another team’s (realizing that any significant monetary increase in the terms would likely sway the team in that direction) due to their historical treatment of players.

    3) McGowan performs reasonably well in the majors, filling a role as either a 4th or 5th starter or long man in the bullpen. PR plan either works or doesn’t, but the relative pittance is worth it for even the minimal contribution that McGowan provides the club.

    To me, it’s a bit of a long shot that it’d work but who the hell knows? Either way, who the hell cares? The money is negligible (again, relatively).

  21. High Risk/ Low Cost. Sometimes the odd crazy investment can payoff, sometimes not, but you make them with the thought that if it doesn’t pan out, you won’t loose any sleep over it. Its interesting to read the comments about throwing money at Dustin McGowan was stupid. Well so was throwing money at Coco, but it was worth a shot, wasn’t it?

  22. Typically transactions are evaluated at the time of transaction as well as a few years afterward.

    At the time, I said this was less risky than Longoria and Bautista. And I stand by it.

    The risk in the contract is money. The monetary value of the contract is relatively tiny. Whether it works out or not, the risk was minimal for a potentially impact player, regardless of how small the odds are that he ever became impactful.

    It’s amazing that Johnny Mac’s contract was so vehemently defended and McGowan’s is pissed on.

    There’s risk/reward in every transaction and the logic behind the deal was/is not hard to see.

    • John McDonald played stellar defense and was never hurt ! He is one of the top defensive infielders in the game and a top utility man. McGowan is a fucking bum that will never amount to a puddle of sweat in the big leagues so your comparison is totally unfounded.

  23. What else could you have done with that $3, $4 million? Allocate it on the draft? Sorry, Bud Stalin won’t be having that. The Jays spent as much as they possibly could. Same goes for the international free agent market. I guess if you wanted to spend it on the lowliest of relievers you could have done that and watched him serve up taters to the Yankees. Its negative value as opposed to no value, but hey, we want SOMETHING right?

    Fuck, give me a break. They made a bet and it didn’t pan out. The ate more salary in the Colby Rasmus deal than he committed here. The amount of time Parkes and Stoeten have spent bandying on about this relatively insignificant move boggles the mind. Butthurt dimwits, to say the least

  24. I havent been on in a while, so I would like to say this:

    There’s always next season. And if not then, there always the season after. And if not then, there’s always the season after that fucking season. And then? No and then! And the? No and then! And then, I become a Cubs fan……………………….no wait, can I retract that!!!!?

  25. How stupid is that contract extension looking now !? AA totally blew this one there was absolutely no reason to give this rehab assignment a bunch of money when he obviously cannot remain healthy. McGowan must have nude photos of AA and a donkey in a Tijuana hotel room !

  26. AA is stupid.

    How could he give a guy from his own system this kind of comittment!
    Don’t they know their own players better than anyone else? How did they not realize he would break down and not live up to the expectation of that monster deal.

    Look at the egg on AA’s face now. It’s embarassing.

    I imagine when the time is right to go after free agents, look at this joke of a talk between agent and player.

    Agent The Jays called and are interested in signing you.
    Player: The Jays? They’re cheap!
    Agent: They feel they are now ready to compete and are willing to spend.
    Player: Is it a player-friendly organization? I want to go to a team that treats its guys right.
    Agent: They take care of their own. They even sign their injured players to contract extations.
    Player: Um, that GM must be stupid. Why would I ever want to play in a place like that?

    Fire AA!!! Fire AA!!

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