The Jays keep on road trippin’ tonight as they head into Tampa to face the returning Evan Longoria, along with Big Game James Shields and the rest of the Rays. JA Happ makes his debut as an American League East starter for the Jays, which… probably isn’t going to go so well. Ahh, but if it does, at least he might finally shut up about it when he gets dumped back into the bullpen for another Plan G.

Colby Rasmus returns to the lineup tonight for the Jays, bringing their total of expected 2013 regulars in the lineup to a whole three. (That’s right, Hechavarria.)

Yunel Escobar hitting cleanup. No, really.


Holy shit, is the game tonight actually on regular ol’ Sportsnet? What, there wasn’t some fucking Dressage to be shown that bumped the Jays down to the kids’ table that is SN1? Pffft.

Shi Davidi tweets that Carlos Villanueva, who had gone to the Dominican on a personal leave, has rejoined the team and will start tomorrow.

At Sportsnet, Davidi writes that Jose Bautista still has soreness in one small area of his wrist, and will go for a second MRI this week. If, by some small chance, Dr. Paul O’Neill was right when, on the YES broadcast of the game in which the incident occurred, he thought it was a hammate bone break, and noted that it’s an injury that sometimes goes unnoticed by MRI, I might have to flip the fuck out. Of course, I’ll wait before doing so, it’s just… would anything surprise you at this point? Especially something negative about the club’s medical situation?

If you’re into having your blood boil on a lazy Tuesday evening, I’m guessing you could do worse than reading Parkes’s I told ya so on Dustin McGowan’s contract over at Getting Blanked.

Lastly, for your between inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper DH
M. Sierra RF
K. Johnson 2B
J. Mathis C
A. Hechavarria 3B

J. Happ LHP

Tampa Bay Rays

D. Jennings LF
B. Upton CF
B. Zobrist RF
E. Longoria DH
J. Keppinger 1B
R. Roberts 3B
S. Rodriguez 2B
J. Lobaton C
E. Johnson SS

J. Shields RHP


Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. Rogers you Ho this is all your fault

  2. I see a lot of Yu Darvish in J.A. Happ. Not in terms of pitching ability, just purely on the basis of easy headline puns. “Shit Happ-ens”, for example – I’ll gift you that one.

  3. Davis pops out. This series sucks already. i hate tampa

  4. Not sure why the extreme hate on Rogers for airing the Olympics over Jays games for no more than 15 days. Waaaaaahhhhhhhh!

    I am pretty sure that there are more than just baseball fans that watch Sportsnet, but I could be wrong.

    • I for one have been pleasantly surprised with all of the endless hours of rowing they have shown given that that is apparently Canada’s area of expertise. Mostly I’m amazed at how long the announcer is able to keep up a constant flow of rowing-centric commentary (much longer than Buck and Pat can talk about baseball), while also stunned that they all seem to think the viewing public should know what repechage is.

  5. Happ doesn’t have a fast ball…

  6. Yeah but Buck, Zobrists obp and slg are good. Oh that’s right batting average is the only thing that’s important.

  7. Strikeouts?
    There’s a happ for that.

  8. that’s pretty much par for the course here

  9. And the hot bats of Tampa come alive.

  10. That was the most Rays inning ever.

  11. Worth watching just to see how Hech and Sierra bat…

  12. Nice swing by Hech there.

    • Indeed, that was a beauty. It’s the first at-bat I’ve been able to catch for him, he kinda looks like he knows what he’s doing.

  13. Made my day!

  14. “You don’t see that quick bat cause it’s so fast” – Tabler

    • Other things Tabs doesn’t see:
      - Buck refilling their drinks
      - Usain Bolt. Ever.
      - Gose relays from centre
      - The natural shade of his hair

  15. Man is it good to see Villanueva in the dugout.

    Also: well done, Hech.

  16. Glad they didn’t do the fake toss into the stands with Hechs ball. That’s played out.

  17. Pitch repertoire:
    “Happetizer” – 90mph straight fastball
    “Happendectomy” – Mid-80s slider that cuts in on righties
    “What’s HAPPening!!” – Lazy, high-70s changeup
    “Happlesauce” – Knee-buckling slow curveball

  18. Nice to see the kids in the show! Lets go Jays!

    –Oshawa Ollie

  19. Would Tampa fuck right the hell off with this shit. How many of these cued off the end of the bat hits already.

  20. So we traded for this piece of shit?

  21. JA’s looking a bit happ-less out there.

    /wants to play

  22. Wow i cant believe that wasnt a GS. Longoria you fucking SUCK if you cant take Happ deep….

  23. Can we Happ a double play please?

    Shit, this is getting bad.

  24. I can’t listen to Tabler and Buck anymore. Painful.

  25. I almost wanted that ball to go out – perfectly timed to the microsecond after Tabby says ‘I think his bat WILL have some rust’ WHACK ….

    I thin Rogers would have had to fire him on principle – worth 4 runs.

  26. Can we just fucking contract the Rays & be done with it?

    • Little known fact: the Jays have never beaten Tampa since they came into the league.*

      *I haven’t actually looked this up but I assume it’s true

    • Of the $1.8 billion that MLB teams were collectively valued at according to Forbes, the Rays account for around $323 million, or roughly 1.8% of the league’s value.

      What I’m saying is, by contracting the Rays we’d lose the Extra 2%.

      • Is my brain turnign into mush, or is $323 million 17.94% of $1.8 billon…not 1.794?

      • In the last few years franchises have been sold at amounts double wht Forbes estimats the values.

        Didn’t the Astros get sold for 600 million ?

        The Rays are probably worth as much.

        I wonder if anyone in Oregon or Charlotte NC would be interested in the team if it was sold.

        I wonder if the MLB would ever allow the Rays to move?

        Won’t at team eventually be placed in Mexico or Latin America??

  27. Nice, Cletus.

  28. I don’t have SN1 so I’ve been without the Blue Jays for a while + also without Buck + Tabby. At 6:55pm I was feeling so nostalgic for all of these things + even Zaun. Less than an hour later I no longer have these fond thoughts.

    But then I came here + it’s all puns + it’s all good! I just wish Coco were still here to kick around. We can’t have everything.

  29. I’m amazed how quickly Buck and Tabby turn into Rays’ announcers.

  30. J.A. gives us Happ a chance at victory, unfortunately he gives the opposition a hell of a lot more.

  31. Shit, missed the Cletus home run

  32. J.A. gets his shit together!

  33. As you read this message, a Blue Jays player is getting injured somewhere in the world. Sponsor one today for as little as $12/month.

  34. Could Tabler and Martinez be any more insufferable? Jesus fuck, call the game and quit talking about your playing careers.

    • “He called me Buckshot” LOL.

    • Listened to the Oakland call for the games I missed this weekend, was remarkably refreshing.

      • To keep my sanity I should mute it.

        The decisive moment was:

        Tabler: “leading the league in walks is ok, but maybe you should be more agressive.”

        Buck: “yeah, I agree.”

        *Keppinger proceeds to swing wildly at a pitch 2 feet off the plate*

        Tabler: “like that! Don’t mess around at the plate and drive ‘em in!”

        My line of thinking: “Tabler, there’s a reason you’re an afterthought when it comes to your career. Buck, there’s a reason you’re a failed manager.”

      • Yes, the Oakland broadcast team is pretty good. Other teams with good announcers that I have noticed on the streams are Cleveland and Seattle. If the only stream available has Buck and Pat, then it’s on mute.

    • Can McGowan do play-by-play?

  35. I’m not a Happy camper.

  36. Catch de taste

  37. Please no happ in the rotation next year.

  38. happ will never get the clapp because shields will protect the cobb

  39. Nicw way to start your major league career.

  40. I’m not crazy about the pronunciation of J.A.’s first name. An unexpected lack of a period should be a warning sign whenever you’re dealing with either initials or with your girlfriend

  41. just me or does Jenkins want to stay in the Majors?

  42. PVR says that wasnt that close to Yunel

  43. Well what to do know. Tabler actually using BABIP correctly. I now can take myself off suicide watch.

  44. I haven’t laughed this hard in a game thread all year.

  45. I feel like the Rays have had ten thousand hits tonight, and they’ve all been super close to being fielded.

  46. Breaking: AA has child, but as part of complicated pre-standing agreement, his first-born child traded to LA Angels for prospects and cash considerations

  47. So is David Carpenter at least going to become an above-average reliever? If not, I have no clue why the trade with Houston was done. The Jays seemingly didn’t get a single decent long-term piece.

    Oh wait, Brandon Lyon was picked up to help the playoff push this year!

  48. Do you think every timr Johnson strikes out, he sees dollar signs circling the bowl?

    • They stopped circling long ago. They’re in absolute free fall presently.

      • are the jays better to go with hech, another 2b, or hope Johnson free fall will get them a good flyer rate.

        • FIIK. KJ is the best of a bad lot available this off-season. AA didn’t want him last year (although to be fair, what he wanted was the draft pick, which we won’t get this year without submitting an offer of almost $13 million.) I’d personally like to see Hech man 2B for a year, but most seem to feel he’s a SS from the beginning or nothing, so who knows?

  49. Who takes over for aa temp.?

  50. Jesus, I just read about the surgeries.
    Is it just me or has this Jays season of freak accidents resembled one of the “Final Destination ” movies?

  51. three innings for Jenkins not bad first game although will say, bad fielding play with EE.

  52. Seriously the sample on CoCo is too small he is still a great player.

  53. I want to hate the twist of Rodney’s cap but it looks kinda badass.

  54. I will watch no more Rays games forever.

  55. Fuck you Rodney. Put your hat on properly.

  56. Snakes on a mutherfuckin plane.

  57. Yep….he is off his game. haha
    Is the guy wearing any bling we can complain about?

  58. Trying to rattle the opposition by reminding the umpires of minor, seldom-called rules – what are we, the American women’s soccer team?

    • We didnt remind anyone..the ump called that the whole way.

      • someone with a comment and not the full up to date story again. the american wambach woman was counting off for the referee to blow the whistle for delay of game which it was intentional delay and within the rules to be called a foul.

  59. I’m bracing myself for that dumbass archer thing Rodney does.

    • That was pretty lame

    • TAMPA, FL (AP): Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Fernando Rodney’s invisible arrow, shot from an imaginary bow into the air to celebrate a save over the Toronto Blue Jays, ended up piercing a crucial guy-wire holding together Tropicana Field’s fabric roof, mercifully imploding the stadium. The arrow, which Rodney believed to be imaginary, caused a domino effect that collapsed the stadium’s framework of catwalks. Blue Jays announcer Buck Martinez, Rays manager Joe Maddon, and infielder Evan Longoria are all missing among the rubble; presumed, and hoped, to be dead.

  60. Rodney vs Valverde..who for worst celebration?

  61. Fuck TB. Fuck crooked hats. Fuck neck tattoos.

  62. Okay, I retract my hat statement based on his fucking archer thing. I’d forgotten.

    Also, that neck tattoo is hideous.

    • As if I don’t hate losing to shitty ole TB enough already. Crooked hatted Robin Hood fucking wannabe. Retarded neck tattoos. Pube style Zobrist beards. And to top it all off, stupid fucking fans that sound like they’re in the fucking booth because the park is so shit, its like a fucking library in there. Fuck off Tampa.

    • An astute retraction, DJS.

  63. If you have MLB.TV, the Angels – Athletics game is starting. But Colon is on the mound.

  64. In fairnesws to Happ most of the hits were bleeders. Good pitches on the outside corner that were blooped or hit the opposite way. One of the mistakes he made was the 0-2 hanging slider to Keppinger who hit a SF. Walking Zobrist was also a mistake.
    As an ex-pitcher I did not see too many bad pitches and on another nite with a bit of luck he’d be fine-not ace fine but decent.
    Jenkins was acceptable for a shitballer but he actually made more bad pitches than Happ but got away with them. I counted 5 piotches that Mathis wanted outside taht he threw right over the plate, 2 of them hanging sliders that were tatooed for outs.
    Better than Chavez, Coello Careno and some other shit but Meh.
    Lyon good stikethrower as usual, now 16K’s and Zero walks! Drabek couldn’t do that EVER. I’d recommend resigning him and telling Jason “gopherball” Frasor to FO

    • Yea, Happ and the Jays got nickle and dimed by the Rays. And I agree; for the parts I saw, Happ seemed to be pitching fairly well. Not great, but with a little extra luck it would have gotten the job done.

      I’d still prefer to see Happ in the bullpen, because I think he would be more effective just doing 2 or 3 innings – though he might have done well enough today to earn another start?

  65. Last place and falling…2013 with 2 mlb ready starters….for 2013 we have ? at 2nd…? left field. A lot to get excited about here. Golftown anyone.

  66. well at least the new uniforms look really good

    • They can’t change the uniforms for 2013, so there goes that marketing idea.

      Would they dare bring back Flashback Fridays to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1993 Jays?

      How about Flashback Fridays to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Tim Johnson’s 88 game winning season in 1998?

      I view the games as a spring training preview seeing Gose,Sierra,Hecheverria, Chad Jenkins , the new bullpen etc….

      I am looking forward to the return of Morrow.

      There isn’t much more Jays fans can wish for , although seeing Bautista back by September would be nice.

      The Rays always find ways to beat the Jays at the Trop, so we should just sit back & laugh.

  67. re: worst closer celebration – I too hate the archer and the borderline throat slash of valverde, but Soriano’s angry tug of jersey/belly -shirt look is rising fast

  68. thames and snider had more hits today than our ENTIRE team.

  69. As much as it pains me to see them lose – I am enjoying seeing the kids play. Great seeing Hech get a hit. Sierra is starting to look like a guy you love at times and hate at others. Jenkins looked good. Happ wasn’t bad overall – a bit unlucky – wouldn’t mind seeing him every fifth day to see if he deserves a spot in the 2013 rotation.

    I wish we would see more Gose and less Davis though …

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