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Richard Griffin brings us the latest epic poem that he calls his “Bullpen,” over at the Toronto Star. In it he tells us that the deals the Jays made, and the way they’ve managed their roster over the last two months, shows that they’ve written off 2012.

In another piece, Griffin previews the Jays’ visit to Tampa, and gives an update on the club’s injured regulars. Brandon Morrow starts Wednesday at New Hampshire, Jason Frasor is throwing from flat ground, and Adam Lind has started taking dry swings, he says. Jose Bautista, however, has stopped swinging the bat for the time being. “When he started to ramp things up in Seattle he still felt some symptoms when he finished pulling his hands in, particularly on a ball that might have been on the inside part of the plate. With a high hand finish, the hand doesn’t rotate as drastically as it does with a low-hand finish. That’s where he feels it, so as recommended by the hand specialist, feeling some discomfort in there we didn’t want to push it and risk further setback,” explains John Farrell.

Most impressively, though, in Friday’s Star, Griff gave us five things the Jays ought to do with the rest of the season, three of which have already basically happened over the course of this weekend– moving JA Happ to the rotation, moving Brett Cecil down the road towards being a lefty specialist, promoting Adeiny Hechavarria. His fourth suggestion was pretty close, too, as he wanted the club to move Chad Jenkins and Deck McGuire up to Las Vegas (Jenkins skipped Vegas and is in the Majors, and McGuire might not be far behind). Number five? Start quietly courting Buffalo as their new Triple-A home, which… I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s already happening as well.

Barry Davis of Sportsnet spoke to Jason Frasor, and tweets that the pitcher feels he’s lucky to have shut himself down when he did, and that it was stupid to pitch through pain– as he apparently did– and that “The discomfort I was feeling was a precursor to the legiment [sic] and a 3rd TJ surgery.” Yikes.

MLBTR passes along Gordon Wittmeyer’s latest from the Chicago Sun-Times, wherein he tells us that x-rays on Monday revealed a “stress reaction” on the back of Matt Garza’s elbow– a turn of events that one figures may stop some fans from whining that the Jays didn’t get him, though one probably wouldn’t want to hold one’s breath on that one.

Old news now, but MLBTR also tells us, via a tweet from Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, that the Jays have signed Jack Cust to help them populate the outfield in Las Vegas.

Chris Toman of writes about Chad Jenkins and Deck McGuire, the former of whom has finally received the call to the Majors from the Jays, despite… y’know… being kinda terrible.

Meanwhile, Jeff Fletcher of writes a notebook post that quotes John Farrell, who is cautious, but hopeful that Jose Bautista’s season isn’t over, that tells us Colby Rasmus and Brett Lawrie are hoping to be back in the lineup against the Rays, and the Farrell has addressed the baserunning issues of Moises Sierra.

Speaking of, at Minor League Ball, John Sickels looks at Moises Sierra, fearing his contact rate and his not-so-hot road split in the PCL, but liking some off the other tools. He compares him to Jose Guillen, “not a star by any means but a guy who had some productive seasons with the bat in his late 20s and early 30s.”

At Getting Blanked, Wendy Thurm looks at some WPA numbers, noting that on Friday night, Kelly Johnson and Yan Gomes each produced two of the top 200 negative WPAs of the season. Wonderful.

Meanwhile, in yesterday’s URL Weaver post, Travis Reitsma picks apart a silly article from the Hall of Famer Bob Elliott, who seems to believe that the Jays should have Ubaldo’d up a few assets at the trade deadline to take a piss in the ocean on a playoff chase that’s, realistically, simply not happening– or, at least, requires such a turnaround that it would be foolish to damage the long-term future of the club to pursue.

And earlier in the weekend, Parkes did some maple fluffing, looking at Oscar Tavares– the high-impact Cardinals prospect (a scout told Kevin Goldstein recently, Parkes relays, that he’d take him over Wil Myers as the best offensive prospect in the game) who spent his teenage years in Montreal and holds a Canadian passport.

Lots of other stuff from the Toronto Sun, where Mike Rutsey tells us John Farrell is loving his new, well-equipped bullpen, and also talks to Brad Lincoln about his “power curve.” Meanwhile, Roger Lajoie mourns the end of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ season– no, this is not a repeat from every April ever.

After some confusion regarding his stats, we learn today via MLB Daily Dish (and probably elsewhere– what is this, my job???) that Andrew Carpenter– the bad Carpenter– has been outrighted off of the 40-man roster.

At the Tao of Stieb, the Org Guy checks in with some long weekend observations.

Jon Hale of the Mockingbird finds something poetic about a Sheepdogs song that Rogers is using to promote the Jays.

At FanGraphs, Dave Cameron looks into a topic that’s usually a major concern in these parts: attendance. Specifically, how the hell it’s possible that the Angels’ is down this year, why we can’t really explain it, and what it means about other assumptions we make in this realm.

Also at FanGraphs, Mark Hulet looks at how some minor league conversion projects are going, including the Jays’ Matt Johnson. A converted utility player, pitching for Vancouver, Johnson can get it up to 95 and “has now made nine pitching appearances and has 11 Ks to four walks in 8.1 innings.”

Lastly, Ian celebrates five years in the blogosphere over at the Blue Jay Hunter. Congrats!

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  1. I can’t figure out if it makes me happy or angry that the team manages to stay around .500 without Bautista and all the pitchers. On the one hand, congrats on the scrappiness and sticktoitiveness. On the other hand, way to dick around for all those months when everyone WASN’T hanging out with James Andrews. Ah, another Blue Jays season.

  2. From Griffin’s column:

    “Conversely, the 51s organization is not happy with the Jays, judging from some sarcastic tweets and releases in the wake of the Jays’ trade deadline moves.”

    Anyone know what tweets he’s talking about?

    • Don’t really remember, but I think the 51′s owner made some snide(r) remarks about the trades, especially that 10 player deal with Houston.
      I don’t remember exactly but when I saw it I found it impossibly bizarre that comments like that would be tolerated from our organization of secrecy.

      If anyone remembers please share…

    • Who cares. Find some other MLB team to play in your stadium and generate income for you. Our prospects are your product. Fuck off and stop trying to wag our dog with your tail.

  3. I’m afraid we’ve seen the last of Jobo this season. Just a hunch.

  4. I’m not disagreeing that the Jays have thrown in the towel on this year, but how is trading two 4th outfielders for bullpen help raising the white flag. If anything that trade has helped them this year. Since the trade Lincoln and Delabar have been lights out, while Thames and Snider haven’t done very much (Thames HR aside).

    • Agreed. Since when did improving the team become a bad thing? Happ, Lincoln and Delabar will all help this year and next

  5. So sad to hear about Dustin – dude should have been a star!

    –Oshawa Ollie

  6. Why no love for Cust? Populate the JAYS’ lineup!

  7. Re: The Angels and attendance:

    Rob Neyer had an article about this and surmised that the Angels dip in attendance can be related to the increase in attendance to Dodger’s games. Dodgers games have increased 4,500 people per game this year over last, where the Angels are down 1,500.

    • Actually the now prevailing theory is that the drop had more to do with the success of the Kings, Clippers, and Lakers. Attendance has been trending upwards since then.

  8. ↓Just making a list out of fun for a replacement to the blackhole named Kelly Johnson.↓

    Jays need to make a move for a 2B. Middle of the diamond prospects the Jays could look at:

    Nick Franklin (Mariners – unlikely)
    Jed Gyorko (Padres – a little more likely than Mariners)
    Fransisco Lindor (Indians – potentially blocked by both Cabrera and Kipnis)

    Middle of the diamond players who could be looked at for a trade (some are just spit-balling):

    Ricky Weeks – having a brutal season, and the Brewers are rebuilding.
    Ben Zobrist – just a wet dream, and 99.9% chance it won’t happen with it being inter-division and Anthopoulos/Friedman would just ninja each other, ending in a stalemate.
    Brandon Phillips – remains to be seen if Cincy can maintain handing out big amounts of coin to 2 players, but it’s likely they can.

    The free agent pool is the saddest thing I’ve seen, I pray that Anthopoulos doesn’t dive into it, searching for that diamond in the rough.

    • I still think AA continues to pursue additions to the team through trade. Free agency is most often for morons and teams close to contending. I am hoping the Jays are working on the latter and not the former

      • I do too. I find it unlikely that the jays would make a trade for a 2B prospect, but at the same time, it’s kinda what the Jays have done for the last 3 years.

        I think the Jays could make a trade with the Mariners for Franklin, but it depends on what they offer up. Do you, or anyone else think a Gose for Franklin trade would fly/make sense? Mariners don’t have a CFer, nor a CF prospect, and the Jays still have (a struggling, but young) Marisnick.

        • Everyone needs to embrace the fact that one way or another Hech will be playing middle infield next year for the Blue Jays. You can’t expect AA to just accept that the 10 Million he invested in him is a sunk cost. Let him spend the money (or not) on one of the many, many positions where we don’t have a young player in whom the team has invested very much.

          Plus, I hate how everyone seems to have turned on Hech before he even played a game in Toronto. Leave Hechavarria alone! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!

          • When did anyone turn on, or even mention Hech? I’m talking about 2B, even if Franklin plays SS.

            Trade for Franklin, play Hech at SS, trade Escobar for pitching.

          • Why are you trying to make a hole where one doesn’t exist? Why trade for Franklin at 2B when you could just keep Yunel there? Or if Yunel won’t go, play Hech at second; he can’t be worse than Kelly. I just don’t see any reason to get all worked up about middle infield when we have two talented middle infielders.

            And ya, I guess you haven’t turned on Hech, but there seem to be a ton of hitting experts around here who know he’ll never amount to anything with the bat because they totally saw his Vegas slash line.

          • Hech’s not a second baseman, I think you need to embrace the fact that they Jays did not invest 10 million into him as player playing a premium up the middle position, only to switch him to another position that’s less valuable.

          • I think that AA’s going to try and trade either Hech or Yunel in the offseason. Yunel is a *very* good defensive shortstop and is capable of putting up 350+ obp seasons. He is having a down year offensively, but he did as well in 2010. He’s definitely a good rebound candidate.

            Hech would probably provide better defense, but the bat is not very good at all. I agree with many posters here that AA will do whatever he thinks makes the team better. If he gets an offer he can’t refuse for either of these guys, I see them walking.

            KJ has killed his value. He was shooting for a multi-year deal after this season and he’s probably not going to get much. AA can sign him for another year (or perhaps two). The only problem is he’s ranked 25th at 2B this year by fWAR. And his defense is nothing to write home about.

            I don’t think the Hech/Yunel at 2B/SS would kill the Jays. Most teams are not getting much offensive value from their “defense first” positions like Catcher, SS, 2B, CF. My worry in the offseason is not related to the Hech/Yunel shit, its whether or not we’re going to get solid bats in LF/DH. If we had production out of these “power” positions, it wouldn’t matter how many bats guys like Hech were getting, IMO.

      • 2nd base has been badly mis-managede by AA , as well as his predesesor. There is no answer for what AA is doing here – it is a cluster fuck at best. What is AA thinking? Keeping Johnson and trading Escobar? Seems backwards to me. BJ’s have no chance this year, and likely not next with the way the pitching is going. Sad really

    • Danny Espinosa best 2b in the league IMO Washington nationals

  9. Remember when Kelly Johnson was tearing it up in April and early May, and everyone was calling for AA to extend him?

    How times change.

  10. This season is turning into an absolute shit show. and it depresses me..

    • Um..they’ve won 2 straight. Oh, and they’ve had a fuckload of injuries. Where’s the shit show?…all things considering – their record is pretty good

      • “John Farrell, who is cautious, but hopeful that Jose Bautista’s season isn’t over.” The best player and most enjoyable performer on the team may be out for the season because of an injury he sustained while returning the bat to his shoulder. What exactly do you think a shitshow is?

        • The Astros are a shitshow, they won like 4 games in july, so how about a lil perspective Ray.

          • You, sir, need to get acquainted with the many levels of ‘shitshow.’ The Astros are a full blown shit-cirque-du-soleil no doubt, but you’ve gotta admit that the Jays are becoming at least an off-broadway-shit-musical.

          • Dear Ray,

            Since you seem to be throwing bombs, what exactly do you want from these Jays?

            Lemme guess – trade for better starters..but not sacrifice the fuckin farm…keep possible, but probably-not-ever-gonna-be superstars (i.e. Snider)…yet somehow still have a totally component bullpen…

            like give us a fuckin break. Injuries happen…its shitty..go cheer the 9 fuckin guys we manage to put on the field, or go become a fan of another team that can just buy their way out of injury trouble…

  11. I’m not a big fan of mid-market teams throwing big bucks to get FAs, much rather develop prospects, but with Hutchinson and Drabek almost certainly out next year, McGowan hurt, Cecil a human “meh,” and Deck McGuire (so far) not living up to high expectations, unless the Blue Jays blow the dust of their wallet and buy at least one good free agent pitcher in the off-season, I really don’t see how we can be competitive next year

    • If they do the smart thing, they are going to need at least 3 pitchers. As stated ad nauseam, Alvarez really needs more minor league seasoning to develop that out-pitch. He’d be so much more valuable to the club. If this doesn’t happen, it is quite possible he’ll end up in the ‘pen.

      As great as Morrow was this year, he did shit the bed a couple of times… but I think if he comes back and he’s healthy, he can be the nominal ace of this team. I don’t think he has ever thrown a full 200 innings in a season though…

      Ricky Romero has just been terrible this year. He’s not even a #5 pitcher. I’m encouraged by his last start, but let us see how he does for the remainder of the year. He may need some time in the minor leagues if he can’t figure out what’s wrong with him in the offseason.

      We haven’t seen much of Happ yet. I think he can be a #5-#6 guy in the Jays’ rotation. If our guys get healthy, and maybe a solid bat or two is added in LF/DH in the offseason, the offense can make up for a lot of less-than-stellar pitching. I think Happ can give us a fair bit of 6 inning / 4 run starts.

      So you’re looking at at least one starting pitcher. I’d prefer two. Trade market is possible, and the FA market isn’t terrible. I really doubt the Jays are going to go out and get Greinke, but there is the possibility of Lewis, Jackson (who dropped Boras), McCarthy and Sanchez (Anibal). The problem is that so many teams have been desperate for pitching this year that the Jays are definitely going to pay a premium to convince any of these guys to come here and play. There’s also a really good chance the Jays are going to finish dead last in the AL East… this could make some players think twice about going to a potential “non-contender.”

      • I wonder what their plans for Stroman are? I remember reading when he was drafted that the was the pitcher nearest the Bigs, who could even been called up this year, though probably in the pen. I wonder if they would consider starting him next year?

        • He has the stuff to start, but durability is definitely going to be a major concern given his frame. I would expect to see him as a closer/high leverage reliever.

          • Your still talking next year right? The conversation went to 2017 suddenly

          • How did the conversation go to 2017? Most have stated that Stroman could probably be in the ‘pen this year if the Jays really needed him for a playoff run. Based off that assumption, I could see him in the pen next year. No point in rushing him though…

      • “the Jays are definitely going to pay a premium to convince any of these guys to come here and play.”

        Yep, and they’re going to have to convince FA’s that they take care of their own guys and are a great organization .

        Like signing loyal but risky pitchers to contract extentions.

  12. Cust can pitch, if need be.

  13. Nice use of the word sic. A subtle, perhaps passive aggressive way to complain about grammar on the social network without coming off like the grammar Gestapo.

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