Just a little something to maybe cheer you up (y’know unless this clip totally steals an idea you’ve been working on for months) after yet another Jays loss– perhaps while you’re listening to the JaysTalk insist already that the club won’t be getting any of the numerous available quality starting pitchers who’ll hit free agency this winter, while simultaneously not sounding concerned at all about Henderson Alvarez starting going forward, despite his two pitches and staggering lack of strikeouts.

Here we have the Dunedin Blue Jays celebrating clinching a Florida State League playoff spot (which apparently they did) by playing a little RBI Baseball-ish video game.

It’s easily the best piece of marketing produced by anyone affiliated with the Jays in… ever.

Via MLB.com’s Cut 4.

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  1. Great. Who would have thought an RBI baseball video would get Call Me Maybe in my head.

  2. Was that game played at the Trop? Amazing graphics.

  3. I still have that game on original Nintendo. When playing the computer, their righthanded pitchers throw the ball right down the middle on every pitch. The lefties throw it right on the corner.

    Occasionally, you can bunt the ball right out of the park for a homerun.

  4. Beeston to the Jays fanbase thru his Fan minions:

    “Hey, I know you like me (with great promising demographics),

    And this is crazy, (because we’re going to suck again next year if we do this)

    But we’ll sign no fucking free agents (unless AA 100% guarantees it will win us a WS)

    Next year watch us maybe”.

    Fuck this shit

    • What’s crazy is that I think you actually might think this isn’t completely ridiculous to believe.

      • LOL!.

        Welcome back from L’Escobar Montreal.

        You sound depressed that the team may not try to make moves next year to be competitive by April 2013.

        Do you think the team ‘s PR machine will be able to sell 2013 as a non compete year because of the injuries in 2012?

        Would Rogers be more likely to let AA get some veteran starters on 1 or 2 year contracts to help out the pitching staff?

        Would AA be more likely to trade more higher ranked prospects to get some young MLB ready players, ?

        AA should be able to convince Rogers to give him some more financial room to maneuver to fix the bench, & upgrade the DH position since Lind ‘s health seem to be chronic.

        • You misread that, I’m not depressed, I think Wilner is wrong and the Jays will make a nice step forward over the winter.

          And if they don’t, of course the PR machine will sell it. But they aren’t devising plans now to make excuses for another year– that’s ridiculous.

          • OK, on a brighter note, AA has 50 games to see what Hechverria, Gose, Sierra, Jenkins, Happ etc can do & perhaps use some of them in trades in the offseason.

            I hope Beeston doesn’t let the positive momentum from this year despite the injuries go to waste. He should be able to get some financial help from Rogers.

            Also, can you fix the screen names to prevent others from impersonating me or any other person that posts. ?

            the Long weekend thread got out of control with Little Looper & perhaps others who decided to make silly posts using my screen name.

            You could easily verify my email address against the other email acounts be used next to my screen name.

            I don’t mind a fakeOakville69 screen name or any other screen name else that makes fun of me , but it is disconcerting to have people post using my exact name.

            I assume you have this protection to prevent others from posting in your name or Parkes or Drew. etc..

          • I concur.
            Either one of us is getting smarter or the other one is getting dumber.
            Can’t figure out which.

          • lol, +1 for hindsight I suppose

        • Oakville69 is right.
          He paid good money for that handle and is the only one who’s allowed to use it.
          He clearly has legal standing.

          Fuk Little Looper

      • Oakville69

        You are a 43 year old man complaining to a blogger that you are being teased by kids who are dupicating your profile name as a funny way of expressing the “fire AA” sentiment?

        If I was the city of Oakville I’d demand DJF remove your handle.

        You added “69″ to your city to come up with your name. You probably thought that was clever and giggled while you came up with it.

        How can we take anything you say seriously?
        Your whining about this is as ridiculous as your whines about Jays management.

        • Hey Little Looper … Oakville got reeducated on the weekend and is no longer doing that. Catch up!

        • Sigh….

          First of all the 69 is the year of my birth, so it was never done as a sex joke.

          Secondly, the way this blog is organized , you try to respond to posts which are relevant.

          If everyone had the same name or no name then you wouldn’t know who you are responding to.

          I never called for the firing of AA.

          I am disappointed that the ownership of the team has not provided AA with sufficient resources to compete in the AL East, while simultaneously pretending that “money will be there etc”

          At least the Tampa Bay Rays admitted they don’t have the money to compete & try to do the best they can with the resources they have.

          IMHO, Rogers would benefit from spending an extra 20-30 million on payroll from the revenues generated from a more competitive team.

        • You’re a real deep thkrnei. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jesus fuck troll.

      So sad…

  5. That was some bomb music.

  6. 8bit goodness

  7. “(y’know unless this clip totally steals an idea you’ve been working on for months) ”

    Haha… hah… it… CERTAINLY did not…. *throws laptop into wall*

  8. +8

  9. This reminds me of Great Baseball on the old Sega Master System in ’87. So many hours wasted on that beauty of choppy pixels.

    8-bits at 3.58 MHz FTW!

  10. Also, this couldn’t have been real. They didn’t have to blow into the cartridge or the system even once!

  11. Jesus, don’t we have any guys in the minors that throw upper 90s?

  12. Does this involve Cust?

  13. Nothing really tops this:


  14. That was classic, love it.

  15. Brilliant!

  16. THis is so ridiculously off the charts. With the MVP going to the sound designer for those amazing 8-bit remixes

  17. 8-bit Call Me Maybe at the end made me crack up at the end.

  18. Awesome video, good ole RBI baseball

  19. Good job, good effort!

  20. RBI baseball… what a game, I remember most of the Jays roster from that game, so awesome.

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