Welp. That about does it. After valiantly fighting and attempting to rehab his nagging elbow injury, 21-year old Jays starter Drew Hutchison says “uncle” and will undergo Tommy John surgery this week, as reported by Grumbly Gus aka Bob Elliott.

The timetable for Hutchison now looks like a return in time for the 2014 season, he incredulously typed. There was talk Hutch may return to throwing as recently as mid-July but now he is very likely lost until Spring Training 2014.

Hutchinson, you may fail to recall, was quite good in his starts with the big club. Despite pitching all of 30 inning above A-ball, Hutchison mustered respectable strikeout numbers, pitching to a 4.06 xFIP in 11 starts.

With Hutchison out of the picture for a year, it is time for Chad Jenkins to step into the “I’m not sure he’s ready but what the heck” role, with the round-faced first round draft pick joining the big club yesterday after Carlos Villanueva stepped away for personal reasons. Jesse Chavez was optioned back to Triple-A, we are all relieved to note.

Chris Toman of Blue Jays.com has a nice break down of Jenkins, what he offers and what his former pitching coach Tom Signore thinks about his second half turnaround, in which he pitched better than earlier this year?

Minor league numbers are always dicey as so many factors — bad infield defense and shady conditions chief among them — come into play. We’re told Jenkins is a ground ball pitcher which might (should?) explain some of the gaudy hits allowed numbers of late. The home runs are down (seven allowed in his last ten starts) but the Ks…well strikeouts aren’t really his game.

Just another pitcher (with Deck McGuire apparently poised and return to make his leap to the big leagues) for the 2012 Jays. When Jenkins makes his Major League debut, he will be the 30th different non-Mathis pitcher used this year. Thirty. Thirty pitchers in one season. That is insane.

The debate over the process versus results is not for today (I hope) but, at some point, somebody might have to answer for all these injuries. Is it just dumb luck? Is there a fundamental flaw in something the Jays are teaching or instilling in their young pitchers? I have no idea but this is ugly and keeps getting worse.

It does, however, put the Jays “two games below .500″ status into some perspective. So much talent exists on this roster that they can dip SEVENTEEN NAMES down the depth chart from their Opening Day pitching staff and still manage to stay quasi-competitive, they must be doing something right (as well as something horribly wrong.)

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  1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It’s 30 pitchers in 2/3 of a season. On pace for ~45 pitchers this year!

    Go, Toronto TJs, go!

  2. What a mess this starting rotation has become. What the hell is wrong with all our young arms being damaged over the past few years? McGowan, Marcum, Hutch, Drabek, who else am I missing? Doesn’t seem like a lot, but Holy Hell, we can’t seem to keep our pitchers healthy.

    • Not to downplay the absurdity of the Jays nerveending stream of pitching woes, but the Kansas City Royals have had similar issues. It’s the primary reason why the Royals, who thought this would be the year they’d “turn the corner”, currently have the worst record in the AL.

  3. Given that everyone seems to get Tommy John nowadays with pretty high success rates, seems fine to pencil him in to the 2014 rotation. With the addition of another starter this off-season or at some point next year, along with Morrow, Romero and Alvarez, that’d be a pretty good rotation to look forward to, assuming no other setbacks.

    The 30 pitchers used is amazing. That’s not far off three whole pitching staffs. If anyone can look at that and complain about this team or that AA didn’t go out and get another starter at the deadline to make a push, they’re a lost cause.

    • I already said that.

    • It seems every week I hear someone on the radio (or read on a blog) criticize AA for not making a better effort to land Yu Darvish. Has anyons checked out Yu’s recent performances? He’s been getting his ass handed to him. It seems the second time around the league everyone knows what pitches to lay off of. After last night’s debacle his ERA is up to 4.57. I’m glad the Jays didn’t get him. That’s $100 million better spent elsewhere.

  4. It seems about time to let go of Bruce Walton. When the Jays pitching isn’t riddled with injuries, then it’s one of the worst in the MLB. The injuries might just be this year, but they have consistently had bad starting pitching ERA for a couple years now.

    • Dumb

      • agreed, Its not like Walton spent 15+ years developing the talent he has to work with

      • How is that dumb? The ERA has been one of the worst in the AL for a few years now. Look at the seasonal stats, not just the outlying month-to-month stats. If you don’t like ERA as a stat then check out their BB, SO, WHIP, BB/9, SO/BB numbers, they’re all amongst the worst. Can we blame the manager, who just tells them when to go out and come in? The GM who gathers the talent? Or the pitching coach who’s specific job is to help them improve in every single one of those categories. Or are we trying to say that all the pitchers the Jays have had in that time have individually and collectively been the worst in the majors?

        • Do you believe that with a different pitching coach over the past couple of years that the results would be significantly different?

          • The way I think of it is there should have at least been a noted gradual increase in those categories over the past couple years after Halladay left. Romero has looked very good, but this season he’s faltering. Morrow and Villanueva have improved over that time as well. But is there really anyone else who’s gotten better? Plus with all the guys that have gone down this season, there has to be something fundamentally wrong with their routine once they hit the bigs.

            • The Dana eveland, Brett Cecil, and J.j. Reyes’s all say hi and wonder why Walton could not make them into performers despite their lack of talent.

        • The way you think of it is wrong and stupid. You can’t look at team performance year in year out and say – see, they’re not getting better, so the pitching coach is to blame. The pitching staff has been pretty bad the past couple years, because it has not had the talent, not because the pitching coach is holding them back. Also, your statement “there has to be something fundamentally wrong” is the crux of why you seem so stupid – did it occur to you that maybe you don’t have a fucking clue what you are talking about and may be inferring a lot based on a small sequence of events that just happened to occur in a short duration?

        • So you’re saying that with a different pitching coach, Jesse Chavez or Tomo Okha wouldn’t be complete piles of shit?

      • Not really. Halladay aside, this ream’s rotation, especially the young pitchers, showed greater success under Brad Arnsburg.

        • How many pitchers on the staff, aside from the ones you mentioned as having had success, have had even a full season with Bruce Walton as heir day to day pitching coach? And how many of them are even close to finished products.

          The Jays Rotation the last few years has been an amalgamation of young arms and veteran retreads. The young arms are mainly holdovers from the JPR draft era, so low ceiling/higher floor guys with low levels of projectability in terms of their stuff. Aside from Captain injury, there really haven’t been many (if any that I can think of) fireballers coming up in recent years, or guys with wipeout stuff (aside from Drabek’s curveball, which is so feared even he stays away from it.). So most of these guys have either lived up to some point in their ceiling (AAAA/4-5th starter at the MLB level) or failed (or in Brett Cecil’s/Jesse Litsch’s case, both). I’m not saying that Bruce Walton is an amazing pitching coach. But the talent he”s had to work with has been far from elite.

          On another note, what is it that you think an MLB pitching coach actually does?

    • That’s a pretty silly statement. They traded away a Cy Young winner in Doc, replaced him with rookies and waiver wire pitchers, how could you expect them to have an above average rotation numbers wise with that? Romero had appeared to be turning into a #2 starter, Morrow until he was injured looked like a top 10 pitcher. They spend less than 10 million on their starting staff, how you can judge him based on that # is beyond me, not to mention the fact that about 34343 pitchers have started a game for the Jays this year.

    • dam right!!!!!!!!!!

    • Davy388

      Blaming the pitching coach is not the answer, Bruce Walton is more than devastated by the injuries to the staff. The pitcher is responsible for attempting to pitch through minor injuries without reporting them and rsults in more serious problems.
      Diarmuid212 you need to put your brain in gear before putting what you think into a message.

  5. “The debate over the process versus results is not for today (I hope) but, at some point, somebody might have to answer for all these injuries. Is it just dumb luck? Is there a fundamental flaw in something the Jays are teaching or instilling in their young pitchers? I have no idea but this is ugly and keeps getting worse.”

    Is there any chance of you guys having a Will Carroll or someone of his ilk on a DJF podcast to ask him questions like this? Absolutely ridiculous!!

  6. The last paragraph is nails!

  7. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned or is even worth mentioning, but I wonder if the fact that the injured pitchers are all hard throwing guys (except for Litsch, who has a non-pitching related injury). It would seem logical to me if there was a heavier correlation between arm injuries and pitchers who throw hard.

    • Marcum and Litsch were not hard throwing guys. Neither was Hutchinson really until he started to gain a MPH or two as he made more major league starts.

      • Marcum: I thought we were talking about this season and not 2009.

        Litsch: Accounted for

        Hutchison: Scouting reports had his fastball sitting between 92-94, touching 95-96 in the minors. Not a flamethrower, but that’s still pretty fast.

  8. We’re number last!

    We’re number last!

  9. This hurts far more than Drabek going down. Hutchison was actually pitching fairly well and looked like he could, at his best, be a solid #3 starter. This really sucks.

  10. “It does, however, put the Jays “two games below .500″ status into some perspective. So much talent exists on this roster that they can dip SEVENTEEN NAMES down the depth chart from their Opening Day pitching staff and still manage to stay quasi-competitive, they must be doing something right (as well as something horribly wrong.)”

    And this is precisely the excuse that AA and Beeston will use to avoid spending money this off-season.

    • you’re an idiot

      • Or they can cite the A’s and Ray’s versus the Marlins and why throwing money around just doesn’t work.

        • Money hasn’t worked for the Yankees or Red Sox either.

          Oh, wait…

          • It HASN’T worked for the past couple years… The Yankees made it to the offseason, but that was it. As for the Red Sox….have you looked at how well they’re doing this year?

            As much as I believe throwing money at a problem won’t fix it, I do actually believe the Jays need to spend a little smarter and acquire better ML free agents.

          • lol. How’s that Carl Crawford contract looking? How about Lester? Beckett? Andrew Bailey trade? Oh, I’m sorry, have you been watching baseball at all this season? What’s the obsession with Blue Jays fans thinking the Yankees and Red Sox are on some next, unattainable level? They aren’t. Even the Yankees lost 2 out of 3 to the Mariners. Wake up, bro.

        • The Red Sox have had a helluva better decade than the Jays have. there’s no question.

          That said, it’s not an either/or situation. I’m not suggesting that the Jays should blow their load by signing a bunch of huge names, but a few solid SP arms and another OF bat would be tremendous for this team.

          The Jays should be able to afford that, all things considered.

          • What’s your point, Adrian?

            The Yanks and Sox have put together WINS and CHAMPIONSHIPS.

            Maybe you should wake up and stop drinking the Rogers kool aid.


      • We’ll see this off-season, won’t we asshat.

        • I hope they spend in the offseason on FA’s and get one or two good/serviceable starters.

          If they don’t, I don’t think it’s “an excuse” because they’re cheap.

          If they don’t spend it will be an indication where management thinks we are in the rebuilding phase.

          Though I hope they will, I’m not expecting them to spend. They don’t seem quite ready yet, but it’s very, very close.
          Realistically I’m looking at the 2013 offseason for them to make a big splash in free agency.

          If they don’t spend once we have a solid foundation and a deep system (with MLB ready guys in AAA able to step up when needed), then I will lose my shit.
          Until then, I’m fine with the slow and steady building appoach.

          1.Jays Don’t spend this offseason.

          2. We Just miss playoffs in 2013.
          Hindsight fans bitch that if we had spent on FA’s we’d have made the WC. They will never understand player and organizational development and will scream to fire AA and that Rogers is cheap.

          3. Offseason 2013 they spend while all fans (from the slow build collective to the win-now collective) all collectively jizz.

          4. 2014 we make it to the playoffs and lose in ALCS.
          During the year we’ve started trading some of our deep prospects for a top 2 of rotation pitcher and other needs.
          5. 2016-2018 win three world series in a row. Why not?

          • Little Looper, so you’re saying that it’s OK for Rogers to be cheap?

          • No, I hate that they’re cheap.
            I’m not convinced they are.
            They spend like crazy on the draft.
            They spend like crazy on International free agents
            They spend like crazy to sign their own players.
            They spend like crazy on their scouting department.

            This doens’t lead me to think they’re cheap:

            The don’t spend on major league payroll which is what everyone sees and measures as their degree of cheapness. It’s a quick and simple look.
            Our payroll is 23rd, so owners are cheap.
            Again, optics look bad.

            What I am saying is that maybe now is not the right time for spending MAD money on FA’s.
            As a fan my call is to buy every talent that’s available and not burn prospects.
            My rational side says keep building the system until you are on the cusp of a championship (not just playoff).
            If there was a young and durable pitcher or an elite, athletic bat who would be productive for us in 4 years, then sign him up.
            If it’s a fat toad who’s physique is deteriorating, or a senior citizen who’s best days are behind him, then DON’T sign him.

            I will never excuse Rogers for being cheap.
            If they won’t spend when we’re actually competitive I will be the most upset and vocal.

    • I really don’t see them spending largely on a free agent. Where the money will be spent is (smartly) on home grown talent extensions. This is where you are getting a thoroughly known quantity. It just isn’t worth it for a “superstar”. How are those Puhols or Cliff Lee contracts looking now?
      Instead we will continue to go for trades where we see potential. Based on what this front office has done so far, I trust their evaluations of young developing talents. Relievers for the most part is another issue for discussion, but I digress.
      This offseason will be all about starting pitching. I will not be surprised to see them go after 2 mid (or better) rotation starters via trade.
      The only other real need is a big bat for LF, 2B or DH. One more big bat will allow us to get by with either Seirra/ Gose in LF and Hech at 2B or Seirra/ Cooper at DH (depending on where we fill the hole). This may be the only area where we do go and spend some $ next year. But I still hope that this years Upton rumors are true in the way the Rasmus rumors were going around the year before we actually acquired him.
      We the fans need to calm down. The injuries allow more young players to get MLB experience. This in turn, allows the front office to see how some of these guys will actually perform in the show, insuring we get maximum value for the likes of Davis, Gose, Jenkins, Dyson, Crawford etc.
      I believe AA indicated the challenge is not acquiring talent, but getting the timing right. With a good off season, that time can definitely be 2013.

  11. Who didn’t see this coming? Seriously.

    Looks like the rotation for next year will look something like:


    • How about McGowan?
      …I kiiiid, I kid.

    • Did you forget about the 22 year old who is on pace to throw 190-200 innings and has a high 90s fastball with an incredible change up? There are 4 spots filled.

  12. The poor Blue Jays. I just hope these guys get well soon, and don’t have to suffer with too much pain.

  13. Really sucks to hear that about Hutchison. Jays definitely have to go the free agent route this winter now unless they clean out most of their farm system trying to trade for guys especially if it’s two starters. Going into next year for the first three spots we’ve got:


    After that you’ve got a mixture of 3 shit ballers in Happ, Cecil and Laffey of which one might be acceptable as your 5th starter.

    Carlos Villanueva would probably be better suited for that 5th spot if they could resign him leaving at least one more spot to be filled via free agency or a trade.

    Of course there’s no certainty with Romero and Alvarez and even Morrow has only shown a good half season so far. At least he’s shown flashes of brilliance in the past so I’m more than willing to put a lot more faith in him being solid. That said, this team really needs an ace (of course which team doesn’t I know) or short of that a very good #2 if they are going to move forward next year. Be interesting to see if the value guru will ever pay the price in terms of prospects or cash for one. Hamels certainly has set the bar very high for one in the free agent market and we know it’s going to be very high in prospects after seeing what teams paid for Latos and Gonzalez this past winter.

    At least the pen looks reasonably solid with a lot of upside going into next year. For next year that just leaves 2 starters, a left fielder and a 2nd baseman if you think Lind has turned the corner.

  14. Not sure many people are going to give the Jays any credit for the way they handle their pitching staff at this point, but this whole process seems to have been handled well.

    They consulted with Hutch and his family about his chances at rehab and essentially took a gamble to see if he could pitch in 2013. People are going to say “why didn’t he just have the surgery immediately!”, but the reality is not only that surgery should only be used as a last solution, but that having the surgery a few weeks ago wouldn’t have significantly changed his 2013 contribution to the Jays.

    The Jays pretty much need 2 starters for 2013 on top of resigning Carlos V, imo. Slotting Carlos/Alvarez in the #5 & 6 starter slots seems fair. Anything higher than that and it’s probably going to be a repeat of the 2012 shitshow.

    • Let’s not get overwhelmed by a few good starts. CV does not have the stuff to go 200 innings in the AL east. He tires dramatically after the first time through the line up and by the 6th he’s spent.
      I like CV but he better as a spot starter, long man out of the pen. The mystical 100 inning reliever (Denis Lamp if you will).

  15. Re: Blue Jays pitching and injuries. Is it just plain bad luck? Poor mechanics? Lousy development? Lack of conditioning? AA needs to look into the entire development process of the pitching prospects and revisit how the organization manages its pitchers.

    Contrast the Jays with the Rays. They have been either incredibly lucky or very very good in developping their pitching prospects. It can’t all be just plain luck. The Rays have had a history of slow roasting their top pitching prospects in the minors.

    The surgical community must love the Jays. Announced today that McGowan is scheduled to undergo arthoscopic shoulder surgery.

  16. @WOW
    Projected 2013 rotation:
    Would like to see FO go shopping for a starter this winter. Put some pressure on Cecil, Happ, even Alvarez.

  17. yes — it is something the jays are doing — it also explains why Bautista, Rasmus and Lawrie got injured recently — we clearly aren’t teaching players to be indestructible……why do we always assume a pattern or try to see one in pitchers?

    • AA was recently quoted as saying that the organization will be revisiting some of the processes they use in terms of pitching management. Nothing wrong with reviewing your checks and balances.

      I would argue that bad luck is mostly to blame. But with injuries, you often run into a domino effect. Pitchers are asked to throw more innings and for some, that is a recipe for disaster.

      The Jays are not the only team who have had a rash of injuries to their pitching staff. Its been an industry issue throughout baseball. Except for those fucking Rays. They seem to have some magic pixie dust.

      • +1

      • Shit that was funny. But it’s so damn true. Look at their line up tonight, they have 2 players who should be in the majors; one who has consistently playing above his head and one of the games best players. Who is just coming off the DL. They should not be able to score any runs on paper.
        I’m convinced both Maddon and Friedman have sold their souls to the devil.

  18. and of course throw away the fact that 30 pitchers being used adds in players traded for with the specific purpose of pitching in games for us

    • Which is besides the point, because we traded for those players specifically because our entire pitching staff was injured.

  19. If the Phils can’t move Cliff Lee’s contract, maybe we could trade Gose, Drabek, and Darnaud for Halladay…think they’ll take that??

    • I wouldn’t that’s for sure.

    • If I were them and looking at paying a declining starting pitcher 20+ million dollars/season over the course of his declining years having already gotten the optimal value out of his contract with Hamels and Lee not moving and the payroll constraints the Phillies have, would I say yes to three MLB ready, or less than a year away from being ready, high ceiling players including an All-Star calibre (projeected) catching prospect, a tool-box of a centre fielder whose running game would play very well in the NL, and a pitcher who has control issues but is only 25? And my farm system is depleted? And I need to cut payroll?

      Fucking right I’d make that trade.

      • My guess is that was sarcastic.

        No way Jays make that trade. Not even straight up for D’Arnaud.
        A young controlable possible all-star catcher for an overprised, breaking down, former HOF pitcher.

        And I say this when Roy Halladay is still my favorite player in baseball!

        It wouldn’t help with our rebuilding plans, but it certainly would help sell a few more of those beauty Jays jerseys.

        • Pretty sure he was referring to from Philly’s standpoint, given that a certain poster seemed to think that wasn’t enough for Halladay.

        • Correct. Apparently sarcasm and irony are lost on this crowd. Those 3 pieces are what we got for Halladay. Approaching our third year removed from that trade, they are yet to make a contribution at the major league level and we continue to look for someone to replace him.

    • Halladay will be back in 2014 anyway. No need to give up prospects now.

      • I really REALLY hope that when the Jays are legit (2014) that Roy does rejoin us for his last hurrah and has stuff good enough to pitch in the post season.
        I’d even be thrilled if he turned into the 1992 Dave Steib who was just along for the ride.

  20. Is James Andrew’s clinic on the TSX or NASDAQ? Buy Buy Buy!!!

  21. Just a guess…but with the fortunes the opportunity of even being drafted (hello millions of dollars zero big league success) dontcha think these young promising pitchers are overdoing the curveball at too young an age? I never played any meaningful little league but I was always told not to throw a curve before 16. The lure of big dollars = risky pitching at too young of an age.

    It’s not just the Jays as has been pointed out repeatedly.

    • My cousin is 15 and ia a decent pitching prospect.
      I’ve told him since he was 7 never to throw a curve ball until 18.
      He’s an smart kid and always says “I know, I know” when I remind him to not throw curves.

      As soon as he gets around his friends they pressure him to “see what he’s got”.
      He can’t help but be curious himself.
      So now he throws curves all the time.

      It’s so tough convincing people that slow and steady is the way to go for better development and for building sustainable championship teams.
      Oops, got sidetracked, but you get the point.

      Besides, who the hell really knows. Maybe if they were taught to throw the curve at 7 their arms would develop differently and actually decrease risk of arm injury.

  22. DJF should start a pool for every new Blue Jays pitcher of how long it takes before they have to go under the knife. Jenkins is up now, whats the over-under? 5 starts? 10 maybe?
    Oh and Happ is starting, what do we give him? 20 pitches? 30?

  23. They should convert Gose into a starting pitcher. We all know how good he is at keeping the ball in the infield


  24. This is just silly. Pitchers get injured because throwing a ball as hard as you can repetitivly is terrible for your arm. There is no consipiracy. If the jays are doing anything wrong, its even bothering at all with the 30% increase crap. You might as well just Dave Stieb the fuck out of everyone (i.e 140 + pitches every 5 days until they break) I just do not think being cautious makes a lick of difference. Pitching is bad for you and pitchers get injured. There is no rhyme or reason, it just happens.

  25. I admit I’m not a doctor, but as far as I’m concerned the moment a 20-year old pitcher with great potential and a bit of a herky-jerky delivery has the words “Tommy John” mentioned beside his name even as a POSSIBILITY, you go and do it. Why waste time? This isn’t 1974 when Tommy John first had it done and people laughed when he said he was coming back. Tommy John Surgery is now incredibly common for pitchers, and they come back stronger than ever.

    So I’m not shocked at this news by any stretch. My only question would be why it took so long to go this route. The moment he went on the DL I knew he would eventually have the surgery.

    • I used to make this exact same argument and apparently the answer is that if there isn’t sufficient damage at the time of the surgery then chances are a second surgery will be needed anyway. Ex. Drabek and Frasor.

  26. To those who are still screaming inside their pretty little heads that AA should have made a bigger splash in the off-season, can you please provide us a list of players you would’ve liked to have spent for? How’s Yu Darvish looking these days?

    • Forget Darvish in the off-season. How’s that fan-boy favourite Garza doing, the one everyone was screaming to empty the cupboard for at the deadline? Think any of those tools even know that Garza got hurt and is now on the DL indefinitely (the Cubs exact words)? Half of them probably think the Cubs actually traded him.

      And while we’re talking about idiot fans, did anyone else hear Wilner read a tweet on Tim and Sid yesterday from some guy asking why AA would trade Snider for JA Happ?

    • I’d be interested to know how much correlation there is between the folks who say Darvish is done because he’s had half a dozen bad starts (because it’s not like he’s young and could improve and/or make adjustments of his own in response to the book going out on him), and those who think Romero (who’s had a season ten times worse) and Lind (who’s been abysmal for 3 years straight) are totally fine and should be given another shot.

      It’s weird how when a free agent (or posting, in Darvish’s case) doesn’t perform, people seem to think that’s proof positive that free agency as a whole is a mug’s game. When a prospect or someone we acquired in a trade doesn’t perform, we just need to be more patient because soon he will develop, adjust, figure shit out, etc.

      • Anyone who thinks Darvish is done is not of sound mind.
        Anyone who thinks there’s a chance that Darvish doesn’t live up to the hype or meets the value of his contract is reasonable.

        When players have won silver sluggers or have pitched a full season in the majors with success, then they are given more rope than a guy who has never done it.
        Not sure why that is confusing for you.

        If a player we acquire doesn’t perform, I hope to fuk the fans be patient with them. What’s a better environment for the player to allow him to flourish?
        1. Give them support and cheer for them with encouragment.
        2. Piss on them, call them names, and run the bum out of town.

        Please don’t make me explain why FA is actually a mug’s game..

  27. I agree, we didn’t need Darvish. I really liked Hutch. He knew how to pitch. But, this happens if you rush the pitchers to the bigs. I realize AA and Paul have a plan and it’s a good one. But, you have to have major league pitchers too…mentoring and giving the prospects and bp a chance to do their jobs without hurting themselves. That has not happened as yet. It really screwed the organization this year. This offseason I think the Jays get MLB talent. They know they need it and have known they needed it. My problem is it’s not AA and Paul or the coaches of scouts et al, it’s Rogers not wanting to spend to have MLB talent. Until they get it, that we need to spend SMARTLY I’ll give it to them, but we are big market, 125 annually is where the team needs to be. If not, sell the team and collect the ad revenue or join up with a partner to move the payroll from 80- 125. Money is not all the problem I realize but it’s significant enough to have a MLB team have three rookies in the starting rotation at the beginning of this year. That’s not healthy anyway you slice it and money is undoubtedly a huge factor why AA had to go this route.

    • “Money is undoubtedly a huge factor why AA had to go this route”

      That, and the fact that every sustatinable championship caliber club was built with a solid foundation by spending years working on internal player development before trying to complement their already good team by spending on FA’s.

      So there’s that.

  28. The Hutch news sucks big, sweaty balls. Out until 2014? Drabek is basically history! Deck underperforming at double AA (though still time to turn it around). Alvarez muddling. I should just stick to prospect porn and not follow their careers in the majors!

  29. The Toronto 51′s

  30. Where’s Dr. Bell? He hasn’t weighed in for quite a while now and I think we need his expertise.

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