Top Dog: Colby Rasmus, 10.6%
The Worst: JA Happ, -22.9%
Worst Bat: Moises Sierra, -8.4%
Impact AB: Colby Rasmus Solo HR, Top 4, 9.0%
Impact Pitch: Sean Rodriguez RBI Single, Bot 2, -11.0%
Highest Leverage AB: David Cooper Strikeout, Top 7, 1.61
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Elliot Johnson Strikeout, Bot 2, 1.80
Lineup Contribution: -32.8%
Pitching Contribution: -17.3%
Average Leverage Index: 0.64
Chart explanation

I don’t know anymore, you guys.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. The season of Rajai continues!

    All hail Rajai, for he is the annointed one!

  2. These graphs are a lot more fun when the team actually wins.

  3. One could argue that these graphs should really start around 35 – 40% when we play the Rays.

  4. I understand these graphs about as much as I understand the Blue Jays. Looks like another lost season. I wonder how long this “5 year plan” is going to take…looking forward to 2015!!

    • I know you’re being sarcastic but you’re bang on!

      The “AA” five year plan is where you stock up your minor leagues through the drafting of high ceiling talent, international signings, and hopefully value trades. Once the core and foundation is solid, then compliment them with FA signings. Some think they’re ready this offseason, and while I’m hopeful, I believe that will be the offseason of 2013 when we compliment our core with FA’s. We are so close!

      The “JP” five year plan was to draft on singability and seniority not talent, deplete the monor league system b/c wins in the mionrs don’t count in our standings, and build a team by signing overpriced Free Agents coming off good years.

      From what I have observed during the building phase of both plans, I’m a lot more excited about the possibility that AA’s five year plan may actually work.

      I actually do have the Jays competing for a World Series in 2015. Not just building a playoff caliber team, but a sustainable world series competitor.

      These are exciting times.

    • exactly what “5 year plan” are we referring to here?

      • I believe he’s referring to the five year plan that AA has never mentioned once in his tenure as GM…you know…the make believe one!

        • Again these sarcastic posts are bang on.

          Do you think the boss of any organization does not have a five year plan?

          From everything you’ve seen from AA does he seem like the type that flies by the seat of his pants making fly-by-night rash decisions?
          That’s the type of GM who winds up trading for Garza because the fans are starved for a little foreplay.

          Of course he has a plan.

          As for your second point, I think AA owes you an apology for not revealing his strategic plan to you and to the other 29 organizations.
          Do you think its prudent business for any company to openly reveal it’s strategic thinking for all to see?

          Read between the lines, observe what is happening on an organizational level, and have faith that this Front Office wants to win rings for their fingers more than you want to drink beer and celebrate a win.

          And the last point about this anger for not openly laying out the five year plan:
          Do you think those fans who fall into the ignorant camp could handle another, all be it DIFFERENT, Jays management team saying wait five years?

          At no point would most Jays fans want to be fed that line again. They want to see it, not hear it.

          The difference is that JP used words and promises and was always pushing back that plan.
          AA stays silent and speaks with his actions.

          How do you think our organization as a whole stacks up in year 3 of AA’s tenure vs. JP and his year 3?

          The ignorant camp will cry “JP had more wins!” while the realists can see that as an organization we are light years ahead under AA.

          Please people. Open your eyes. This is going to be a dominant team for many years. We are on the cusp.

  5. The Jays are like the scrappy young apprentice in a kung fu movie.

    Sure, they can use the skills they learn in the dojo to beat up the odd street thug. But then when they get cocky and try to face off against Sensai Joe Maddon, the man who taught them everything, they get laughably tossed to the mat, as the Sensai stands over his apprentice in shame – “Hah! You thought that by using your Stats Method and Defensive Shift against me, you have mastered the Tampa Bay Style? You are weak, Toronto-san!”

  6. Was the August 5, 2012 lineup better or worse than the June, 2011 lineup that was one of the worst I can remember?

  7. Where are our position player prospects? All I see pitching prospects…sure they are everywhere and they can be used in exchange for positional player prospects, but why can the jays not draft any legit prospects of their own?

    where are they? name ONE….gose and Travis D are byproducts of a trade for doc…they were not drafted by AA.

    jake marisnick? what has he done aside from one good year in lansing. he has been terrible this year in high A and in AA.

    who else?


    if our farm system is so good that it is ranked top five by multiple sources, then one would think there would be a couple positional prospects that were legit.

    dwight smith jr, thon, jr, lopes…doing nothing…krouse, knecht, sweeney, nothing.

    where are they again?

    • You might find this news interesting, but when people rank farms, they don’t make distinctions between players we drafted and players we acquired in trades.

    • You never cease to astound me with your retardation.

    • Good lord this is one of the worst posts I’ve seen. I suspect you’re joking but I’ll play along.

      What is the hardest position to fill and what does every team want?
      What does AA hoard? Pitching.

      You mentioned trading doc. We got 3 players for him including two potential all-stars at CF and catcher, two very difficult positions to fill. (Gose indirectly I know).

      When the time is right, how do you think we’re going to get positional players?
      He won’t get a haul like that, but he will get a solid positional player.

      You do know it takes baseball players YEARS longer to develop than hockey players right?
      Not every draft pick turns into a Harper, Trout or Strasberg.

      This is year 3. Google and learn about player development and the average age at which players finally make it to the majors. I’ll help you. The average age of a rookie is just over 24 years old. AA is drafting high school kids with high potential which takes longer to develop. These kids are years away. It’s baseball.

      Ignorant views like this are infuriating because casual fans may actually think you’re right.

  8. The Jays ate it last night… James Shields is tough pitcher, there doesn’t seem to be any holes in his game. Hopefully the Jays can swing the big bats tonight though.

  9. don’t let your hopes get too high. They perform even worse against David Price.

  10. It seems like every time we lose, the starting pitcher is always “The Worst”

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