Holy hell, would you look at that lineup!

I mean… not that this is in any way actually true, but it almost makes you thankful that the club isn’t anywhere close to the race, just so we wouldn’t have to suffer through caring so much about whether or not a lineup like this wins or loses.

I mean… yes, we want them to win, and we still get fucking distraught when they don’t, but I think we’ve moved firmly into the let’s see how bloody exposed Sierra, Gose, and Hechavarria are part of the season. The club is 8-13 since Jose Bautista went down– including that fateful game in the Bronx– and I’m thinking it’s not going to get a whole lot better until he’s back… whenever that might be.



At Getting Blanked, Parkes weighs in on the Brett Lawrie DL’ing.

Bluebird Banter looks at how ridiculously solid the Jays’ bullpen has been over the last week.

An AP story via the Globe and Mail tells us that Jose Bautista has been cleared to begin taking dry swings again, which he’ll do… on Monday.

Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com writes that, with Chad Jenkins’ MLB debut on Tuesday, the Jays set a club record for the most pitchers used in a season. Hooray?

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Lastly, it’s not up yet, but as soon as it is, for your between inning viewing pleasure, we’ll have today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper DH
M. Sierra RF
J. Mathis C
O. Vizquel 2B
A. Hechavarria 3B

H. Alvarez RHP

Tampa Bay Rays

S. Fuld LF
B. Upton CF
M. Joyce RF
E. Longoria DH
B. Zobrist SS
C. Pena 1B
J. Keppinger 3B
R. Roberts 2B
J. Lobaton C

M. Moore LHP


Image via Mike Ehrmann/Getty.

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  1. Placeholder: reply to this comment at the moment you feel that all hope is lost in this game.

  2. Fuck off Parkes

  3. Parkes had an awkward childhood? Quelle surprise.

  4. Things aren’t so bad. Our lineup looks like a typical Rays lineup, with one good piece and the rest spare parts with both position and lineup spot drawn out of a hat. Sam Fuld! #WhyDoesEveryoneElseHaveNiceThings

  5. Wow, this may be one of the worst Jays lineups ever.

    • The 1977 Jays – an expansion roster made up of scrap-heap veterans and cheap rookies – had 5 qualified hitters with an OPS+ above 100 (so, above-average hitter.)

      The 2012 Jays have 3 qualified hitters with an OPS+ over 100, and one of them’s injured.

      So you might be onto something.

  6. Rays currently as many games about .500 as the Jays were in May.

  7. My kinda team, Charlie, my kinda team.

  8. What the hell are the Jay’s going to do when people start coming off the 60 day DL? There’s 8? people on there. They’re going to have to expose a bunch of people, starting with Morrow in a week or two, but starting next spring there will be seven that will need to be DFA’d over the course of the year.

    • enough pending FA’s and filler to more than open up enough spots

    • I think the 60 day DL ends after the World Series, so all those guys have to be activated some time in November. Vizquel, Mathis, Lyon are likely gone as FA. Frasor, Johnson could join them. Coello, McCoy, Chavez and Richmond are easy DFA candidates. Out of the 60-day DL guys, they’re probably okay with leaving Litsch off the 40-man.

      My guess is: Drabek, Hutchison, Morrow, McGowan, Santos, Perez go back on at the end of the year, Stroman gets added in September. Vizquel, Mathis, Lyon, Johnson elect free agency, Coello, McCoy, Chavez and Richmond are non-tendered or DFA’d as the case may be. Problem solved for now.

      They’ll have to do some juggling if they’re to add 40-man bodies in the offseason though.

  9. big double, good start.

    I’m mildly amused, Good work Jays.

  10. Parkes is remarkably unlikable

  11. At Getting Blanked, Parkes bores the shit out of us with more of hid autobiography.

  12. Tank Nation 2012 everyone!

  13. balk balk bacaw

  14. Take that moore and your shutout streak!

  15. Rays pitching coach came out and told Moore to balk to give the Jays a one run lead cause he feels bad for the Jays.

  16. Two steals of third and a balk. This Moore kid needs some practice at controlling baserunners.

  17. Henderson Alvarez is 7-8.
    Matt Moore is 8-7.

    Not that win records mean anything, but just saying.

  18. What’s the over/under on base hits for the bottom 4 in the lineup? 1.5?

  19. Edwin is so beastly at 1st he is in full beast mode

  20. The old Evan Longoria would have blasted all three of those fastballs.

  21. Well boy what a season its been. I still would love to see the Jays beat the piss out of Tampa today.

  22. How many pitches will Mathis see? I’m setting the over/under at 2.5.

  23. Beauty at bat Adeiny.

  24. Wow Rajai’s arm is bad. Can’t even put a throw on the plate from the shallowest of shallow left field. Brutal.

    • @ Dillon.

      I posted a reply to your posts from earlier this morning.

      I explained the perceived elitist comments & aologized to fans that can’t afford to attend games etc…

      The fact is Rajai is a 4th OF, so the Jays can’t expect too much from him.

      I suspect the Jays will move Gose to LF for 2013 or shock the fans by acquiring Upton or some other Rasmus type change of scenery LF for 2013.

      • Really? That’s an apology in your books? I honestly can’t even tell if you understand why you were being an asshole to begin with. If you do you’re really, really, really bad at explaining yourself.

        To me it looks like you just restated your absurd beliefs that any young fans that care about statistics besides AVG and HRs don’t support the team financially and therefore aren’t allowed to criticize your equally absurd opinions on the team because you spend lots of money on tickets. Well guess what, lots of “hipsters” (a term I’m pretty sure you don’t understand at all) do spend plenty of money supporting the team. They go to games, buy hats and jerseys, and pay for cable and internet subscriptions to watch the games from home. You seem incapable of understanding this.

        The apology you owed isn’t to people that genuinely can’t afford to go to games, it’s to all the people that you assume are too cheap or poor to games just because they’re young and like statistics. That’s what makes elitist.

        Anyways, I’m trying to watch the Jays finish laying this fucking egg. I don’t really care to be distracted by trying to enlighten you to your own idiocy.

        • @ Dllon
          I did apologize for comments about not being a fan unless you attend games.

          It’s good that some or all hipsters can afford to support the team.

          It seems that you are trying to divide fans into two groups.

          Are the the only fans that are worthy are those that can understand the new stats???

          It’s OK to be pro hipster but there aren’t enough of you yet to financially/emotionally support the team to the level that Rogers demands.

          • @ oakville69:

            I’m trying to divide fans? WTF is a hipster fan anyways? I’d love to hear you define it.

            The only categories I place fans in are intelligent, rational fans and stupid, irrational ones. Whether or not they understand advanced stats has absolutely nothing to do with it. I’ll give you three guesses which category you’re in.

  25. wow what a wacky concept these rays have, hitting to the opposite field!

  26. typical jays game, 1 error and our pitcher complete discombobulates.

  27. Fuck I hate the Rays… a team full of scrubs and shitbags who can barely hit their weight…take a ton of pitches and then put together 3 squib hits to cash in runs….
    FUCK…and yes…I am bitter

    • I think that’s why my first reaction to Gose was to instantly hate him. He just LOOKS like the kind of player who would play for the Rays and always find a way to get hits against us.

  28. wonky strikezone here

  29. guess who was safe?

  30. This game feels familiar, somehow.

  31. Wouldn’t it be something if bases loaded, no outs turned into no runs given up.

  32. Feeling a little conflicted here.

    The Jays are out of it, but Longo could help my fantasy team take the title.

    Maybe I could trade Longo for David Cooper so I can cheer for him with a clear conscience.

  33. Here comes Moises to lead us to the promised land.

    He is pretty much the only guy I’m watching with any interest these days.

    • That’s so sad.

      • If someone had told me that at the start of the season, I would first check to ensure they were not from the future, and then I would laugh in his/her face.

        If it did turn out he/she was from the future, I would have cried, and then asked for stock tips.

  34. Spectacular road trip! Jays seem in a hurry to get home today. Bring on the evil empire! We’re officially in spoiler mode now.

  35. Wow I can’t understand a word Buck and Tabby are saying with their mouths so full of Longoria’s nuts.

    If he’s relaxed at the plate it’s probably from the hot oil rub down these two ball washers gave him pre-game.

    • Hilariously funny post…

    • I wonder if the Jays had the Rays roster, would fans be excited with the nickel & dime offence yet stellar pitching.

      Longoria is an excellent player & the Jays would have loved to draft him.

      • I wonder if the Jays had the Yankees payroll, would fans be excited about signing free agents?

        Robinson Cano is an excellent player & the Jays would have loved to sign him.

  36. Colby rasmus and David cooper should add their stances..divide it by two..and then you would have an appropriate distance from hitter to the plate.

  37. These guys wouldn’t last a day working on my moisture farm.

  38. Jays are now 2/11. If they win 20% of remaining games which is optimistic looking at this sad sack lineup, they will finish 63-99. at least we’ll get a high pick that we can screw up.

    • you’re saying they’ll go 10-42 to finish the season? that’s crazy.

      • Its also crazy how shitty we’ve been since the AS break – with the notable exception of that mirage sweep of the Sawks. If Jose really is out for the season and Lawrie misses serious time, I think its possible. Sadly.

      • Check the rest of the Jays schedule and then ask yourself if you still think it’s crazy. I’m sure Seattle will find some way to be playing hot again when we face them in Sept.

      • why crazy, look at who they play yanks, texas, white sox. if we can’t even beat shitty teams like tampa or oakland, then it’s going to be a bloodbath.

      • The Jays have 24 games against the AL East in September .

        Based on this year’s performance, they would be lucky to win 10.

        However, Bautista, Lawrie & Morrow & Lind could be back by then, so they may be spoilers.

        It may be an encouraging sign for 2013.

    • Ridiculous statement

    • It is a ridiculous statement.
      Not because of the win percentage, which isn’t that unbelievable,
      But the screw up the high pick comment.
      The Jays were graded as having the best or second best draft last year.

      The better our pick, the more bonus money we can spread around. The new CBA brought Tank Nation to baseball.

  39. so…this is what it’s like to be an astros fan

    • what is sad is watching guys like Hechevaria and Gose and seeing how they are not even close to being MLB caliber hitters. They look completely overmatched in most all their at bats…and those are two of our big prospects.

      I remember, as long ago as it seemed, when shannon stewart and aaron hill came up. you could tell from day one that they had the ability to hit at the major league level just based on bat speed, pitch recognition, and mechanics. i even see that to an extent from sierra…he at least has some assemblance of a legit swing..but gose and hech…they are aloooooong way off

      • But they were hitting okay in Vegas.(tongue firmly in cheek)

        • It’s amazing at how shitty the pitching in AAA must be. AAA has become a repository of shit balling nonprospects. Even aside from park effects of the PCL, its becoming pretty clear that a player’s hitting performance in AA is going to be more indicative of his MLB ability than any other level.

      • I know Gose wasn’t drafted by the Jays, but It’s been a while since a good hitter was developed by Toronto from draft day/int’l signing to MLB, hasn’t it?

        • Depends on how you look at it. If you count the good Adam Lind year, you can say Lind was the last. If you dont, you can claim Hill was the last.

          Developing position players that can hit is more difficult than developing serviceable (not stud) pitchers.

          And remember, you dont really have to develop that many, if the ones you develop are solid enough to have careers of decent length.

          The last multiyear star hitter that we ourselves developed would have to be Shawn green.

      • We’re not hearing the “fire Murphy, hire Motorola” chant now that the AAA guys are showing their stuff up here.

        • Wouldn’t the fact tat so many regulars are out of the lineup make it easy for opposing teams to challenge them.

          There are only two above average hitters in the lineup. Edwin & Rasmus.

  40. I would like to officially announce that I’m outta here!

    Furthermore, I will not return for the rest of the season. It is absolutely, officially, all over!

  41. So they keep bringing up the fact that the jays are hitting in the 150′s with RISP on this trip, as if that it the big reason why they are not scoring runs. What they are not mentioning is how shitty the average is without runners in scoring position, which is putrid.

  42. I can’t take anymore of Tablers play by play. He add’s no value!

  43. Sierra’s rifle needs to be sighted.

  44. Loup! there it is.

    I’m still watching this.

  45. Remember when Henderson Alvarez was the future ace and he was throwing high 90s at the Futures Game?

    • He was never considered by anyone (other than wilner) to be a future Ace. Everyone I’ve ever read had him as a three, four, or five.

      • My tone was meant to be sarcastic. The fans all thought he would be a saviour, and in general all of our prospects are overhyped so badly by a fan base desperate for success that they can never meet expectations.

        • Im beginning to think that AA has become a propect whore who is now actually believing his own prospect hype machine. We are in serious trouble if the organization is counting on Gose and Hech to contribute to any degree on offense in the next two years.

          • That’s an interesting argument.

            If AA’s prospects don’t deliver within the next 5 years & the team doesn’t get free agents , what happens to AA??

            Does he go to another organization?

            Does Rogers rebuild differently or do they sell the team?

            From what I read, JP Riccardi was considered a messiah until his college age draft picks failed, then he tried to rbuild with free agents & that failed, so by 2009 it was all over for him.

            It would be fascinating to re read old blog posts to see the level of support JP Riccardihad in 2006 & 2007 after he signed so many free agents.

            No other team has rehired JP as a GM, so I guess he wasn’t seen as smart by other teams.

        • The hilarious thing about listening to people discuss Alvarez is how they bring up how “if he can just develop that out pitch” he will be amazing.

          Developing that “out” pitch once you are at his level? JUST DOESNT HAPPEN VERY FREQUENTLY.

    • Remeber back when he was 23 and we had such high hopes?

  46. Have the Jays had even one midweek day game this year that they didn’t suck?!?! Every time I watch Rogers on Demand at my desk I end up wishing I didn’t!!

  47. whats up with the jays losing games in which they take a first inning lead on a rajai scored run?

  48. I love when wilner says look at our lineup how can you expect them to score. well let’s look at tampa’s lineup, keppinger 2hits, roberts 1 hit, lobaton 2 hits. their scraps seem to have no problem getting hits.

    and now we hear that farrell wants to give heck everyday ab’s really? why when he clearly can’t hit ML pitching?

  49. Is this a down year for Escobar or is this the new Escobar? If it’s the new escobar…we are in some trouble.

  50. jays are now 11 gb #2 draft pick. I think it’s much more productive if we chase last place. Houston has a stranglehold on the #1 pick so I will set my sights on #2.

    • I think it’s more important to play the youngsters just to see what we’ve got rather than lose intentionally.

    • Losing 11 straight games doesn’t tie you with the #2 draft pick. The #2 draft pick team probably only wins 40% of its games. You’d have to lose 17 straight to do that.

      This Jays team is not capable of playing that badly, even with all the minor leaguers.

      Jays aren’t capable of tanking to that extent, and there isn’t a reason to tank to that extent anyways when Giolito falls to the Nationals.

    • what the eff would that do us?

      the highly touted ‘prospects’ haven’t given us much so far. lawrie has been great, but other than him everyone else has been useless so far (hech, gose, draybek) or at best an average level player.(JPA, alvarez, hutch, snider).

      unless you grab a strasburg, trout, mccutcheon, i’m not convinced you really have done that much.to make a club competitive.

      • In fairness, it’s hard to expect all the prospects on the team now being able to come up & play well above average.

        The team has invested time & effort in these kids, so you have to let them play for the next 500 games to see what happens.

        The prospect porn lovers may get really mad if the players are criticized too quickly.

        I hope the organization doesn’t make the same mistake with these kids as they did with Snider.

        The kids deserve a chance. It’s up to ownership to provide the financial resources to get enough veteran players to help the team perform while the kids learn how to play in the mlb.

    • If we’re jumping onto Tank nation, does that make our trade with Houston worse?

      Tanking in baseball for talent has never worked. Because baseball players generally need 4-7 years to develop, and a lot more can go wrong in that time than right, tanking for talent doesn’t apply.
      What the new CBA has done is create a tank nation for getting that draft pick because of the valuable bonus slot money that comes with it. Theoretically the more bonus money you have, the more you can spend on good talent in later rounds.

  51. Anyone else notice how ever since our bullpen has become dominant, our record has gone to shit? What about how when our bullpen was shit and our record was decent? Kind of makes one wonder about just how important a bullpen actually is

    • No it doesn’t. A bullpen doesn’t score you runs.

      • so maybe they shouldnt be trading quality position players for middle relief? especially when they lack an adequate replacement at that position (im looking at you LF)

        • Snider’s 1XBH in last 8 games would’ve contributed to more runs scored? I’m not so sure…

    • Ever notice how, when our record was decent, we didn’t have Lawrie, Bautista, and Arencibia on the DL? And how when our bullpen was shit we also didn’t have Morrow, Hutchison, Drabek, and a ton of others on the DL either?

    • Very true. The team could have used an excellent bullpen earlier in the year when they were blowing games on a nightly basis. The team would have had a cushion of wins to make this year not look as bad as it will end up.

      The Orioles Bullpen has made a difference for them.

      It looks like glorified mop up duty for this bullpen since the Jays are usually well behind once the bullpen shows up.

      The bullpen isn’t under much pressure & I wonder if opposing teams don’t try as hard now because they know the Jays won’t come back from any deficits in games.

  52. Oh wow, Bad Rajai.

  53. Not gonna lie to ya Rajai. A lot of people saw that. You should probably be trying to hide under the turf right about now…

    • you are assuming he cares. if he cared, he would have developed a much more sound form of catching fly balls throughout his career..not that shit where he catches balls at the level of his waist, and thus by constraints of human anatomy, must take his eye off the ball.

    • If you could would you undo the Snider for Brad Lincoln trade?

      Do you want Rajai to play full time LF in 2013??

      Perhaps Rajai isn’t used to playing every day, so now that he leads the MLB in errors with 8 he needs a break.

      Why not let Gose play more LF?

      Gose’s natural position is cf, but the roster can’t move Colby.

      • I’m under the impression Gose will be starting in LF once Bautista comes back, moving Davis to DH or the bench.

        • OK that makes sense.

          I think Rajai was a full time OF in Oakland.

          He seems to have taken a step back in Toronto.

  54. Umps how in Tampa

  55. Umpshow

  56. Didn’t the Jays have a mediocre-pretty good defensive player in LF?


    • Snider has become like Voldemort, to many of the posters. They find it hilarious to bash him now since he has only 1 XBH in 9 games with Pittsburgh, but forget that he is 9/25 since joining the Pirates.

      It will be fun to see Travis in a playoff game in October.

      • Yes Oakville!
        I’ve always found it hilarious to bash Voldemort. I can’t tell you how many fun nights I’ve had at Real Sports kicking it back with my buddies and bash Voldemort.

        Snider IS Voldemort!

  57. Right now it looks like the Jays are beating the Rays 1,000,000 to 0,311,110. Go Jays!

  58. Jose, JP and Brett just need to run some dirt on it and get back in there.

  59. this is snider’s revenge.

    • Snider has 1 XBH in 8 games with Pittsburgh.

    • And let’s be honest, if we had kept Snider you’d be laughing at us for hoping that Snider’s turned a corner.

      • And once Snider crapped the bed for the rest of the season he would have 0 trade value as he’d be out of options next season and would be lost for nothing if we needed to send him down.

        So would I do the trade today to get a potential closer or a good set up man whose young and controllable
        Or would I risk that Snider would prove something in these last two months that he hasn’t been able to do in 4 years?

        • OK, so you seem to agree with AA’s trade.

          Is Licoln out of options for 2013??

          If Lincoln falls apart in 2013 , can the team send him back to Vegas?

          Wouldn’t Snider have some value on the bench in 2013 if the Jays didn’t want to play him full time???

          • Good lord Oakville.
            You are tiresome.

            I will admit now that I’m paying attention to your posts it’s clear you’re either a jokester trying to cause trouble or you’re Mike Wilner, honing your skills and practicing your arguments taking on the persona of your usual antagonists.

            Either that or this is that humour you accountants are notorious for.

            Had we left Snider on the bench to rot you would have cried abuse and started a free Snider movement to get him to a team where he would get a chance to play.

            Do I like Snider? He’s proven nothing up here but I do think he’s got potential.
            In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he developes into an all-star. Sadly his time in Toronto ran out.

            This was the year for him to take the job and he failed. He was asked to work on specific things and wasn’t able to adapt. Every scout and even Zaun noticed his long swing didn’t shorten up at all. His strikeout rates are still awful. He also suffered yet another wrist injury so there is some question about his durability..

            Do I like this trade? Not really. I think Snider could be a better player.
            Do I understand this trade and agree with it? Hell yes.
            If Alex got nothing for him when he couldn’t make our team out of spring training you would be crying “fire Alex”.

  60. Fuck, let Darren Oliver swing a bat.

  61. The bullpen should start and finish the games for the team.

  62. Fuck Off Pena

  63. why is lind not batting cleanup?

  64. why bullshit anymore. AA needs to be sent to the minors where he can build a dynasty and hire someone to build the jays into contenders

  65. Tank Nation

  66. Griffin at the star thinks that Mcguire and Jenkins didnt play their best this year because they weren’t promoted to AA Las Vegas. Comments?

    • Considering that Jenkins said he wanted to avoid Las Vegas because it is such a hitter’s league, on the day of his debut no less, it’s more likely that Griffin is full of billions and billions of tons of horseshit.

      • Yeah, I’m wondering what’s going on in his head that makes him think that TWO kids would intentionally tank given that point (PCL is a hitters league) and the whole setup rewards good performance.
        Thats disappointing.

        • Griff knows better than a lot of the things he says when he is trolling for controversy and knocking what he knows to be A Plan that has a chance. Whining about not getting short term help when there was no realistic chance of getting better doing it is pathetic.

    • their numbers in Vegas would have even worse

      • Just guessing here, but it’s possible that pitchers numbers in the minors are a bit scewed, especially early in the season, because these guys are working on improving specific needs like developing a new pitch.

        Deciphering minor league numbers is a mug’s game.

  67. Oops “AAA” Las Vegas

  68. Hechavarria has more walks than hits. At least he has some form of an eye.

  69. So I guess Tank Nation is officially in effect?

  70. Remember when Jays fans used to laugh at the Orioles?

    We’re the new punch line.

    • The Oriolols were crappy when they were healthy, and the main reason we laughed at them was because they were just as terrible off the field as they were on the field.

      Fortunately they’re still crappy, they’re just insanely lucky this season (seriously, -50 run differential?), and unless Duchette made a deal with the devil, we can expect to see them back at the bottom next season.

    • Well, at least were not Baltimo …. Oh, wait ….

    • BLOLue Jays?

  71. Total embarrassment.

  72. If the jays miss the playoffs in 2013 and 2014 doesn’t work out is there a chance that AA gets fired?

    • Depends on how they lose..I’d have to think it’d be Farrell first.

      • I believe that if the jays don’t make the playoffs next year, Farrell will jump ship to replace valentine (or interim manager) in boston

      • Don’t tell that to Dillon or Little Looper.

        They don’t believe that AA would use Farrell as a scapegoat if things went wrong.

        It is standard procedure in Major league sports that the GM can fire 1 or 2 coaches before he himself is fired.

        Farrell will probably be offered an extension & even if the Jays fired him in 2015, he could get another manager job.

        The red sox would be chomping at the bit to bring him back.

        farrell with the red sox resources would be a good fit.

        Why ar the Jays running those ads with Bautista, Kelly Johnsosn sayin g that 4th place is for losers etc..
        hat is an ad that would run in May not now.

        It looks silly for Romero to be giving any advice.

        • Oakville.
          Your lies and revisionist history is beyond unbelievable when your posts and comments are still there for all to see.
          You questioned if Farrell would keep his job THIS YEAR because our record is horrible and Alex needs a scapegoat.
          As if he’d need a scapegoat this season with all the injuries..

          You sir, are a fool and a liar.

    • Why would anyone want AA to get fired?

      He hasn’t even tried to make the playoffs yet. He knows where he is on the development cycle, which means Rogers knows where he is on the development cycle, and when he gets there then making the playoffs or not becomes a valid judgement of his work.

      Until then, no.

      • Any prelimary projections on attendance numbers for 2013??

        I would love to see what walk up sals will be for this weekend series against NY.

        You know the bloom is off the rose if the late August/September attendance figures go back below 15K

        • Any prelimary projections on attendance numbers for 2013 before we have any clue what they do in the offseason?

          I would love to see what walk up sales will be for this weekend series against the new york yankees because nobody would go see them.

          You know the bloom is off the rose if the late August/September attendance figures go back to below 15K just like they’ve never averaged before.

          Oakville69, GM extraordinaire!

      • “Why would anyone want AA to get fired?

        He hasn’t even tried to make the playoffs yet.”


  73. Fucking Americans.

  74. The Blue Jays have a chance at the Wild Card!

    ….aaaaand it’s gone.

  75. All you prospects or bust people are like subscribers to AdultFriendFinder. A buffet of potential online, but in reality there’s no scoring.

  76. Is Jed Lowrie a “possible” (emphasis added) answer for 2nd base? (and not just for the fun of Lawrie and Lowrie in the same lineup). The FA pool of infielders is weak tea so it means trades, and who is really available, or internal. One guy I wondered about last year is Cord Phelps in Cleveland (they have Kipnis and Lindor coming at SS), maybe Phelps is no more than a utility guy but perhaps worth a look). Decend minor league OBP and SLG numbers.

    • I don’t even know why we’re talking about this. It’s obviously going to be Hech for 2B. With the amount of money they’ve spent on him and him being out of options, he has to be on the team, and if you think they’ll make him a utility guy after all this hype you’re nuts. They’ll keep Escobar because of his “team-friendly” contract no matter how much he shits the bed, just like Lind.

  77. Darvish has a big start vs the Tigers coming this Sunday, he has not been very good lately and last time the Tiggers faced him, they scored 4 runs but on only 4 hits and 1 walk and had 10 Ks.

    Pooh Darvish’s next start after the Tiggers is .. . . . . . the following Friday vs. the Jays.

  78. I’ll suck your cock for a thousand dollars!

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