Remember like three weeks ago when Brett Lawrie tumbled headlong into a concrete pit in New York? Remember how we all thought he was dead and/or broke his leg? Turns out he was fine and, after a single day off, he was right back into the lineup.

Seemingly broken bones might not stop Brett Lawrie but strained obliques do, as Brett Lawrie is officially headed to the Disabled List. Lawrie hasn’t played since Friday so the team can backdate his DL stint if he’s ready to play again in a few weeks. No corresponding move announced but Shi Davidi thinks it could be another pitcher. More pitchers, throw them on the pile!

Brett Lawrie, while not quite the .550 slugging percentage animal he was in 2011, he having a fine season in 2012. Nine home runs, 13 steals and league-average offense to go with his superlative glove and stellar baserunning make him a fine addition to any team, especially when we note he is still just 22.

At least this gives us all a good, long look at Adeiny Hechavarria, right? If there is one thing this season needs more of, it is unrealistic hopes taking a savage beating at the hand of reality.

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  1. Human?

    Why do you hate Canada so much Drew???

  2. while i don’t understand the lawyer speak and the new cba is it worth while starting the tank nation theme now?

    • I’ve never believed in tank nation for a baseball team until the new cba.

      It encourages tanking because now you want to finish worse to get a higher pick. Baseball picks are a crapshoot so it’s not the talent of the pick that’s the big deal. It’s the slot money for the bonus pool.
      You have potentially more money to spread around with a higher pick so you can chase better talent in later rounds.

      But I’m not a CBA guy either so I don’t know if this is even true.

  3. Call up mcdade not McCoy

    • I”m actually waiting for this year’s I FUCKING GIVE UP this is the Chris Woodward call-up. I’m sure that will at least give the Rogers boys a human interest story to roll with before games.

      Gooooooo AA!

  4. Just what was ever unrealistic about expecting this team to hang with the Orioles and A’s?

    Sucks about Lawrie, but man… Not sure I’ve ever seen a team play around when it comes to injuries like this. I know that as an entitled blowhard fan I have no right to accurate information when it comes to this team, but just why are my precious feelings being managed at every turn like this? Almost prefer the hockey “Upper body injury, no timetable for his return” game to the “Minor injury, day-to-day” -> “Showing signs of improvement, will swing/throw soon” -> “Setback, unsure of return” -> “Lengthy DL stint” flow the Blue Jays seem to favour.

    AH WELL! Can we get a couple of feel good posts about prospects and maybe a new food item added to the Rogers Centre menu story?

    Blue Jays Baseball – I’m Lovin’ It!

    • I believe the unrealistic thing is the belief in Hechavarria’s ability to hit in the Majors.

      • Just wondering Stoeten., as I am no professional, but why has a perpetually rebuilding team given up on two mid 20s high cieling players in the last 2 years and escaped any and all critiism for it? You know, I am talking about Hill and Rios 2 guys who could play positions this team is weak at. Anyone could have predicted they woulda turned it around, so whats the deal?

        • Rios had/has a near-albatross contract, it’s hard to dump the entirety of a contract like that, and if the Jays or 28 other teams though Hill was worth more than what he got from Arizona, they would have signed him this past offseason when he was a free agent.

        • Anybody could have predicted? Did you look at Hill’s numbers the last 2 years in Toronto?

          Rios was also horrible last season, he’s getting paid $12.5MM a year and hasn’t been worth his salary this contract.

          • Rios was bad last year but he was good in 2010 and good again this year. He is a flawed player who got overpaid but releasing him had more to do with internal options (Bautista) rather than what Rios can or cannot do.

          • It’s possible they had incredible foresight, but I highly doubt that the August 10, 2009 version of Bautista, he of the 3 HRs, .700 OPS in 230 PAs as of the day Rios was claimed, was seen as a viable internal option at that point.

          • I think the Jays were also putting a premium on the club’s image, and the ever elusive chemistry, for better or worse. Rios had recently been filmed swearing at a fan looking for an autograph IIRC. JP was also on the way out, so it may have been a move to either a) shake things up to save his ass or b) clear a perceived headache for whoever was coming next.

    • Very bad news for the jays. At this point the jays should play the theme song to MASH when they run onto the field.

      Jays probably close to leading the Al east in DL injuries.

      • Probably close to leading the AL east in injuries?

        My guess is probably all of baseball and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re close to a record for man games lost in a season.

        We should fire AA for his lack of forsight and assembling a AAA team that can barely play .500 baseball.

  5. Hm… this season is the penis that just keeps on jizzing in your eyes… even after you’ve asked it to stop.

  6. This team is a fucking joke when it comes to managing injuries. “Bautista is ahead of schedule”. “Lawrie will play Friday”. Just brutal. Shows they have no idea what the fuck they’re doing or talking about.

    • Half his DL stint is already over. Shut him down for another week and make sure he’s completely right. The playoff chase is over. No point in dragging him along with a muscle strain in games that don’t matter.

    • These statements are not an indication of how they manage injuries. They are an indication of how they want the public to percieve the injuries. IE. They’re at home on Friday vs the yanks which would lead me they said he’d be ready to secure some additional ticket sales.

      • You have a point but thats fuckin sneaky. Imagine some huge jays fans who lives up in northern ontario hears that bautista should be back soon and decides to buy tix for this weekends series. Then the jays say” Oh by the way bautista is going to be gone for another 6 weeks” Thats fuckin bullshit. Just say hes “out indefinitely”. Better than getting fans hopes up.

        • It is sneaky for sure. Its a shame I present a borderline conspiracy but it’s the best I could do.

    • or you believe everything you read…

    • Cool narrative bro

  7. And now JP is sprinting with a weighted vest. I can’t believe people are still calling others idiots for questioning the conditioning principles of this organization.

  8. Yeah either that, or , you know, you could pay attention and realize that no matter what sports team you follow in whatever league you want to watch, that teams are multi-million (or even billion) dollar corperations who have a vested interest in not being honest about injuries.

    I am 30 years old, I have been watching sports for over 20 years. In that time, no team has once, ever, released accurate injury information.

  9. I realized I posted the Rios Hill question above where no one will read it. I get that they sucked for an extended period and that Rios tended to seem to not give a fuck about anything, but why give up on guys so easily when a guy like Lind gets so much rope? I am not saying it was dumb to give up these 2 guys, I just don’t get it.

    • Rios was a lot pricier than Lind after his extension so when his performance went south, the risk involved in keeping him was higher than for Lind (not that I’m keen on the patience they have shown him).

      With Hill, remember that he was sold off as a rental-for-rental swap since the Jays did not plan on picking up his options. The DBacks had to re-sign him on the open market – something the Jays could have done despite the trade. The fact that both KJ and AH re-signed with last year’s teams clouds that.

    • Because Rios and Hill looked like they’d never improve with the Jays and there were takers for them.
      Lind was DFA’d and no one wanted him for free.So instead of writing off 13 million you keep trying to fix him.

    • They put Lind on outright waivers. They gave up on Lind just as much as they gave up on Rios and Hill. It’s just that Lind is the only one of the three that no other team in baseball was willing to take on and Hill was only taken on by the D-Backs once a useful bench infielder and KJ’s remaining salary out was added in the form of a trade.

    • Because they got and equivalent player back for Hill in Johnson and Rios would’ve cost $22M to be a bag of shit while they waited for him to turn it around.
      Maybe Lind is given rope because they weren’t able to unload him on anyone.

      • Ok thanks guys. A lot of that makes sense. Well, except for the fact that Rios contract was not that bad. Actually if you compare the teams payroll to Rios contract and my cable bill to my anual salery, you will see that the argument for dumping him is bullshit.

        Teams would do well to stop writing guys off after a bad season or two. Especially if they are in their mid twenties, the team isnt a contender and the player in question runs like a fucking gazelle.

        I get the HIll dump. The Rios dump was stupid then and, its stupid now.

        • Thanks captain hindsight, where were you crying for Rios last season when he put up a sub .600 ops? Rios is a babip mirage, as soon as his bloop singles stop dropping in he’ll become useless again cause he can and never will take a walk.

          • Also when you say the Riis contract isn’t that bad, you realize his contract almost equals that of Jose Bautista right? yeh that’s what I thought.

          • You are right, no arguing. I did however say to anyone that would listen that Rios was a bad giveaway. Fuck, it just pissed me off to give away homegrown talent. I also think that the balls in play stat is both overused and a huge misnomer. It doesnt mean shit because if you flip a coin three times in a row and its heads, then on the fourth flip, tails is no more likely than a heads. The odds dont change. They only seem, to. Yes, it can paint a picture with some accuracy,. but as a predictor it is absolute bullshit.

          • I agree It would have been great to sell high on Rios instead of letting giving him away. Still, I’m glad he’s not on this team. His last four years have totalled 6.8 fWAR, but he yo-yos between being quite good and pretty shitty. In short, not someone I’d want to be depending on to compete.

          • If you flip a coin 3 times and get heads, the 4th flip has only a 50% chance of a head, not 75%. That’s why people talk about BABIP.

    • At the time we were also carrying Vernon Wells and his contract. For a team with payroll fuking perameters that was too big a financial obligation on 2 players.

      Also, Rios wasn’t just bad. He seemed to no longer give a fuk and was going through the motions. He stopped running to catch balls on defence, and would hold up at third base while the coacch was frantically waving him home. There was no hussle or effort at all.
      The final insult came when he was caught being an ass to kids at a charity event or something.

      Rios had to go.

  10. Everything Blue Jays gets injured!!!!

    I noticed my Blue Jay bobblehead had a crack in it yesterday

  11. Lawrie will be back soon he is tough as nails, and his legs are tree trunks. Since our playof march is COMPLETELY RUIONED NOW! I can’t believe they have been so crappy against weak teams, MAKES ME SICK!!!

  12. “At least this gives us all a good, long look at Adeiny Hechavarria, right? If there is one thing this season needs more of, it is unrealistic hopes taking a savage beating at the hand of reality.”

    Maybe the funniest/most accurate thing I’ve read on this blog all year.

  13. Remember when our terrible pitching used to blow great offensive games? Man, I miss those good times…

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