Thank fuck for Freddy Garcia.

No, really. Because with the Jays’ pop gun offence and Ricky Romero still groping around to find himself, there may not have been a lot of hope for this one. At least with ol’ Freddy on the hill, it feels like there might be a chance. And call me crazy, but I think this might be where Romero actually finally puts it all back together, combining the two walk, seven strikeout Ricky of two starts ago against Seattle, and the seven inning, three hit Ricky of last weekend against Oakland.

Of course, I base that on absolutely nothing… except, y’know, wishful thinking.


Some stuff on the injury front, as John Lott tweets that John Farrell told reporters Brandon Morrow is “very likely” to rejoin the Jays’ rotation following one more rehab start for New Hampshire.

More good news from Barry Davis, who tweets that Drew Hutchison’s Tommy John surgery went well– he’ll pick up a ball in four months– and than Dustin McGowan merely had a “basic cleanup” inside his shoulder.  He’ll begin a “range of motion rehab but won’t pitch again this season.”

At the Canadian Baseball Network, Alexis Brudnicki relays the great story of how Canuck Jim Henderson was told he’d been called up to the Majors for the first time, after spending nine seasons in the minors following his selection as the Montreal Expos’ 26th rounder in 2003. Even better? He’s been kinda lights out since landing in Milwaukee.

Lastly, at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi writes about Adeiny Hechavarria, pointing out– contrary to assumptions of many– that he will have a fourth option year, meaning he can be sent to the minors without worry in 2013, and suggesting that there’s no need to rush him– something the Jays agree with, it seems, despite his being here while obviously so green.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper DH
K. Johnson 2B
O. Vizquel 3B
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

R. Romero LHP

New York Yankees

D. Jeter SS
N. Swisher RF
M. Teixeira DH
R. Cano 2B
A. Jones LF
J. Nix 3B
R. Martin C
I. Suzuki CF
C. McGehee 1B

F. Garcia RHP


Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. dont’ texeira and kj look the same?

  2. Ooooh Carpenter. It’s exciting to see the Jays one long-term piece from the Houston deal. Surely there was nothing better to trade Wojo, Musgrove and Perez for!

  3. Full on bullpen implosion ruins this fucking game – 2013 strength looking shaky already

  4. wow manny machado has 2 hr and then baltimore has dylan bundy coming. what were people saying about how great our farm is?

  5. Soooo, Carpenter’s debut fails miserably, giving up a pair of runs and sending the game completely out of reach and all Tabler can talk about is “a chance to get your feet wet..”

  6. “Give me the ball. Thanks. Here’s your plane ticket” – John Farrell, just now.

  7. im getting sleepy. good night

  8. *facepalm*

  9. Bubbles: Magic in Baltimore – not only does Machado hit the 2 HRs in only his 2nd game, but even more crazy – SAME GUY CATCHES BOTH BALLS – NO SHIT

  10. Easy catch!

  11. Brad Lincoln just looked into LF. His eyes said “Really, Rajai?”

  12. curse of snider strikes again

  13. And that, ladies and gents, is why Carpenter was sent to the minors upon being acquired.

    I’m assuming AA saw something in him worth targetting, so hopefully our minors staff can continue to develop him.

    • The real Blue Jays talent is still in high school, so no rush.

      • I briefly thought you were agreeing with me, until I noticed the sarcasm.

        To answer your earlier question, Jose and Encarnacion serve the same purpose as that 1985 Jays team did–to get us into a playoff series or two while we chill waiting for the farm to get here.

  14. I’ve watched this whole game. And I’m sober.

  15. look at yankees bullpen, whole bunch of no names doing the job. that’s why you don’t give up shit for releivers. alex got schooled.

  16. FUCKING EMBARRASSMENT – you say you want fans to attend – you get a close to full house AND YOU FUCKING BLOW THE FUCK UP

    • To be fair, that was mostly injuries. I don’t imagine the Yanks would be doing too well right now if they lost Jeter, Teixeira, Swisher, CC, and add four or five more random names to that list.

      • A-Rod, Gardner, Granderson not in lineup – Freddy Garcia pitching instead of Pettitte or Pineda – so kind of similar to Jays situation

      • Yanks are also missing A-rod, Pineda, Rivera, pettitte, and Gardner.. Guess their shit is better than our shit.

      • rob never lets the facts get in the way of his fantasies.

        • Jays are never going to have a $200 million lineup, so yes, we’re not the Yankees. More news at 11.

          For normal baseball teams (non-Yankees division), losing that many players means you end up like the Red Sox this season.

          Oh, and bubbles, keep pretending you’re not the delusional one here. I can resort to name-calling too if that’s all you’re left with.

    • they’re essentially playing a combination of bench players and the AAA team. Honestly what do you expect?

  17. Come on Jays, hit a meaningless home run for us!

  18. Wouldn’t it be nice I’d we had a lf who could play decent defense and hit for some occasional power?..oh Waite…..

  19. Fuck ya boys! Get your rally caps on!

  20. I made it to the 8th toonite-f’d off after the rasmusd DP. Is baseball like softball in that if u run out of players the opposition will supply a catcher?-didn’t think so. Oh well. we drafted a pretty good prospect in the 43rd round in 2008. I hear she is ready-bring it on up!!!

  21. now it’s excuse time on jaystalk!

    • The narrative for 2013 has already begun. The offense is crap because of injuries…they were leading the league in runs until the injuries. etc need to change anything.

      big problem is its just bullshit. the team absolutely sucks in terms of ability to get on base. the runs scored results were in large part due to luck. power and not much else. not much in terms of batting avg or on base average.

      we have GAPING holes at LF, DH, and second base.

      if escobar continues down this path of grounding out to the point of extinction, ss is a mess….

      the sp is putrid.

      other than that..pen looks good.

      • Not buying into the offense is shit department. The whole argument about getting on base is great except that the teams with higher on base percentages are still scoring less runs than the Jays. Runs aren’t scored in equal measures so it’s next to impossible to say that a team with a higher on base percentage vs one with less power is going to work any better and score more runs. A run scored is a run scored. After that it’s up to the pitchers to allow less runs. Hitting wasn’t the problem with this team before you lost 4 of 9 regulars.

        That said, you’re right about the holes. There’s going to be holes to fill as you said in Left and 2nd next year with possibly an additional one at DH. Hopefully they don’t let Lind play vs lefties and they can at least get a decent right handed platoon bat.

        • the difference is how consistently you score runs, not how many. I looked at how many times the jays scored 2 runs or less vs other teams and there better than most teams. but the real issue is if you ever get to the playoffs you’ll be facing elite pitchers. how are you gonna score then? I checked the jays record vs the top 20 pitchers and it’s something like 7-18 with very few runs scored. the jays simply don’t know how to score when they don’t homer.

          • Like I said there’s no way to measure out how consistently you score runs and especially control it . In 2011 there were 5 teams with higher OBP than the Jays but they scored less runs. Only one had more home runs. In 2011 3 of the 4 teams that scored more runs than the Jays while having a higher OBP also hit more home runs.

            In 2012 before all the hitting injuries started the Jays scored the most runs but had one of the lowest OBP yet they hit the 2nd most home runs.

            Again the shit ass pitching has negated the effect of the Jays great offense this year to the point where you get people questioning the most successful aspect of the entire 2012 team. Funny how it’s always the hitting sucks and never a word about the pitching.

          • @night of course you can measure consistency. just count the box scores and see how many times the jays scored 3+ runs for ex. the problem is you are looking at total runs scored which doesn’t tell the whole story. 10 runs 1 game then 0 = 5 runs a game but that’s not 2 winnable games.

            a balanced offense should at least be avg in major categories like obp, doubles etc which the jays are near the bottom.

          • the yanks have the same problem. for the season you must have power bats but playoffs you need a mix of on base avg with a power doubles guy after him and hope it connects at the same time. alot of homer guys cant hit against elite pitchers but i think the jays were on to something early in the season with their timely hitting. the cost for the jays to go over the hump isnt that much really. ortiz, cabrera in left and 2 top15 million starters 55 million extra for a total of 70 + 55 = 125. play the rookie at 2nd.

  22. I propose a drinking game for tomorrow: every time the jays suck, you take a shot. Keep the poison control centre phone # handy.

  23. stoeten and fullmer fan are filling up my twitter feed with their weekly lover’s spat. what to do?

    • Go away. ‘Batin.’

    • Certainly more entertaining than the Jays game. Unfortunately with his penchant in giving up homers this is probably what you can expect with Delabar. A few dominating outings and the occasional stinker where he gets touched up for a homer. In the 11 appearances (out of 40 for the year) in which he’s given up runs, 9 have included a HR with 7 of them being solo shots. He’s certainly an interesting risk reward guy to have a look at for the rest of this season. If his HR rate ever normalizes then you’d could have something special on your hands. If not you get these Coco like innings.

      However, just for the sake of comparison, a fan favourite like Frasor has given up runs in 9 appearances out 40 for the wonderfully low price of $3.75 million.

  24. This eases the pain – I’m already smiling – Nineteen Seventy TWoooooooooooooooo

  25. Holy Reverse Split on Delabar (good eye by Wilner)

    his MLB record vs. left handed batters (before tonight) – .346 OPS (look at this slash .097/.207/.139)

    vs. right-handers – .903 OPS

    It was true for him in the minors too – Therefore, lefties only please for Mr. Delabar for the rest of this year – sort something out for his development in the offseason and during spring training

  26. I actually went to the game tonight and witnessed it with my own eyes. I have to say that was one of the worst ball games I have ever seen from the Jays.

    • It;s tough to have to pay to watch these games.

      I regret saving part of my flexpack tickets for a potential pennant race.

      I dont have the same excitement over watching Gose,Hech Sierra etc as other prospects in the past.

      I am going to the game on Monday against the White Sox with relatives from out of town.

      They aren’t baseball fans but just want to see the Rogers Centre.


      I hope to be able to go to a game to see Brandon Morrow pitch.

  27. Attention Vancouver-area Baseball Fans:

    The kid Keith Law calls Heavy D (Daniel Vogelbach), whom everyone laughed at when the Cubs drafted him – will be mooring himself at Nat Bailey from August 22nd to the 26th.

    13 HRs in 39 pro games thus far (tho the first 7 were in Arizona)

    5 games in Vancouver so should be a guaranteed Osuna-Vogelbach showdown

    (great promo photo here):

  28. From a Klaw chat:

    Ryan (Dallas)
    Thoughts on one of the most debated guys from the 2011 draft: Dan Vogelbach?

    (1:51 PM)
    Heavy D? Maybe if he gets to AA and is still productive and conditioned enough to play, we can talk.

  29. I like how shi davidi asked the uncomfortable question about a bad vide (ie giving up) on the team. this was a real sloppy game.

    omar stumbling around third
    romero not backing up
    gose’s horrible throw home
    rajai missing ball in the lights again
    ball bouncing of kj’s head
    4 pitch inning in the 8th, blink and you missed it
    gose stealing bases down by 4
    rajai almost getting picked off 1st again

    • It’s too bad you’re so concerned with wins in a lost season because this sounds like a fucking entertaining game to watch.
      That KJ ball off the noggin is going to be remembered for a while.
      You’ll remember that a lot longer than the score of the game.

  30. why do people assume kj is gone? he’s not going to get big money. if he’s willing to accept 2-3 mil on a 1year deal then sign him up. he’s still one of the few guys that actually walks. of course he may not even want to stay here. I doubt he has many friends on the team.

  31. Mike Trout had five RBIs tonight, the last two on a single sac fly because the Mariners are playing Thames in right. Thames catches the ball but has a weak throw and throws to the wrong base.

    King Felix was not impressed, the video of it is amusing.

  32. All I can say is thanks to ‘Jays in 30″ and PVRs , August can be made tolerable.

    • +1000

      I’ve never tried before but anyone know of a feed for today’s game? Stuck in a hotel with no SN1 of course!

  33. Condensed game is free and fast.

  34. Honestly serious question. If the Jays didn’t have


    As in – if the roster that we see now was the roster this team fielded on opening day and none of the above players were a part of the Jays – would the Jays be the worst team in the majors right now? Worse than Houston, Colorado, Cubs, KC?

  35. Everyone’s walk up song today – everyone

    • haha you’re pretty clever dm.
      I like Shawn Colvin’s version a bit better, no offense to the king.

  36. bubbles 3 ways to win

    turn off lights so rajai can see ball
    kj wear batting helmet in the field
    longer necklace for gose

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