Thank fuck for Freddy Garcia.

No, really. Because with the Jays’ pop gun offence and Ricky Romero still groping around to find himself, there may not have been a lot of hope for this one. At least with ol’ Freddy on the hill, it feels like there might be a chance. And call me crazy, but I think this might be where Romero actually finally puts it all back together, combining the two walk, seven strikeout Ricky of two starts ago against Seattle, and the seven inning, three hit Ricky of last weekend against Oakland.

Of course, I base that on absolutely nothing… except, y’know, wishful thinking.


Some stuff on the injury front, as John Lott tweets that John Farrell told reporters Brandon Morrow is “very likely” to rejoin the Jays’ rotation following one more rehab start for New Hampshire.

More good news from Barry Davis, who tweets that Drew Hutchison’s Tommy John surgery went well– he’ll pick up a ball in four months– and than Dustin McGowan merely had a “basic cleanup” inside his shoulder.  He’ll begin a “range of motion rehab but won’t pitch again this season.”

At the Canadian Baseball Network, Alexis Brudnicki relays the great story of how Canuck Jim Henderson was told he’d been called up to the Majors for the first time, after spending nine seasons in the minors following his selection as the Montreal Expos’ 26th rounder in 2003. Even better? He’s been kinda lights out since landing in Milwaukee.

Lastly, at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi writes about Adeiny Hechavarria, pointing out– contrary to assumptions of many– that he will have a fourth option year, meaning he can be sent to the minors without worry in 2013, and suggesting that there’s no need to rush him– something the Jays agree with, it seems, despite his being here while obviously so green.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper DH
K. Johnson 2B
O. Vizquel 3B
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

R. Romero LHP

New York Yankees

D. Jeter SS
N. Swisher RF
M. Teixeira DH
R. Cano 2B
A. Jones LF
J. Nix 3B
R. Martin C
I. Suzuki CF
C. McGehee 1B

F. Garcia RHP


Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. I dreamt last night that I was talking to Hechavarria, trying to convince him to practice with my school baseball team, and give them an inspirational speech. At one point he turned to me and said “Let’s go out and get high”. Bad omen.

    • I don’t know… seems to work pretty well for Brett Lawrie. This is total heresay but my sisters friend claims to have partied with him and surprise surprise he smokes joints like george burns smokes cigars.

      • He’s from BC.

        We all smoke joints.

      • Everyone smokes weed here in BC, heck I grew up near Toronto and everyone smokes weed there too. Let’s be honest, it’s weed. If you here stories that Lawrie is using huge rails of strippers abs, then we should be concerned about having a Daryl Strawberryonour hands.

        Til then, keep it real. Smoking weed is relatively harmless, it could do that high strung bastard some good.

        • Fucking iPad. Just re-read the last post and that was terrible.

          Im stoned, but yet I blame the iPad. Lqtm.

  2. Your dream is a perplexed vision of your unconcious mind wanting to fuck your mother. There is a name/ term for this thought from ancient times but it has slipped my mind due to cocaine use. Have a good day sport, Sigmeund Freud

  3. Sometimes wishful thinking is all that keeps you interested in a team…and I site the Maple Leafs as my reference.

  4. Wow, these lineups have been killing me.

  5. I think you could just IBB Rasmus and EE everytime and you’d likely get a shutout 9 times out of 10

  6. …But we’re delving back into the nonsense again here. I mean, sure, we find some current trends a little dispiriting, but that’s only because implicit in the cynicism is a dedication to making music that’s alive. That’s the crux of what I’m blathering about. That’s what I want you to focus on and to take from the music. Any of this other stuff is important, it defines us somehow—or does whatever the fuck it is I’m trying to do here—but a lot of these concepts are ambiguous. They’re figurative things. Things that aren’t part of our day-to-day efforts. Things that lie inside the band and don’t really need to be discussed except in the most pompous, masturbatory, drunken conversations that don’t really ever happen, and couldn’t happen knowing that we actually believe what I’m saying. Well, those conversations and band bios… For us, it’s just there. And here, in this setting, it’s just talk. Ridiculous, half-assed, babble. Whatever the fuck it all means, Action Makes is not a figurative band. We’re down here in the earth. We know how to manipulate a tidal wave of sound, bring it down to a murmur, then set loose sinewy tendrils to pulse and push their way back to a full-on rush until… There. Is that the kind of shit you want me to say? I can’t prove it with words. Proving it is what records are for. That’s what the shows are for. It’s what our instruments are for. Fuck the gibberish and just bask in it. That’s all we really ask.

  7. Yeah the line up is crap, other than EE and Rasmus and Escobar to a degree but it’s all they got. Fuk even Vizquel is becoming a regular and doesn’t even bat Fuckin 9th despit no more power than my 4 year old.
    Unfortunately this 10 game homesatnd will be like the 10 game road trip ( either we go 2-8 or 3-7) depending on who can pitch a SO.
    Maybe by the eom they can bring up Cust just for laughs and giggles as he either walks ( alot), strikes out ( a lot) or hits a HR ( not so much). Makes for a real interesting BAPIP however.
    Ill likely watch the first few innings and then go out-it’s not like I’ll miss much

  8. Thats good about Adeiny. I thought he had to stay up next season.

  9. There are two major league baseball players hitting behind a 45 year old, glove-first middle infielder.

  10. This Stankees lineup is a FUCKING JOKE. How “not scary” are the 2012 NYYs.??

    NIx, McGhee, 2012 Ichiro, Martin, Seriously.

    There are 2 good players on that team right now.

  11. So Hechavarria is on the ML roster, and isn’t playing eh.

    Makes sense?

    • Agreed, whether it’s in Toronto or in Vegas he needs to be playing everyday. Prospects don’t develop collecting splinters.

  12. Heh. Teixeira gets babiped.

  13. Cooper

    I’m out! It’s over before it began!

  14. Please don’t let us get Nixed.

  15. aw here goes romero to his usual self even with a shitty yankee lineup.its like watching the leafs play against a backup goalie all year

  16. Our strong, defensive infield.

    Sad face.

  17. “Seriously guys?” – Ricky Romero

  18. Ricky “Three and oh” Romero

  19. Ricky’s natural movement is anything but.

  20. farrell has officially lost his marbles in 1 and a half years into his contract. welcome to toronto where coaches and managers get eat up

    • What would you have Farrell do? Tell Mathis to not throw balls into left field?

      • i never said it was his fault. timing is everything and his is off.the stars are alligned against him

  21. the bermuda triangle has nothing on the abyss of toronto sport


  23. Rotate that Lotto Max billboard, Ricky is staring at it saying “okay, I’ll buy one of those and be done with this shit”

  24. Shit the bed.

  25. The Yankees sure hit the ball hard that inning showing the jays that…. Oh. nvm.

  26. and the universe will reward the yankees for picking up ichiro and will win the world series on his rbi hit. and zaun will have a lifetime of foulmouth and crotchrot for insulting ichiro saying that he is a selfish player who never plays for anything but his stats to get into the hall of fame. i think a hall of fame player must have accomplished something more than just a stat in a team game to get know like dedication or equivalent. ah hell what does no teeth hick zaun know about anything and why did i listen to his shit. he was less than mediocre in his prime. wish he would buy more suits and have an armwrestle with hazel on tv



  28. Why did Garcia throw Johnson something other than a changeup?

  29. Boy I miss that KJ.

  30. What was that, chest high bp fastball??>

  31. oh man do a i want to see the Jays run Andruw Jones around out there in left – he looks . . . creaky

  32. It’s 10 August, and I’m still waiting for the first breaking ball away that Mathis actually makes contact with.

  33. Do you think Jeff Mathis realizes he has struck out on outside sliders about 56 times this year?

  34. A 3 pitch strikeout… not a single one over 80.

  35. keep the cameras on the yankee bench. i want to see all them old guys sit on their hanging to their knees nutsack

  36. supposedly Carl Crawford needs Tommy John surgery – the Sux are debating when he should go have it – he is playing well but will have another medical break from baseball, just a matter of timing

  37. is that butterfields shift with a runner on? fuckin old guy has to go

  38. Well fuck this noise.

  39. Theres the world famous Anthony gose throwing arm!!

  40. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

  41. how the fuck can players who have played the game all their lives play defense so fuckin bad. no fucking intelligence

  42. For Fuksakes, who turned romero into a LH version od drabek?
    Even if the Yanks wanted to swing, who could offer at these bouncing balls?
    Fuk off Drabek

  43. aw here comes the guy who cant hit, throw accurately, plays with his necklace like a girl and eats his fingernails to his him so i dont have to look at him anymore

  44. Gose is slugging 275. that is pretty impressive. by that i mean a guy actually slugging that poorly and not being a pitcher.

  45. Ok guys. I am here. Who wants to bukakee on my face? Form a line now.

  46. hes been goosed. goose eggs for life

  47. I see we have scored our one run already. that is surely a good sign. We might even reach our week high of two tonight.

  48. the jays should only invest in pitching prospects in the draft with their success rate.just buy free agents to fill the field. a better way

  49. The yankees have VETERANS.





    wait..this just in..yankees signed another VETERAN


  50. this is watching a 10 car pileup with flames. i just cant turn away.

  51. In that 2nd Rays game, winning run came because of 2 walks by Villanueva – tonight Jones’ run may be a decider (Jones on with a walk).


  52. Sure, just go ahead and walk CASEY MCGHEE – isnt that a Janice Joplin song ?

    • “Well I’d trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday.” I figure Ricky’s thinking along these lines.

  53. Fukin Romero-someone please tell him this is NOT Bowling for Dollars-the fukker is turning into Steve Blass b4 my eyess. How can we have this walking machine and even contemplate letting Drabek join him> Fuk the’ll walk 500 betwenn them

  54. attaboy CooperScooper

  55. KJ, a nice double – awesome

  56. There we go. Well done, mid-order.

  57. Garcia is the kind of guy Omar can handle – cmon Omar

  58. cmon Omar, get the walk – WALK WALK WALK

  59. Yes Skanks, we too have us a wily veteran. Beware the old dude. His dentures are sharp.

  60. “This is about navigating through this line-up” Says Tabler, holding back a giggle.

  61. Redemption Time Jeffy -

  62. Fuck off Omar

  63. watching the jays is like having a boner, dropping your pants and humpiing the air. no climax to be had.

  64. Fucking Yankees.

  65. Shit , Romero needed a 7 pitch inning just to maybe hope to hang around for 6 f’in innings. Some Ace- we are lucky now if he ever goes 6 innings, never mind the desired 8 or 9. This cocksucker makes Jesse Carlson look good

  66. jones may be creaky but he doesnt have to move to catch a ball by davis it seems

  67. Really Hollywood?? Expendables TWO??

  68. I like 1st, 5th and 6th Inning Ricky

  69. Ricky looks like he now means business.

    • At least he won’t have lost his edge during the 45 seconds it took for the Jays to record 3 outs in the 6th.

  70. 4 pitches, 3 outs. Good grief.

  71. Well Ricky ended up with a surprisingly decent start though looking at the comments you’d think he shit a brick and got slammed. 7 runners allowed in 6 innings and 2 earned runs allowed vs the Yanks is pretty decent. That’s 4 good starts and 1 average start in the last 7. Hopefully we can see further consistency from him the rest of the way out.

  72. Brisk game today – 7th inning already at only 1 hour 40 minute mark

  73. The way things are setting up, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Soriano blown save – fuck that jersey pull walk off he does

    • And the jays are going to force him into a blown save…………HOW?

      they dont have VETERANS..



    • It would certainly be much more fun watching opposing closers sitting on the bench while Janssen did what he does.

  74. Gomes has enough chin for himself and Cooper

  75. Don’t laugh. Im actually getting another major league at bat.

  76. Farrell and Gomes have all-star jawlines -

  77. Watching the YES commentary. Not listening to Buck & Tab tonight has made it a much more enjoyable ballgame. That and since the Jays have scored more than one run makes it feel like they’re winning.


  79. does chamberlain look like Tony Soprano?

  80. TJ worked well for Joba – velo is there

  81. SnIder hit a 3 run bomb. Best of luck lunch box

  82. Wait a second… did Girardi really just bring in a fresh reliever to face Mathis?

  83. hmm, so the Yankees were waiting on Delabar there, right? Like he knew what was coming – FUCK

  84. Well that was…. something.

  85. Gotta love Tabler and Martinez giving excuses for players to have god awful numbers. Let me guess, Johnson sucking shit is acceptable because his job is to play second base (regardless if he’s having a solid night)? How fucking stupid do these two have to be before being replaced?

  86. hahahahaha highlights forever kelly j. never touched leather at all

  87. Sometimes I hear Pat Tabler say something like “he’s only hitting .180, but Ichiro is a tough out” and wonder if he’s mentally retarded.

  88. well where are the people laughing at my prediction of the jays only winning 20% of their games. we can’t even beat the yanks worst pitcher with our best pitcher on. and with farrell putting omar in at all costs. 20% might be optimistic

  89. fuck I think snider is going to down as the worst trade in blue jays history

    • worse than loaiza for michael young?

    • (Tries hard to think of worst trades)

      Hmm, the Jays haven’t really made any terrible trades in a long time. Sure we gave away a few journeymen for peanuts, but honestly Jayson Werth for Jason Frasor isn’t anything to get too worked up about, and Jeff Kent for David Cone… is that even regret-worthy?

    • watch the highlight, snider has fucking natural power. he doesn’t even need to swing hard to hit it out. 4 hr in 68 ab’s

  90. wow stealing bases down by 4. farrell ball

  91. Love these meaningless steals.

    • Feels like the runners are almost more impactful before they steal, getting in the pitchers’ heads.

      If the pitchers care, that is.

  92. Double Steal, go!

  93. Well this game would be interesting if it was still 3-2 right now.

  94. rasmus injured again

  95. i wish I could brain scrub the 2012 Toronto Blue Jays.

  96. I wanna punch texiera’s face in…

  97. Jays’ keep this up and I’m thinking we’ll see some sub 10,000 attendance games come September.

    • The Jays have never, in franchise history, ever played a home game in front of fewer than 10,000 fans.

      So no, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any sub 10,000 attendance games in September.

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