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MLBTR passes along the news that the Jays have claimed struggling, but hard-throwing, reliever Juan Abreu, who the Astros D’d FA earlier in the week. Abreu has walked 15% of the batters he’s faced in Triple-A this year, and has pitched to an ERA of over seven, but he gets big strikeout numbers and sat at 95 in his brief MLB stint last season.

Sad maple trombone: MLBTR adds that Scott Richmond has been D’d FA to make room for Abreu.

In other dull roster move news, Shi Davidi tweets that David Carpenter– the good(ish) Carpenter– has been recalled in order to take the place of the injured Brett Lawrie. Eight man bullpen FTW!

Bluebird Banter passes along some Jays-related notes from Baseball America’s compilation of the best tools in the various minor leagues. Anthony Gose was said to be the best baserunner and best defensive outfielder in the PCL, while teammate Adeiny Hechavarria was named the best defensive shortstop and the infielder with the best arm. Aaron Sanchez was the best pitching prospect in the Midwest League, and… um… yeah, there were a few others.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun catches up with the Jays’ first pick in this year’s draft, DJ Davis, who says he thinks fellow high-profile draftee Anthony Alford will choose baseball over football, and about whom Tony LaCava and the rest of the Jays’ staff raves, saying he’s made good progress in just the five weeks since he’s been a pro.

Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail reviews the Jays’ injury troubles, then finds something positive: the fact that attendance is up by almost 5,000 fans per game. You might see a slight dip from that number in August and September, but with 7 of their remaining 27 home dates against the Yankees, maybe not.

At Getting Blanked, Drew looks at all of last season’s multi-year deals in the $10- to $40-million category, and notices something odd: they almost all kinda worked out really well. *COUGH*

Elsewhere over there, Parkes marvels at the fact that Sportsnet One is not available inside the Rogers Centre.

Our old friend the Tao of Stieb wonders where the Jays go from here. “I’m told repeatedly that if the Blue Jays just got off their wallets and threw some money around, all of the question marks would become exclamation points,” he writes. “I really wish it were that easy.”

Mop Up Duty gets heavy with the ESPN Stats and Info data to preview the Jays series with the Yankees, which starts tonight. Yankees, White Sox, Rangers then Tigers coming up before we get a chance to put the screws to Baltimore’s ludicrous playoff chances.

Bradley Ankrom wonders out loud at Baseball Prospectus about who baseball’s best 20-year-old is, now that Mike Trout has turned 21. He includes Aaron Sanchez among the candidates, but– get your maple cocks maple cocklin’ for this– Kevin Goldstein is pretty certain he knows the answer: Oscar Tavares, he of the Canadian passport he’ll likely never use if he actually turns into a big league stud.

At FanGraphs, Jack Moore writes about Lyle Overbay, recently D’d FA by the Diamondbacks, who might make a sneaky addition to a contending club down the stretch. Ahhh, memories.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Marc Hulet reviews the seasons of the guys he picked as sleeper prospects for each AL club, including the Jays’ Dalton Pompey, who was looking good in Vancouver, “before a broken hamate bone in his left wrist wiped out his season after just 11 games.” So… sleeper again next year, then?

Lastly, it’s time for the best thing about Friday, except for all the other awesome things about Friday: it’s the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week!

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  1. Great photo and lede on that Elliott article. Journalism 101: Never miss a chance to shoehorn in a Hooters reference. Sounds like solid progress for Davis, that’s what I want to hear!

  2. Lets all go buy Tampa Bay hats

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