This is sure to end in tears, my friends. The only thing more childish than hacking somebody’s Twitter account is posting about on a popular Blue Jays blog. I mean, c’mon.

If Lawrie’s former fiancĂ©e, American soccer player (who is actually Canadian), Sydney Leroux, posted this message: for shame.

If it was someone else…well I hope you’re happy. You created an international incident and possibly reignited the War of 1812 – on its bicentenary! Is nothing sacred???

By the way, the comment section is open for your Brett Lawrie twitter password guesses. Do your worst, bored monkey army with nothing else to fight for.

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  1. Brett screwed Brett.

  2. So as of 10:45 AM he realized someone hacked him, posted about the hacking, but has yet to delete the tweet… Paige will love this!

  3. So what does “soccer>cheer” mean – is Brett’s current girlfriend (Paige Brendel or something, right?) a cheerleader, and Sydney Leroux hacked Brett’s Twitter to say soccer players are better? Is #SRL a sign-off on the Tweet confirming Sydney wrote it, assuming R is her middle initial?

    Is anyone here really good at following soap opera storylines? I should ask my mom what she thinks is going on.


    is his password.

  5. It’s gotta be Redbull. My guess is Arencibia’s got it. He’s probably just been trying all that he can think of while he’s injured.

  6. password: redbull

  7. It had to be CominInHot

  8. “RedBull1″

  9. @blawrie13: “Someone has my twitter password .. So that’s cool .. ”

    Followed by a lot of helpful replies of “Hey dude, uh, change your password, maybe?”

  10. password: comeatmebro

  11. no1kn0ws1mg@y

  12. My password guess? password or twitter123

  13. password = needja


  15. It’s probably the Fibonacci sequence up to 987….or secretpassword.

  16. password = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Best reply to him on twitter: “you should just let it ride and see if their tweets make you look like less of a douche.”

  18. EntourageRulez

  19. 3 – count ‘em, 3! – blogs on TheScore are now featuring this single, hacked tweet as entire articles.

    Gotta get those Lawrie clicks.

    • Well you knew Parkes had to get his 2 cents in.

    • Lawriecentric search engine optimization’s a big deal. Some real search engine keyphrases that got hits to my site, based on my domain stats:

      brett lawrie tattoo
      brett lawrie girlfriend
      brett lawrie red bull
      brett lawrie finger mustache
      brett lawrie penis
      photos of brett lawrie’s ass
      brett lawries genitals
      picture of what god looks like (Seriously, I somehow got 1 hit from that search query)

  20. Lawrie must feel like snipes in the fan right now.

  21. hmmm….my guess is “editedeminemlyricstattoo”

    but hey, i love brett! his “douchebaggery” plays well on the field. I couldn’t care less if he was a douche during his personal time off the field!

  22. ‘umadbro’

  23. punchyyy

  24. Bozo2012 that’s a clown password bro

  25. chuglife123

  26. beauts,eh

  27. ok not cool having your PW stolen.

  28. 2014MVP

  29. 1 2 3 4

    No wait, that’s his suitcase combination

  30. ihatethatimsofuckingjackedallthetime


  32. No, it’s Avicii Levels.

  33. pw: 1234

  34. singleshitter_69

  35. 1_l0v3_c0Lby

  36. Twitter is so last year.

  37. here is my guess: callmemaybe

  38. ILikeDivingIntoCameraWells or UpperTaint.

  39. Current Lawrie flame Paige Brendel swoops in with what I’m assuming is a devastating burn aimed at Sydney Leroux’s beauty regimen:

    @PaigeBrendel 11:22 AM
    “Go fix your hair or something #toomuchtimeonyourhands #imfunny “

  40. You gotta think it was Bill Miller who hacked Lawrie’s account

  41. My guess?:


  42. “bubblebutt69″

  43. my guess is “baseball”

  44. his password is “yeahbuddddddyyyyyy”

  45. stagediver=disabled

  46. gottimetosign or docuhemagnet

  47. WOw this whole article is pretty esoteric. It doesnt even really explain whats going on, not that I care. I love Lawrie on the field but the guy is just a complete loser. This whole twitter nonsense has to stop, I mean, who the fuck cares? Last night on the CBC I watched a ‘breaing news report’ where a tweet my justin timberlae was read “Usain Bolt faster than my brain” or some other idiotic uninteresting crap. What the fuck is wrong with people and why does anyone care about inoccous messages about running by a guy famous for fucking britney spears?

    • Bada ba ba ba…… you’re lovin it!

    • Famous for fucking britney spears?

      Come on. They guy is a musical genius. Have you never heard “dick in a box”?

      • First off all, let me apologize for the atrocious spelling in my previous post. But I do hope you are joking. Musical Genious? Prince is a musical genious. Brian Wilson for sure, probably Paul Mccartney, the RZA, maybe. NOt too many people can claim that title. I don’t even have a problem with gay dance music or Timberlake. I just am utterly perplexed by what is currently constituting a news story. Tweets – like Kanye holed up in his mansion obsessivly reading record reviews – can be really interesting when they illuminate what is going on in the mind of someone interesting and even then, it sure as fuck isnt ‘news’. But I gotta draw the lines at random observations. I guarentee you this, Timberlake may be a better musician than me, but if I did drop any tweets, you best believe they would be better.

        • Wasn’t a fan of his or his music but the last couple of years he’s grown on me with his SNL stuff and he was awesome in The Social Network.

          Having said that, 100% agree with you about Twitter. I only use it to get sports updates especially on trade deadline day.
          Otherwise it’s idiotic.

          • I played the SARS concert for free and you guys threw bottles at me…Stones do it for 10 mil and you trip over yourselves to blow them…where the justice?

        • too critical, ease up bro

          • NO, lack of critisism is the biggest problem in our society. Everyone gets a ribbon. Fuck that, some people are retarded and need to be told. I am doing you a favour, you just don’t know it.

        • You apologize for your spelling, then proceed to spell ‘genius’ as ‘genious’…

          Thumbs up fot unintentional comedy!

  48. Leroux is crazy friggin hot. PW: JAGGERBOMBZ


  50. IQ70

  51. Password: punchyy

  52. aggro.all.the.time

  53. WishIWasMikeTrout

  54. Did anyone else read this story and then find themselves suprised that Lawrie was literate?

  55. I dont wanna say that Lawrie is the epitome of the stereotypical dumb jock, but I heard that Linds back injury was caused because Lawrie held him upside down in a toilet.

  56. So which popular Blue Jays blog posted about this? BJ Hunter? Bluebird Banter? Why no link?

  57. IF it’s the girl, man what a psycho. Totally suites the dude.

  58. Weird, there’s a delay in posting comments.

  59. Brett Lawrie’s Password: BrettBullGivesYouWings

  60. edward40handz

  61. Man, I wish LeRoux and Lawrie had stuck it out. Their kids would be the greatest Canadian athletes of all time!

  62. Possible Passwords:







  63. Possible passwords:


    My bet is still “#beaut”

  64. iheartjpaandredbull

    that’s all i got

  65. Password is taco

  66. camel-toe

  67. Leroux is not that hot but obviously enjoys brettz love of tattoos

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