Is that a Baldwin?

Happy weekend! The Yankees are in town, and while I happen to have some friends from NYC who are here watching the game, so I can’t shit on the hordes too much, um… enjoy that.

Holy fuck, and no Rasmus in the Jays lineup this afternoon??? Davis, Gose, Cooper, Sierra, Gomes and Hechavarria to go along with EE, Yunel and KJ? Man alive, there are… men alive in here!

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  1. bubbles 3 ways to win

    turn off lights so rajai can see ball
    kj wear batting helmet in the field
    longer necklace for gose

  2. so cooper is the hottest hitter, wouldn’t it make sense to bat him in front of edwin? and why the fuck is edwin batting 3rd with 2 low obp guys in front. fuck farrell is completely useless.

  3. Whos the broad who ate hazel Mae and took her seat?

  4. If the Jays win this game it should be counted for the 51s

    • Also, now that the season’s all but over the Jays need to call up Tuffy Gosewich. With a name like that it must be done.

      • The only time I thought I would see the term Gosewich is if Anthony Gose made himself a sandwich. Or had a 3-way with 2 girls

  5. I hate to keep going on about this, but Travis Snider would have looked pretty good in the middle of the line up the past couple of weeks. Just sayin’.

  6. More Simpsons references. Well done.

  7. Do you think we score today with these crappers?
    Ok, do we at least get a hit?
    What is the o/u on walks we get? I think it is 1.
    The o/u on walks allowed is 5.
    We have to find some guys for next year that can get on, whether it be by walk or whatever( like Jose) or learn to hit to the opposite field like Tampa did against Happ. Do they not have any fuckin coaches???

  8. So I’m starting to think Hechavarria saying he’s never played third base in his life before reaching the big leagues is a flat-out lie. Nobody who’s only playing their 6th game ever at 3B can make a barehanded play like that, I don’t care if the runner was safe or out. Damn.

    • He’s considered the best defensive prospect in the system prolly top 5 in baseball so actually it is possible if not likely he’s going to make shockily good plays…it’s not like he moved from left field to 3rd

  9. I fucking hate Rajai.

  10. Sigh

  11. Welp. That’s the ball game. There is no way the Jays are scoring more than 4 runs.

  12. Shit, we’ve been Nixed & McGeheed.

  13. so what was wilner saying about yeah the yankees have injuries but they have 200 mil to buy players.

    nix, mcgehee, stewart, jones. that’s about 6 mil on 4 players who are destroying us today.

  14. Wow, rajai davis is their 4th or 5th best hitter in the lineup today??? Wow, thats just fuckin hilarious. I dont think davis could bat 9th for the bluefield blue jays. Honestly, hes making it really hard for me to want him to be on the team next year JUST as a pinch runner. His baserunning is questionable also. Just such a terrible player in every aspect.

  15. So, balls to this. Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

  16. Well at least it’ll be sellouts all weekend.

  17. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

  18. Seriously Gose? SERIOUSLY?

  19. Well at least we won’t be a) shut out b) no-hit.

  20. Good job Eddie.

  21. you know it’s not a blue jay game until we give up the mandatory 3 run homer.

  22. So Gose strikes out for the second time in the same at bat on the same pitch.
    What the fuck did ya think he was gonna throw you, you fuckin idiot?
    Learn to fucking think and adjust.
    Fuck me gently.

  23. This team is such an embarrassment depth wise. They just cant compete. I know no team is THIS deep besides the yankees. However, I question the decision to bring up gose and hech when its clear they are not ready and they cant hit. They’ve exposed their weaknesses and lessened their trade value. Just dont get it. Might as well signed wise and nix types. They could provide more and make good contact with the ball occasionally at least.

    • Unless their goal is to just tank and lose as many games as possible. Although, that doesn’t make sense in this sport since the best players arent always drafted in order and you can get a very good player in later rounds.

      • Very true under old CBA.

        Now the new CBA means you want to tank to get the higher pick. Not for the talent like you said, but for the slot bonus money. That way you can potentially get tougher to sign players in later rounds.

    • Were you a particular fan of Wise and Nix during their first kick at the cat? It must have been lonely for you.

    • The problem is they are hurting the potential trade value of Hech and Gose by allowing them to flail and fail at the major league level.

      • Not a problem if they’re not trading chips.

        • So Colby is the trading chip then? Or are idiots going to suggest we put Gose in LF?

          • Gose isn’t ready, so it’s not an issue.

          • No, you’re right, Gose needs at least another year in AAA. When was Gose added to the 40 man roster? This year? Last year? I suppose if you don’t keep Colby around when he’s eligible for Free Agency, this would coincide with the expiration of all option years on Gose’s contract (unless my math is off).

        • They should be trade chips since its been pretty clear their bat is always going to be a question mark and AA is not helping their trade value by having them suck here. Gose would likely be way more useful in the NL. Same with Hech.

  24. Make them pay, O Chinless One.

  25. now I’m no hitting coach but it seems OBVIOUS to me that if you can’t hit his curveball DON’T SWING AT IT!!!!! half the time it’s a ball anyways!!!!!!!

    • he’s throwing first pitch strikes with his curve all fucking day, can we not fucking time one up and knock it out?

  26. Another inside breaking ball by Nova for the strikeout.

    Somebody use their head.
    Jays are getting schooled and they’re not learning.

    • Not much you can do. The only Major League hitter on this line up is EE.

    • ya in fairness, half the team should be in college.

    • This is why the Jays really need to get out of Vegas and the PCL in general. Yan fucking Gomes can put up 151 wRC+ in the PCL, he has lost 100pts in his transition to the majors. We cannot adequately evaluate our players in this fucking league/park.

      With that being said, no one in their right mind would have thought Gose and Hech’s bats were ready this year. Even with the inflated PCL stats.

    • Ya, cause that never happens in the minors.
      For fucks sakes, in Midget baseball, a pitcher sees that you can’t hit or lay off the inside duece, he’s gonna throw it. Big boys adjust.
      Baseball 101.

      • Not saying it doesn’t happen in the minors. Just looks like we’re ready to field an entire team of Travis Snider’s here in a couple years. Maybe we can get some middle relievers for them.

  27. where is lil looper and oakville. I want to hear some lover’s quarrel. more exciting than this game.

    • Thanks bubbles. I just checked in.

      I think Oakville69 is managing the Jays today.

      • Missed yesterday & today’s game. Thanks for keeping my place Fake Oakville69.

        No , I wasn’t managig the Jays today. Ther isn’t much you can do with most of the roster on the DL.

        Escobar is out now as well???

        The good news is that the lack of depth of the team has been exposed.

        These prospects aren’t read for the MLB,

        • Yes! That is great news!

          Our prospects can’t play! Hip Hip Hooray!

          • It looks like the Jays MGMT fans a bill of goods with Gose & Hech. They both need another year in AAA.

            Why is Rogers media trying to hype these prospects???

            It’sridiculous that the hipster want to get rid of Escobar.JPA & Colby Rasmus to be replaced by TDA,Gose & Hech.

          • Hopefully AA will realize that the prospects are not t ready yet, so the team will spend more money to get qualified MLB

            The old ads Rogers is running with Lawrie & Kelly Johnson saying 4th place sucks are out of place.

            4th place was the good old days.

  28. 1st pitch creampie curve? Naw. I’ll wait for the 2 strike slider to hack at.



  31. I’ve been a fan since day 1. I don’t remember anything like this. Even the last Bobby Mattick club, they lost because they weren’t ready to compete; but they were healthy.

  32. My kingdom for a 2 out hit

  33. Where’s Crash Davis to flood the dome for a rainout???

  34. Hi everybody! I’m in Pittsburgh for the weekend watching Travis. Last night Travis hit a homerun! I got a seat in rightfield where I can cheer him and after the homerun I was so proud. I had my Travis poster up all night for everyone to see and I kept calling Travis! Travis! He couldn’t turn around and look at me though because Travis is always watching the play in case a ball is hit to him. So after the game I tried to see him in the clubhouse and show him my poster, but they wouldn’t let me in. So I stood at the players’ gate and waited but I think he went out a different way.

    • I hope lil looper runs you over with a car.

    • ROTHFL!

      These impersonations are getting better.

      In all seriousness, the team could use Travis in LF.

      Davis is circus act in LF, losing balls daily in the lights,base running errors, swinging at pitches out of the zone.

      Th trade doesn’t make sense . The Jays need a regular LF more than a middle reliever albei a good one.

    • Quite possibly the worst post ever made.

  35. Loup there it was

  36. Jesus. The untouchable Nova curve. Fuck off.

  37. Of fucking course. Poor Hech.

  38. Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and say whats up. So….this jays team is sort of a combo of suck and injury huh?

    Mike wilner…he is sort of a hypocrite dont you think? How can he on one hand say that he believes Snider will be a perennial all star and then at the same time NOT say the trade was a huge mistake? Does he think Lincoln is going to win a few cy youngs out of middle relief?

    Just wondering.

  39. The Golden Sombrero.

  40. Fuck is Rajai stupid

  41. In spite of all our woes, it’s still a real pleasure watching EE compete.

  42. Atta boy Omar!! Great to have a quality bat like that available late in a game to pinch hit.

  43. I cant believe oakland and baltimore are ahead of us in the standings. Injuries aside, its been like that all year. Kind of reflects bad on AA that those two rebuilding teams managed to field a competitive team before he did.

    • Nonsense.

      1. Our whole team is injured.
      2. I will bet you a case of Labatt Blue that we win a world series before either of these two clubs.
      3. We will win just as many playoff games this year as either of those two.

    • Don’t say that to the AA fanboys.

      AA built a cost efficient team there wasn’t much room for an expensive bench or backup pitching.

      The regression of Ricky Romero is worrisome.

      Wilner isn’t worried about 2013 with Romero/Alvarez & Morrow/Happ & whoever else.

      I am shocked that he would say that.

  44. Now escobar is injured. Might as well start calling up the gulf coast league blue jays. They cant perform any worse than gose or hech.

  45. How’s Buck a professional play-by-play man? Says the wrong name of players constantly…

  46. Repeat after me














  47. You can only hold down a VETERAN like Casey MacGhee for so long

  48. I’m still kinda following the Jays, reading the box scores (especially the minor league ones), reading this a couple of times a day, but I can’t actually summon the energy to sit through an actual game right now. It’s not about the losses, it’s just how pathetically overmatched they are. The new kids aren’t ready, and or/ aren’t very exciting prospects (ie. Cooper/Sierra) in the first place. There’s just, like, nothing to root for right now.

  49. DJ Davis is my CF of the Future – transferring Gose Lover Pate to him (18 SB in 39 games)

  50. I know taking traditionally doesn’t work in baseball, but I wonder if that’s changed a bit under the new CBA with the slot allotment (along with the pick protection for free agents). Maybe there’s more advantage to finishing lower for the Jays this year than in previous years? ‘Cause it certainly seems like that’s what they’re doing right now. I know people are hurt, but they also don’t seem like they’re in much of a rush to get healthy. Probably not though. I’m just talkin’ shit really.

  51. (I meant “tanking”.)

  52. Last place in the A.L is now within reach. Go prospects!

    • That would be quite an achievement for the team.

      I do agree that exposing the prospects reduces their trade value.

      However, I don’t think AA wanted to trade them anyway.

      Weren’t Gose & Hech supposed to be core pieces??

      • Hell I don’t even remember who the core pieces were or are anymore. It has all become as clear as mud. I can’t even envision what a 2013 edition of this team looks like at this point.

  53. Well I was rooting for the Raptors to tank hard all season and they failed miserably at it. Toronto sports has already ingrained this concept of looking at standings in reverse into me.

  54. There is absolutely no need for Gose to be here, he’s just embarresing himself now.

    Not that this would be a surprise, he was hitting .517 vs. LHP in goddamn Vegas. That implies some pretty massive holes in the swing.

  55. Theres no point even really getting too upset about these losses. Blaming AA or Farrell or Rogers right now is nuts.

    Look at the players in the DL (plus Rasmus). Its absurd. Yes, every team has to deal with injuries but this is like a once a decade streak.

    All we’ve really learned the last two weeks is that the Las Vegas 51s would be a bad MLB team. Shock!

  56. well that wallace for gose trade sure looking fine. I don’t care what tools gose has if he can’t hit. I would rather have had gose traded for lincoln and kept snider.

  57. Another lost season for the Blue Jays.

    That’s 12 years now by Rogers Communications, a pathetic, cheap owner of a MLB team.

    And to think that Rogers will now own the Leafs, Raptors and TFC.

    Rogers Communications = Losers

    • Agree 100%. Don’t ever cheer for a team with corporate ownership. It’s a miracle Toronto ever won when they were owned by Labatts. For long term success and interest, you need a tycoon who wants to whip ass on all the other tycoons.

    • +1.

      The mistake for Rogers is that it will get guaranteed revenues for hockey, but attendance & revenue for TFC,Raptors & Jays is more dependant on team performance than the Leafs.

  58. Just FYI, since end of May, Darin Mastroianni has played 37 games, 81 PAs and has a .894 OPS, including a .388 OBP and is 12 of 14 in stolen bases playing mostly RF and LF

    • I was always a big fan of mastro. I never understood why they would give up on a guy for nothing. really ben franscisco was a better option or dwayne wise?

      we’re starting to see a disturbing pattern of former jays blossoming for other teams.

  59. They just plain sucked! I’ve seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

  60. IAIR don’t think we can judge this season in any fair way given the extraordinary injuries. But we sure do have a good idea where the club is lacking. And it’s lacking a shed-load.

    In other news I wonder if that great game at the end of last season helped Baltimore this season. They must have left last year feeling terrific about themselves. We’ve never had a game like that. I think the only time we came close was the Morrow 1-hitter against the Rays. Yes we swept the Sox and bla bla bla. But we didn’t annihilate them like the Os did. That had to have had an effect.

    • It’s lacking in the places we knew it was lacking last off season: couple good starters, LF, DH. Given reasonable health this was probably an 85 win team or so, but even without the injuries moves need to be done between now and next April.

  61. Traditionally, there hasn’t been a lot of incentive in baseball to tank (in comparison to other sports). This is because there is far greater risk of those top picks busting in baseball. I think, however, with the new CBA there’s far more incentive for teams missing the playoffs to bottom out, less because the quality of the draft pick (which obviously hasn’t changed) but more because of the increased slot allotment money. The most obvious example from the last draft was Houston who was able to use some of it’s 1st round pick money to sign McCullers. The lower the Jays finish, the more money they’ll have to play with. (Plus, like the old system, the won’t lose a draft pick to sign a free agent.)

  62. Going to today’s game. Hopefully Jays are due for a win.

    I mean, Phil Hughes isn’t exactly CC Sabathia. So there’s a chance, right?

    Also, just for fun, predicting this afternoon’s lineup:
    CF Gose
    LF Davis
    1B Encarnacion
    DH Cooper
    C Mathis
    2B Johnson
    RF Sierra
    3B Gomes
    SS Hechavarria

  63. lol got to love the lineup today. Just one regular. Pretty amazing at how many things went wrong for this team.

    • I’d be pissed off if the actual team was playing like this. You know, something vaguely close to Lawrie, Rasmus, Jose, EE, Lind, Escobar, JPA, KJ, Rajai.

      This is the worst year for injuries I can remember for the Jays. I think they had crazy injuries in… Was it 2004 maybe? And a bad stretch when they lost Marcum, McGowan and Litsch a couple years later. But this season is one for the ages.

      • How convenient for Rogers Communications to claim injuries.

        I have been hearing about the “future” from Rogers Communications for 12 years now.

      • Very true. It depends on what Rogers does in the offseason. If they the existing roster with health gets them 85 wins in 2013, that’s not enough.

        They need a LF, 2B, DH, & 2 starting pitchers. Hech can fill one of the spots.

  64. Question: do you think all of this losing is going to hurt the Jays chances of signing some quality free agents this winter?

    • I think the pitching injuries might be more of a stigma than anything else. You can turn around losing readily enough. Injuries which can be career threatening are another matter. While the rational person would say the injuries are just a fluke and have nothing to do with the team’s programs I am sure it’s got to be there in the back of some of the players minds especially when you consider how superstitious most of them are. All things being equal with money and length of contract, the Jays are at a big disadvantage to other clubs because of the division, past record and being in another country. Throw in an epic rash of injuries and I am sure it’s just one more thing to worry about. Still believe the Jays are going to have to overpay like Riccardi did until they develop a reputation for winning.

      • I agree. Pitchers would have to be beyond wary of coming to this team in these circumstances. After all. One injury is an an accident, two is a coincidence, but three is enemy action!

      • agreed.

      • Having this many injuries is not a fluke. The training staff and their conditioning programs have to be held accountable for this many injuries. Johnson has a groin issue now as well coming from nowhere. These are not freak/unlucky injuries like Arencibia’s. AA should really look at replacing this training staff in the offseason.

      • That’s a good point.

        Wilner admits that AA will have to overpay for starting pitching nextyear.

        Jays training staff will have to undergo some audits to see if anything is wrong with them

    • let me rephrase the question for you:

      “do you think beeston is going to hurt the Jays chances of signing some quality free agents this winter?”

      • Doubt it. Beeston is one of the top executives in baseball. Unlike Godfrey who let Ricciardi dismantle the entire organization.

        • The Jays should prevent beeston from talking to the media in the offseason.

          He’s a buzzkill.

          He will say something That will give the fans hope about playoffs 3 times in 5 years yet demand fans show up before they spend.

    • I think the vast, vast majority of free agents just go to whoever offers the most money.

      • Sure wish we had Yu Darvish, Carl Crawford, Chone Figgins, John Lackey, BJ Ryan, Frank Thomas, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and all the rest of the over-priced shit with crippling contracts. Real smart. The Miami way.

        • Crippling contracts? Yeah, Im sure the Tigers and the Angels are worried about crippling contracts. You can’t have a crippling contract if you are willing to spend your way out of them. Overpriced? Thats all based on what you value from production now doesn’t it?

          How can you put Pujols and Fielder ..and even Darvish in the same category as those other guys?

        • Idiotic, irrelevant list. A few terrible contracts there, but Pujols and Fielder have been mostly as advertised, and Darvish is stuggling, yes, but he’s a rookie to the MLB so it’s a bit of a longer-term investment. Think before typing.

          Also, hilarious that not one of those contracts are Miami’s and also funny that two of these players are not even active. Just dumb.

    • No. They’ll try to acquire starting pitching through trades, like they tried last year. This year the talent to trade is a bit more mature than what they had to work with last year when they tried to get Latos. They’re not going to pay a fortune for jokes like Yu Darvish, Carl Crawford, Chone Figgins, John Lackey, Prince Fielder and Albert Pooholes. Nor should they.

  65. the worst thing about this season is now it gives beeston an excuse to not spend anything. I can hear the excuses now…we would have been a good team without the injuries…the team hasn’t shown they’re contenders yet…we’re really high on gose and hech, we want to see what they can do this year

    • Actually I see it as quite the opposite. If anything the performance of the players from the farm system has shown that for the most part there’s still a long way to go developmentally once you take out the guys that have been injured or traded. Outside of Loup and Cooper the rest have been busts this year. So now you’ve got a developmental lag. Of course Gose and Hechavarria might still surprise but I’m not counting on that or even counting on them to fill holes outside of being reserves next year.

      That leaves free agency or trades as your only option to fill the holes at the major league level. Considering the revenues have been fantastic this year and there’s still a very solid core here when everyone is healthy, I see no other alternative or excuse. AA has already hinted at it for next winter so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Hech and gose are not going to be core players of a contending team for at least three years. Perhaps we could absorb one of their shitty bats if we upgraded at somewhere else, but not both. Not in this league and not in this division….and not with our pitching.

        • Who said anything about them being core players? I believe I mentioned an outside chance of being reserves. To me the core is guys like Rasmus, Lawrie Joes, EE, JPA, Escobar, Morrow, Romero. Janssen, Lincoln, Loup, Santos. Throw in Alvarez if you think he can be more consistent. Those players right there consist of over half the 25 man roster with others like Oliver contributing at a high level for the short-term.

      • Very good post.

        The can’t blame the fans for not showing up in 2012.

        Revenues are probably 20% higher in 2012 with tv revenues., so approx 20 million extra.

  66. keep moving people, nothing to see here, keep moving. accident police on the scene at bluejay way

  67. Having the lineup they put out today is an embarassment to the fans. Imagine paying to go to the game and seeing this lineup. No chance from the start.

    • What should the Jays have done then? Played the injured guys?

      • Sign or trade for nix/wise types. At least they would be more competitive. Most of these kids like hech and gose are simply not ready and are overmatched from the start.

        • What a bunch of bullshit. We had Wise. We had Nix. The same assholes who complain now that we don’t have them complained then because we did.

          • No, Im not saying wise or nix are GOOD regulars or even average ones. Im saying at this stage, they are better than gose or hech. When the injured players come back you can dfa them.

    • You’re the embarrassment far as I can tell. We have nothing in the upper minors because JP Ricciardi drafted shit for 8 years. This is the result. Fuck off.

      • I can see your two busy having AA’s cock in your mouth to notice anything else.

      • Thats right, its the fans who complain about the shitty team, its their fault.

        Of course Roger Communications is just an innocent victim after 12 years of no playoffs.

      • you’re right, thames, snider, hutch, alvarez, sierra, JPA all shit

  68. so alex just said on the fan that he’s going to target 1-2 free agents. but wait didn’t he say that last year?

  69. The Rogers bean counters saw they could keep the Jays payroll at a bottom feeder $70 million and thanks to the hype, increase attendance by 25 per cent this season.

    The lesson is spend a couple million on hyping minor league players, have the local media shill hard for the triple A squad and the suckers will pour into the dome.

    In the end the off season plan will be the following.

    Little Alex will sign two or three over the hill relief pitchers and claim for the third year in a row the bullpen is fixed.

    Little Alex won’t pick up a top line starter or another bat for the lineup. Instead Little A will tell fans Dusty McGowan is ready for a full season and the Jays have lots of big bats in Vegas.

    Rogers will keep the Jays payroll at a bottom feeder $70 million.

    Rogers and the spineless shills in the local media will tell fans the Jays are ready to compete, in 2014 but in the mean time come on down to the dome to see the superstars of the future.

    Right now only the Nationals/Expos, Pirates and Royals have had a longer streaks of missing the playoffs than the Jays. Looks like the Nationals and Pirates have a good shot at making the post season leaving only the terrible KC Royals with a longer post season drought than the Jays.

    So come out and watch the superstars of the future in 2013. Get your season tickets now and Little Alex will personally come over to your house and wash your car!

    Just wait till Rogers and Bell take over MLSE!

    • Step right up and play AA’s annual off season 3 card monte. Follow the queen to the post season. Oh no, you picked the duece again! So close!

    • @ Moses

      Interesting therory.
      Totally wrong on so many levels.
      Don’t know whether you’re trolling or you actually believe it.

      • Thats right, you Rogers corporate shill, keep repeating the wait till next year mantra that has been told to the Toronto fans for 12 years.

    • The pen is set outside of them maybe trying to resign Lyon I can’t see them spending a dime there this winter.

      I am certainly not a Rogers backer but I am predicting they’ll be spending quite a bit this winter. The club knows what they have and don’t have in terms of prospects in the minors and with players at the major league level.

      • pen is set? with what? lincoln and jansenn. oliver will demand a trade

        • And you know this how? Santos is a complete write off is he? Ok gotcha. Delabar is completely useless? Even if he doesn’t face righties he’s lights out vs lefties.

          There’s Stroman. There’s Jenkins or McGuire. There’s possibly Stison who was projected to be a pen guy.

          Unless these guys turn Coco on us I think we’lll be fine there.

          • I think I like CV in the rotation. Hope they sign him again. Santos is reported to be ready to go for spring training.

          • I’d probably take CV as my 5th starter next year. Of course I’d love for the Jays to get 2 better starters and push Alvarez down to my 5th starter.

    • Good post, but the payroll this year was over 80 including Teahan.

      Thee should be more pressure on AA in the offseason.

    • Holy fucking pissing and moaning.

      Friend, nobody thinks Rogers has been a good owner– though they’re far better than this sand that’s dripped out of your vagina would indicate– but Anthopoulos has to work within the framework the company sets. Sorry, that’s reality. Please TRY to understand what’s animating either side before you go spraying shit around.

      And yes, the process is taking too long for anyone’s taste, and there’s no guarantee it’s going to ever work out, but… get a fucking grip. Not only are you terribly confused, but I suspect you actually believe this horseshit that you’ve dreamed up, which is just incredibly sad.

      There is plenty to be dispirited about without inventing these kinds of convoluted, ridiculous conspiracies to amp up your anger with. Not that you’re the only one doing this, but… jesus, fuck off.

      • Stoet – listen man, I get that the sky is blue and the grass is green and we all live with that reality, but by the same rationale we should stop making excuses and call this pot of fertilizer the crock of shit that it really is! What I mean is, that – yeah, you’re right – AA may not be to blame, and it’s his job to spin all things positive, but we can, and should, piss and moan the shit out of it when the organization makes all kinds of noises about the future being now, and then does nothing to back it up. I get that the unprecedented string of injuries is killing us, but I don’t for one second believe that we’d be seriously contending even if the starting day roster was still playing. You can say that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about – and no, it’s not my full time job to know all there is to know – but you know what? I’m just a fan, that’s how I feel, and I’m entitled to feel it. By the way – love your work.

        • Totally agree. I wish more people on this blog would realize that and stop saying that injuries completely derailed our season. They didnt help but its not like this team was headed for great things when the injuries started in mid June. They were an 81-85 win team at most.

      • Hey Andrew, the onus is not on me to kiss Rogers or AA ass, considering the team has not made the playoffs in 12 years.

        If you wish to support a team owner that fosters mediocrity, that is your prerogative. My fight is not with you, it is with Rogers Communications.

  70. A chin has no place in the mechanics of hitting.

  71. alex just said that we now have depth in the bullpen. huh? lincoln that’s it?

    • When you factor in Santos coming back and with guys like Stroman close to helping there’s more than enough there I think especially if they were to resign Lyon. It wouldn’t surprise me to see guys like Jenkins or McGuire end up there permanently as well. Through in one of Happ or Cecil for the third left hander.


      Then there’s Stroman, Jenkins or another free agent.

      • holy shit, that’s like saying mcgowan, cecil, drabek makes the rotation set. oh wait we tried that.

        how many of those guys are PROVEN. they’re deep injury wise, but that doesn’t mean they’re reliable. only 3 guys you can count on. that is not deep.

      • stop with the straw man arguments. do you understand the difference between hoping a player is good like santos and stroman and knowing a player is good, like jansenn? apparently you don’t.

        this is what alex sells every year, HOPE and yet pretends that these things are facts.

        • Really straw man arguments? Fail to see where I am making one. In fact you’re the one twisting things. I mentioned one player who was injured in Santos and now you’re saying he’s not proven? I guess one full year isn’t good enough for you. So be it then.

          I get that you don’t think the pen is good enough. Fair enough. Unfortunately only time will tell whether there’s enough depth there or not. I believe that there is especially once Santos is back. Add another free agent as insurance and you’re really set. But again I suppose depth for you is having 11 major league closers or setup quality men fighting for innings.

          There’s always going to be a big deal of hope going into the next season with a young team. The only way you decrease that is by spending big on free agents, even then you’re hoping they play as well as advertised. As next season hasn’t started yet why don’t we wait and see what happens first before you keep shouting about the sky falling.

          • Santos is not a proven closer.

            He’s been pitching for 2 years or so.

            Who knows how he recovers from the surgery.

      • What about Frasor?

        • Seriously, the pen is the least of this team’s issues going forward. There are much, much bigger fish to fry.

          we seriously are in need of a LF who can hit and play decent defense. Im not saying anything bad about lincoln but for me the price was too steep. Id rather have lost snider for nothing NEXT year if he failed miserably (which I dont think he would have) than trade for a reliver in a year in which we were going nowhere.

      • Hey Oakville, I hear Francisco Cordero is a proven closer.

  72. I think the pen has been solidified recently is being built with an eye on the long term. It’s becoming quite evident AA wants big strikeout, swing and miss stuff type of relievers who are under team control with team friendly contracts for years to come.

    He has stuck this mantra of valuing a playe he wants and then not giving up more than what he thinks that player is worth.

    It is clear they like Lincoln and didn’t value Snider as much given guys behind him need shots and Lunchbox had his. Time will tell on it, but the more I watch Lincoln, I’m okay with the deal.

  73. moises making some noises!

  74. Listened to the AA audio. I’m not as sold on the offense as he is. Still too much reliance on home runs and OBP is still too poor, IMO. Also did not like his equivocation on left field situation.

    I don’t understand the difference between this season and next season honestly. AA doesn’t believe two impact FAs would have helped this season? This sounds like ad hoc 2013 hope balloon bullshit to me.

    • I remember when AA gave an interview this preseason where he basically was laughing at how bad our outfield defense was last year and how that was going to be corrected this year. Only problem is the atrocious defense in LF was NOT corrected aside from the short spell when Snider patrolled it mid summer.

      If he actually thinks that running Davis out there next year as the starter is detrimental both defensively,, offensively, and from an overall player intelligence situation

    • Someone in the non controlled Rogers media should get him to answer why this team has no solid LF.
      Rajai Davis despite today’s performance is not the answer.

  75. How long before Murphy corrects that oppo field hitting of Sierra

  76. anyone notice sierra looks like a young vernon wells?

  77. is there any reason for gose to have his necklace out of his uniform. is he trying to pick up chics or something

  78. Like that paralympian the Yanks have out there in LF.

  79. Anyone missing “The Smiles” and “Joy” of Eric Thames can be comforted in the call up Sierra, he has those tools in abundance – lights it up.

    Also, the highest drama of the game so far was whether Granpa Jones was going to be able to pick up that ball in the corner off Mathis – creaky, very creaky.

  80. Gose can’t hit for crap, but I like watching him play outfield.

  81. Moises Carries Jays to the Promised Land

    Moises’ 10 Commandments of Hitting

    Moises Parts the Sea of Red (Sox)

    Holy Moises!!

    (okay I hear you, I’ll pipe down)

  82. They are really fooling Hech with those fastballs down the middle. or as tabler calls them, breaking balls

  83. Am I only one who wouldn’t be super upset with cooper at first in the 7 hole next year pending a big bat in left?

    Side note Buck just said “The old Baltimore Chop” proving yet again that he and Tabs have actual mental health issues.

    • I’d prefer EE at first next year.

      • EE and Cooper DH/1st split is more accurate as to what i meant…

      • I agree I think that’s where you’ll see him most nights. Lind seems to hit better as DH and it also makes it far easier to get a right handed platoon mate to go along with Lind.

        I still think you could see a lot of d’Arnaud there next year if the club is intent on getting him lots of playing time in the majors next year. Sure his overall value will be reduced if he were to play there long-term but there’s no way I can see the Jays handing him the starters role next year. This would be a great way to get him up for the full season next year.

        If AA spends a large portion of his budget on free agent starters next year they will likely have to economize in other areas. Having d’Arnaud catch 40 games and potentially DH the rest next year would be a good way to go about it. He gets exposure behind the plate and gets mentoring for the rest of the season at the major league level.

        • I’m so sick of actually considering lind a viable option in 2013…I’d rather cooper’s singles than dreaming of the day when Lind might hit a HR. TDA, JPA, Eddie and Cooper all rotating through DH would be fine again pending an Uptonesque bat in left.

    • Not saying buck and tabby aren’t idiots, but the Baltimore chop was a real thing back in the day. Sort of a swinging bunt straight into the ground and then when it bounced way up in the air they’d leg out infield singles. Totally different than atlantas hate crime chop.

  84. The Chicken Wing Thing–#30

  85. That is fucking funny. The first pitch to EE was a ball and he didn’t like the strike call. Same fucking pitch next one he smokes the shit out of it! nice EE

  86. Hopefully with the BP we’ve got that should prevent the sweep in our home barn…what a difference from the old EE!!

  87. You boys feel free to continue the scintillating discussion about next year’s pen.

  88. can I play?

  89. moises now has 3 multi hit games in 7 starts, pretty fucking impressive. wait till he starts hitting for power

  90. Snider gets that ball…just sayin

  91. Happiness-the order of the day.

    • ya…about damn time. Its been a depressing 2-3 weeks. I’ve been using the FF on the PVR quite a bit. Even more depressing in here with the same ‘cheap ass Rogers’ crap.

  92. Hope this guy still sucks.

  93. Happ is the kind of guy you don’t mind as a fifth starter. Nothing special..but seems to have decent control and can at least get the ball into the low 90′s as a lefty (vs the shit we had been running out there like Cecil and Laffey)

  94. Ok all the BS from Tabbie and Buck aside…whats up with Sierra? Is he one of those late-bloomer types?

    • SIerra isn’t really a late bloomer..he was more hindered by injuries than anything else. I think his career trajectory is right on track given the lost years. Having said that, I dont see him as much more than a platoon guy. His rifle arm in right notwithstanding, he doesn’t have a place to play when Jose comes back except for possibly LF.

  95. QUICK trade Sierra back for Snider….DAMN trade deadline!!! he’ll never clear!

  96. DId Tabler just call this dude “niggarashi? “”

  97. Jeter’s really putting on a clinic today.

  98. DIdn’t now I changed my name and could play ball did you?

  99. Hechavarria achieving the ever popular OBP higher than SLG.

  100. This was totally expected.

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