Is that a Baldwin?

Happy weekend! The Yankees are in town, and while I happen to have some friends from NYC who are here watching the game, so I can’t shit on the hordes too much, um… enjoy that.

Holy fuck, and no Rasmus in the Jays lineup this afternoon??? Davis, Gose, Cooper, Sierra, Gomes and Hechavarria to go along with EE, Yunel and KJ? Man alive, there are… men alive in here!

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  1. Big game for Rajai.

  2. Quick trade Davis while his value is high…oops… too late!!

  3. Dont count the Yankees out yet. Why you ask?







  4. Finally nice to watch a Sunday rout…even better against the yanks

  5. Well I am glad my old man is getting a good game to watch live today. I feared for his sanity when he took 6 of my young nieces and nephews to the game today. I figured being stuck with so many kids for 3 hours in the tight confines of the 500 section while watching the AAA Jays would bring on some type of seizure.

  6. My mathematical formulas postulate that the odds of the Jays scoring ten runs with this lineup are about equal to Buck and Tabs going an entire game vs the Yankees and not using the phrase “veteran who knows how to win”.

    in other words, approaching zero

  7. That hit was pure Happenstance.

  8. an absolute majestic shot, as called by the yankee crew. Fuck, i’d take them over Buck and Tab anyday. Good compliments for the Jays young crew.

  9. I think I like Lincoln…alot.

    • pretty good stats. I wonder if they try him in the rotation next year or just stick with whats working.

  10. I’m at work so I can’t watch but any “he’s just pitching to the score” excuses from Buck and Pat yet?

  11. Too bad Happ had to give up that Cano shot – this improbable Jays lineup was on track to lay the worst beating of the year on the Stanks (WSux 14-7 is probably their worst loss of the year, though the 8-1 loss to the Jays in May is a close 2nd).

    PS – please Baseball Gods, no comeback like the Stanx put on the RSux – 9 run lead after 5 innings

  12. hahshahahahahahahahaha

  13. Oh Rajai–how on earth did you do that! Career day indeed!

  14. Unfucking Real – Rajaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii – Play of the Yearrrrrr

  15. wow..can i recind my comment about snider now?

  16. I beak Rajai alot, but that was pretty fucking amazing. I cant remember the last time someone robbed a home-run at the ol Rogers Centre.

  17. umm, Snider doesn’t get that

    (just a little joke)

    • i bet most don’t get that. That was insane timing. I don’t see thunder thighs Snider making that leap.

  18. Nixed again

  19. I am ready, bring me in


  21. OMFG

  22. Let’s not kid ourselves.

    The Jays have the lead but we know where this is going.

    It’s All Over!!

    I won’t stick around to watch this garbage – I just can’t bear it. I refuse to be subjected to it anymore. Goodbye!

    Furthermore, I will not be back for the remainder of the season!

    • Please come back.
      When everything seems at the darkest, you provide that ray of sunshine and positive outlook that reminds me that everything will be okay.
      I love your “never give up” attitude.

  23. dm–you jinxed us with The Baseball Gods. This is on you, Bud.

    • haha – yeah, but the Baseball gods work in mysterious ways – without the Stankee comeback Rajai’s catch is an impressive footnote . . . . . now, THE MOST IMPORTANT/IMPRESSIVE PLAY OF THE YEAR (lol)

  24. “Rajai Davis (mis)plays it off the wall.”

  25. when was the last time “it’s all over” finished a game?



    • small case or CAPS LOCK?

      • small case…I cant type and dont want to offend anyone…I’m not worthy

        • I don’t remember the last time ‘small case’ started a game–he and grouchy disappeared together, I thought.

          • It quit meaning anything when people started to imitate. It took something pure and great and diluted it. The thrill is gone.

          • It was grouchy who started doing the imitations and one can clearly see that he is still here but posting under a couple of different names – it’s not like he disappeared.

          • I’ve always been curious as to who the alter ego is. There’s at least 1 person here who knows.

  26. God, that was hilarious for some reason. Maybe because I believe Oliver does everything for a reason.

  27. hAHAHA i like

  28. Gomes would be a decent – not great – 3B on any team.


  30. The kids in that Manulife ad seem really bad at their jobs. What 8 year old doesn’t know how to load printer paper? Jeez.

  31. Another timely hit from Cooper…the guy seems to get them on a regular basis.

  32. This is a good test for Sierra

  33. not that it would taint what has already been a very good day for Moises

  34. 3 MORE OUTS!! 3 MORE OUTS!!

  35. Ok Casey, this is for the opening at next year’s set-up position.

  36. Ok now I’m SURE they’re trying to hit KJ in the head!

  37. Ok you Bozos, swagger the hell out of here!

  38. Casey Janssen, as he walks the high-five line: “Who the fuck are these guys?”

  39. “Who took away my teammates? Where’s Escobar, Jose, Colby Flow, Red Bull??? JP?? Am I dreaming”"



  41. Still 54-60.

    Then again for some Toronto fans, mediocrity rules and always wait for next year.

  42. Logic:

    April 21st RSux take 9-0 lead vs Stankees in the 5th inning at home – proceed to lose 15-9 on Stankee combeack
    August 12th BJays take 10-1 lead vs Stankees in the 5th inning at home – proceed to hold off Stankee comeback and win 10-7

    Therefore, BJays > RSux


  43. Looks like they wiped the shit off of the bats and finally won a game. Noice. Now time for the 30 game winning streak!

  44. @night

    see this is what I mean by strawman shit. if you want to have an intelligent discussion then do so but when you make shit up like, you think santos is shitty and you want 11 closers? well you are being a dick.

    no I am not acting like the sky is falling, I am responding to what alex just said on the radio that he thinks the bullpen is now fine.which is a joke. as I said there are only 3 reliable guys you can count on. to me that is not enough

    frasor and lyon are gone. maybe cv as well

    in case you forgot santos is INJURED. you pretend that he will magically be just fine. we still have no idea what his injury is. he said last offseason he was fine then he is out for the season so no I have no confidence in him at all until he proves it just like mcgowan. we kept hearing how mcgowan’s arm was fine, then he hurt his foot and now look.

    delabar has horrible road splits and gives up a tonne of homers.

    this is the same shit we heard from alex last year about how the rotation was fine and he had depth and see what happened? so yes I would like another arm in the pen so shoot me for setting my standards a little higher than yours.

    • Good post.

      Fans have to be careful about AA when he says everything is fine.

      MLB is a results based business.

      So far AA has delivered 85 wins in 2010, 81 in 2011 & ???? less than 81 for 2012.

      It’s fun to talk about the farm guys & positive tweets from scouts, but the team needs to win 90 games before AA can be judged a success.

      It’s fine that AA saved Rogers 100 plus million by getting other teams to take Rios & Wells,

      but at some point the MLB team needs to step up & win some games.

      This team is hurt, so he gets a pass, but it 31-30 with a weak schedule before Brandon Morrow got hurt, so it’s not like the team was headed for a guaranteed playoff spot.

    • I think the Jays will end up with enough failed starters that can be of use in the pen.

      • I agree with that point.

        I am confused by AAs bullpen strtegy.

        Isn’t it normal to use failed starters as bullpen help.

        Why not put Cecil & Laffey in the bullpen.

        Carlos V can be used in both jobs.

        I am sure Jason Frasor would stick around for 3 million.

        The focus should be on the starting rotation.

        Romero,Morrow & are locks for 2013.

        Happ can stay???

        You still need a 3 pitcher at a minimum, who based on willingness to come back to Toronto should be Shaun Marcum.

        Can AA trade for a #3??

        Will his prospect chips lose value based on intial performance?

        Are Gose,Hech,Sierra worth more/less based on current MLB performance??.

        My guess is less.

    • Ahh yes lets resort to insults now lol and yes you’re totally crying about how bad things are. You’re the one pulling shit out of your ass like “Oliver is going to retire”. Oh really. Are you his fucking retirement planner now? Tell me that’s not a perfect example of the sky is falling mentality.

      Same goes for your Santos comments. You’re right I don’t know any more than you do about his injury status. All I can go by is what the team tells us. Considering they said “Some wear and tear in the joint, no specific tears of any kind,” manager John Farrell said of the surgery, which was centered around the labrum. “So, it was a general cleanout, and based on his findings, probably the best-case scenario given surgery was required.” That sure sounds horrible.

      So using your straw man argument you jump from Santos’ shoulder injury to another player with far more serious injuries to his shoulder then to his foot as justification for Santos never being ok even after the team said they got the best possible news about it gotcha. Sure there’s a chance he won’t be as good as before just as there’s a chance every other pitcher gets injured and turns out to have a crap season.

      Delabar has also been lights out vs lefties, has allowed runs in outings at the same pace as Frasor yet he is $3.25 million cheaper. However, he’s garbage to you so fair enough. Coco and Frasor were two perfect examples of solid “reliable” guys that cost nearly $9 million in total or about 1/8 of team payroll. Look how that worked out for us. It just shows you that with reliever performance from year-to-year in general you’re always going to roll the dice. It brings us back to that point regarding hope. It’s there for all players when you’re talking performance, there is very little certainty.

      The thing you’re forgetting of course is that the payroll dollars are finite. You act like you’re in a vacuum and signing a free agent for the pen isn’t going to possibly take away money from the far greater need at starter. Who knows if that extra couple million would be the difference between getting 2 good starters or one? Considering that we need 2 starters, a left fielder, a 2nd baseman and possibly a dh there’s a lot of higher priorities to be taken care of first. Considering the year-to-year fluctuations in bullpen performance, wouldn’t it make sense to spend the money on something a little more reliable first and on something that’s going to contribute more than 50 innings? If there’s money to go around afterwords for a veteran like Lyon then great. I do believe I mentioned a couple of times that signing him was a possibility. So much for standards eh? I’m definitely not saying there shouldn’t be more money for players given this ownership. My views on that subject are clear but that’s another discussion entirely. Maybe just maybe AA has an idea about what his budget is going to be for next year and where he’s planning on spending it.

      As for the rotation coming into this year, I really hope you’re not going to hold AA to blame for 60% of his starting staff getting injured plus regressions from his #1 starter. That’s I mean so totally obvious dude. I mean totally everyone should have seen it. Maybe there was a shit load of good reasons not to spend this past winter . Maybe there wasn’t. I have certainly argued both and I am sure those arguments would have a lot more merit if the injury situation wasn’t so drastic and completely nullified the issue. Unfortunately that’s not the case so play “what if” if you want.

  45. Dammit I’m out of town and missed it and it looked amazing especially the Davis catch. That was extraordinary. Way to go replace,ent guys! You played a blinder.

  46. Man, that was an awesome game to go to.

    The whole stadium went absolutely nuts after that Rajai Davis robbery. Such a great atmosphere. EE’s home run got a pretty good reaction too.

  47. Anthopoulous just said some comments after today’s game that should light this place on fire. Quoted:

    Blue Jays’ general manager Alex Anthopoulos said Sunday he believes he has built the foundation of a “championship-calibre” team, with one glaring weakness he plans to address this off-season: starting pitching.

    “It’s a lot easier going into an off-season when you have one area to really attack, and every trade dialogue, every free-agent dialogue, can be geared to one area rather than having 40 balls in the air,” he said.

    “It becomes a lot to balance and you only have so many assets to trade, only so many dollars to spread around free agent-wise. I know it seems hard to say with the way we’re playing right now, but this is probably the best core that we’ve had since I’ve been here. Obviously, there’s one area left and it’s an important one. But I think it’s easier to handle that when you have one area rather than five.”

    “You don’t want to build a team based on free agency. (But) if you’re finalizing your roster with one or two free agents — for the sake of argument — and you’re overpaying one or two out of 25 guys, the overpayment makes sense relative to the other part of the payroll as a whole.”

    “For the most part, (our) lineup is young, it’s under control and it should get better. And it’s deep enough, if guys have down years, if guys get hurt — other than what’s happened now; if you have a normal amount of injuries — we should be able to sustain those type of things and still be a good offensive team. And I think the bullpen as well is starting to get to the point where it’s very, very deep.”

    “We’re not in the market right now for going after prospects, guys that are years away,” he said. “That’s not where this team is at right now. We’re trying to get better, and that’s going to be with scouting big-league players.”

    It should be noted that being this direct is not exactly Anthopoulous-like. These comments, and the comments of the last month or so, are completely different from his past “it’s on the players to make the jump” and “sustained success” and “if the fans come out” and all of that. These comments are borderline “I will get top-quality starting pitching this off-season, and we will contend for a title.”

    These are exciting times to be a Jays fans.

    • I agree about the bullpen. The bullpen has the potential to be very strong if players perform to their capabilities and stay injury free which is a problem for this team. I also agree about the need for starting pitching obviously. However, what I defnitely dont agree about is the championship caliber offense. They need more players who can get on base effectively and less hackers who have no idea what theyre doing at the plate. I would look at replacing players like lind and arencibia. Their obp is atrociuos.

      • This comment is right on, except for the part about replacing Lind. They don’t need to replace Lind, they need to get rid of him.

        Otherwise I check off on everything you said. The powerful Blue Jay offense is an illusion that melts when quality pitching appears.

        • Just look at how many times this offense gets shut down by quality pitchers like price, sabathia, bucholz, any rays starter basically. You would think they would be able to knock them around once in a while just because they see them so often and are familiar with their offerings. Yet, the offense is unable to do do.

      • This might come as a surprise to you, but quality pitchers shut down quality offenses. That’s why they’re called “quality pitchers.”

    • That doesn’t sound like the real AA.

      If so, AA is abndoning his value strategy??

      Wilner was on the radio this weekend said AA was on budget & he would overpay on free agents.

      I would be pleasantly shocked if AA went after a couple of free agent pitchers.

    • Yes quite exciting, at 54-60 with 12 years of no playoffs under Rogers Communications.

  48. for once I want to see the Jays start the year with 5 legit starters. enough of this 3 man rotation filled out by a bunch of injured or inexperienced players.

    to start the year our rotation looked something like:


    with McGowan, Laffey, and Hutchison as other potential starters

    a bunch of borderline mlb players does not make one decent starter. what eventually happened to our pitching this year was entirely predictable. things were bound to fall apart when we didn’t even have four guys we could reasonably expect to have a good chance of putting together 25+ solid starts.

    guys like Drabek, McGowan, and our pitching prospects might be able to put together a good year in 2013 or 2014, but for fuck’s sake don’t rely on them. injuries will happen, guys will regress, the rotation is never the same in spring as it is in the fall. AA needs to fill the rotation with five legit guys or else we will be in the same position next year.

  49. and of course he is saying the right things, he understands the pitching is thin, but if he cannot put together a rotation for 2013 then he is not a very good major league GM.

  50. I want someone to look at man games lost by the Jays vs. other teams. I think the number should be fucking insane.

  51. I’d just like to sum up the season by saying the words labia lips.

  52. @night

    pulling shit out of my ass? ok

    the guy is going to be 42 and said he wasnt’ 100% sure he wanted to come back. he is used to making the playoffs which he wont here so yeah it’s a real concern he will retire. don’t believe me? then ask ANYONE else on this board if that’s full of shit

    yeah santos sounds horrible. you stil haven’t told me what his injury is. the guy is in pain and so now magically the pain will be gone right? I gave you an example of mcgowan to show you that when a player has an operation you have no idea whether they will come back 100%. you don’t seem to understand the difference between hope and expectation.

    you think delabar is great ok let’s see. I told you about his horrible road splits right? so far in skydome 2.2 ip 6 hits 5er whip 2.6 so yeah that’s pretty damn good to me.

    uh yeah I am holding AA to blame for not signing a veteran starter which he himself said he was going after last offseason and never did. and now we’re hearing the exact same thing again. and it’s pure foolishness for any GM to go into a season with only 2 pitchers who’ve pitched more than 150 ip in a season. and since AA has never spent more than 5mil on a free agent good luck getting anyone decent.

  53. Maybe you guys are right, your arguments are as solid as a rock,so it is written and so it shall be.
    After all, as attendance is up over 25%, TV viewership is up by 50 %,younger people are flocking to the “old boring game”, Jays fans are showing up to visiting parks in record numbers and cheering the Jays louder than the locals ( Seattle).
    Where just a few years ago, not all the Jays games were even televised because it wasn’t profitable .Now all the games are televised, a new network (SN1) was created to carry Jays games ( with 10 to 15 million in revenue created in subscriber fees alone) more in advertising revenue.More content across various platforms at virtually no additional or minimal cost.All that new interest in the Jays, creating additional revenue streams and surprise, more money for Rogers.
    Yup, all of you are probably correct. Rogers has told Beeston and AA do everything as cheap as possible. Now that we have all these additional fans and revenue streams lets alienate them and not try to build a winner. All those fans and all that money will stick around if the team doesn’t move forward, right?
    What’s that you say?The fans might not return if we don’t invest in the team so they can make a charge at the playoffs. All that interest created and all that content will be gone?And the revenues and the profit too?
    So Rogers invested in all those scouts, in an additional minor league team,In international signings,in creating a new logo,in writing off bad contracts to get the players they want, in spending to within $341 of the max in the amateur draft this year,increasing the number of players they could draft and spend more on signing bonuses in previous years,increasing per diems to minor league players,etc.
    All that money spent,all that interest created,all the media content provided for various Rogers outlets.
    And now they’ve decided to keep payroll lower and maybe blow up all that they’ve done up till now.
    Yup, you guys nailed it,Ya got it all figured out. makes total sense.If the Jays don’t spend 100 or 200 million recklessly, they must be cheap.

    On second thought, maybe you guys are wrong and were wrong all along.
    Time will tell.

  54. Oliver isn’t going to retire as long as an MLB team is paying him million of dollars. Jesus fucking Christ. Oh he’s “used to making the playoffs.” He didn’t make the playoffs between years 25 and 35. If that was actually a reason people used he would have retired when he was 34, you stupid fuck.

  55. So if they are going after free agent pitchers….who do they target? There aint much shit out there this year. Greinke aint coming here. I sure hope he doesnt overpay for some middling shitster starter who is over valued in a down free agent year ..there just aint much out there after zach.

    there is shields, marcum, peavy, floyd, jackson, McCarthy, lohse, bedard, serious Yawn…i guess if i had to take two of these guys it would be jackson and shields..shields would be worth it just so he doesnt shut us down 4 times a year

    • I dunno. I think Jake Peavy and Dan Haren would be alrigt in the Jays rotation. There’s actually quite a bit of free agent SP depth out the there this year. Two solid mid rotation starters would be very good. So would Justin Upton.

      • I think Haren is one of those “west coast” guys, isn’t he? Not sure he’d come here. Peavy I don’t know.

        Problem with free agents is that they’re free. Toronto, especially when not winning, is not exactly an attractive destination.

    • Why isn’t Greinke coming here?

  56. rajai that catch was sick…. saw the highlight reel and that is what makes sport so great. even when your team is decimated with injuries or just sucks and is out of contention the pro athlete still performs to his best and we get to see awesomeness

  57. How is Stroman doing at NH?

    • If only there was some way to find out!!!!! Curses!

      • So asking about a Jay’s prospect on a Jays based blog isn’t a good way to going about finding out?

        • Perfectly valid way to find out. But it’s about 10th on my list of approaches.
          And since it’s been about 3.5 hours since you asked I sure hope you did a 2 minute google search by now.


      3 games pitched, one inning in each game.
      First game was clean, one strikeout.
      Second game gave up two hits and a walk, for one earned run on a solo HR. Also two strikeouts.
      Third game gave up two walks and no hits.

      ERA of 3.00. Of the nine outs he’s gotten so far, three came via strikeout and six via groundout.

      Overall, he’s gotten three innings in the past ten days, so we’re probably talking a really small sample size.

  58. One other note about yesterday’s game. I was sitting in right field, and I got a chance to see Sierra play up close. I was a little shocked to see how unattentive he was on defense. Gose, Hechavarria, more or less the entire team, would watch the pitcher, and whenever Happ delivered a pitch they would get down into their “ready position” half-crouch. Sierra? Remained upright the entire time, occasionally with his back turned to play, completely unaware the pitch was going out at all.

    Now it didn’t cost the team any runs yesterday, and Sierra did make a pretty nice catch on the warning track (that he admittedly didn’t have to run very far to catch), so it seems he’s got pretty good defensive instincts, and could perhaps turn into a pretty good defender if he can overcome his boredom on defense. Still, not a good sign.

  59. There are some pretty long essays in the comment section… me, I am more inclined to wait and see what AA can do in the next 8 months before the next season. He needs a few solid starters. I don’t see a problem with him saying that. I like the talent we have and what we have comming up, but changes in the bullpen, plus the addition of perhaps an Ace pitcher, if one is to be had, and another solid pitcher, well I could see this being a much more dangerous team than they already are. oh and the bats could be more consistant. ie guys could get on base more instead of trying to hit the ball over the fence 9 times in a row.

    • Agreed 100%

      If the Jays could get one great pitcher in the off-season – Greinke as an example – and make a trade for another solid pitcher – Brandon MacCarthy as an example – and let internal options fill the 5th spot – Villanueva would be my preferred choice – the rotation would be fairly beastly with Romero and Morrow rounding it out.

      The team OBP has been a let-down this year, but I think that’s more to do with so many under-performances than it does from the actual talent level of the team. Escobar, Johnson, Lind have all been horrid at getting on base this season, and I suppose Arencibia can be thrown in there too. Those three guys do have some success with getting on base in their careers though. The stop-gaps or fill ins – some with SSS – haven’t helped either (Davis, Hechavarria, Ben Francisco, Mathis etc).

      I’d wager that if those three guys – Lind, Johnson, Escobar – were playing more toward their career offensive norms, the Jays would be middle-of-the-pack in OBP, which would be great for how many runs they score (currently 5th in baseball).

      All in all, the rotation needs to be the greatest area of interest to fix. Offense will go into slumps, and it’s great to have very good pitching for when that happens.

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