Podcast the Twenty-Fifth!

And now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon, and to fill you with rage over Dustin Parkes’ hating-on of Eric Thames Adam Lind the Toronto Blue Jays’ chances Ricky Romero the JA Happ trade Brett Lawrie: it’s the latest episode of the DJF podcast!

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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site.

Comments (13)

  1. what the fuck is this…a DJF podcast on a Monday. Must have been magical mushroom Monday @ the score to see/hear an actual Monday podcast. If Parkes is all whiny and shit in this one like last weeks, I want my money back!

  2. I’d fucking love Nick Swisher in Toronto.

  3. Sign Scutaro to play 2B. Play who ever the fuck you want in LF, go with Sierra and Davis if you have to. Then sign Ortiz to DH!!!!!!!!!

    Lineup problem, solved.

  4. Pitching, trade a package like JP and Gose and a Lansing arm for a number two starter. Then sign someone like Marcum to a short term deal.

  5. I love you Drew!!!!!!!

    And I actually like Dustin a little right now!!!!!

    Who guys are gonna allow me to dream of Greinke until he signs with the Dodgers. THANK YOU!

    Greinke to the Jays!

  6. I see Greinke signing for way more than Cain. I see him signing for a Hamel’s like deal, because he is the only ace on the market and teams with money will be driving his price up (Dodgers).

  7. LOL at Parkes not thinking Lawrie can hit as well as Chase Headley. When Headley was 22, he was struggling to put up an .800 OPS in HIGH A!

    • Check out Headley’s splits, though. He’d be a beast in a different park. .284/.390/.521/.911 with a .396 wOBA and 156 wRC+ on the road, which would put him into the Wright/Cabrera category of 3Bs. If Lawrie ever gets even close to that for a whole season, that’s huge. He’s got to tighten up his approach to where it was last year, and start walking a whole lot more– which is doable, but has never been a strong point for him.

      Of course, Headley is right in his prime, so maybe some of that is to be expected, but if Lawrie can get to that level, again, that’s amazing– no shame in not getting there.

  8. Eaton Centre shooting…. ouch…. too soon!

  9. Great fucking episode. You guys went old school out there today. Reminded me of the days when u were just bitter drunken jays fans.

  10. Grienke, Romero, Morrow, cool with me

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