Rajai Davis will make a great fourth outfielder one day… just as soon as the Jays, y’know, find a third one. But why be bitter when we have an actual, tremendous play from Sunday’s game to enjoy? After all, these are not your piddly little eight foot walls, Mike Trout, as Rajai scales the ten foot Rogers Centre fence to rob Casey McGehee…

Clip via MLB.com.

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  1. “Who needs Mike Trout when you got Rajai Davis?”

    -Shit no one says

  2. Can anyone remember someone else taking a home run away in the ‘Dome? As soon as he stopped for a moment I figured it was gone… great moment in front of a sizable crowd.

  3. beauty.

  4. Love Rajai! Speed and awesome ups!

    –Oshawa Ollie

  5. Well either we were entertained with a colour commentator being dumbfounded or Pat Tabbler is always like that. He repeated himself 3 times. In all fairness it was a sweet catch.

  6. Wasn’t there a really awesome Vernon Wells catch in deep centre field to rob a Yankee (Rodriguez?) of a Home Run about 7 years back? I remember it being touted as one of the best catches of all time by a CF.

    I can’t find any reference to it – can anyone help?

  7. Great play by Rajai, and very timely! That definitely helped to take some of the sting out of the yanks” rally that inning. Imagine how pissed we would all be today if the yanks gained some momentum from another home run and completed the comeback…

  8. Thank you Rajai’s for allowing us to forget for about 5min that the season is over

  9. I’m gonna regret making a player acquisition suggestion on this board as it will inevitably lead to some derision, name calling and terrible arguments from both sides but…. Wouldn’t Mr Swisher make a good option in LF next year?

    He can probably be had on a short(er) contract (maybe 3-4 years), he’s the same age as Bautista and Davis. He’s a switch hitter. He’s an on base machine, which this team is sorely lacking, and he’s really not as bad defensively as you might think…Plus he’s versatile (LF, RF, 1B) which AA loves.

    My dream offseason involves a signing such as him, plus Zack Greinke and Anibal Sanchez…. a boy can dream right!!?

    …. attack away.

  10. I was at the game yesterday and some moron behind me started spouting off about how “home runs kill rallies” after that catch as if it would have been better if it got out.

  11. That was a disgusting catch.

  12. …aaaaaannnnd, Kelly Johnson strikes out.

    Sorry, this is all I hear all day in my head.

  13. Great catch but it still gets trumped by Jim Edmonds catch a number of years ago

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