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Plan the parade, because it looks like Yorvit Torrealba is coming! At least that’s what Drew Davidson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram tweets. At Getting Blanked, Parkes shrugs his shoulders and points to the fact that at least this means Yan Gomes can shift his focus to third base, rather than asking Omar Vizquel to attempt to lily-arm throws across the diamond. Out in the vastness of the interweb, fans wonder if this means Arencibia is done for the year, or whether Yorvit is any better than Jeff Mathis or Gomes. Meh.

Speaking of Getting Blanked, Parkes passes along the quote of the century from Colby Rasmus, by way of John Lott of the National Post.

And speaking of Rasmus, Shi Davidi tweets that young Colby will make his return to the Jays’ lineup this evening.

Two major Jays-related items at Baseball Prospectus today (both paywall’d), the first being an Anthony Gose piece by Ben Lindbergh, which begins by talking about the notorious struggling draftee, Shaq Green-Thompson– not a good sign. The gist: Gose has looked awful, doesn’t appear ready, and is struguggling in the precise area (making contact) that was the major knock on his game– also not a good sign. “A place where breaking balls don’t bite, and where groundballs skip off a dried-out infield, is Anthony Gose’s idea of heaven,” Lindberg writes, referring to environment in Las Vegas, where Gose had modest success this year. Being 21 in the AL East? Not quite the same.

Elsewhere, in Jason Parks’s Prospects Will Break Your Heart feature, he rehashes the long, sad prospect history of the projected perennial All-Star and occasional MVP candidate, Travis Snider. Ugh.

Late addition: this stuff from Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports about the Red Sox clubhouse turmoil is fun.

Tyler Harper of the Canadian Press, via the Globe and Mail, looks at the suitcase-livin’ lifestyle of Mike McCoy, who again finds himself with the Jays– though with the Torrealba news, he might already be on a flight back to the desert.

Jays Journal looks at the eight hottest prospects among the Jays’ minor leaguers this week, and elsewhere Kyle Matte has a lengthy piece about Roberto Osuna.

Our old friend the Tao of Stieb looks at the Jays’ route out of the Pacific Coast League– something they really need to accomplish this winter, perhaps above all else. (Or… well… no, but they really do need to get the fuck out of that league.)

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun notes that John Farrell had a talk with his team out on the field prior to yesterday’s game– one that he really doesn’t want to talk about, for some reason. Hmmm.

Richard Griffin has a new “bullpen” post at the Toronto Star, in which he talks Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, and puts those bipolar folks who wanted to see the Jays call up the farm two months ago, and now are losing their minds over seeing exactly what they once wanted.

Omar Vizquel tells Jon Morosi of Fox Sports that he wants to manage in the Majors next year, banking on his experience this season as the Jays’ glorified bench coach.

MLBTR notes that the Jays have released Tim Redding, who was apparently in the organization, pitching for Las Vegas.’s Cut 4 has a guy from Toronto watching the game in Miami, comparing the Rogers Centre to the Marlins’ new park… or something.

Gregor Chisholm of talks about Steve Delabar’s historic night on Monday, becoming the first pitcher to throw four strikeouts in one frame during and extra inning.

Speaking of, and lastly, if you’ve been following me on Twitter lately– and if you haven’t, what the hell is wrong with you?– you’ll have noticed I’ve been pretty heavy-handed in my questioning of Delabar, the pitcher the Jays received in exchange for Eric Thames. Delabar has a lot of good peripherals, but a really high home run rate at the big league level against right-handed batters, which appears in my mind to come down more to limitations of his arsenal than the kind of bad luck that might allow us to simply normalize his home run rate to league average and assume all will eventually right itself. But while that kind of stuff may be fair game to question, you certainly can’t question Delabar’s determination. In a post a couple weeks back, The Recruiting Cycle gives us some background on his story before showing this clip of Delabar’s interview this year with Bryant Gumbel on HBO’s Real Sports…

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  1. Delbar has already contributed more to this Jays season than Thames did. Even if he never throws another pitch he has contributed more than Eric Thames. Enjoy Seattle!

    • I had the same thought earlier. Thames wasn’t going to be a productive player for us going forward, so Delabar’s value only needs to be slightly positive to make it a win. That said, I still like him as an up-side play. It was awesome watching him totally dominate in a way very few guys can – obviously small sample size, but I’m keeping the faith.

    • That’s the problem with the Dustin Parkes Bullpen Construction Blueprint. Those who espouse it always dismiss the failures of these flyer veterans with “well 4 million dollars is barely anything in the broader scheme of things.” But multiply that by Frasor, Oliver, Cordero, etc and suddenly you’re looking at 15 Million dollars you could (and should) be spending on one player and replacing your mid level pay veteran bullpen fodder with low paid, controllable bullpen fodder.

      I love the strategy; cheap, controllable arms in the bullpen makes payroll room for more expensive, high end arms in the starting rotation. Or Rogers could just pocket the savings (knock on wood).

      • Agree completely. Getting rid of Frasor ,who has basically shit the bed saves 3.5m.
        Cordero, the fucker 4.8m! Teahen drops off this year, 5.5m!
        Personally I would trade Oliver by 8/31 ( Loup is just as good) and save the 4.0m due next year and the 2.0 buyout option if denied.
        Get rid of Kelly Johnson and his 6.5m to shit the bed.
        That;s a GD 24.3m or so!!!
        That alone would either pay for Greinke or 2 other guys WITHOUT impacting the search for a LF of DH. Get er done

        • loup as good as oliver, who pitches tough against righties and lefties? i hope they bring oliver back next year.

    • I would agree. Delabar has some serious speed to his pitches. And it would be interesting to know what his strengthening program was.

  2. only 7 games back of the wild card.

    by some miracle they could win 7 more in a row.

    get morrow back, jose, lawrie, cleatus, and lind only against righties.

    all the other competition have their warts (except LA of A, but anyone who knows anything about nothing will tell you that team is still learning how to win;)

    just say’n

    book it?

    • Win 7 in a row with Oakland and Baltimore and every one in front of them losing nearly all their games. Tall task to ask of. They are not making the playoffs this year.

      • i don’t think that they will realistically make the playoffs, but that doesn’t prevent me from cheering and wishing for it.

    • We needed to not get swept by the Rays. But I can’t say I’m not getting a few butterflies at the thought of Morrow sending Laffey back to shitsville and maybe sparking a little run here.

  3. Sox players sound like bunch of entitled babies. Always nice to read bad stuff about Boston.

  4. fyi – the full Real Sports episode with Delabar is available for free on iTunes as a video podcast download. it’s a great piece of sports journalism.

  5. Charlie Sheen is apparently throwing out the first pitch tonight. Show up early: depending on how Alvarez throws, it may be the only time you hear someone say “Winning!” all night.

    • Alright, alright, how many of these can I do:

      Hey, y’hear about this? So Charlie Sheen’s throwing out the first pitch. Haha, he’s doing his “Wild Thing” Rick Vaughn thing, the guy with glasses who throws the ball with laughable control, and – oh God, wait, that’s just Brett Cecil.

      Charlie Sheen will be on the mound tonight, because a baseball field offers the same thing he usually offers his girlfriends: a huge diamond and long white lines.

      Charlie Sheen’s been hanging around Anthony Gose lately, because he hears he’s got lots of speed.

  6. The great thing about the Jeff Passan Yahoo Sports story is that the final straw for the RSux players in their frustration re: My Bloody Valentine was the way he kept Lester in during the blow out by our beloved Blue Jays – FUCK YEAH

  7. Official song of the rest of the 2012 Boston Red Sox season

  8. Yay! So now we can use stats such as home runs given up to tell us something about the repertoire of the pitcher (usually a subjective determination). I myself use ERA and Wins to figure out the tenacity and will to win of pitchers.

  9. Woooo Jeff Mathis AND Yorvit Torrealba deals on the same day!!

  10. Vizquel , only 9 more hits to tie Babe Ruth. Not a bad stat on your resume.

  11. So first they shit on Thames, then he’s replaced by a middle reliever, and now they shit on him?

    I loved the old article about picking your favorite player, but why does Andrew need to find somebody on the roster that flies outside of the normal hate-scope of JQP and relentlessly bang that drum? Not everybody on the roster is going to be your ideal player, somebody is always going to be filler.

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