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At his North of the Border blog, Gregor Chisholm gives us the goods from Alex Anthopoulos in his conversation with reporters about the Mathis extension, and– most importantly– what this means for the club’s two young catcher. Travis d’Arnaud, he says, could force his way on to the team next year, perhaps as a DH, and would definitely have come up this season when Aaron Cibia got hurt, had he not been injured himself. But Alex isn’t ruling anything out, and he’s certainly not saying that he fully intends on dangling Arencibia in trade talks over the winter, though… let’s be serious. He will be.

In the National Post, John Lott digests the news as well, saying that the GM “stressed that when d’Arnaud arrives, he will play regularly.”

Shi Davidi weighs in on it, too, at Sportsnet, adding that Alex’s “comments also suggest that Adam Lind should be on watch, having already lost first base to Edwin Encarnacion and now having his DH at-bats threatened, too.”

At whatever they’re calling Miked Up these days, Wilner talks Carlos Villanueva, who may be the next Jays player to get an extension, and who tells him that he loves playing in Toronto, loves his teammates, and thinks the team is headed in the right direction– though he notes it’s going to be easier to re-sign him if they do it before he hits the open market. Villanueva has been very solid in his eight starts this season, posting a 3.31 FIP and 3.43 xFIP, striking out 26% of batters faced and walking just 7%– better numbers across the board than in his innings as a reliever.

Colby Rasmus almost started last night’s game but was a late scratch, then came in to pinch hit for Adeiny Hechavarria in the ninth inning last night. In at notebook post at, Gregor Chisholm tells us that he might be ready to DH today– and elsewhere comments on the signings of Mathis and Torrealba, and speaks to Casey Janssen about the mental difficulties of getting over his first blow save.

In the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott looks at recently-acquired minor league catcher Tuffy Gosewich (no, really), who Anthony Gose is glad to see on his own team now, as well the club’s minor league catching depth, based on the rankings of “Kevin Gray of the New Hampshire Union Leader, who does the best job of anyone covering the Jays minor-league system.”

Damien Cox of the Toronto Star took time off of pontificating about games he didn’t actually watch to shit out something positive about Colby Rasmus, among other things, all with hockey garbage framing the story of his precious little thoughts, because, y’know, he’s dull like that.

Elsewhere in the Star, Brendan Kennedy looks at the pleasant surprise that has been the play of Aaron Loup.

An AP report, via the Globe and Mail, tells us that attendance across the majors is up 4%– a number the attribute to the addition of the extra Wild Card this season.

MLBTR notes that the Jays, who designated Scott Richmond for assignment in order to move him off the 40-man last week, have outrighted the Canadian hurler to Vegas. So… he’s still in the organization, just not on the 40-man.

At the Blue Jay Hunter, Ian also looks at the Jays’ catching situation going forward. As does Kyle Matte of Jays Journal, who gets all catcher ERA-y.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes absolutely nails it on the subject of the supposed swirling clubhouse clusterfuck in Boston.

Look away (then remember that the Jays weren’t going to pick up his options anyway): Jack Moore of FanGraphs examines the success Aaron Hill has had this year with Arizona, and the fly ball balancing act it’s taken to make it happen.

Lastly, since there wasn’t a proper Game Threat last night, and therefore I didn’t post this anywhere over here, check out yesterday’s edition of Getting Blanked…

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  1. You mis-spelled ‘Wild Card’ in 6th paragraph from the end.

    • Oh… uh… no, I just… uh… I just meant attendance is up because of Bryce Harper. What a wild cad he is!

    • He was talking with a Bostonion accent cleverly mocking them about the ‘Wild Cad’

  2. Stoeter I know you hate Lind. And I was defending him (sort of) and concede now he is garbage.

    But if no one will take him for free (ie we are paying him either way) then let’s have him as a bench sort of Mike McCoy type. He actually is alright at 1B and has played a bit of LF I think. Basically if we are paying him anyway then why not keep him as a replacement level player?

    Ortiz DH, EE 1B, TDA/JPA sometimes DH, and followed lastly by Lind.

    • Why bother with JPA in that scenario? I could keep Lind and him as a platoon DH combo, seeing as the Ortiz pipe dream ain’t likely to happen.

      • Yeah either way, I’m sure the exact outcome will be hard to guess. Just saying now that we’ve paid for him, Lind makes a great replacement-level bench warmer. Compared to McCoy or Ben Francisco.

        Mind you Cooper might be just as good.

      • I’m warming to the idea of a JPA/Lind platoon at DH. Keeping Lind would arguably free up money to spend on pitching (vs. buying him out and paying for another DH). They wouldn’t blow anyone away, but they’d be relatively capable, and I’d just rather see resources put into starting pitching.

        • Yeah you would get 30HR between them for pretty low money. Plus have a better pinch hitter option all the time than McCoy. And a backup at 1B, C and even possibly LF (our other hole that we’ll pretend doesn’t exist if AA gets a better rotation in place).

        • You are warming to the idea of having a terrible fucking DH platoon? JPA’s value as a right side of platoon DH is so much lower than his value as trade bait its not even funny. In fact you could probably trade JPA straight up for a single player who would put up better DH numbers than that putrid combo of Lind and JPA

          • Not that I’m sold on the idea. But your indignation might be a bit over the top…

            Career #s…

            Lind vs RH:
            .356 wOBA 118 wRC+
            .279avg .333obp .501slg .834ops .221iso

            JPA vs LH
            .331 wOBA 107 wRC+
            .235avg .282obp .500slg .782ops .265iso

            roughly .800OPS out of your DH tandem isn’t exactly shite….

          • Adam Lind is a monster agains right handed hitting. I think he would be a way above average bench bat. Davis, Rajai, Mathis actually give us a really nice bench.

          • To be clearer: Upgrading starting pitching should be the top priority. DH, LF, 2B are lesser priorities, and I don’t expect them all to be filled with top talent.

            If JP’s not included in a trade for pitching (which he should be, if there’s a good trade available) – ie, he’s still the #1 catcher next year – and Lind is around because AA decided to spend money on something other than a buyout and a new DH, then yeah, I think this platoon is a good option.

            Basically JP’s your every day catcher, but is DH with Mathis catching against LHP. It’d be at or a bit above replacement level, and use parts on the team so money and prospects can go to bringing in pitching which we need badly, rather than offence, where we’re already pretty good.

          • Is it the best possible option for the DH? Of course not, but it’s decent, and provided there are other improvements (read: starting pitching), I’m OK with a decent option at DH.

          • @IMW nice numbers. I think it illustrates the point quite well though I was more inclined to have d’Arnaud start at DH and be the backup catcher. With that out the window as a result of the Mathis signing it’s going to be interesting to see who gets the bulk of the playing time as the right handed dh. Again I can’t see them giving over the pitching staff to d’Arnaud right off the bat. If this was 2 years ago when expectations were negligible then it’s another story. As with me seeing more value in JPA than most I kind of am in the same boat with Lind as a left handed platoon at dh.

  3. Why is Anthony Gose happy to see Tuffy Gosewich on the team? It must have something to do with their surnames, but I don’t know what exactly…

  4. Former shitbag AL East player moves to NL and has success. Shocking.

  5. Interesting about Hill, given I seem to remember what got us all excited about Hill as a rookie was his ability to hit line drives. I wonder if Murph ruined him?

    • I used to be very down on Murph, thinking that he ruined Lind and Hill and couldnt get the rest of the Jays bats (ie Snider) going. But he went down to Rasmus’ home this off season and fixed his swing, and I think that Bautista credits Cito and Murph for his resurgence too. I was surprised to learn that he and Mottola talk to each other regularly. And Mottola has put Lind and Snider (a couple of times) back together. I wouldn’t be against promoting Mottola to the big club and have him work together with Murphy.

      • Newsflash genius: A hitting coach cant “ruin” anyone. By the time you reach the major leagues you have taken over a million swings. Even if a coach gives you a new approach or something different to think about , he isnt going to turn you from dud to superstar or vice-versa. When it appears a hitting coach has significantly changed the value of a player, (say when Jose Bautista broke out at age 29 and mysteriously became a SuperStar) it is only confirmation bias that makes you think it has anything to do with the coach. I am not saying coaches don’t matter, but in reality, there is such a minute difference between coaches who make the major leagues that it actually really doesnt matter. Coaches are all about perception.

        • @ critical fuckhead

          When you start typing, try to know something about the subject before you start mocking others.

          News flash genius.Bautista who’s taken his fair share of swings credits both Cito and Murphy for changing his mechanics.
          Ditto for Rasmus.
          I guess their opinions don’t matter in your theroy.
          Try mocking that.

          • Youre wrong dude. And Jose being good at baseball doesnt make him a critical thinker.

          • Wow, you can smell the cunt off critical thinking jays fan from miles away.

  6. If the Jays don’t retain Villanueva, I’ll be rather pissed.

    • +100

    • AA loves value like CV. No doubt he’ll try to sign him.

      • Plus, you know, arguably the two best parts of the rotation (Morrow & Villaneuva) would be AA’s guys (much like Colby, Lawrie, Escobar) whereas the failures such as Ricky NOT-TULO Romero, Alvarez and the large holes in general are in large part due to the previous regime.

        Fire JP!

  7. haha Fuck OFF Parkes – Melky suspended for 50 games – drug test suspension

    • The new market inefficiency: giving a damn about PEDs.

      SIgn him and his “character issues” AA!

    • Guess we know what the Melky Way is now. Kudos to him for just plain out admitting he screwed up rather than blaming it on cold medicine, a dirty fork or or the syringe in the grassy knoll.

      • Meh.

        It would have been cooler if he said “yeah, I was trying to gain an edge heading into free agency. It would have been much more timely had this information come out 8 months from now. I’m only being candid because I got caught. By the way, Buster Posey’s having a pretty good year don’t ya think”.

        • Perhaps we should have one drug test per year via fan voting? Has a ring to it …just needs a name, Pick your PED Player….or something like that.

  8. Any idea what % the Jays attendance spike is at this year? Too lazy to look it up.
    If it’s around 4%, then the big turnouts we have been seeing may not have had anything to do with AA and the the team specifically, just a league wide idea that the playoffs are easier to attain.

  9. Jays are up closer to 20% I believe. Though I have zero statistical evidence to back that up.

  10. >”An AP report, via the Globe and Mail, tells us that attendance across the majors is up 4%– a number the attribute to the addition of the extra Wild Card this season.”

    Or the US economy being in the absolute shitter last year – but that doesn’t create an easy baseball-related narrative, so nevermind. WILDCARD SPOTS FOR ALL!

    • The US economy is not in the shitter anymore?

      • The US unemployment % is down a full point across the board since 2011, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is.
        The US Consumer Confidence index went from around a score of 40 in 2011 to around 65 in 2012.

        Things like a 4% fluctuation in baseball attendance can be explained by a lot more factors than just a convenient rule change.

        • Please don’t forget about that hot debate around the U.S. Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment.

          Is it 5% or 5.5%? Suckas gots to know.

    • You replaced a narrative with a narrative.

      • In fairness, the economy narrative is more plausible than the wild card narrative. Particularly in mid-August, when casual fans aren’t tuned into to playoff races yet.

      • I’m saying that when you’re measuring something as volatile and fluctuating as league-wide overall attendance for 30 different baseball clubs, there are a lot more factors in play than just the easy baseball storylines. Saying “attendance is up 4%, and it’s because of the new Wild Card spot” is like saying “During seasons in which Anthony Gose has a role as a regular MLB player, attendance league-wide goes up 4%.”

  11. With the way the Bullpen is now structured (, with Santos it might be borderline great, maybe the best – Happ, Oliver, Lincoln, Debar, Perez, Janson, Santos, ) and the bench (Lind, Mathis, Davis) I would like to see AA sign Austin Jackson, then trade anyone in our farm system (A Syrkingard (sic) Gose, Arrencibia ++ package) in a blocbuster to aquire Cahil, Johnson and Upton. Hech can play short and Escobar can play second.

    Youre rotation : Romero, Morrow, Johnson,Cahill, Austin is dynomite.
    Your lineup is absolutley sick: Lawrie, Rasmus,Bautista, EE, Upton, Escobar,D’anuald, Hench.

    All you need is a DH, with this lineup, rotation,bench, and bullpen, they could make me the DH and win the World Series

    • Why in the fuck do you want Austin Jackson playing CF?

    • I don’t even know where to start with this… but I’ll go with this:
      Austin Jackson would probably not make a very good 5th starter…

      • Spell check and google must not be his friend.

      • WHy let an obvious error stand in the way of a real conversation? I think anyone who isnt retarded knew I meant Edwin Jackson. Jeez.

    • Yeah you mean Edwin Jackson. I wish I could say that’s all that’s wrong with your plan…

    • Edwin Jackson? Also, who’s Johnson? Apart from this tending strongly towards a pipe dream, I think AA should aim for better arms.

      • I’m assuming he means Josh Johnson.
        Which would mean a trade with one team for a top 3 player, then a trade with another team for 2 top 5 players.

        I don’t even know if we have enough players in the minors for that to work

    • You had me at Hench.

  12. Hench? A new Mencherson? Love that idea. Combine Hechavarria with some big headed behemoth who can hit a little. Might be a winner.

  13. What’s this day of rest shit? What’s this bullshit? I don’t fuckin’ care! It don’t matter to Jesus. But you’re not foolin’ me, man. You might fool the fucks in the league office, but you don’t fool Jesus. This bush league psyche-out stuff. Laughable, man – ha ha! I would have fucked you in the ass Saturday. I fuck you in the ass next Wednesday instead. Wooo! You got a date Wednesday, baby!

  14. Kevin Gray does a great job of reporting false news. He was one of the few who “broke the story” that the Blue Jays had won the rights to Yu Darvish. I had made the mistake of both following him on twitter and actually believing him so it really put a damper on my Christmas holidays. Feel free to follow the guy on twitter but be warned, he’s a shaky journalist and may ruin your Christmas with false news.

    • He just tweeted that Santa Claus isn’t real.

      • didn’t he have nestor molina as the top prospect in the organization last year? i checked his archive but there is no sign of molina on his top 10 list even though most of the comments are induicating surprise at the ranking of him.

  15. Man that Melky announcement must have been a shot to Parkes remaining testicle that hasn’t already shriveled up.

    That said, if I was AA I definitely would still be making a play for him this winter. Prior to this announcement, pundits were saying Melky was looking at 5 or more years for a minimum of $70 million. Now they are talking just a one year “pillow deal” for him to re-establish his value. I think it would be a great time to swoop in an offer him a 2 year + option type of deal. Sure there’s some risk there but Toronto would be a great place to recoup a lot of your value as a hitter. Considering he hasn’t shown a huge spike in power numbers I would be inclined to believe he’d be close to the type of player he his now. since the power aspect isn’t exactly one of his areas of strength to begin with. As you witnessed with Braun this season there’s not a huge difference in his numbers compared to last year. In fact his ISO has actually increased this year now that he’s supposedly off the juice.

    Even if Cabrera were to regress to numbers closer to his 2011 season which is probably going to happen anyway due to his .380 BABIP this year, he’d be pretty decent addition to Left and would actually probably hit better because of the park factors.

    • what he if he regresses back to his 2006-2010 numbers and puts up Rajai numbers minus the speed

      • Always a chance of that of course and that’s the risk you take with all players. Cabrera really isn’t that different. Another thing to consider is that he’s just entering his prime years as a hitter.

        I guess it will all come down to how expensive he is. I just think this roids issue is a great buying opportunity for a team that’s willing to take some risks. Considering the Jays trouble in attracting free agents I believe they have to be more willing to take such risks or over pay. The fact that there’s a strong latin contingent already in place in Toronto should only help with a guy like Cabrera.

        As I mentioned previously another option is Bourn. It would require Colby to move to Left decreasing some of his value but if Gose actually hit well there was a chance that was going to happen in 2013 anyway and most likely for sure in 2014.

        To me the real benefit of either one of those guys is that you don’t have to spend another year with a hole in your outfield while a guy learns on the job like we’ve had with Snider, Thames, Gose or Sierra.

  16. Welp, I still say AA goes for Milky in the offseason. I mean Melky…. cocksucker I was doing good.

  17. Alfonso Soriano cleared waivers, which isn’t a surprise, but apparently the Cubs are willing to pay all but $3M a year of his salary in a potential deal (so the equivalent of signing him for 2/$6M in the offseason). Assuming they don’t want too much of a prospect haul back, AA should be all over this. He’d be a way better option than Sierra or Gose next year, and if one of them (or Marisnick) managed to displace him in 2014, for $3M it’s no big deal to park him on the bench or even cut him loose.

  18. Say what you want about Cox but he actually was at the game last night. Not as a reporter, he was there with his kid.


  20. I do think you want to be breaking in a rookie every year if you want to keep providing the team with homegrown talent.

    Mike Green goes on about breaking in pitchers through long relief first.

  21. Congrats to Felix

    In reading up about Jeremy Guthrie’s last start, came across these points re: Tim Collins – congrats to him too

    Tim Collins struck out the side in the eighth inning. He leads the team in relief appearances with three strikeouts or more with eight now.
    Collins also set a new team record for strikeouts in a season by a left-handed reliever with 77.

    • After the disastrous time Guthrie had in the NL he’s been read hot his last 3 starts. Might end up being a decent pick up for KC.

  22. Timmy Tim Tim has only allowed runs in 9 of his 52 appearances and only 1 in his last 13.

  23. What does Jon Daniels want to offer for Yorvit Torrealba now that Napoli is hurt???

  24. i think CV will make a great 5th starter for the team….hes very solid.

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