Apparently it was Charlie Sheen day at Rogers Centre yesterday (and most likely at several of the province’s newly legalized brothels), as the one-time actor joined Joe Carter– whose celebrity charity golf tournament, the Joe Carter Classic, he’ll play in today at Eagle’s Nest in Maple, ON– on the field before game-time for some batting practice. He then threw out a very Ricky Vaughn-esque first pitch.

Once this clip gets pulled, you’ll still be able to see it at’s Cut 4, which also has some footage of the BP session.

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  1. Here’s a small photo album I put together to mark the event.

  2. Eagle’s Nest? Wow, whats a 4some cost?

  3. Loved the fact that he wore brand new blue under armour spikes on the mound.

  4. Where’s Jobu?

  5. Yay, let us celebrate people who beat their wives in drug-fuelled crazes!

  6. This Week in Morons:

    “Mathis is a starting catcher in my mind”
    “If there’s 3 catchers on the Jays next year, Yan Gomes should be one of them”
    “Jeff Mathis has the ability to hit 25 home runs with 75 rbi’s”

    -Gregg Zaun’s idiocy courtesy of Gregg Zaun

  7. Thanks for coming out tonight, here’s my Jokes About Charlie Sheen At The Jays Game act:

    So, you hear about this – Charlie Sheen’s throwing out the first pitch at the Jays game. Yeah, show up early, cuz with Henderson Alvarez pitching you’ll want to have a chance to hear somebody in the crowd say “Winning!”
    (pause for laughter)

    Yeah, he’ll be portraying his character “Wild Thing” Rick Vaughn, a pitcher who wears glasses and has terrible control – or as Blue Jays fans know him, Brett Cecil.
    (pause for laughter)

    In other news, I hear Charlie Sheen’s taken quite a shining to young Jays outfielder Anthony Gose – yeah, I hear Charlie heard he had “lots of speed.”
    (pause for laughter)

    But seriously folks, Charlie Sheen likes it at Rogers Centre, it’s the perfect stadium for him, reminds him of his typical girlfriends: it’s 22 years old, implanted with fake plastic, has a huge diamond, hundreds of feet of powdery white lines, and it can take its top off within 20 minutes.
    (pause for laughter and applause)

    Thank you, that’s my time, have a good night everybody, drive safe!

  8. I give the title 2/10

  9. Hat for bat.

  10. “The one-time actor”……ha! I spit coffee up over that one.

    On a side note Scott Carson should be declared the Ultimate Jays Knowledge guy. This guy should be an adviser to the team down the road.

    • He can count to 10 if he takes his shoes and socks off (but then he needs help re-tying them.)

  11. He definitely threw that first pitch a bit high. If you know what I mean.

  12. Was I the only one worried Ricky would pull a muscle or something reaching for that ball?

    The way this year is going, being placed on the DL by Charlie Sheen wouldn’t surprise me.

  13. Good to see Charlie Sheen somewhat clean, as someone who has dabbled in the “drug culture” It’s a rare scene to see someone pull through.

  14. I thought brothels weren’t really legal for another 12 months.

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