Excuse me, Len. Can I join the injured list?

Oh, great. Encarnacion is scratched after having some soreness in his shoulder and forearm thanks to last night’s dive after he was kinda stupidly asked to play in left, and now there’s another talking point all the negative fucking suckholes who are absolutely hell bent on smugly napalm-shitting on every last fucking thing about this team and this season, whether it deserves it or not, until it’s fucked dead.



Shi Davidi tells us the Brett Lawrie may return on Tuesday, that Brandon Morrow has just one more rehab start to go, and that John Farrell himself threw batting practice to Jose Bautista, who is looking at going for rehab games early next week.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
M. McCoy CF
C. Rasmus DH
Y. Escobar SS
D. Cooper 1B
M. Sierra RF
K. Johnson 2B
J. Mathis C
A. Hechavarria 3B

A. Laffey LHP

Chicago White Sox

D. Wise CF
K. Youkilis 3B
A. Dunn 1B
A. Rios RF
A. Pierzynski DH
A. Ramirez SS
D. Viciedo LF
T. Flowers C
R. Olmedo 2B

F. Liriano LHP


Image via Tom Szczerbowski/Getty.

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  1. first

  2. The jays are three games over .500 and have 10 extra games to play? PLAYOFFS!!1!

  3. re. encarnacion, let me be the first to say (as i did last night): to me, the decision to put him in left field last night is a fireable offence. Whoever was responsible, farrell or aa.
    To risk a star player who cannot chase pop ups when playing first and who has almost no lf experience at the end of an obviously lost season is indefensible. And it is serious enough to warrant dismissal.

    • No, it’s not.

    • EE practiced a bit of LF in spring training and here and there over the last two seasons I believe. I don’t know the severity of his injury from yesterday’s dive but I imagine the reason he isn’t playing today is more or less precautionary.

      If the Jays got a legit 1st basemen next year I wouldn’t mind EE switching between DH and LF next year, as long as he is comfortable (and depending on who we can get to play LF next year).

    • Lol you are a fucking moron bud.

  4. !well well well, just like I predicted last night, edwin injured. and how long before this day to day shit turns into a 15 day dl stint? hopefully this is the last straw and farrell gets canned for pulling this stupid shit.

    • I don’t know if bubbles and norm are the same person, but tremendous trolling to both of you. Very subtle work, there.

      • it’s not trolling, whatever that means. and i am not also bubbles. i’m just a fan (since 77) who occasionally lurks here and finally decided to speak up after months (and years) of frustration. The Encarnacion move was the last straw, an egregious bit of mismanagement.

        • Norm, just to be clear, EE is out day-to-day, and your suggestion is the manager should be fired for playing him at a position he has played on two other occasions this year. Is that correct?

          • that is correct. risk/reward: after a middling career, complete with struggles in the field, ee finally reached a comfort level at 1b/dh, improved his hitting and became a star. what is the possible reward of putting him in lf? at the end of the season? a lost season?

            did they think he’d be getting a trial for lf for next year? did they think he’s be comfortable at left, and that it wouldnt affect his hitting? did they think he’s a jose bautista type who has shown an ability to play numerous positions?
            and more importantly, did they add up all the ifs and conclude they outwiegh the dangers? if so, their lack of mathematical aptitude dictates a firing. or a remedial course in 5th grade math.

          • Norm, the dangers? Was there a moat full of sharks surrounding left field last night?

            You’re concerned about asking a 29-year-old to jog in and out from the bench to left a few times, spend a couple hours standing in the field, and occasionally run to make a catch? Like… I know it maybe sucks that he’s mildly hurt and will miss a couple entirely meaningless games, but let’s not be, y’know, absolutely insane about it.

        • Norm–it’s a mistake to over-react because of years of pent-up frustration and call for someone’s head to fall because of one decision. Try being a little more measured a little more often.

          • considering that a manager has, according to most sabermetricians, a small to negligible effect on results, one of the most important roles he does have is do no harm. as in do not overtax your pitchers. and as in do not put players in positions they will be uncomfortable in and possibly injure themselves in unless the related expected reward justifies the risk.

            • Norm, if you held to that maxim as tightly as you’d like, they’d be playing nobody with any hope of being on the team next year at this point, for fear of them getting hurt. Get real, please.

          • He’s a baseball manager, not a physician; there’s no need to reference the Hippocratic Oath.

            • Funny. But still is keeping coopers bat in the lineup really that important. Is that what we have come to

          • @Small Potatoes

            + Billions and Billions

          • Dammit Jim I’m just a doctor!!!

        • The only mismanagement going on last night was putting Lincoln in.

          And maybe trading for him in the first place

        • Holy fuck Norm, you’ve been a fan since ’77?! You must know a ton about this shit.

      • Bubbles and Norm are clearly Tim Johnson, he just got back from his third tour in Afghanistan and he’s looking for another shot at managing.

        • Let’s see if the Jays can get a manager like Tim Johnson who won 88 games in 1998. Jays best since 1993.

    • Agreed, putting EE in left was a mistake. Even though he had played it in the past, they should have limited him to 1B and DH. It would guarantee that he would not get himself on the DL for the Blue Jays this year if left to just those positions.

    • My theory is that Farrell has EE on his fantasy team and he’s trying to get him LF eligibility in time for the playoffs.

  5. In the category of splitting hairs: The Jays are 55-62, I think.

    And now I’m thinking of the last time they were over .500, and getting depressed.

  6. Farrell tweaked his shoulder pitching BP, to be evaluated by Dr. James Andrews.

  7. Hey if Farrell can throw BP maybe he can take a few innings in LF.

    I’m really starting to think that Farrell is in over his head. I just don’t know what else it could be. He’s got a good staff (presumably) so you would think he’s getting good feedback but some of his decisions just seem to be head-scratchers.

  8. Not to be too pessimistic about this game in particular, but if Laffey flubs it, I’m hoping he goes to the pen and Jenkins gets a shot at the rotation.

  9. Anyone see the segment featuring McCowan basically bullying Matt Stairs to speculate that John Farrell is up for the Boston job?

    Ben Cherington: “So, Alex… thought we’d like to look at that Farrell-for-manager option again.”

    AA: Sure. Give me Clay Bucholz. Or put it another way: go fuck yourself.

    • I laughed at that when I heard it.

    • You’re not taking McCowan seriously are you?

      I’m not usually a McCowan hater, but he’s been a little off his rocker lately.
      Yesterday he asked Brunt if the rest of the Cdn. Women’s Soccer team respected Christine Sinclair. WTF?

    • He’s quite full of himself. I’m sure Bobby V is gone after this season, but if they think for 1 second that AA will reverse the rule he was forced to create for this exact guy he’s AFB. (Absoluely Fucking Boinkers)

  10. holy crap is this a yawntastic lineup. I’m sitting at work at my lazy part time job infront of a tv and I’m not even sure I want to watch this glorified AAA team.

  11. Hech looks so good defending. Everything he does looks so low effort, which is a good thing. I really hope he can get his bat up to a major league level.

  12. While I don’t think putting EE in LF is a “fireable offense”, I do think (and thought at the time) that it was a curious decision at the time, given the state of the team, position in the standings, Edwin’s apparent nagging heel problem, etc. It certainly didn’t work out,

    Claiming the sky is falling and wanting people fired is certainly going over the top, though. He’s a little sore, a day or two off isn’t going to change the outcome of this season or anything. Relax. Deep breaths.

    • This may be a lost season, sure. But I’m a little concerned that Ferrell IS still going to be putting fucking right handed relievers in to face Adam Dunn in high leverage spots when he has two pretty good lefties well rested in the bullpen and a lefty starter already in the game when the team is playing meaningful games.

      And it may not be a fire able offense, but putting EE in left field was stupid.

      I think Ferrell is in over his head.

      • Yeah maybe Farrell is in over his head, unlike you armchair managers. Surely he should have known that Dunn was going to hit a home run.

        Write a letter.

      • The right handed reliever has reverse splits. Farrell 1, you 0. Not sure about this Ferrell guy, though.

        • The talk-radio rhetoric today completely ignored this and that Romero has massive reverse splits, with lefties OPSing .841 against him over his career and .879 this season.

          • Yup. Why does PTS let Damien Cox talk about baseball?

            Romero is bad against LHP which is odd, but the move to Lincoln was justifiable.

            Ricky had walked & hit a batter, so Farrell pulled him

        • I guess you’re ignoring the fact that his lefty splits are from the NL, lefty splits from the AL aren’t so kind. Lefties hitting 3 something against him. Damn son.

    • Agreed. it doesn’t make sense to put Edwin in a position he isn’t comfortable in, especially with heel issues to get Colby a few extra DH at bats.

      Edwin is the Jays strongest bat tat the moment so why get a guy who was just signed to a 27 million dollar contract into a bad situation.

      It would be comparable to letting Oliver pitch 3 innings every second game. He could get hurt as well.

  13. oh and remember when farrell had to have a pitcher hit in an AL lineup becuase he ran out of players? It appears he can’t think more than 1 minute ahead.

  14. I really don’t understand why Gose is not playing CF over Mike McCoy. If the dude is up here, why is he not playing? This is the same old crap we used to (justly) egg Cito over.

  15. He’s a beast. A beast I say.

  16. How high does Cooper have to raise his OBP to be a viable big league first baseman given his mediocre defense and power?

    • I think he’d have to be around a 350-360 wOBA to be a league average 1B? Just an approximation

      • 350-360 is just approaching the top 10 for wOBA. Midrange is about .320.

        For OBP, I’d say 350-360 as well. If he get’s his walk rate up to 8-10% as he does in the minors, he’d be there.

  17. Moises Sierra II: Rise of Nelson

  18. So…this is a serious question… Is there any way that Farrell’s job is in jeopardy at all? I’m not a fan of his, but with all of the injuries, is there any way AA sees fit to make a change. He is AA’s guy after all…

    • No, not really. Injuries are not the head coach’s fault, 9 times out of 10–as long as he’s not pulling stupid crap like leaving his starters in for 140 pitches.

      Plus he’s only had the job for two years and he’s done a half-decent job with the personnel he’s been given. As such I can’t see Anthopoulous canning him.

      • Agreed.
        If this roster had been healthy all year then we’d have something to talk about.
        Farrell gets a bye this year.

    • No chance.

    • No. AA will offer him an extension. The risk would be that Farell declines & goes to Boston.

      Bobby Valentine is on the rocks & the red sox would offer Farrell a ton of money to jump ship.

      Farrell would be managing a team without the same payroll parameters.

      The red sox players would respect him

  19. Bautista, Cletus, Sierra. That could be a solid outfield

  20. You’ve all probably heard this since all the series previews said it, but there is a point of pride on the line tonight–Chicago hasn’t won a series in Toronto since 2006.

  21. Mathis hit an infield single? How is this possible?

    • I remember Ernie Whitt and Rick Leach pulling off a double steal so anything is possible.

  22. To people bitching about Farrell:

    In game managerial decisions have negligible importance. Record low defensive BABIP and improved baserunning value (based on FG) for almost every regular are important.

    If we’re gonna blame Farrell for shit mostly out of his control we might as well give him credit for the positives too.

    • That’s actually a great point. The Jays have been leading the pack on the new crazy shift trend. That’s Butterfield, in part, but credit to Farrell for giving it his blessing.

      Even the call on Lincoln last night made sense given his splits. His bullpen management can be questionable, but there’s definite positives, and a seeming ability to not stick by dogma a la Cito.

      • Farrell does make changes in batting lineup whereas Cito refused to move poorly performing players down in the lineup.

  23. the rape eyes of youk!

  24. With Cabrera sprinkling synthetic testosterone on his fruit loops yesterday seems like a good time to try and unload Rajai to the Giants for a prospect.

    • Fuck thats not a horrible idea. Seabean’s an impulse buyer, Im sure AA can sell him on that catch. Will his value ever be higher?

  25. We really need Dave Martinez as the Jays’ manager as soon as humanly possible. I really can’t comprehend the decisions Farrell makes sometimes. Why the FUCK did we call up guys like Gose and Hech just to bench them?

    • Farrell doesn’t pick who is called up. Is only goal is wins.

    • Injuries.

      • McCoy, Vizquel, Gomes, Woodward?

        When it is so clear that Hech and Gose need to play everyday to develop that hit tool… just seems fucking retarded to have them riding the pine pony.

        • Woodward? He had 10 at bats. Last year. WTF?

          • These games are fucking meaningless. Who gives a shit?

            This is what I fucking hate. We had an opportunity when we acquired Happ to send Alvarez down to the minors to work on an out-pitch. Or maybe we send Ricky down to clear his head. What do we do? We fucking sit his ass in the pen for weeks, then we turn around and have to stretch him out again to become a starter.

            Why fuck around with future assets for a lost season? Fucking stupid.

        • I agree. The season is over from a playoff race point of view, so might as well let the kids play.

          I don’t know why Mccoy is here.

    • Considering all the injuries and the fact that you have to wait 10 days to recall a guy it’s better to just have them here. Gose has still played in 21 of 28 games the Jays have played since his call up and started in nearly all of those games.

      • Guess we need to develop McCoy rather than have Gose in CF. My bad bro.

        • Yes sitting for 7 games total, such a crime when it usually comes against tough lefties. I mean it’s not like he’s been brilliant since his call up against righties. I guess the little thing about actually trying to win some games is completely meaningless. Considering they’re going to be looking at free agents to fill critical spots next year maybe going completely into Tank Nation mode might not have the best effect on the teams rep going forward or on the team’s finances for the rest of the season.

          • I don’t think Gose or Hech should have been called up simply because they are so outmatched in that batter’s box. However, if you are going to call them up, let them fucking play every day. How the fuck is Gose going to ever learn to hit left handed pitching if you sit him for every lefty?

          • OK but Mike Mccoy isn’t a big upgrade over gose in terms of defense , & he is a better on offence than Gose but not that much.

  26. Sierra says, “Travis who?”.

  27. I wish they would bat Sierra, Hech, Rasmus and Cooper together in the lineup, so I could watch them bat and time my bathroom/food breaks around the rest of the lineup

  28. How pissed is Rajai that didn’t go over the wall

  29. Fox Sports “We know how to grab eyeballs”


  30. I didn’t mind Encarnacion in left field, because I think he might have a chance to become a decent left fielder. He’s definitely not a good first baseman (don’t believe anything Buck and Tabby say to the contrary – he’s not awful, but he’s not good. We already know what he’s like at 3b (which had the added bonus of totally depressing his bat while he struggled in the field.)

    Why are these kids are up here even when they’re not in the lineup? Well, you’re still required to have a certain number of players in uniform.

    • EE is acceptable at first base. He’s a better option than Cooper. LF? Come on. Requiring EE to throw on a regular basis is bad news.

      • Well, I figure I’d rather have him throwing something that only needs to be in the general area of the cutoff man as opposed to trying to make an accurate throw to the shortstop covering second. But yes, it’s not as if Cooper (or Lind) are any better at 1b.

  31. Embarking on a diplomatic mission next Tuesday to Thursday for meetings with Detroit Ambassadors

  32. Oh boy.

    Oh well. It’s not like it matters.

  33. fucking crushed that laffey ball

  34. Laffeys reaction made that HR worth it.

  35. Laffey channeling Brett Cecil.

  36. Aaron Shitballer Laffey

  37. Fuck me, if this was basketball, we’d be nearing the point where the ‘tank nation’ bloggers would be calling on the team to lose to get a top 5 draft pick

  38. In other news, the ‘they are gonna crash and burn shortly’ Oriole’s are giving the Red Sox a seeing-to. I’m not making an anti Jays point here. 2012 is what it is and that is a pig. But it would be lovely just once to have all the other teams’ fans saying we were playing above our weight. Just once. I’m not even asking for a visit to the post-season. Playing a meaningful game in the third week of September would make me happy at this point.

    • It’s not an anti Jays point and I agree entirely. The Orioles are having a fine season, and just because they don’t look good on paper shouldn’t diminish that success. The Giants won the World Series when the numbers suggested they shouldn’t be anywhere near that level of success.

      • I think it’s not just the team on paper looked bad. Their record is statistically improbable. They have a -41 run differential – 9th worst in the league. Relative to their opponents, they’ve scored 74 fewer runs than the Red Sox, but are 7.5 games better than them. The Orioles record is 10 games better than a team with their peripheral stats would be expected to have.

      • + 2. This season was a wake up call.

        The Orioles bashing by Wilner ,Parkes & Stoeten doesn’t look so smart now.

        Of course they are playing over their heads, but so did Tampa Bay & St Louis last year, & the Cards won the World Series.

        I know the hipster stats geeks would like to see the Jays rise slowly in a proper WAR adjusted fashion, but sports doesn’t always work out that way.

        The AL East was a great oppurtunity this year with the red sox falling apart due to injuries.

  39. Wow Ricky Romero Bobblehead Day! What fun!!

  40. Wow Hechavarria hits awesome….

  41. Fire

    Hitting coach Murphy
    half the pen
    half the new starters
    trade jose immediately


  42. I hope Cooper bunts! Let’s have our hottest hitter fucking bunt.

  43. Just once, for old times’ sake it would be great to see a White Sox pitcher put Ventura into a headlock when he comes out to the mound.

  44. Maybe the Red Sox would want Farrell after they fire Valentine. Not that it’s all Farrell’s fault. But he didn’t learn as much from last season as I’d hoped.

    The other thing I’ve learned is that, if we are gonna compete with the great prospects coming up from the farm, we will have to wait a season or two. Or three. They aren’t quite ready for prime time.


  46. fuck now the fans are dropping

  47. Just started watching. Whats up with the fan?

    • Not sure. Shi Davidi tweeted there was someone receiving CPR along the third base line, and they stopped play to bring a stretcher out to take them for further care. No word on the status. Hopefully they’ll be treated succesfully and on their way home before long.

    • Fan chose the sweet embrace of death over watching the rest of the Jays season. I can somewhat understand.

    • Youk said to the ump that an emergency near 3rd base in the stands was bothering him

      they had to get a vehicle on to the field

      not sure what happened to the fan

    • She Davidi reporting dead fan is none other than Charlie Sheen.

  48. Im right here! I gotta say your all fuckin pricks! They were doing CPR cause the little girl had a seizure and stopped breathing! I don’t wanna be a jays fan anymore, your disgusting!

    • oh man parent’s worst nightmare.

    • You’re far more disgusting for incorrect use of “your’ on the internet.

      • Holy Fuck…here is the grammar police; LS. Why don’t you go fuck YOUR self…please tell me i used the correct grammar in this sentance. Please.

        • Yourself is one word and there’s no A in sentence. Also, shouldn’t have used the semicolon.

    • Yeah well, next time stop bugging Kevin Youkilis. He’s trying to play baseball. Take that seizure to the restroom.

      • I think Youk was thinking

        “why the fuck are we playing when someone needs an ambulance in the stands”

    • No kidding, nothing brings out the absolute worst in people like a potential tragedy coupled with anonymity.

      • got news for you. guaranteed when you are born that you will die too, just a matter of when. so fuck off and lighten up. some people need humour to deal with a tragic situation. not everyone is the same.

        • Holy shit, you need to get your head straight. There is a monstrously huge difference between dark humour in a time of tragedy AND FUCKING MAKING UP BULLSHIT ABOUT A DYING LITTLE GIRL. I’m good with the former. The latter is a sign of failed emotional development.

          • wasnt a little girl asshole and it was an old man who did die. i didnt have an emotional attachment invested in a stranger either. nature has a way of taking its course whether we like it or not. you are probably one of them assholes who wants to live forever and would pay any amount of money to preserve yourself. go freeze yourself and maybe get updated on a situation before you reply hours later making an idiot argument pointless. the sick bitch who said it was a girl and she was at the game watching it is fucked up

  49. Oh God I hope she’s ok.

  50. Was definetly a girl


    *ends game with homer*

  52. Motherfuck Rios.

  53. Fucking Rios.

  54. This is a championship caliber Bullpen.

  55. I would love to see Hech get a few games at shortstop. He really is great to watch defensively.

  56. fuck bubbles was right, this bullpen sucks

  57. The game blows as usual but if nothing else, its been nice looking at those girls just to the left of home plate!

  58. oh God we’re making Alexei Ramirez look like Babe Ruth

  59. Another BP meltdown, AA knows how to pick em, I swear all he cares about in a reliever is strikeouts.

    • That’s all any of them seem to care about up there. Alan Ashby et al all complaining about how Romero and the others pounding fastballs and ignoring their other pitches including the change-up and the slider. ‘Establishing the fastball’ seems to be the mantra for this season. Meanwhile other teams are teeing off on those fastballs all over the place. We have one legitimate strike-out pitcher. One. the others were or might be decent pitchers with more weapons than a fastball. But it seems like the powers that be up there want smoke and lots of it. Well they are seeing plenty of that as the home runs scream through the atmosphere leaving little trails of vapour behind them.

  60. Three hits, bullpen pants shitting, Blue Jays 2012.

  61. Maybe the Jays will be the first Toronto team in recent years to tank properly.

  62. Nice throw, Youk.

  63. So, word on twitter seems to be that it was an older man who had a likely heart attack at the game. If that’s true, fuck you very hard Jessie.

    • yeah well the story of the miraculous recovery after cpr was pretty suspect…

      • It’s just, kind of an astonishingly stupid thing to do, but what the hell do I know… I’d love to see the IPs of the commenters on this thread though.

    • Hey don’t talk about my lady that way, preppie!

    • It wasn’t Omar, was it?

    • if this is so, I will never again trust a person who does not know the difference between “your” and “you’re”

    • Definitely a “larger” older man, who was white as a sheet when they took him off the field. No way that was a little girl, or even a kid. “Jessie” is full of BS.

  64. Yan Gomes at-bats give me the “is this real life?” feeling every time. Holy fucking hell.

  65. Why am I still watching this?

  66. for fuck sakes gose. stop eating your fingernails to the knuckle. eat something like food

  67. I thought the bullpen was supposed to be ‘much improved’.

    I wonder who will pitch on Opening Day next year.

  68. Darren LOLiver

  69. Sad News . The fan who collapsed at the Jays game tonight died in hospital as per City TV News.

    Hopefully, they will have moment of silence for him tomorrow at the game.

  70. I know this is a blog where we get drunk, share some laughs, and enjoy being a united army of monkeys, but you never want to see a fan have a severe health issue like this.

    They better have a moment of silence tomorrow night.

  71. Wow. I was at the game. I’ve gotta say, people here are kind of assholes but I guess you’ve got to give the benefit of the doubt since doesn’t seem like it was clear what happened. Either way, was one of those times when you realize life is much bigger than just baseball and start to rethink your priorities.

    Then you watch motherfucking Alex Rios hit a motherfucking game winning homerun and you realize that you’re still an asshole who cares too much about baseball.

    • Alex Rios should still be playing here and no I don’t believe he would have either blocked or impeded the acquisition of Bautista.

      If we’re still cheering the fact that Rogers was able to dump his salary, yeah we wouldn’t want to get that annual payroll around the 100 mill mark, clearly they would have to layoff ushers and support staff to sustain those kinds of dollars.

      • I’m sure you would have cheered Rios last year when he was making twelve million dollars for negative WAR. Go Alex go.

        I wonder if it’s possible to just let things go, some day.

  72. I think what really rubs me wrong about the Beest’s comments about fan support is that Jays’ fans have essentially behaved as rational actors. The team has been around “average” for forever and the team (as a big market team!) has not really invested and acted like it’s a big market club. The Jays are currently 20th in attendance and outdrawing teams like Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

    The Jays are 23rd or so in payroll and at about 75 million.

    Let’s just average the payrolls of teams 2-4 (to not count the Yankees who have their own crazy level of spending) – it’s 163 million on average (Phillies, Sox, Angels). Rogers is cheap and needs to think about spending some money to avoid being lapped by two teams in its own division.

    • Agree with what you’re saying but the MLB is no longer a gate-driven league, even with 81 home games per season.

      As soon as those media/TV contracts come up for 10/20/30/50 year renewals teams start spending like drunken sailors. It’s a different era now.

      Rogers has by far the biggest viewerbase exposure-wise in the entire MLB by a factor of probably 5-10X and gets 100% of the advertising sold without having to outbid other networks.

      Quoted #’s from Forbes are about as relevant as the print magazine industry as a whole at the moment.

    • Yeah. Interesting thing though is that none of those three teams are in a playoff spot currently, and two are .500

  73. I mean, the Jays are only ~10 million ahead of the Rays at this point. This team was probably hurt by the Houston trade because it was obviously close to revenue neutral and Alex had said before that they weren’t looking to take on salary. Instead, we lose all these low minors pitching prospects because the team just can’t eat some more cash like Teahen.
    Very disappointing, Rogers.

    • What the fuck are you talking about?

      • Lyons salary is 5.5 and Cordero is 4.5 Happ is 2.3 Francisco was 1.5.

        Oh, FFs Jays took on less than 2 million. I thought I read it was revenue neutral. The point still mostly stands though.

      • Lyons salary is 5.5 and Cordero is 4.5 Happ is 2.3 Francisco was 1.5.

        Oh, FFs Jays took on less than 2 million. I thought I read it was revenue neutral. The point still mostly stands though.

  74. The Jays should generally be at least top 10 spenders. #10 right now is Milwaukee at around 97 million. The Jays should be there instead at around 100 million easily.
    I was really disappointed to see Washington do what Toronto should have done (when they are very similar in situation having been ripped from the teat of MLB revenue sharing). They upped their payroll into the top 20 and traded for a #2 in Gio.

  75. Next year, I want to see them at least (at a minimum) jump up to the levels of the #16-20 payroll teams (who are at 81-83 million now and will probably climb a few million next year to 84-88 million probably).
    The Jays should jumping their payroll at least to 84-88 million next season to show that they are committed to winning. They really should be at 100 million but this ownership seems to like small steps now.
    If the payroll is still below 80 million next year, Jays’ fans should stay rational and not come out if the team is not competitive.

  76. Essentially, Jays’ fans have been outperforming the team and the payroll (that’s not even counting against the handicap of SkyDome too!).

  77. Im not even saying this to be funny, but what the fuck kind of Karma is going on with the jays this year? its getting fucking to the point where im starting to believe someone put a hex on the team/stadium/fans.

  78. Unfortunately Wiseguys is right. Rogers owns the team and the tv rights and gets all the money. The Jays don’t have to worry that their performance will impinge on their tv rights value and Rogers just has to have content to accompany the ads. So there is no real incentive on either side to spend a ton of money on the team. Especially since history suggests that money is not always the answer. To be honest I don’t think there is an answer. Throughout the last 19 years, despite a change of ownership and multiple complete turnovers in the front office, the management and coaching staff, the team on the field, the farm, the philosophy, this team has remained teeth-grindingly mediocre. It generally plays at or near .500. We generally finish +/- 12 games behind the playoffs. Why this is I’m not quite sure but I’m kind of at the breaking point here. I gave up my tix for this season thinking I’d watch on tv but I’m not even doing that as much as I used to. I get that the injuries have flattened the team but since the result is always the same I don’t really care how we got here this time.

    • Sorry, but you’re ignoring what underpins the value of TV rights. It’s the value of advertising. It’s not simply having content to accompany the ads. The ads don’t come first, it’s the content that comes first. If it’s quality, compelling content, the advertisers will come and will be willing to pay higher amounts to get their advertising out to more eyeballs. The TV ratings, which were skyhigh until late July, are bound to nosedive as the Las Vegas Blue Jays season continues. The 65 win Twins vs. the 72 win Jays series in October is going to be a ratings disaster. Do you really think that advertisers will be lining out the door to get their product on a broadcast of a game in that series?

      Not having to pay for TV rights doesn’t change the name of the game, it just changes who’s responsible for the game. A team that sells its rights to a network cashes out and passes on the advertising responsibility to that network. A team that ostensibly operates its own network takes on the advertising responsibility for itself and assume the entire upside and downside to itself.

      It’d be insane for Rogers to just cut costs and air a minimal product that does not get much in the way of advertising fees. Good corporations make well-thought out $100 million investments that have long-term gains. For Rogers, the long-term gains may largely be derived from advertising. Good corporations do not spend $100 million willy-nilly.

      Individual and privately-held owners (i.e. private ownership groups) spend their own money willy-nilly because, ultimately, it’s their own money. Corporate owners like Rogers, will spend money when a long-term benefit is likely to occur because they are spending their shareholders’ money. Individual and privately-held owners report to no one. Corporate owners report to shareholders. 28 of 30 MLB teams, 31 of 32 NFL teams, 27 of 30 NBA teams, 27 of 30 NHL teams are owned and/or controlled by individual owners or private ownership groups. Literally, the number of comparable ownership structures to the Jays in all of professional sports can be counted on your hands.

    • so much for just enjoying the game for what it is. selfish impatient fanbase

      • Toronto easily has the worst fans in baseball. Not all of them of course, many are good baseball people. But Toronto has a disproportionately high percentage of pure assholes, alleged ‘fans’ who search out any possible negative angle to try and show off that the can ridicule. So they ridicule the players, managers and owner to try to impress similar assholes with how ‘clever’ they are.

        The assholes in the stands who booed Kevin Youkilis, who had stopped the game while a man who’d suffered a heart attack was being attended to, are a good example. Like many of the posters here they have no idea what’s going on at a baseball game but think it’s clever to boo.

        Posters here defend their negativity by comparing themselves to SOSH. SOSH isn’t made up of a few assholes like Ginger Campbell = bubbles = norm = whatever asshole alias he uses today, and clowns trying to impress each other with their negativity. You’d never see anything as stupid on SOSH as the post saying the manager or GM should be fired because Encarnacion was asked to play an inning in the outfield (and AGon has played the outfield this year). That kind of stupidity is unique to Toronto ‘fans’.

        • You must be the same asshole that’s always smiling and whistling at work too. Screw you and your holier than thou, self-righteous, fandom. You want an upbeat outlook, go read Rogers annual report. Anything else, keep it to yourself. Fucking asshat.

          • Thanks CCPD for your reply to SOS.
            SOS and others: If year after year of mediocrity doesn’t warrant criticism, if you actually believe than a fan’s role is to simply accept everything management does, then why bother commenting on a website? what possible use do your cheerleading comments provide?
            I assume that I am but one of many like-minded jays fans who have come on this site or bluebird, have tried to engage in discussion and have been figuratively bullied aside by people like SOS et al. After awhile, the only people who remain on these sites and comment are the cheerleaders. And the feedback loop gives them the illusion that they are the majority and that they are right.
            In reality, the majority of Jays fans have literally and figuratively left the building along time ago. There are no more 50,000 capacity filled crowds. There is little buzz akin to what there once was. The majority of fans quietly stopped caring long ago.

      • That’s why I watch the (not the real) Toronto Maple Leafs play at Christie Pits. It’s close to where I live. It’s free and it’s fun. However when I pay $100 a ticket I’m a bit more demanding.

    • Kudos on looking at the last 19 years in the most narrow, superficial way possible, entirely in order to justify your poor widdle frustwations. Awww.

  79. why is it that a good pitcher has a bad outing and the fans are calling for their heads. all pens give up runs eventually. it isnt possible for perfection all the time. and its usually the fans that scream that there is no value for relief pitchers in a trade that then expect perfection. people are nuts. no wonder politcal parties rig the vote to eliminate the idiots from empowering their will.

  80. Love watching the Las Vegas 51s play

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