As you’ve likely heard by now, there was a horrible incident last night at Rogers Centre, as a fan on the third base line collapsed and, as the whole stadium watched, needed several minutes of desperate medical attention, which halted the game, and turned out to be, unfortunately, in vain, as the man was taken to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

It would be easy here to lament the intrusion of real life into the fantasy atmosphere of a professional sporting event, and I think horribly selfish, too. These sorts of things are bound to happen occasionally, and they will always provide a stark reordering of perspective for those of us who witnessed, if only– if we’re being honest– likely for a short time. But to think, first and foremost, of ourselves and how we may fit into this fragile world and of our own mortality ignores too much the all too real truth that a man has died, very suddenly, and his family will now have to begin the long process of coping with it and trying to move on. Clearly our thoughts are with them and with the victim himself.

And I’ll add that it’s out of that sadness felt for the family that I’ve selected the photo above for this post, unlike the Toronto Star, who’ve elected to run a picture of the man being carted off the field, and that all I’ll say regarding the “fans” who, according to Kevin Youkilis (via a tweet from’s Chris Toman), were “yelling crap at me, talking crap at me,” as this was all taking place, that I truly hope they somehow didn’t grasp the gravity of the situation. Judging by their alleged actions, they’re dumb enough for that to be a distinct possibility.

(Parkes, on the other hand, is ready to tee off on them over at Getting Blanked.)


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  1. Kevin Youkilis is still a little (big, actually) bitch, but he handled that whole tragedy with some major class. Having said that, since I had no idea what was going on in the 500s I still would’ve jeered him if he was on the Red Sox.

    Fuck the Red Sox.

  2. Well you gotta die somewhere. I thank him for supporting the team FWIW. Best wishes to his family.

    As for Youk he should know by now that a few idiots can exist anywhere. When I have seen incidents (like someone hurt bad by a foul) it usually gets respectfully quiet. I wonder if the ones jawing hadn’t yet noticed what was happening.

  3. Good to docs from both teams rushing over to help. Nice to see when humanity is at stake there are no boundaries

  4. This must be John Farrell’s fault…

  5. I was there in the 100s, though on the first base line. My cousin works for Rogers Centre and came by to say hello, then ran off because there was a medical emergency. He had to clear the way for the ambulance downstairs. I’ve never heard a stadium go so quiet in my life.

    Now I didn’t hear the hecklers. But man, these people just have no soul or were so drunk they had no idea what inning it was, let alone that someone was dying 3 feet away from them. But these are the type of idiots who would be yelling anti-Semitic slurs at Youkilis if they knew he was Jewish. They aren’t fans. They are in every city at every stadium for every sporting event, and it makes me even more disgusted when they are in my city. I hope these people read all the comments headed their way, and if they have any sense as humans they will at least own up to what they did to their families.

    The rest of the game was irrelevant. Just a horrible evening all around, and not something I want to remember being a part of. My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased.

    I guess if we want a positive out of this, it’s that after losing one life last night Jays fans can help, and very likely have helped save a different life in Omar Malave’s granddaughter. And in one night the family ended up reached their goal. Impressive stuff, Toronto, though I seriously wonder where the Blue Jays organization is and why the richest owners in baseball can’t do anything to help them (Wilner said the Jays were paying for the surgery, but I didn’t see any other reports confirming that). Regardless, well done Toronto. And I think we should give far more attention to how wonderful Jays fans have been responding to the Malave family’s plight as opposed to the soulless asshole “fans” at Rogers Centre.

  6. @Sharkey agreed

  7. I was in the 500s last night, with a bunch of drunkards early tweenties in the stands right behind me. Their attitude towards the whole incident was pathetic, and its unfortunate how easy it is to believe that people would go after others during a crisis.

  8. What terrible incident. One one hope that this man spent his last few hours alive with friends or family enjoying the game he – and so many of the rest us – loved.

  9. It’s deplorable that some idiots decided to run their mouths off at Youkilis while this emergency was happening. Parkes sums it up very well. Despite the horrible nature of their actions, I’m betting those people now feel like complete assholes for their actions after sobering up and learning that the man in question died. I hope some right-minded fans put those idiots in their place for mouthing off at Youk while he was trying to help.

  10. Publicly shame the fucks who did it.

    Everyone should know their names

  11. Posting under my real name for this comment, prayers to the family, and bravo to the Rogers staff and medical people, and for the 98.9% of real fans who were respectful and concerned.

  12. Sad when anything like this happens……hopefully the gentleman was a hardcore baseball nut & if that was the case, it probably wasn’t a bad way to go, surrounded by others & in a ball park wathin a game. rip.

  13. They were probably either drunk and unaware of anything, or not drunk and just morons unaware of the gravity of the situation at the time.

    Either way, I don’t think being “publicly shamed” is necessary. I’ll hazard a guess that the guys involved probably feel like idiots today.

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