Welp. So much for yesterday’s speculation that Brett Lawrie’s absence from the GCL Jays’ lineup meant that he was possibly on his way to Detroit to join his teammates, as word came late this afternoon that the club has shut down his rehab work and will keep him out of any kind of game action until at least Saturday. Oh, and it gets better… which is to say, it gets worse…

“Farrell seemed to suggest that Lawrie may not have admitted to team officials how much pain he felt before he went on DL, and since,” tweets John Lott of the National Post.

“Farrell did not rule out eventual shutdown of Lawrie for rest of year, depending on how next stage of rehab goes,” he added.

“He’s got to express anything that he is feeling to get back to the point of being able to go day in and day out in the lineup,” the manager told reporters, according to yet another of Lott’s tweets.

He’s also got to stop diving into camera bays and expecting everything to be fucking peachy, playing injured like he’s above pain, and/or believing the smoke that’s constantly being blown up his ass by the club’s broadcast team and marketing department, and maybe start figuring it the fuck out how he’s most valuable to his team if he’s actually, y’know, in the lineup and healthy.

Oh, and apparently the Jays are playing the Tigers and I had some serious misconceptions about the deliciousness of Heineken.


Hey! Ricky Romero is on the hill for the Jays tonight. I remember that guy!

More from John Lott, who tweets that both Jose Bautista and Adam Lind are in the lineup for Dunedin tonight, and also that Brandon Morrow is on track to start Saturday in Baltimore.

A friend of mine was telling me that he heard today on the radio here in Toronto that there were people actually entertaining the idea of whether or not the Jays should go after Roger Clemens, now that he’s suddenly interested in a comeback. I really hope that’s not true and nobody actually polluted the airwaves with such drivel. (At the Star, Griff has a cute non-Jays conspiracy theory about it.)

Surely you can’t have possibly missed my piece on the AL trade market for established pitching. It’s right below this one! The NL one will be coming tomorrow… unless it’s the day after.

I’ve mentioned Nick Swisher as a guy the Jays should consider looking at as a free agent this winter, but… that doesn’t sound quite so hot if he’s asking for Jayson Werth money (aka the Vernon Wells contract), as is being reported. Parkes looks into how fucking crazy that is over at Getting Blanked.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked– featuring a long last He’s Just Not That Good Anymore segment on Yunel Escobar (in which we kinda agree he’s probably not that bad)…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
D. Cooper 1B
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
O. Vizquel 3B
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

R. Romero LHP

Detroit Tigers

A. Jackson CF
O. Infante 2B
M. Cabrera 3B
P. Fielder 1B
J. Peralta SS
D. Young DH
J. Baker RF
A. Dirks LF
G. Laird C

M. Scherzer RHP

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  1. I don’t think a single Jays player has made it back from the DL yet, after going on at any point this year.

  2. When was the last time an injured blue jay DIDN’T suffer a setback?

    (seriously, it’s like every player has been out a week or a month longer than expected)

  3. Sam Cosentino was the one that was pretty excited about bringing Roger Clemons to Toronto. Hayhurst tore into him and made him look dumb, and rightfully so.

    • Does anyone else get annoyed at Cosentino when he pronounces the word offense. He makes it sound like “ooohfense.” It drives me nuts.

      Bringing back Clements is dumb.

      As for the Jays & Lawrie, I am surprised to hear the news. It sounds pretty bad.

      I suppose we will hear soon that Ricky Romero was hurt but played through pain. He is leading the AL in walks. Very depressing

    • Frank Cosentino should disown him.

    • Let’s bring Roger back to Toronto, then we will suddenly have guys getting suspending for 50 games instead of gettting injured

  4. Heineken does kind of suck.

    Hoegaarden is the way to go.

  5. The pre-game interview with Loup was pretty awesome.

  6. I went through a Heineken stage but wanted a bit more and switched to Tuborg. Got tired of it and went back to domestics cause it was cheaper.

  7. Unfortunately, Roger Clemens would probably be an asset to the rotation tight now.

    I meant this as a joke…. But when I read it back it’s more sad/semi-truthful than funny.

  8. Seriously guys? – Ricky

  9. What are you doing Omar?

    Eat that! That was a rookie mistake by an old washed up player…

  10. Merman

  11. You can’t preach ‘pitch to contact’ to your starting pitchers and then put out a lousy fielding squad. It f’s with the pitchers’ heads.

  12. Coop-The little engine that could.

  13. hey

  14. do beer stores in ontario have a good selection of non big brand imports? searches on thebeerstore.ca come up with hardly anything but I assume you can get more than what comes up on the website in ontario

  15. I’m done. I don’t wanna be put through this misery.

    I’m gonna stop watching before this game gets bad.

  16. Where’s Tonya Harding and her ex when you really need them?

  17. DFA Romero, sign Clemens away from the Skeeters?

  18. Ricky Romero? More like Rich he is a male Ho’

  19. This is going to get fucking ugly in a hurry, what do you do with him at this point?

  20. Romero is on pace for 54 walks IN THIS GAME ALONE

  21. Playing through pain is an admirable trait…

    …if you’re playing for something. If the team’s out of the playoffs, just go on the DL already and rehab it properly.


  23. U bedder wach ur tung boi

  24. Romero just walked me, and I’m only watching on tv.

  25. Hey, if I walk the next 55 batters, will the rain come and erase all of this from my record?

  26. I like action!

  27. yay dicky

  28. Escobar is batting .478 against Scherzer for his career.

    That’s a weird stat.

  29. the jays would still hit for a shit average.

    • I told you the Wallace for Gose trade was a loser for the Jays. Gose cant him for shit while Wallace has lost weight, is now playing a decent thirdbase and is opsing near 900.

  30. So colby is 0 for his last 20 and nobody cares. When Davis had his 0 for 20 spell, the fanboys were calling for his head. just goes to show you that when seals are trained well, they can FAP with the best of them

    • When Davis had his 0 for 20 spell, people still cared.

      Now most of us are meh and aren’t even watching the games.

  31. The whole team is lost.

  32. now that pitchings stabilized a little rally can turn this game around

  33. Good for Ricky.

  34. Is the chicken wing trot officially dead?

  35. I wish Ricky would show some anger on the mound the way he used to in the dugout. He needs to pitch angry and throw some heaters inside and bean about 3 batters “accidentally on purpose”. Maybe then he will start to get something back because fuck all seems to work

  36. Coop-”I think I can, I think I can.”


  38. That slide/non-slide by Cooper on the double play was incredible. he was about 15 feet short.

  39. Lets trade for max scherzer

  40. Good grief, Rajai.

  41. Words cannot express the depth of my disdain for Rajai Davis’ fielding abilities.

  42. So if the Jays were going to split DH time and form a platoon of a right handed bat, most likely d’Arnaud at this point vs Lefties and one of Lind or Cooper vs Righties who would you go with?

    Thing to remember in this scenario, you weren’t able to trade Lind and you’re still on the hook for his $5 million.

    Stat’s to remember – Lind has a career OPS of .834 vs Righties. Cooper in much more limited action .735

    On the other hand it will be interesting to see if Jays’ management is finished with Lind once and for all and try and free up money for pitching by moving him and go with the cheap platoon of Cooper and d’Arnaud for a total of $1 million.

    Personally if Lind comes back and hits like he was the month before he went on the DL then I’m still leaning towards keeping him with the very firm belief that he never sees the light of day vs a Lefty unless I had no other choice. I really like .500 slugging from my DH spot.

    • Big assumption here is that Lind and his porcelain back are ever able to come back and play more than a month at time without being shut down for back soreness and tightness. I know all about back injuries, not myself but people I know, and at this point it seems extremely unlikely his back will ever be well enough to play for sustained periods ever again. his back is fucked permanently and it will never be better than it is right now.

      • That being said, I guess my point is they just need to eat his contract and move on. I mean he wasn’t even playing first base last time he got hurt, he was dh’ing every day.

    • I wouldn’t want to turn D’Arnaud into a platoon player this early in his career. Let him try to hit both.

    • I’m so sick of Linda and his comebacks…

    • Why are we taking at-bats away from d’Arnaud in this or any potential scenario?

      • Assuming JPA and Lind are on the team next year, I could see a platoon at DH between these two. Or possibly Davis at DH vs. Lefties if JPA is traded.

  43. NOW we know it’s not Ricky’s year.

  44. TAG HIM! Jesus Christ.

  45. Fuck Cooper!

  46. Bad defense is contagious apparently.

  47. why no go home?

  48. When did Edwin get rid of the douchebag beard?

  49. That was the worst. If I were Farrell I would have left Ricky in and promptly removed Cooper, just to give Ricky some support.

  50. i cant take any more of this shit. cooper is stupid for not tagging the guy. how many fielders cant catch davis/thames and baserunning is crapshoot of braincramps. intelligence is not present in most of these jays. fuck with what i see next year is a write off too. i held hope until now, too many shitty players and buck really needs to get off the booze. fuckin fire buck and tabby or i will never watch again

    • “The Jays are a couple of years away from contention”

      Repeat every 2 years.

      Very frustrating to watch.

    • Good riddance.

      • if you think the jays are going to be good next year and make a wildcard spot, i have a lamp for you to rub. mailing address please. and if the good riddance is for me i hope you say it to all posters on here who speak their mind. your business plan is a spiral in the wrong direction. hmmm from a grown man speaking baby talk to insult another. maybe it is a good riddance for me. adios motherfucker

  51. Why’s the party line on Cooper “He’s garbage and he’ll always be garbage and who cares that he had good stats in the PCL because the PCL is garbage?” We all know that you’re supposed to take PCL number with a grain of salt, but not dump fucking salt on his stats like you’re working the fry counter at McDonald’s – it’s still a professional baseball league and he still hit 364/439/535 in Vegas last years. We’re so used to hearing a kneejerk response of “but… but… Vegas! THIN AIR and stuff! Don’t you fucking understand SCIENCE!” but it’s not like they’re playing with fucking aluminum bats and tennis balls – he still showed he can successfully hit baseballs for an entire season. (Quick, give me a kneejerk response of “But the PCL pitchers are garbage! And… and… thin air!” It’s still the AAA baseball league that half the MLB develops their best prospects in, and not everyone’s hitting .364)

    I’m not claiming he’s everyday-AL-East-first-baseman good, but platooning with Lind next year, assuming we can’t sign someone better? Why not? The guy’s 25, the story isn’t written on him yet – lord knows we’ve turned a couple other hitters with similar profiles around.

    (welp, cooper, you just goofed a defensive play while I’m in the middle of my big post defending you, nice one, you chinless dick)

    • You mean platooning with Encarnacion? Lind also hits left.

    • I think the party line is that Cooper is the reincarnation of Lyle OVERBAY. pre wrist injury.

      His defence needs work to get to Overbay levels.

      He’s an acceptable platoon replacement for Adam”my back hurts” Lind

    • I could see Cooper as an everyday 1B for a team in the NL central…

  52. what happened on the cooper misplay? gamecast just says jackson grounded out fielders choice to first. ?

    • Soft grounder to first, cooper fields on the inner grass, almost goes home, decides he can’t get the runner, tries to run back to the bag but infante beats him.

      They were less than a foot apart a couple steps from the bag. JUST. FUCKING. TAG. THE RUNNER.

  53. Are people seriously watching this game and this team still? Do you not have lives?

    • You’re so cool. I bet you are curing cancer tonight in your spare time.

      Oh wait, no you’re disparaging people for watching something you then comment on.

      Wait, doesn’t that make you worse than the people you’re taking the piss out of? Ouch.

    • No matter what you’ve heard, misery Doesn’t like company. Fuck off!

  54. At least when the lineup was healthy and they were scoring runs it was entertaining to watch.

    This is like the Rays sans pitching.

  55. c’mon jays a couple more runs here just for, ahem, posterity

  56. Coop-I knew I could, I knew I could.

  57. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something appear so labourious than seeing David Cooper run.

  58. Cooper and EE are basically the entire offense lately.

  59. Cooper sure ate his Wheaties for breakfast this morning eh?

  60. I wonder if coke had his lines of coke this morning?

  61. Valverde’s idiosyncracies? More like he’s doctoring the ball with the crap that’s clearly on his hat.

  62. Mathis mashes (sorta.)

  63. “Blue Jays lose on a checked swing”–and so it goes.

  64. Hayhurst says ” best position for cooper might be japan

  65. anyone else think romero looked fuckin’ broken in that post game interview?

  66. I am hoping the Jays go to a six-man rotation – I don’t need to watch Romero struggle through too many more outings this year – not worth it, save the bullets in his arm for next year and beyond

    It’s Jenkins-time, It’s Deck McGuire time, It’s Shawn Hill time,

  67. Ja Happ and Brandon Lyon thoughts 3 weeks ago “It feels so great to join a team that doesn’t lose every day”

    Ja Happ and Brandon Lyon thoughts today: “Fuck!”

  68. Colby rasmus is on fire.

  69. Ricky will bounce back. You know why?










  70. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/reversestandings2012

    Blue Jays have successfully gotten into having a safe 1st round pick.

  71. Its time to shut Romero down for the season. He has to be injured (I’m not ready to say he sucks). Only pitching him more can hurt him , not help

  72. Rasmus appears to still be affected by his injury and should go take a brief DL stint. It’s not like we’re playing for anything, and if we’re going to have Gose up here I’d rather watch him in centre field.

    As for Ricky… DL him or send him to New Hampshire. Rebuild his delivery. Add a new pitch. Something. Something that will make him more useful than he is now.

    As good as Cooper has looked lately, he’s still worth negative WAR. Perhaps that’s a sign of how low Lind set the bar, that we’re just happy with a replacement level DH.

    • I think he just needs to repeat his delivery (because of course I have years of major league experience). It looks like he’s trying different things every pitch, and they either go for balls or get hit hard.

      Either way, it’s really sad to watch the guy pitch right now. I agree; we can’t just keep throwing him out there – like Hayhurst said, he’s just embarassing himself now.

      • Ooops was supposed to be @NJJaysFan. Montclair representing!

      • It really is sad to see Ricky right now. It’s also draining the rest of the fielders. I was sitting behind the Tigers’ bullpen last night so I had a good look at Rajai all game and when Ricky started to walk the world Rajai wasn’t even watching the game at times, he was looking up to the stands with a look on his face that just screamed here we go again… Lack of concentration by fielders not expecting action because your pitcher cant get the ball in the strike zone leads to shitty defense, exactly what we saw last night.

        • Rajai is not the best OF to choose as an example of a distracted fielder. He almost always seems distracted and only has occasional flashes of brilliance sprinkled about his morass of terribleness.

          • True Rajai doesn’t need any help to suck in the outfield, he was just the closest to where I was sitting. None of the guys looked very into it last night from what I could see.

  73. Well…….

  74. Anyone else emigrating to Tank Nation? #8! We’re coming for you KC!

  75. In the news this morning:


    In other words, Felix is probably signing a long-term contract extension this off-season with the Mariners.

    Just in case any of you still thought there was a chance we might trade for him.

    • What would we, you know, trade? Gose? Hech? Maybe Lawrie might bring us back a pitcher. Let him practice his suicidal habits somewhere else. In hindsight, trading Lawrie for a decent starter last off-season would probably have been a decent move Canadian or not.

  76. Wow I just saw replay of that Cooper play. Might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in a game.

    • Cooper, rajai and alex rios were all trapped in a locked car once on a hot day. Luckily emergency crews were able to free them.

  77. I’d like to give a special birthday shoutout to Martha Jensen who turns 95 today.

  78. sierra’s hit total is now

    18% of jose bautista’s
    31% of lind’s
    21% of JPA
    18% of rajai’s
    56% of omar’s
    93% of gose’s

    yet he’s the one that gets benched all the time as we continue to not score runs.

  79. I thinks Roger Clemens is trying to delay is HOF status with his little comeback. My guess is he goes to Houston if he does make it back to the show. Sideshow…

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