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Housekeeping: It’s back-to-back Snacks, on account of yesterday’s internal internet problems that also derailed the podcast. We’re considering doing a podcast today to make up for it, but… we’re probably considering just waiting until Thursday even more.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun files another one from Eastlake, Ohio, this time focusing on another member of the Lansing trio, Noah Syndergaard– aka Nose Snygen.

“In the 10 games [of the most recent home stand], the Jays attracted 299,387 to the Rogers Centre and you have to go back as many as five or six years, into an era when announced attendance figures were … well, let’s just say ‘unreliable’ to find a series when this team averaged 30,000 over an extended homestand,” writes Ken Fidlin of the Sun. “You can only imagine how big the crowds might have been if the real Blue Jays had been playing and not rehabbing injuries in various parts of the continent.”

Elsewhere, Fidlin talks about the rumours of the Jays moving their Triple-A affiliate to Buffalo, which could be made official as soon as September 16th, and “be a shot in the arm for flagging attendance at Coca Cola Field in downtown Buffalo.” There was plenty of debate about this in the post I wrote about the rumour a couple days ago, and I tend to fall on the side that it will help. Jake Marisnick will likely be there at some point next year, Vlad Guerrero was there this summer, Brett Lawrie was there last year, and you could forsee the rehab starts a guy like Brandon Morrow has been making in New Hampshire potentially being moved to Triple-A, all of which are the kinds of things that might boost attendance– as is the geography, and the fact that, despite what a couple blowhards were trying to say, it’s not like plenty of Canadians are reluctant to visit Buffalo for the Sabres or the Bills.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star concludes that Travis d’Arnaud will be the Jays starting catcher, calling comments from Alex Anthopoulos implying JP Arencibia has some measure of job security, “GM-BS. The fact is there can be no upside to already handing the Jays’ starting catching job to D’Arnaud at this point. However, by maintaining Arencibia, at least in the public eye, as the Jays’ No. 1 catcher for 2013, it only increases his value in trade. Of that there can be no doubt.”

Chad Jenkins fever! Brendan Kennedy of the Star, and John Lott of the National Post tell us about the young right-hander who may have found a home here in a relief role.

Speaking of building a bullpen by using converted starters, FanGraphs looks at how the Rays have built a terrific bullpen on the cheap, something the Jays appear to want to mimic, albeit also by head-scratchingly dealing some of their prospect capital to make it happen.

Been a while since I’ve seen a Griff Bag, but thankfully, at least Gregor Chisholm is still churning them out at

Big time prospect Aaron Sanchez struggle for four starts prior to hitting the DL on July 31st, says, but allowed just one hit over four innings, striking out three, in his second start back, which came last night.

Bluebird Banter looks at some more prospect-y stuff from last night, from all the various Jays’ affiliates who were in action, including performances from Sean Nolin, Marcus Stroman and John Stilson in New Hampshire.

Kenny Ken Ken writes at Fox Sports about the John Farrell situation, suggesting the Jays should lock up their manager, who is only under contract until the end of 2013, while also entertaining the nonsense that anyone potentially wanted by the Boston Red Sox has to really want to go there.

At the Tao of Stieb, the Org Guy wonders about the “scrap heap,” and how the Jays can do better at acquiring players from it this year– like the way the Yankees have done. I don’t know if it’s a great comparison, though, because the Yankees have money, and you know they’re going to be in the playoffs every year, so it’s easier for guys with more left than they’re given credit for to accept a reduced role there than it is elsewhere, I think.

Mop Up Duty gets into that fancy ESPN Stats and Info data to preview the Jays’ series against Detroit that begins tonight.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels continues updating us on how this year’s draft class has fared so far in pro ball, looking today at second round picks. The Jays’ pick, Chase DeJong, has “1.80 ERA with 11/1 K/BB in 10 innings in Gulf Coast League, six hits, 1.57 GO/AO,” he says. “Small but impressive sample.”

Remember how badly we wanted injured high schooler Lucas Giolito to fall to the Jays in this year’s draft, only to see him get plucked by the Nationals one pick ahead of us? Keith Law reports at that he has re-injured his elbow, and is due an appointment with Dr. Lewis “Heathcliff” Yocum. Y’know… FYI.

Ford C. Frick award voting is on at the Hall of Fame’s Facebook page, so go vote for Tom Cheek already.

Lastly, since I missed posting it yesterday, here’s the Monday edition of Getting Blanked…

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  1. You should add the Battersbox interview with Dane Johnson. Kickass. Also, Norris, Nessy and Lopes headed to Vancouver.

  2. I rounded the Cape of Good Hope!!

  3. Regarding the attendance figures of the most recent 10-game home stand, all you have to do is look at the teams they played, and it explains itself:

    Yankees – Always get a big crowd
    Rangers – A great team, will generate a big crowd. Lots of Asians would also want to see Darvish, even if he’s not Japanese.
    White Sox – Lots of fans make the 8-hour drive from Chicago, and they’re a 1st place team also.

    If the Jays had a series against a less interesting team such as the Mariners, I think the attendance would reflect that.

    As a side note: I don’t think this skews the figures vastly, as attendance has been up all season.

    • “You can only imagine how big the crowds might have been if the real Blue Jays had been playing and not rehabbing injuries in various parts of the continent.”

      I can only imagine they’d be exactly the same.

      • Attendance spiking based on who’s playing is largely a myth. The only reason more fans show up to see a Yankees series is because there’s added Yankees fans.

        The only time I’ve ever said “I need to go to this particular game to see this particular player” is the Halladay Phillies return. Other than that, I’ve never said “I don’t want to go to a Jays game because Jose Bautista’s injured”, or “I don’t want to go to a Jays game because Happ’s starting and I’d rather watch Morrow.” My first concern is usually something more like “I’m busy Tuesday so fuck it I’ll go on Wednesday.”

        • And you speak for everyone in the fanbase? As I do not live in Toronto, I can manage about one series per season. If the dates are convenient, I will choose to see one of the ‘higher drawing’ teams such as the Yanks or Boston

      • “I can only imagine they’d be exactly the same.”

        Are you kidding? If the Jays were in actual playoff contention, I think it’d be nuts.

        Seeing the attendance rise like this, even with shitty play, is pretty encouraging.

        • Except the Blue Jays wouldn’t be in actual playoff contention if the following was true:

          “You can only imagine how big the crowds might have been if the real Blue Jays had been playing and not rehabbing injuries in various parts of the continent.”

          • Are you serious?

            Before the injuries hit the Jays were +/- 2 games from .500. Therefore they should be sitting around the Angels which is 4 games back from the Wildcard. This is why:

            Bautista over a month is about 2 Wins, Gose his replacement is about -1 that is 3 wins.

            On top of that JPA is an asset to the squad, Mathis, Gomes is about the worst platton you can imagine JPA over Mathis/Gomes has to be 1.5 wins. Not to mention Lawrie +1 win is greater then Hech/Vizquel -1 Win. Those three players alone about 7 wins over the time they were out.

            Lind has to be half a win better then having Mathis/Cooper/Gomes getting AB’s at DH.

            That doesn’t even include Morrow for 2 months over Cecil/Laffey.

            Maybe this will help you re-think your asessment that the Jays wouldn’t be in contention.

          • Sorry to burst your bubble, but 4/5 games back with 5 teams above you is not really playoff contention. The Jays played like a .500 team when healthy, why do you assume they would improve as the season went along?

    • “White Sox – Lots of fans make the 8-hour drive from Chicago, and they’re a 1st place team also.” – umm, the White Sox don’t even draw well in Chicago. They currently sit 24/30.

      • Every team has their die-hard fan base, and every time I go to a game where the Sox are in town (kinda often cause heckling Rios is way too much fun), there’s a tonne of Sox fans.

    • The Yankees series is a draw, largely because of extra Yankees fans showing up. None else, really. Texas is not a draw. Darvish pitched here earlier this year and the crowd was like 15k. Chicago not a draw (in fact the attendance for that series was not that good).

      Other series since the ASB included Detroit (might be a few Tigers fans but again not typically a huge draw or anything) and Oakland.

      • I didn’t do an average to back it up because, well, I’m lazy, but when the Mariners were in town, the attendance was about 24k, and the Jays were healthy and far better. When the Sox were in town, the attendance was 27k+. Checking one game when Texas was in town, the attendance was over 35k.

        • I should point out that the game with Darvish pitching only drew 26k fans, so I was wrong about him drawing fans.

        • I’m not really sure what you’re saying exactly. Yeah, attendance has been up this year, but it’s been up for everyone, it’s not being especially boosted by particular teams.

          Only the last game of the White Sox series drew, the first few were under 20k I think. Earlier this year the one big game against Texas was a weekday matinee, where they ship a bunch of kids in. Texas has nothing to do with that (there was a game against the Mariners last year on a weekday afternoon that drew huge).

      • You forgot the red sox

    • Texas and the White Sox are really not draws here. What was the crowd at Darvish’s first game? Under 20K I think.

      I’d say the only teams that inflate attendance in Toronto to any real degree are the Bo Sox and Yankees.

    • “Rangers – A great team, will generate a big crowd. Lots of Asians would also want to see Darvish, even if he’s not Japanese.”

      Seriously? No, “asians” dont’ care about someone unless he’s of the same nationality. I guess all “latins” should be here in numbers because of Escobar and Encarnacion, right?

      “If the Jays had a series against a less interesting team such as the Mariners, I think the attendance would reflect that. ”

      When they played the Mariners in April, attendance was pretty high, especially for the Saturday game. It has more to do with convenience than anything.

    • your argument is still wrong because regardless attendance is up 5000 seats this season over last. guess they have played good attendance teams all season?

    • “Lots of Asians would want to see Drvish, even if he is not Japanese”…..m, I’m pretty sure he is Japanese. And, are you suggesting other ‘Asians’ theatre not Japanese would come out, just because he is Asian? That’s fucking retarded.

      Holy racist

  4. Nose Snygens going to be giving some major turboners with his dominating turbonater attitude. oooo that is fucking so turbo man!

  5. 4 years of JPA for 1 year of Garza- Do the Cubs consider?

  6. “Speaking of building a bullpen by using converted starters, FanGraphs looks at how the Rays have built a terrific bullpen on the cheap, something the Jays appear to want to mimic, albeit also by head-scratchingly dealing some of their prospect capital to make it happen.”

    You mean like what the Jays did with Snider and everyone lost their shit? Hell even Thames to a lesser extent.

  7. I dare someone to vote Wilner for the Ford C. Frick Award.

  8. I don’t think Arencibia is at the apex of his value right now. He’s injured, he’s young, and I think his trade value could benefit from another season in the majors. If he starts out next season on a hot streak he’s young enough that it would be interpreted as “turning the corner” or “reaching a new level” and thus the Jays could get value in return commensurate to JPA’s new level.

    I also don’t think it would be wise to trade JPA until we know that D’Arnaud can make it at the major league level. Sure he’s a great prospect, and more highly thought of than JPA; but being a great prospect is no guarantee of success in the majors. Many of our top prospects in the past turned into AAAA players.

    If it takes D’Arnaud and Arencibia splitting DH/catcher duties for a year, so be it, but I just don’t think it’s wise to trade JPA until we know D’Arnaud can handle the majors. Preferably that moment would have come right now, except he’s injured.

  9. So are when are we going to start an “Occupy the Dome” protest? We should all stay after a game
    e and turn that joint into a Katrina Superdome stinker until Rogers starts to blow some cold, hard, muthfukin cash.

    • After opening day 2013 if the team is the same as this year’s. This has finally been the year where fan support starts to outpace payroll growth. Based on Parkes’ constant fucking evocation of the Rangers model I’ve been conditioned to believe that this winter is the time to make some moves.

      I think (hope?) this winter will be a big turning point for the Jays – otherwise it just might be a turning point for my support of AA as well as my sufferability on these comments.

  10. Via MLBTR, Swisher floating a little trial balloon about looking for $100M+. Lulz ensued.

  11. This whole JPA D’anuald thing is ridiculous. You really arent going to get that much for Arrencibia, unless he plays so good you don’t want to trade him. Both players have options. Why annoint one over the other? If you trade JPA you do so because theres a deal you have to do, not because youre necessarily shopping him. Truth is, he is a bit underrated and his 25 hrs over a year and decent defence are pretty good. He’s not Matt Weiters, but he’s better than a random replacement. TD on the other hand has never played a major league game. Sure, hes “cant miss” but so were Snider and Russ Adams. Going with TD and Mathis is probably a dumb move. Going with JPA and Mathis with TD waiting for a call up is best and then segway into JPA / TD combo which strengthens your bench and line up flexibility. Reading Mathis’ signing as anything more than a reletivley inexpensive insurance clause is to show an irresponsible lack of critical thinking and Griffin should fucking well know better.

    • What’s a lack of critical thinking is to say it’s best for a team to let two players who are each good enough to start play half-time, instead of letting one play full time and sell the other one for a useful asset.

      • Holy Christ, it is very frustrating to speak to the lesser minds around here sometimes. No one is advocating having 2 allstars split time at once position. With the plan outlined above, you simply hedge your bets against promoting TD too early and having him suck. My way, you move up TD when he is ready and split the time between the two of them until one proves he is an allstar quality catcher. Then you trade JP. However, since both should be good hitters, you have a lot more roster flexibility.

        • I kind of like the idea of JPA/Lind platoon if you can’t offload Lind. Otherwise, Arancibia should be the first name in every potential pitching trade this winter.

          As an aside, did everyone see that Arizona traded their starting SS? Yunel would look pretty good as the centerpiece for an Upton deal…

          • Hech would look even better in Arizona, and there were rumors earlier this year that they like him.
            Hech and Gose plus a pitching prospect should be the centerpieces of a deal for Upton if AZ is at all serious about trading him.

        • ummm, in what world is JP a good hitter? If you’re overly impressed by his ability to hit 25 HRs then you’re on the wrong site.
          And besides, at what point will TD be considered “ready” according to you? Apparently AA has decided he is already there now, so what exactly are you waiting for TD to do that he hasn’t done already?
          Once TD gets called up, neither he nor JPA will be happy playing half-time, plus that’s bad for their development, and playing one of them at DH is a huge waste as well.

  12. I have a lot of trouble with the use of the Rays bullpen as an example for how other teams can do it. I mean, we all know they’re just ridiculously lucky with most of these shitballers right? Kyle Farnsworth and Fernando Rodney, not to mention fucking Joel Peralta, were all terrible and/or completely washed up. Either the Rays have some giant horseshoe up their ass or pitching coaches make WAY more of a difference than we give them credit for, which I doubt. Those guys could easily have been Francisco, Rauch and Dotel…

    I still disagree with the ‘never spend money on bullpens’ crowd, though, and I don’t think the Rays disprove the point. They show that a good pen is made up of a bunch of hard throwing prospects (or former prospects) and a few choice signings you hope work out. I’d still have to say that top-line signings give you a slightly better bet. There’s just less of a chance you get Rauched. What they have shown is the importance of not killing your pitching prospect depth (for JA Happ for instance) to keep a steady stream of fresh arms coming up.

    I was interested in that point about targeting pitchers with one excellent pitch – makes intuitive sense. Less interesting; how they tried to credit fucking Friedman with targeting Molina for his pitch framing capabilities like no one had thought of that before. Even Buck and Tabby had thought about it for chrissake!

  13. This article is interesting because it shows Cardinals fans are repeating the same arguments certain Jays fans have been speaking around here.

    Which leads to the question, are those arguments inevitable for most top offenses?

    • She wrote a great article. If you look at RISP stats they really fluctuate over time and are extremely hard to predict. Arguments like the St. Louis reporter made would be much easier if teams had any control at all in how many runs they score a game. The simple fact is they don’t. You also have to take into account of the pitching in these high leverage situations. Some teams simply have better pens than others and there’s a large disparity there. Some managers make it worse by not pitching their best high leverage guys in the correct situations instead saving them for “save situations”.

    • Very good analysis. I do think the Jays do well in blowouts but the 1 run games are a lot tougher.

      With the injuries now, it’s almost impossible for them to put 4 good at bats together.

  14. Attendance is looking good moving forward. I can see many more young (female) fans to leer at these days.

  15. The Jays traded spare parts for bullpen help and a good fifth / insurance option starter. GIve it a rest, Lincoln, Happ, Carpenter, Lyon, Debar is a good haul for all those duds no matter how you slice it.

  16. Heading over to the game at Comerica park tonight… hope the jays can put on a good show!

  17. Lucas Giolito elbow issues resurface – good lord the TJ surgery is almost guaranteed for a pitcher

    • and? who cares. TJ surgery is as close to a sure thing to recover from as there is.

      id rather have a pitcher get their TJ surgery out of the way. rarely do you need a second one unless your name is drabek or frasor

      • Agreed. Everyone knew it was a possibility before the draft which is why he didn’t go in the first couple of picks as was predicted before his injury. Washington got a huge break when he dropped to them imo or at least a potential one. Considering they have Strasburgh and Zimmerman as examples of how well things can turn it was a good pick. The kid is still very very young which gives him plenty of time to recover and build up again.

  18. Why is vizquel still on this team?

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