This again? Sure, why not. Time for Blue Jays baseball, everybody! Wake up the fucking kids, knock on your neighbours’ door, open a window and shout to the masses: it’s Jays time, motherfuckers! Let’s get fucking on with it! Dunnn dunn dunnnnn! Duuunn dun dunnnn! Dunnn dunn-dunn dunnn nunnn deeeeeeeeen! ……… Dunn deen!


Is it…? Could it be…? Are the J-AAA-ys soon to be no more???

Barry Davis tweets that Jose Bautista will play in New Hampshire tomorrow and will be back with the club on Friday in Baltimore, just in time to put the screws to the ridiculous hopes of the Orioles– and then, according to another Davis tweet, right behind him on Saturday, slated to start against the O’s, will be Brandon Morrow. Fuck, yes! Let’s end this Orioles nonsense once and for all, huh?

According to a tweet from John Lott of the National Post, John Farrell says, “We’re not going to run from Rickey Romero.” They are not going to skip him, then. At least, that’s what they’re saying.

Lott also passes along, via Farrell (and Twitter), the club’s plan to have Adam Lind play nine rehab games in New Hampshire before assessing where he’s at.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes tells a tale of raggin’ on Jeff Liefer and bringing WAY too many full beer bottles into the Rogers Centre than ought to have been possible, even in 2001. I can attest to its veracity.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here today’s edition of Getting Blanked

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
D. Cooper 1B
M. Sierra RF
Y. Torrealba C
K. Johnson 2B
M. McCoy 3B
A. Hechavarria SS

A. Laffey LHP

Detroit Tigers

A. Jackson CF
O. Infante 2B
M. Cabrera 3B
P. Fielder 1B
J. Peralta SS
D. Young DH
A. Dirks LF
J. Baker RF
A. Avila C

A. Sanchez RHP


Image via Rick Stewart/Getty.

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  2. I totally remember watching that 1991 game. Wow, I feel old.

  3. Hayhurst doesn’t pull his punches, does he. The Romero “embarrassment” fiasco (his tone clearly indicated he meant that Ricky was feeling embarrassed not that he was an embarrassment to society, the use of the term “embarrassment” was unfortunate), Cooper’s future is in Japan, and now saying that Laffey refusing to speak to the media before a start evidences a “headcase”.

  4. Cooper at the plate.

    Buck says “Let me ask you this…”

    Me “I know what you’re going to say Buck: why didn’t he just tag him?”

  5. Moises Sierra should probably be getting Gose’s ABs.

  6. You guys, I kinda like this Sierra kid. Always entertaining on the basepaths.

  7. Rasmus’ obp is sub .300 now

  8. The Jays are the most broken-down thing to hit Detroit since General Motors

  9. Can Dr. Andrews put Oscar-Pistorius blades on David Cooper??? Is that cruel??

  10. Prince Fielder, showing Coop how it’s done. Or supposed to be done.

  11. Can David Cooper wear Heelys cleats??? Is that illegal??

  12. YES! YES! YES!

  13. Similar to calling Marco Estrada “Polo Erik”, can we call Torre-alba “Spelling Jessica”?

  14. Sierra’s unguided missile.

  15. I can’t believe no one has yet to no hit or perhaps get a perfect game against these bullshit lineups we put out daily-maybe Verlander tomorrow-he must be lickin his chops at the chance to lower his ERA against these stiffs.
    I know the J’s have injuries but I just cannot watch this shit beyond three or 4 innings e’night or until we get our run for the night whichever comes first.
    Yes we need starters and if RR has gone Steve Blass on us ( for you tounguns see Pirates circa 1972 when Steve when from 20m game winner to walking damn near every batter he faced after that) we’ll need a third, but, we alsoneed a hitter or two who is willing to work the count and GET on FUCKIN Base. Enuf of trying for solo homers!!
    Howzabout we get a guy or two on then go for it!!
    Even fuckinn Rasmud OPA is only .299 although I’ll give him a bit of a mulligan for obviosuly playing with a sore groin which is Fing his swing up.
    KJ the strikeout machine-goodbye!! He’ll hit about .22o like always-I’m sure Hech can do that too and the 6m we save can hopefully be used toward pitching!!
    Ok I have to go bacj and see if Mcoy can double his HR rate or maybe Vizquel can start one-oh for F sakes

  16. Interesting test of Stankees’ depth: Ivan Nova may go on the DL, though he was also a candidate for replacement by David Phelps in the starting rotation which until CC comes back is now:

    and ??????Derek “Boots with the Fur” Lowe???

    Yup, $200 million buys you a lot of depth

  17. Ah, fuck, Coop, come back! We didn’t mean it! Well, we did, but…

    God damn it.

  18. If they actually get to the playoffs, the Tigers are going to be pure comedy in the field. 2011 Milwaukee Brewers all over again.

  19. FFS

  20. Jammed neck? Fuck Cooper’s Life how does this happen?

  21. Remember back to the beginning of the season when Davis was routinely being brought into the game to play LF as a defensive replacement?

  22. Fucking hell.

  23. We have a solid bench here. Torealba at first is nothing to sneer at.

  24. umm, he was out.

  25. sorry guys, i really took it on the chin there….errrrrr…


    you know what i mean.

    also..why didnt I just tag him?

    • It really is hard to understand why you didn’t just tag him, David. You’re not going to live that one down for a long time … if you’re still around that is. Hayhurst says you should play in Japan but I think you could be a regular 1B in the National League.

      If you come back from whatever this neck thing is. The injuries this year are ingoddamncredible.

  26. Joe Saunders on waivers seems like a worthy claim to get him in for a 5/6 week look as AA has claimed he likes to do.

  27. Muffintop McDade, Art Charles, or Randy Ruiz (somehow)… who starts tomorrow? All of these are beauties.

    And why does Kelly Johnson look like he’s swinging a broomstick?

  28. Small ball. Very small ball.

  29. Yorvit hitting like a lead-off man

  30. Ferrell should put Romero in CF

  31. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Roy Halliday have to go back to the minors to re-learn how to pitch? If so, maybe Romero needs to find out how Halliday got his mojo back, because holy fuck he looks like a lost soul on the mound

  32. Daddy, is that what a pitcher looks like?
    Yes son, it is.

  33. Steve the Terminator Delabar.

    Where’s that Aqua Velva?

  34. I’m glad I listened to Parkes and Drew shitting on Delabar – fucking gold

    • Parkes and Drew are expert player evaluators.
      If you don’t believe it, just ask them.
      They can read Fangraph charts like nobody else.

  35. Moises!!!!!!!

  36. and still very early of course, but with Pittsburgh, Tsnide has a .101 ISO which would place him in the 30s among LF with at least 200 PAs, with the likes of Johnny Damon, Quintin Berry, Roger Bernadina and Juan Rivera.

  37. Ah, fuck.

  38. Moises vs Thames: .851 OPS vs .865 OPS – 47 PAs vs 62 PAs; 2 As 0 Es vs 0 As 1 E

  39. the last stats are assists and errors

  40. Man I complete forgot about TSN jays games back in the day and that music brought it all back. Awesome.

  41. SMRT baseball there.

  42. Hillarious, 45 year old gets thrown out to end a ball game in the 9th inning of a 1 run game…Fuck this team right in the ass.

  43. Your 2012 Toronto Blue Jays: “Our best offensive weapon in this scenario is the running speed of a man who was alive the last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup.”
    (He was. I looked it up.)

  44. Rajai’s gotta recognize Omar’s jump and lay down that contact

  45. Why the fuck do you send the old man for the steal? Way to end the game…

  46. Whoever called for that steal is trolling.

  47. Veteran leadership folks!

  48. There’s no way that got called from the bench, right?

    I mean, there’s NO WAY anyone asks a 45 year old to steal a base down a run with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth is there?

  49. I go on holidays and bam! The Jays start loosing.

  50. It’s a GAME … the Jays are “playing” … let’s see, how many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

    Answer: As many as it takes to fill the bathtub with multi-coloured machine tools.

    • Don’t try to make any sense of this season … we passed that mark around the ASB … that being said, it is still impossible to make any kind of reliable prediction that this means next year will be shitty. I mean, someone might give me a bath.

  51. FINAL: Tigers 3, Jays 2, Omar Visquel 45.

  52. that steal call came from the executive suite . . . #TankNation #Draft2013

  53. Did Farrell’s trade value just go down tonight?

    I’m only kinda joking.

    • I do wonder if Red Sox nation pays attention to what Farrell does in Toronto in terms of in game management.

      Farrell would be attacked by fans if he tried pulling stunts with 45 year olds trying to steal bases to end the game.

      • Wait, did you seriously just ask if Red Sox nation pays attention to other teams than themselves or the Yankees?


  54. “Farrell said he called Vizquel’s steal attempt because of Valverde’s issues with holding runners.”


    • Thought experiment: if you’re playing MLB 12: The Show, you have Omar Vizquel on first, and there are 2 outs in a one-run game in the 9th, who here presses the steal button? Right? And that’s a fucking a make-believe video game world with nothing to lose!

    • Obviously Valerde has issues coming out his ying yang, but that call speaks to Farrell’s issues.

    • I love small ball. But there’s a time and a place.
      The issue for me is that Farrell sticks to his strategy and won’t adjust to the players and the situation.
      My fear is, will this strategy take a healthy team to the playoffs?
      Even with a decent team, you need to play to their strengths.
      If AA constructs a decent team,will Farrell be able to give them a chance to win?

      • I think you hit the nail on the head RADAR. Farrell gets a pass this year because of the injuries, but when the team was healthy they were making baserunning mistakes.

        Also , Farrell left Cordero in the closer spot too long & allowed Lind to get 100 aB’s in the cleanup spot etc…

        If the team needs a manager to win 5 games, I am not sure if Farrell is that guy.

        It could also be that his players aren’t that bright. Rajai is great at stealing bases, but he makes many errors on the basepaths.

        Wilner provided justification for Farrel’s move because the two hitters coming up to bat were unlikely to get a hit, so he asked Omar to steal the base


  56. I am not even mad about Omar’s steal attempt – it was an absolutely perfect throw from Avila – putting stress on the Tigers to make that play – that loss is not costing the Jays a playoff spot, so Go big or go home. Fuck Yeah.

  57. I swear Farrell’s intentionally losing these games, possibly on orders from Anthopoulous.

  58. Gee, one run loss.

  59. However, let’s say that Farrell-critics are right … in his 2nd year and probably not getting those 5 games until at least a year from now, probably 2 years … do you think he might be able to learn what is necessary by then? It never ceases to amaze me how people assume high paid help like Farrell and AA are close to retarded when it comes to being able to learn from mistakes. Methinks they are hired because that is a key character trait.

    • Farrell was doing the same last year.I was hoping he would learn and adjust this year.He took over the # 1 homerun hitting club and changed to small ball to suit his image of what he wants the Jays to be.
      He’s not close to retarded just inexperienced as a manager.
      I woulda thought Wakamatsu would help but maybe thats the problem.
      There are many different strategies to use during a ballgame and you’re never right all of the time.Thats the fun of second guessing the manager.

      BTW: According to Wilner the manager as no effect on winning games.I tend to disagree because of all the decisions needed during each and every play.Sometimes for me the game moves too fast.

  60. well we scored double our usual quota here.
    i’ll tell ya-delabar is beginning to look like the steal over lincoln- the fucker has potentially closer stuff with that wicked splitter

  61. AA gonna show Colangelo how tanking is done right in Toronto!

  62. How much more do we have to see from this manager to know he isn’t the answer?
    Get this guy out of here.

    • Farrell is a terrific front man to the media and a good politician, but quite possibly the worst baseball strategist I have ever seen. His moves are mind boggling. It’s like “gee I wonder if this will work if I pull it straight out of my ass”. He constantly gets out managed. The players must wonder what the fuck he is thinking sometimes as they walk off to yet another loss on the legs of a 45 year old that is getting way too much playing time.

      • Agreed. By my count there’s been 7 or 8 games this year that The Chickenhawk has cost us. Couple that with the 4-5 that Maddon in Tampa routinely STEALS and right away you see another area where an AL East opponent who we have to be better than outshines us.

        His ‘before the game’ strategy seems to be ok, but in the heat of the moment he just doesn’t make the correct choices- often times leaving me scratching my head at how illogical his calls are. I’ve seen enough to be satisfied he’s not the man for the job. I’d like to se Butter get a shot.

  63. I would have made it to second with sheer grit and determination.

  64. With every loss I can’t help but wonder what 4th outfielder or #5 starter we’ll waste our 2013 Top 10 pick on.

  65. Now Blue Jay games are fun to bet on….
    Such as –
    Who will get thrown out trying to steal?
    Who will get hurt in today’s game
    Who will make a bonehead play in the field or on basepaths
    Will Ricky walk more batters than Blue Jays get hits?

  66. After the game last night I sstarted playing my season in MLB the Show ’12 and I was playing against the Yankees. Guess who they had in the 5 hole … Manny Ramirez!

    Somehow, this didnt’t seem all that strange to me .. Seems like this could happen in real life and I wouldn’t be all that shocked.

    • But I do realize this is a video game . I realized this when they had ManRam playing LF and he ran down a gapper with a diving catch to stop a game tying RBI. To which I cursed Playstation and the makers of the game for their complete lack of reality!

  67. The Jays have never had the first overall pick.

    The Jays have picked in the top 10 only four times since 1985.

    Those picks were:
    1996: Billy Koch, 4th overall
    1997: Vernon Wells, 5th overall
    1998: Felipe Lopez, 8th overall
    2005: Ricky Romero, 6th overall

    Three all-stars and a closer. Not a bad haul, especially given what else was taken in the top 10. Granted not the best haul either–cough, Tulo, cough–but it’s nothing worth complaing too much about.

    One thing I did notice while looking this up, was that in the earlier drafts, in the 90s, the best players in the draft would generally be taken with the 13th through 20th picks (with the occasional lock at number one overall); whereas in the later drafts in the 00s, the quality players tended to be selected earlier, in the top 10.

  68. buck has created his own language called retarded. there is nothing professional about this organization other than the ability to pull dollars out of your wallet with a dose of spring hope. farrell takes brain cramps at the best time and the majority of players have little intelligence. pieces are exceptional only.fuckin scary 2013

  69. Omar just said on Twitter that the call to steal was his decision. So, who’s the one trying to fall on their sword to protect the other, Farrell or Omar?

  70. Wait this is an afternoon snack?

  71. It’s also likely that farrell didn’t want to tie and have the game go extras where he’d have to use his bullpen so he said hey let me just end it here.

    And it’s laughable that wilner said the next 2 hitters were unlikely to get a hit. You mean your top 2 hitters can’t hit? Then uhh why are they batting there.

    And by the way why is colby still batting second when he’s been a piece of shit for like forever?

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