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According to an official team release, Yunel Escobar has been placed on paternity leave, because… fuck it, why not? Congratulations to him and his family, and to those of you who’ve already made plans and won’t be able to watch tonight’s continuation of the J-AAA-ys’ season. Chad Beck gets the corresponding promotion, because you can never have a big enough bullpen, apparently.

Staying on a down note, if the season ended today, not only would it be fucking merciful, the Jays would end up with the eighth pick in the draft, according to the reverse standings at MLB Trade Rumors. And they’re just two-and-a-half games away from moving all the way up to fifth. Do it!

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi jumps on the reports about the Jays possibly moving their Triple-A affiliate, currently playing in Toronto, to Buffalo– and he notes that there’s an already strong connection there, with John Farrell having been with the Cleveland organization when they were affiliated with the Bisons, and Vegas manager Marty Brown having been at the helm of Buffalo’s last International League championship winner, in 2004.

John Lott of the National Post weighs in on the subject as well, noting that, should it happen, there’s no guarantee that the relationship will benefit the Bisons as much as it will the Jays. There is still nothing official yet on this, of course, but it’s promising that well-connected media aren’t shying away from the rumour, isn’t it?

Elsewhere at the Post, Lott gives us the rundown of last night’s game, if for some reason you want to relive it. On to the next nightmare, I say!

In the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott checks in with another piece on the Lansing Lugnuts by way of their recent road trip to Eastlake, Ohio– and this one includes a mini top prospects list from a scouting friend of his. HELLO, KEVIN PILLAR!!!

In a notebook post at, Gregor Chisholm catches up with Yorvit Torrealba, who brings his veteran presence (or something) to the club, among other things.

Speaking of Yorvit, Gregor tweets that the ex-Ranger had a few suitors, but chose Toronto because they were able to offer him the most playing time for the balance of the season.

At whatever they’re calling Miked Up these days, Wilner tries to comfort us by looking at some terrific pitchers over the last decade who’ve suffered inexplicably bad years and bounced back– huh? huh? huh? Or… well, three who’ve bounced back… sorta. And two who’ve stunk this year.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels looks at how third round picks from this year’s draft are performing in their first taste of pro ball. “Great tools obviously,” he says of the Jays’ third-rounder (and Minnesota State Screaming Eagles quarterback), Anthony Alford. “Maybe it’s just me, but if I was a GM I would be very hard sell on drafting guys who aren’t fully committed to baseball.”

Looking at how conventional wisdom may have got it wrong, at FanGraphs, Marc Hulet looks at how the worst-ranked White Sox farm system has produced a not insignificant amount of talent for the club this year, while vaunted systems– like the Jays’– haven’t done so much.

According to Mister Baseball, via Baseball Think Factory, Eric Gagne is going to be the pitching coach for team France in this fall’s qualifier for next spring’s World Baseball Classic.

At Getting Blanked, Drew notices that the Mariners seem to have a weird philosophy when it comes to being nice to their fans and promoting fun times at the ballpark: they’re actually into it. Are such things allowed? Because the fun police at our little concrete mausoleum have led me to believe that they’re not.

Lastly, a programming note: not sure if that piece on the NL trade market for pitching is going to be ready for today. Tomorrow, then! Or… whenever it’s done! (The AL one went up yesterday– read it here!)

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  1. Know what’s fun at the ballpark?… the wave!


  2. Out of the “top” 10 reverse standing teams, I think the Jays would have as much or more incentive to sign a FA that requires compensation (belief that it was just a down year). If the Jays finish 11th, I think the notion would be cast out.

  3. #TankNation2012

  4. Southern Mississippi, not Minnesota State…unless I missed the joke.

  5. Safeco is a wonderful place to watch a game. Much better than the Rogers Centre.

    • Lower beer prices 3 or 4 bucks and I’ll enjoy watching baseball there until the stadium starts to crumble. If the Jays start to win, hell, I wouldn’t hate myself for spending 8 bucks on a beer there.

    • Safeco is the way a baseball stadium is supposed to be. A stunning place to watch a baseball game, especially if you are not a Mariner’s fan.

  6. But who is going to close out games for Team Canada then?????

  7. Keep our first protected so we don’t have to give our first to Boston when we sign Ortiz!

  8. Since Greinke was traded mid-season and the Angels can’t get a compensation pick for him, a team signing him would not have to give up a pick no matter what, right?

  9. I guess my only question is: why couldn’t he have just tagged him?

  10. Thank you very much Marc Hulet. The AAphiles trumpet the improvement of the farm system, but for allegedly being well regarded, the results have been underwhelming. Coop has been the brightest light and it seems the club doesn’t even want him. Sierra too.

    • Yes, lets evaluate AA’s rebuild of the farm system with a focus only on this season.

      • Not even so much that, but it’s a bit silly to evaluate the farm system as a whole by the performance of minor leaguers in the Bigs in only one given year.

        Of our top 10 prospects, only Gose and Hutch even played in the Bigs this year. Hutch did pretty damn good before injuries, and Gose is only here because of injuries. It’s not like ANYBODY thinks/thought that 21 y/o Gose was even close to ready.

        So our poor performance from our vaunted system doesn’t mean anything, considering we have barely played any of the players that make our system vaunted.

        Contrast that wsith the example used (White Sox) and their contributing rookies included: Reed (#1), Santiago (#6), and Axelrod (#9).

        Of course Chicago got more out of their rookies, considering their rookies were called up b/c they were ready, unlike ours. Even Hutch was an injury callup.

      • Also, when you look closer at the specific White Sox data, it’s not so crazy. The author is saying that the Sox 12 rookies lead all of MLB with 3.1 WAR. While this is true, Reed accounts for 1.1 of that, and Quintana 1.9. The other 10 account for 0.1 WAR.

        Reed was their #1 prospect and by most accounts their only good one (along with Molina). So it’s not that crazy to imagine he’d have 1.1 WAR by now. THe only truly surprising performance is the 1.9 by Quintana, who was a pickup from the Yankees before season. So we are saying that “inexplicably” the White Sox system is overperforming, but really, all we’re looking at is a surprising, out-of-the-blue season by Quintana.

        And when we step back and look at the league as a whole, these out-of-the-blue outlier seasons are not all that terribly rare.

    • The strength of the Jays’ system is in the low minors still, so shitting on them in the overall is kinda absolutely ridiculous. I thought this was obvious enough not to have to mention in the post. Clearly I was wrong.

  11. GOD DAMN YOU YUNEL…we were going to install the first ever Escobar shift in which we take all defensive players off the field except for pitcher, catcher, and shortstop…it gives the rest of the team ample time to rest while the shortstop fields the inevitable grounder and throws to the pitcher covering first.

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