Looks just like the 80s! (Assuming they had ridiculous bro necklaces back then.)

Oh, hello Justin Verlander.

Can we just… maybe… not?


John Lott of the National Post looks into the Romero-Hayhurst “hullabaloo,” while on Twitter it looks like Ricky and Dirk are over it.

Lott also has some key, pre-game tweets, informing us that Adam Lind may not have a 9 game rehab stint after all, now that David Cooper is hurt, that the club may go to a six-man rotation in September, and that JP Arencibia could return in September.

Barry Davis of Sportsnet notes that he doesn’t think the groin injury Colby Rasmus is playing through is a reason for his slump. Um… I sure as fuck hope it is!

Davis also lays this on us: “Just spoke to Cooper. Says spasms are gone and he feels much better but not well enough to risk it by playing today.” To risk WHAT? A prolonged absence of David Cooper???

Gose and Hechavarria in the same lineup! Against Justin Verlander! Good lord!

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here [is where] today’s edition of Getting Blanked [will be, just as soon as it's up!]…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
M. Sierra DH
O. Vizquel 3B
J. Mathis C
A. Hechavarria SS
A. Gose RF

J. Happ LHP

Detroit Tigers

A. Jackson CF
O. Infante 2B
M. Cabrera 3B
P. Fielder 1B
J. Peralta SS
D. Young DH
J. Baker RF
A. Dirks LF
A. Avila C

J. Verlander RHP


Image via Rick Stewart/Getty.

Comments (310)

  1. ESPN just put out there mid-season future rankings. Jays are ranked sixth, second in the AL East behind the Yanks.

    • Great news!

      Jays could compete in 2015.

      I am glad that hay hurst apologized to Ricky Romero for his embarrassment comments.

      Dirk has to stop attacking Blue Jays players if he hopes to stay with Rogers.

      • He didn’t attack Romero, he was pretty obviously trying to express and explain what Ricky was likely feeling on the mound, Dirk’s comments were misconstrued by some with no regard to the context and tone in which they were said or the point that he was trying to get across. He didn’t apologize to Ricky and he didn’t really have to.

        • Dirk should be clear when he talks about players. He should not recommend demotions to the minors. For Ricky Romero.

          dirk would be upset if someone called his career an embarrassment.

      • Your comment hurt my soul.

        • Why would you care what this negative idiot thinks. Just let him feed his little id with all the pissing and moaning it requires.

          • Very classy Stoeten.

            Perhaps you should refrain from pissing & moaning about the Jays players you don’t like.

            Another jays high farm system ranking doesn’t excite me as much as it does you.

            A high farm ranking in 2012 means players woul be useful in 2014 or 2015.

            You can’t expect Hecht,Gose & TDA to immediately turn the team around.

          • Actually the Jays were ranked 5th, I missed typed. This is not just a prospect ranking, it takes into account, minors, majors, finance, management and mobility.

            Obviously this doesn’t guarantee anything, but that 3 “experts” think the Jays have a bright future.

      • Yeah. Because nobody at Rogers gets overly critical of the Jays..

        Like Gregg Zaun. Or Bob McCown. Or Greg Brady. Or Jeff Blair. Or virtually every host on The Fan.

    • FYI – they are ranked 5th…up from 6th in previous rankings

      4th ranked system + 8th rank in management

  2. Does this mean the the Getting Blanked show will be up soon? It hasn’t been up before 3 the last couple times.

  3. I’m feeling a high draft pick for Toronto…

  4. Verlander against the AAA team. Should be fun.

  5. I can’t believe I’m actually going to watch this game. Chances of a Verlander no-hitter are high.

  6. Does cooper still have a jammed chin?

  7. O SHIT! Day game for the win! Goodbye office productivity (until we’re down 5-0 in the third).

    • If you’re like me you’ll then proceed to complain to all your coworkers about everything wrong with the team, ruining not only your productivity, but the entire office’s.

      • Lol!
        Heading to Tampa for a week. Good to see the Rays leading the wildcard. They never give up.

  8. Omar Vizquel is…

    …45 years old.
    …hitting a career worst .217/.254/.242.
    …batting 6th for the 2nd time in his career.

  9. early prediction: Verlander with 16 Ks – 2 hitter

  10. Why does Edwin keep playing? Someday I want to tell my children that I watched the worst Blue Jays lineup in history.

  11. great lineup or greatest lineup ever?

  12. As much as I don’t like Cooper, his absence hurts the lineup right now. Add in Rasmus is in one of his things where he doesn’t hit at all, Yescobar got someone pregnant somehow, and Lawrie, Lind, Bautista, Arencibia are DLed……ugh.

    Chances Verlander throws:

    -a CGSO: 60%
    -strikes out at least 10: 80%
    -a no hitter: 30%
    -pefecto: 10%

    • Well you see, when two grown ups love each other, sometimes they express their love in certain ways….

  13. Question: How does a person jam their neck?

  14. I don’t even bother watching these games anymore.

    The Blue Jays are a joke.

    I’ll return to the Dome when Rogers invests in the team.

    • Stupid troll.

      • Why am I troll?

        You’re saying that line up isn’t a joke?

        • You’re saying that lineup is a result of rogers not investing in this team?


        • No, you’re a troll for blinding yourself to the reasons for said lineup.

          Of course the lineup’s going to look like crap if you take out most of the good hitters with injuries.

          • Please.

            Even without injuries, the team had massive holes.

            And AA, the boy wonder, keeps trading away young talent for dime-a-dozen bullpen arms.

            Keep drinking the kool aid, fan boys.

  15. Tigers will score more than the Jays get hits.

  16. This is going to be a very short day. The Jays make average pitchers look like Verlander. What will ACTUAL Verlander do?

  17. 1 batter – 1 K….gonna be a short game methinks

  18. there goes the perfect game…

  19. No perfect game!!! WOOO!

  20. If someone could help me find a link that works for the game, I’d really appreciate it. I normally watch stuff through firstrow dot eu, but they haven’t been getting jays games. I live in Buffalo, so it’s not like I could just subscribe either (though I have considered putting up a Bell dish).

    If you don’t want to post the link here, you could just email me at slowlymovingforward at hotmail dot com. I know, long email.

    Much appreciated .

  21. So, um, JA Happ…

  22. Gose!!!!

    Can’t hit for shit, but can do everything else!

  23. Lets go Happster show some of these non believers you are real deal

  24. I see there’s still one perfect game going on.

  25. No Miggy!

    Happ’s perfect game odds skyrocket.

  26. this lineup is depressing… i hope the tigers keep hitting balls in the gap so gose can entertain me

  27. Yeah! We injured their first baseman!

  28. Man – I know the Jays have little to no chance. I honestly see this type of game as one you just have to get through with a lineup like this – but it would be nice if they could provide SOME resistance to Velander. Just popping up after 1 pitch every at bat is brutal. At least try to see enough pitches that he can’t get through 9 on you.

  29. Fielder doing his best rajai impression on a three pitch k

  30. I want Happ to be what I know he can be so our DJF leader has to eat his words

  31. With a line-up that has Visquel hitting 6th (3 players who are worse hitters than Visquel? – don’t think any AAA team has 3), I’m somewhat glad to be at work and not see the game

  32. We have no chance of winning. Just please don’t give Verlander a no hitter.

    • Of course “we” dont, we are all sitting in front of our computers/phones at work/home/elsewhere and cannot affect the game in anyway whatsoever. The J-AAA-ys on the other hand, do have a chance of winning. Albeit very nominal .. there is a chance

      • Way to be a pronoun dick

      • Thats some unnecessary trolling – for which I apologize, but for some reason, it always bothers me when a fan uses the term “we” when attempting to associate themselves with their team

        • As long as they associate themselves both win and lose, what’s the problem?

          The really unbearable assholes are the ones that are “we” when things are good (ie winning) and they when things are bad.

    • I love reading through these comments after and laughing at people’s dumb predictions. On any given day of baseball anything can happen. So far Happ looks great and EE has come through….

    • Don’t you look dumb now.

  33. No perfecto :(

  34. 6 up, 6 down.

  35. For those of us at work, what happened to Cabrera?

  36. hech and gose ……… just sit the fuck down lol .

  37. If Verlander pitches a complete game I bet Gose and Hech will go 0/6 with 6Ks. Anyone wanna bet on that?

  38. Aw, there goes the no-hitter.

  39. Boy we should release this guy at seasons end haha Andrew that was your dumbest post yet

  40. Streak broken!

  41. Colby got a hit! Pretty sure that means the Jays automatically win.


  43. Chicken wing!

  44. Eddie!!!!!!!
    Also: Fuck you Verlander.

  45. Steady Eddie!!

  46. Chicken wing!

  47. A hit. I’m satisfied. A single hit is all I was hoping for today.

  48. HA ! suck it verlander !

  49. EE! I can go to lunch now.

  50. Oh, Edwin, you SEXY beast.


  52. Eddie

  53. Fuck ya EE!! What a great season so far for him. He’s hit some really timely dingers.

  54. I was about to say our only runs today were coming off of an EE HR, with someone walking ahead of him to make it a two-run shot.

  55. EDDDDIEEEE! Fuck I love that kid. It’s gonna suck when he tests positive for testosterone.

  56. Not sure why with this line-up anyone would throw EE a pitch to hit

  57. I see Beckett has been put out on waiver wire. AA should grab at him if he gets the chance. See if Boston is serious. Nothin to lose on a guy that is on the decline a bit but far from washed up. Maybe he is one of the disgruntled ones in Beantown and a change next season my bring about some benefit for him. Thoughts???

    • At first it sounds like a stupid idea, what with him getting ~$34 million for the next 2 1/4 years; but next year is an odd year, and Beckett has something like a low 3.00 ERA in the odd years, and a high 4.00 ERA in the even years, so he might not actually suck next season.

    • With that massive contract? No way. The only way is work on a trade in the off season that Red Sox pay most of his contract. Pretty much like AJ Burnett.

    • Josh Beckett and one more 3 caliber starter would definitely be enough to soothe my pitching angst. Bearman is right though – Sox would and will have to pay a big big chunk of that.

      • Beckett’s peripherals suck, and his velo is high 80′s.

        The reason he sucks this year is that he’s no longer any good at baseball.

    • Whats John Farrells rule on beer and fried chicken in the clubhouse. Or golfing on off days?
      Were those Beckett or Lester? I always get the two confused

  58. I’d like to point out that neither Adeiny nor Gose struck out this time around.

  59. Is this really happening?

  60. Fuck. Is JA Happ really this good? I’m afraid he pitches good this year and then shits the bed next year like Alvarez.

    • Well even last year we all knew Alvarez didn’t have an out pitch, and that the rest of the league would eventually figure this out; but Farrell/AA said something to the effect of Alvarez being able to learn this third pitch at the MLB level, which obviously didn’t work out.

      • True. But the thing is he had better command and better change up last year. I still believe that if he learns to throw a crisp slider, he can be a great pitcher. Apparently he can’t do it in the majors. Hopefully we get the Buffalo Bisons next year and he can learn it there.

  61. Hey JA Happ, if you think that there is a chance that you may suck next year, please give us a heads up this year. Otherwise I’ gonna kill you.

  62. Im just thinking that if jays sign a frontline starter, they are gonna have to overpay and be stuck with a huge amount during the decline years anyway. Becketts would at least be only for one assuming he bounced back next season with the change of scenery and reunited with John Farrell. However, dont think Boston is serious about trading him yet and would no doubt pull him back. But like i said, nothin to lose by tryin.

  63. For all you complainers the Jays are putting in a decent effort today. And why the fuck are you on here in the middle of the day if you don’t care about the Jays?

  64. Now it’s time for Rajai Davis’ “steal 2nd, steal 3rd, and maybe get home if we’re lucky” special!

  65. fuck off Fairchild – SAFE

  66. JV: What The Fuck..
    Ump:blah blah.
    JV: Bullshit. OK

  67. Alfonso Marquez, do you prefer John Farrell or John Rauch? Fucken idiot

  68. And the fucking shit-ass ump jerks off Verlander by calling a borderline third strike on Johnson.

    • MLB Gameday shows the ump calling many non-borderline strikes as balls, so Verlander isn’t entirely crazy.

      • I agreed with Verlander when he called the ump’s call fucking bullshit. But Verlander doesn’t need help getting guys out.

  69. Cant wait for next year just do I don’t have to watch Kelly Johnson everyday

  70. The fifth pitch to Austin Jackson is yet another prime example of one of those many clear strikes being called as a ball.

  71. Another nice outing by Haap. Wanted out of the pen and now backin it up!

  72. Boy its a Happy Happ day

  73. The irony is that Happ and Laffey have looked pretty good since the injury bug decimated the rotation…there haven’t been too many blow outs pitched by these two…if the Blue Jays bats hadn’t tanked and/or gotten injured, they wouldn’t look so very very bad in the standings…

  74. If he can finish strong, then really, his poor 2011 lookslike merely an outlier season, because his 2010 was pretty good and his 2009 was great.

    He’s a pitcher.

    • you got it Rob it killed me when people complained of trade as Happ had huge upside and had shown he could produce when healthy

      • Not to mention, his worst seasons came with Houston. There are a ton of players who just can’t ramp it up for teams with no hope of winning. Guys who do poorly on poor teams, and good on good teams.

        He was great with Philly. Maybe he can be great here.

      • Also, peripherals (esp K%) definitely trending in the right direction.

        Really, his career so far looks like a guy who had some stumbles, but if learning from his mistakes and becoming a better pitcher.

        2009 (26): 166.0ip, 6.5k/9, 2.93era
        2010 (27): 87.1ip, 7.2k/9, 3.40era
        2011 (28): 156.1ip, 7.7k/9, 5.35era
        2012 (29): 132.1ip, 8.6k/9, 4.69era

  75. You gotta love Verlander. The guy has just incredible skill. Dramatic speed with dynamic movement on his off-speed pitches. Its incredible to watch this guy dominating a game in which he’s losing.

    Thank the gods that Happ has also been very good.

  76. Adrian Beltre smacked 3 more HRs today. That is all.

  77. I gotta see the pitchfx charts for this after the game.

  78. Surrriously JA Happ.

  79. Mr Stoeton are you HAPPy today

  80. Hah, Adeiny with a hit!

  81. And now Gose working the count. What is this?

  82. What a strong 7 innings for Happ. Gotta love when a guy finds his groove early and just rolls with it. He’ll be replaced because of his pitch limit for the 8th but Detroit has no answer for him.

    He’s got the size to stay healthy.. if he can pitch more like this than in his recent past he’d be a solid fit for the bottom of the rotation next season.

    You have to give credit to a guy who can go up against Verlander and hold his own.

  83. I’m normally 100% against sac bunts, but with no-outs and a 2-run lead against Verlander and Gose up to bat, a sac-bunt would have been nice there.

  84. Those fake bunts really fucked Colby up. You’re feinting at bunts on hitable pitches (admittedly 99m.p.h. fastball isn’t all that hitable) and you get forced to swing at junk.

  85. Verlander just hit 101. On pitch #102. Beast.

  86. Where are all the Happ haters? I dont hear you fuckers!

    Questioning AA’s ninja ability. How dare you?

  87. Maybe it’s just me, and this may sound pretty “Tabler-ish”, but Hech *looks* a lot more solid at the plate than Gose does. If I didn’t know the stats between the two I think I’d have more confidence in Hech than Gose as a hitter on first impressions.

    That being said, results are what matter and they are what they are (not good).

  88. Dirks just flew out on a pitch well above the strike zone. Bailed Happ out, but I’m sure he’ll take it, given pitch #100 and all.

  89. A walk, and that has to be the end of the game for Happ, no?

  90. atta boy happ . outdueling verlander aint no small feat .

  91. Great outing by Happ its amazing the bashers on here always speak out when I guy screws up and say I told you so. But when a guy does well they disappear.

  92. Didn’t think they’d bring Happ out for the 8th. Either way – solid start. You have to love 7Ks today with good control.

  93. now watch lyon come in and shit bed ……

    • Go away. Fuck.

    • youngdaws is there something sharp poking you somewhere? This kind of negativity shortens your lifespan. Learn to feel the pain and keep your mouth shut. It gets easier and better.

      • not like i wanted it to happen ! but well , look what happened !!

        • You have got to be kidding, trying to feel good and think you’re right because you called for a disaster? Like I said, Learn to keep your fingers shut. This team has far too many people watching who think the worst instead of simply watching. And then they take credit for being right. Puke!

          • you cant say you couldnt smell something brewing when happ got bailed out by dirks on that 3-2 , then proceded to walk the next man .

  94. FUCK!!!!

  95. What the fuck???? !!! B

  96. Tank 2012

  97. Hit this fat ass with 1B open.

  98. Way to go, Farrell. Way to go.

  99. That must be the sound of the bed being shit.

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