Looks just like the 80s! (Assuming they had ridiculous bro necklaces back then.)

Oh, hello Justin Verlander.

Can we just… maybe… not?


John Lott of the National Post looks into the Romero-Hayhurst “hullabaloo,” while on Twitter it looks like Ricky and Dirk are over it.

Lott also has some key, pre-game tweets, informing us that Adam Lind may not have a 9 game rehab stint after all, now that David Cooper is hurt, that the club may go to a six-man rotation in September, and that JP Arencibia could return in September.

Barry Davis of Sportsnet notes that he doesn’t think the groin injury Colby Rasmus is playing through is a reason for his slump. Um… I sure as fuck hope it is!

Davis also lays this on us: “Just spoke to Cooper. Says spasms are gone and he feels much better but not well enough to risk it by playing today.” To risk WHAT? A prolonged absence of David Cooper???

Gose and Hechavarria in the same lineup! Against Justin Verlander! Good lord!

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here [is where] today’s edition of Getting Blanked [will be, just as soon as it's up!]…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
M. Sierra DH
O. Vizquel 3B
J. Mathis C
A. Hechavarria SS
A. Gose RF

J. Happ LHP

Detroit Tigers

A. Jackson CF
O. Infante 2B
M. Cabrera 3B
P. Fielder 1B
J. Peralta SS
D. Young DH
J. Baker RF
A. Dirks LF
A. Avila C

J. Verlander RHP


Image via Rick Stewart/Getty.

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  1. Fuck don’t walk him. Beam the fat ass vegan!!!

  2. Jeff Mathis, AA’s boy, knows when to Tank

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • Know what I noticed? Torrealba has an obp higher than that of JPA or mathis..and its not close. id rather have him batting than mathis..and if mathis is going to continue his “crossed-up” ways, one wonders why we paid 3 million to retain services that torrealba could more than duplicate at a fraction of the price.

  3. still a great start by Happ I do believe Farrel handles pen worse than Cito

    • He did nothing wrong.

    • doesnt have that great of a pen to handle . he had to take happ out in that situation .. who is he supposed to go to ? straight to janssen ? leave lyon in instead of oliver ? mostly mathis’ fault anyways . #TANK2012

    • Oliver has been fantastic this year. No problem at all bringing him in. 2 pitches, a single and a passed ball and the game is tied

  4. Lincolin has reverse splits you dumb Tabler.

  5. LOL. Poor Happ. It’s fascinating to watch this bunch. when starting pitching is good reliever blow it. when they’re both good, they can’t hit. They have to fuck it up somehow.

  6. I’m smelling a top 5 pick

  7. AA must have gotten some good scouting reports from the high school showcase circuit – watch out Houston, get ready Cubs, Here We Come!!

  8. So the Tigers announcers were talking about how KJ has struck out in over 20 straight games…that is remarkable consistency.

  9. I know someone will call me a troll for this, but I’ll risk the embarassment to say the obvious: the main problem plaguing the jays this year has been abysmal fielding. Often not reflected by statistics, the inability to properly field has cost the team numerous games.

    For a team preaching ‘pitch to contact’ at least for the starters, the management has been remiss in putting poor fielders in the lineup. Davis cannot throw and is erratic catching, Rasmus enjoys gliding but almost never makes the plays an above average cf would make (i.e. gose, and of course, devo white), escobar has little range and a poor handle at making dps, kelly johnson has poor range, mathis is overrated. vizquel is past his prime obviously. admittedly, lawrie is terrific, bautista is above average to very good and the first basemen (except for cooper) have been decent.
    Which leads to the obvious question: how could they trade Snider? For his fielding prowess alone, he was worth holding on to.
    For a team seemingly trying to emulate the Tampa model, how can the Jays continue putting out a subpar fielding team?

    • You’re right. After those glorious days our fielding has been mediocre at best. What was the last time a Blue Jay won GG? Vernon Wells I guess.

    • defensive metrics mostly disagree with you. but davis is the worst

    • A couple glaring instances I take issue with here. Agreed on the sentiment though, that they Jays have not had what I would consider “good fielding” this year.

      1-Colby makes a lot of great catches/plays in CF. He does glide, but he has great speed, covers a lot of ground and makes a lot of catches on balls that look uncatchable when hit. What he does not have though, is an arm. I cant really think of any Outfield Assist that Colby has had this year that stands out.

      2- I wouldnt say Lawrie is terrific in the field at all. Hes energetic and has an ability to get to a lot of balls to his sides. But he gets too excited and bobbles a lot of balls. He needs to learn to slow himself down ‘cuz to me a lot of the time it looks like hes ahead of the play in his head – hence the bobbled balls.

      But this team has not been a very good fielding team at all. Something to address in the offseason. Hopefully guys like Hech, Gose, D’Arnaud will help some of these issues.

      • rasmus has little range. he racks up putouts because the jays pitchers are among the lowest in strikeouts and because he calls off his co-outfielders a lot. of course, he sometimes doesn’t call them off loud enough so they can hear, so they almost run into him .

        snider would have been as good or better at center.

        lawrie has perhaps the greatest range and quickest reflexes I’ve seen at third. admittedly, he took a lot of escobar’s chances away from him, though escobar would probably have not made the play much of the time. he also shades a little too far from the line sometimes, but i can easily live with that. with the proper marketing campaign he is a perennial gold glover.

        • Escobar, Lawrie, Rasmus, Bautista, Davis have positive UZRs. Escobar’s being the highest.

          • when defensive metrics figure out how to properly account for a play like the austin jackson catch on gose, i’ll start trusting them over my own eyes.

        • He also needs to learn that his body can be broken by cement and metal railings so he can play a full year and be considered for gold glove noms

        • you are a complete fuckin idiot. worse than a rookie fan who would know to shut up and learn.

        • “rasmus has little range. he racks up putouts because the jays pitchers are among the lowest in strikeouts and because he calls off his co-outfielders a lot.”

          I can’t decide if you’re a troll or if you’re borderline retarded.

          • ask cardinal fans and management what they think of his fielding. better yet, watch a game without your AA blinders on.
            while you’re at it, consider how well rasmus has hit when he is not hitting right in front of bautista. (and compare with how thames, corey patterson and kelly johnson hit in same spot)

    • I think I read somewhere the Jays were… 25th? in UZR? Something ridiculously bad.

      Obviously Lawrie’s rated well this season; and Colby is good as he always is. But beyond that the Jays have not had a good season. Escobar’s been okay, Johnson has not. It’s quite possible that this is an achilles heel for this team.

      Hence why Hechavarria and Gose represent slivers of hope. If only they could learn to hit.

  10. Farrell should have started the 8th with Lyon he knew Happ was at end of line . Much easier to start an inning. There was no need to try to force another inning or a couple outs from Happ

  11. The jays have stolen my show’s theme without asking. Family falls apart. Fuck. This wrecks my future and I have been doing this forever. Oh, maybe Buck can come on and talk about being drunk on the job while Tabby gets a blowjob on air from my roadwhore girlfriend.

  12. Verlander has yet to throw a pitch in the strike zone this inning.

  13. So johnson has struck out in 22 consecutive games..and has struck out 31 times in those games. not really good considering he has no power anymore.

  14. Johnson is a tool

  15. The tank keeps rolling.

  16. Is AA really planning on picking up Johnson for another year?

  17. Why burn through so many reliever John?

  18. The classic bullpen burning move by JF. Why not let the fucker finish the inning? Stop burning pitchers..you likely will need to go four or five inning before you score.

  19. Two out noone on I get Loups been good but why not let Lincoln finish inning its not like power part of lineup comiing up

  20. memo to farrell: you don’t needlessly blow through your bullpen in an extra inning game, no matter how idiotically large your pitching staff is.
    we know you’ve been watching larussa and his bullpen handling, but there is no need to pull a guy who’s gotten two outs just to show us you’ve been paying attention.

  21. You’re all forgetting that Farrell is trying to blow this game.

    The season’s over, so why exhaust yourself by making the game longer than it needs to be? Plus if you run out of bullpen pitchers you have a ready-made excuse after the game.


  22. Is John Farrell the guy? I’m afraid we burn another year to realize that he ain’t. What’s wrong with hiring an experienced manager?

    • Haven’t you heard? Experienced managers cost money.

      Plus Farrell was very high on Baseball America’s Best Manager Prospects list. That means a lot to AA.

  23. Damn you Austin

  24. If Austin dives and misses, that is a HR.

  25. That was an inside-the-park home run waiting to happen.

    • yup. when defensive metrics properly account for the value of such a catch, I’ll start trusting them as having a lot of value.

  26. wow… the one time he gets contact…

  27. Fuck, I don’t even have to watch the game, just follow the comments on here :P

  28. dotels doin his best to make up for all his absolute shit outings with the jays by blowing this one for the tigers

  29. Wow.. Gose was unlucky on that hit. Hit smacked it and an great play buy Jackson to cover it. Too bad because he would have been burning through for an inside the parker.

  30. The game chart for this game should look pretty crazy.

  31. I like Loupe. He will strikeout Fielder.

  32. fucking loup doesnt give a fuck about fat people

  33. Loup has some balls that is for sure. He’s like found money this season.

  34. Prince is a fine looking athletic specimen.

    • …who somehow manages to keep his core and back in ship-shape condition, unlike someone we know well.

      • good observation … prince also enjoys the game tremendously and doesn’t seem to press too hard as a matter of principle …

  35. a camel toe is like a strike….. it is grooved right down the middle and the outsides are hanging over the plate

  36. Who is Phil Coke, and why is Leyland bringing out a 3.78ERA, 1.64WHIP reliever as his second reliever out of the pen in a tie game?

  37. in spite of what happened earlier we sound like we’re having fun now … the magic of baseball

  38. because he’s not a genius like larussa

  39. Get RDS on the line, my “Lyons, Loups & Tigers” headline works better in French

  40. Mr Johnson, Mr Gruber called. He wants his first name back, he said you don’t deserve it anymore.

  41. That looked like the exact same play that Davis was called out on earlier. Home Field advantage…

  42. kj you have to keep the tag on for fuck sakes and your throwing hand was too far away from your glove when trying the DP. kj knows how to tank too. was a fan of his but not now. the basics of baseball seem to be lost on most of these players. not a championship bunch for sure

  43. SHIT! #tanknation

  44. Took a little longer but the inevitable happened again!

  45. Well at least our annual June Swoon has come later than expected this season. The injuries just kill us.

  46. Well if you are gonna tank, make it a good game at least!

  47. For the love of God, if I had a nickel for every accurate throw by gose/sierra I’d have 2 cents. These guys are off by 20 feet every fucking time.

  48. Why didn’t they just tag him?

  49. Welp, there’s another entertaining game….

  50. gose has to try and dive for that ball. he literally stopped and let it drop just to show off his arm.

  51. JAYS FANBASE: “Yeah… oh yeah… that feel so good… don’t stop don’t stop… oh God, Happ pitching lights out, 2-0, yeah, alright… extra innings, ok, still good, don’t stop what you’re doing… I’m so close, I’m gonnaaa– !”

    (The Blue Jays abruptly pull out, mere moments before the fanbase’s collective climax, and steals their wallet from the nightstand before jumping out the fire escape)


  52. fuck quintin berry. i’ve never seen a player get so damn hyped after stealing a base in the regular season.

  53. Farrel is the manchurian manager

  54. Quick, what’s the BlueJays.com headline gonna be: “Encarnacion homers in loss to Tigers”, or “Happ pitches well in loss to Tigers?”

    Because it seems every single fucking headline these days is a depressing Mad Libs game of “(BRIGHT SIDE} in loss to (LITERALLY ANY TEAM}”

  55. JA Happ: Staff Ace

    • Enjoy your 2 days in the limelight, Staff Ace Happ – I’M BACK FOR MY CROWN ON SATURDAY MOTHERFUCKER

  56. I just watched that Gose no dive/puss throw…demote that kid AA. That is all.

  57. Oh well here’s certainly a treat:

    A Bleacher Report article from today with 12 things the Jays need to do to compete in 2013!

    I’ll save you the trouble, this is, honest to God, a (simplified) version of his “recommendations”:

    1. Win more baseball games
    2. Get injured less
    3. Score more runs
    4. Be better at pitching
    5. “Play more smart ball” (hahah that’s his actual headline and his justification is even dumber)
    6. Make less errors
    7. Hit less batters with pitches
    8. Make a Big Offseason Acquisition! (no specifics on WHO, natch)
    9. Give up less home runs
    10. Get better at left field
    11. Don’t Be a Middle-of-the-Pack Team (hahaha what on earth)
    12. Play Better in Late/Close Games

    WELL THAT SETTLES IT, all you pencil-pushing stat geeks can fucking pack it in, because Bleacher Report contributor George Halim has fucking cracked the code:
    Improve In Incredibly Vague Ways At Literally Every Aspect Of The Game Of Baseball

  58. Our findings show that the Jay’s season entered an unrecoverable flat spin caused by a jetwash of injuries.

  59. I think it’s time to bring up some issues re. mismanagement of the team before the return of Bautista and Morrow paper over some of the mistakes.

    1) AA and possibly Farrell are so invested in their Rasmus trade that they have harmed the team in an effort to present Rasmus as a good player:
    a) they put him in the can’t miss number 2 spot ahead of Bautista in the order. (compare his numbers to Patterson, Thames and Kelly Johnson in same spot) and kept him there even when other struggling players like Johnson could have used a couple of confidence expanding games at that spot.
    b) they kept him at cf even though his range is below Gose’s and probably even Sniders.

    2) they traded Snider for another bullpen arm. No team, short for a Cardinals team featuring all time great hitters through the lineup needs or can afford that many roster spots to be taken by relievers. It’s nice to have options for pinch hitting, pinch running, platooning too, especially in a lineup bereft of good players at many spots.

    3) they miscalculate the value of good fielding. Davis and Rasmus are average to poor outfielders. Escobar and Johnson have below average range.

    4) they continue to preach pitch to contact even though they have poor fielders.

    On the plus side of the ledger, they have developed Encarnacion and Bautista into superstars. That being said, the batting coach has preached the same strategy to all hitters no matter how ill fitted their capabilities were. (i.e. escobar—trying to make him into a slugger, taking him out of the leadoff spot where he performed well.

    Sorry for being a troll.

    • Funny, you just described a team that is nowhere near ready to contend.

    • I really don’t understand where this idea that Rasmus and Escobar are below average fielders came from.

      Every defensive system has Rasmus as above average this season. DRS has him at 5 runs saved above average; Total Zone has him at 9 runs saved; and UZR has him at 2.4 above average.

      Meanwhile Escobar is sitting at a DRS of 17 (the best SS score in baseball); Total Zone of 16; and an UZR of 8.0. Oh, and the fourth-highest fielding % among SS’s in baseball; and the third highest range.

      Feel free to rag on Kelly Johnson and his -6.8 UZR (fifth-worst in baseball) all you want, but don’t drag innocent defenders into this.

  60. Gee, one run loss.

  61. I should be taken behind a random barn in some random field, shot multiple times then very liberally pissed all over. And dont bury me, DONT YOU DARE bury me. Let my stank ass fester as an example of what the idiocy of a hockey fans’ mentality looks and smells like. Then, by all means, hash-tag me in a forum that in no way represents a tweet. TANK NATION, folks. The dumbest, most arrogant fan driven bullshit to ever to glom its ass on to professional sports…..

  62. Travis has an off day today. I wonder what he’s doing?

    • Thanks for asking. Travis is hitting 306 in Pittsburgh with good defense. No complaints.

      Jays could have used him in LF this year.


      • Four extra base hits in 22 games, seven of which have seen him starting on the bench, too.

        This trolling is getting real fucking old, champ. Learn a second note.

        • The “troll posts” about Snider come from the other person using my screen name.

          Snider was a popular player for the Jays & it should be OK to check up on his performance once in a while.

          Snider is hitting well, although less power than expected. He is performing better than Gose , who is 2.5 years younger.

          Brad Lincoln has not been that great.

          Comparing player performances after a trade is common on sports blogs.

          Brad Lincoln will have to be a lights out reliever to come close to being equal value to the team as the loss of Snider.

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