Podcast the Twenty-Seventh!

And now a little something to kill time on a Thursday afternoon, and to fill you with desire to run a bath, grab a bottle of champage and crack out a razor blade: it’s the latest episode of the DJF podcast!

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  1. I know we’re all supposed to shit on Parkes, but he’s usually the most entertaining part of these things. This show is pretty dull until he gets involved around the halfway point.

  2. That was one depressing episode.

    • It’s been a depressing year, especially when you look at baltimore and the fact that any jays team in the last 5 years is better than what they put out this year.

      • Remembering that this is not anywhere near the original version of the team that was put out at the start of the year, but yeah, its been way too shitty.

      • And to think I was criticizing Parkes’ disdain for the Jays in June/July; I think we are all in that boat at this point.

  3. Beeston speaks! (just when you were hoping he’d shut the fuck up for good):


    Really enjoyed the podcast today only in as much as I’m glad that I’m not alone in my anger. Not that the Blue Jays suck right now but at the fact that the Rogers Centre is a non-descript concrete mausoleum (especially when the roof is closed) piece of shit where if I want to buy a beer, I need to put a second mortgage out on my house. You know, when you go to an sporting event you expect to pay a little extra for comestibles but why the ass-raping?!? Is it really necessary? Where does that money go? Apparently to Kevin Comer so he can be dealt to the fucking Astros. What really makes me mad is that I got all excited that Buffalo might be the Blue Jays triple A affiliate next year. Why? Because I’ll have a chance to see a team that I’m interested in play on natural grass. Fucking Beeston. By the way, this rant is being written while I watch the Giants play the Braves. Fucking Zito and he weak-ass shit has got them baffled right now. I’ve also adopted the Giants as my National League team because I’ve been to AT&T Park to see them play. Not that’s a ballpark. But fuck, it’s not the same.

    That’s my rant.

    P.S. Fuck the Yankees and their fans. Went to two games a couple of weekends ago and had to put up with insufferable douchebag Yankee fans. Had to listen to gems like “your goose is cooked” every time Gose was at the plate while he was sucking back Bud Light lime after Bud Light lime. Pussy. Good thing was most in attendance were wearing Blue Jays gear. By the way, where is that fucking money going? Oh year, to Kevin Comer. Fuck.

    • So the ML payroll will exceed $80 million…as skeptical as I am of Rogers, I see no point of this public declaration just to go cheap once again.

      The question is how much above $80 million they’re willing to go and if it’s fluid depending on the players available.

      An ace (unlikely) or two mid-rotation starters (more realistic), new LF & 2B are what is needed imo. Maybe some of this can be accomplished in trade, but it seems pretty hard to put a realistic (play-in game) contender on the field for less than a $100 million.

      • I listened to Beeston’s interview on the FAN yesterday. The comments about payroll not going down as a result of increased tv ratings & extra 5,000 fans per game were very annoying.

        Beeston should have said that he appreciates the extra commitments the fans have made & that the money will be used to make the team better.

        Beeston said no to 10-12 year contracts but he didn’t say whether they would sign a free agent pitcher to a 5 year contract.

        It will be very interesting to see what the Jays do in the offseason.

        Are they willing to overpay in terms of money or prospects to get immediate help to make the Jays a playoff calibre team in 2013??

        Would they try to get Scutaro as a 2B, move Hech to SS & trade Escobar plus prospects for young pitching or a LF?

        Do the Jays keep Adam Lind as a DH for 2013??

        • While I virtually never agree with you…I can’t disagree with being annoyed at what Beeston said. He basically left the door open to keep payroll stagnant which, quite frankly, is unacceptable.

          AA hasn’t made an impact trade in the last year (other than for relievers) so I don’t think he’s going to be able to acquire 3 or 4 players via trade this offseason if he didn’t like the prices last offseason or at the deadline.

          So that leaves, at best, primarily free agency and perhaps one or two trades to fill the gaps. So, yeah, payroll pretty much has to go up.

          • Good points. My main concern with Beeston is that he seems out of touch with the fan base. The comments in the winter about having fans having to show up BEFORE Rogers makes a commitment to the team were very annoying. No one in Business, especially entertainment does that.

            The comment about payroll not going DOWN after an incredible rise in attendance & ratings despite a poor result on the field, primarily due to injuries is a slap in the face to fans.

            I think the prices for starting pitching will be higher than last year because you don’t have as much selection as the year before.

            If the prices are the same as “Pineda for Lawrie” , I don’t see how AA makes a big trade.

            Perhaps he will pull another rabbitt out of his hat.??

  4. you wanna talk rants? you guys gotta check this out


    a lot of my feelings about the jays are summed up here as well

  5. The funny thing is that Paul Beeston open his mouth today right after the podcast.

  6. Hey you guys stole my HAPPster comment and didn’t give kuddo’s

  7. Jose’s New Hampshire grand slam (courtesy of Kevin Gray):


  8. Beest Mode! I love how he throws out 10+ year contracts as not wanted. Like they will do eight or nine year ones.

    It’s just hard to believe they will drop big cash amounts when it’s easier to say we just missed out or they didn’t want to come etc.

  9. Beest Mode! I love how he throws out 10+ year contracts as not wanted. Like they will do eight or nine year ones.

    It’s just hard to believe they will drop big cash amounts when it’s easier to say we just missed out or they didn’t want to come etc.

    • Agreed. I can’t see the team signing anyone to a larger contract than bautista’s 65 million.

      Wouldn’t AA be worried about clubhouse reaction if they got a player who makes more than Bautista on an annual basis?

      It would seem to be more in AA’s mode to say the prospect cost for player X was too high or the free agent amount was too high or better yet they didn’t want to play in Toronto or on turf.

      Didn’t AA try to give a hint to the media that they offered Carlos Beltran a contract at a higher amount than he accepted , but then Beltran said the Jays never offered him a contract.

      I hope the Jays don’t try this BS in the offseason again after the Darvish fiasco.

  10. Beest Mode! I love how he throws out 10+ year contracts as not wanted. Like they will do eight or nine year ones.
    It’s just hard to believe they will drop big cash amounts when it’s easier to say we just missed out or they didn’t want to come etc.

  11. i have been impressed by Hech. But I worry this is just a result of expectations. I think we all had really low expectations of how he’d perform with the bat; even lower than those for Gose.

    Last I saw him prior to this he was really skinny, seriously he looked malnourished. It looks like his body has filled out to a healthy weight. And we kept being told how bad his hit tool was, but he has definitely looked better than Gose at the plate….a lot better. His swing looks good, and he is squaring up balls and letting them rip. His defense looks as advertized.

  12. I did tell you that you should have kept an open mind about Delabar, Stoeten. As Drew noted, he’s at least an intriguing option. Who’s really being unreasonable on that issue?

    As always, we do certainly agree on Beeston’s bullshit, though.

  13. Fuck yeah time to get drunk and baked and listen to the DJF podcast, I’m guessing this podcast is as depressing as the JAAAys season, all the better to drink too!

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