Batter WPA aLI
LF – Davis -0.013 1.54
CF – Rasmus -0.132 1.34
DH – Encarnacion 0.123 1.19
1B – Cooper 0.006 0.85
PH – Mathis -0.126 2.46
RF – Sierra 0.046 1.50
C/1B – Torrealba -0.098 2.17
2B – Johnson -0.207 2.13 Pitcher WPA aLI
3B – McCoy 0.008 1.90 SP – Laffey -0.098 0.95
SS – Hechavarria 0.076 1.43 RP – Delabar 0.073 1.29
PH – Vizquel 0.037 2.12 RP – Janssen 0.032 0.55

Bests / Worsts and the Gif of the game after the jump!

Top Dog: Edwin Encarnacion, 12.3%
The Worst: Kelly Johnson, -20.7%
Top Arm: Steve Delabar, 7.3
Worst Arm: Aaron Laffey, -9.8
Impact AB: Yorvit Torrealba F7, Top 8, -15.0%
Impact Pitch: Jeff Baker RBI Singe, Bot 5, -10.7%
Highest Leverage AB: Torrealba Flyout, Top 8, 4.96
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Prince Fielder RBI Single, Bot 6, 1.76
Lineup Contribution: -50.6%
Pitching Contribution: 0.7%
Average Leverage Index: 1.34
Chart explanation

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)
(Gifs courtesy Gifmaster Lewis)

Comments (31)

  1. Perfect throw.

  2. Why didn’t he just tag him?

  3. I love omar, but he has literally no value

  4. Note to Cooper: That’s how you tag someone.

  5. Steve Delabar is pretty sick. He’s one of the few reasons to watch at all.

  6. Perfect throw.

  7. What’s that thing that the second baseman is doing there?

  8. That’s a pretty good throw, I guess.

  9. Last night, Farrell said the call to run was made by him. Today on twitter, Vizquel said it was his own decision. Obviously, one is standing up for the other. Guessing it was still Farrell’s call. (Not that it matters. It’s not like they had all game to score more than 2 runs.)

    • Maybe Farrell reminded Vizquel of Valverde’s delivery, gave him the green light, and planted the seed of a steal in Vizquel’s head, but it was Vizquel’s call to run on that particular pitch?

    • You’re all wrong the call was made by cito.

  10. Vizquel, took the memo on tank nation to heart

  11. He was only out by 2 feet. That means he was 98% successful in the attempt. That’s a good percentage in any endeavour.

  12. Avila had been a little off on the throws to 2nd earlier in the game. In that one, you can’t have a more perfect throw. Infante caught it and literally didn’t have to move his glove.

  13. It’s also likely that farrell didn’t want to tie and have the game go extras where he’d have to use his bullpen so he said hey let me just end it here.

    And it’s laughable that wilner said the next 2 hitters were unlikely to get a hit. You mean your top 2 hitters can’t hit? Then uhh why are they batting there.

    And by the way why is colby still batting second when he’s been a piece of shit for like forever?

  14. Farrell rolled the dice and lost. If the Jays were Tampa or better yet Baltimore, Avila’s throw would have sailed into CF and Vizquel would have trotted home. Davis then would have had an infield hit and following a SB, Rasmus would have singled him home for the winning run.

    At least, it seems to me that this is how the season has gone.

    • Good teams make their own luck. How? They play well consistently enough to overcome bad luck, and take advantage when they get good luck.

      Improve the team and their luck will change.

      • This make absolutely no sense. If you’re good enough to overcome back luck then that makes you good, not lucky. If you are 22-6 in 1-run games (as Baltimore was at last check, might’ve changed) then you are getting preposterously lucky.

  15. Wouldn’t it have been funny if omar pulled up half way and pulled a fred sanford and said “whoa this is the big one!” (if you’re too young you won’t get this joke)

  16. Wow. So goddamned retarded. Thank you for being the worst Omar. The exact opposite of Johnny Mac.

  17. Can you stop starting these charts at 50/50. I hope you’ve noticecd that within an inning or two we’ve worked our way down to 30%, which is about where I place the odds of us winning anyway.

  18. I dont know what all the scuttlebut is about. Sending him was the right move. You cannot bank on Davis getting an extra base hit to score him and you certainly cann’t count on two consecutive hits from davis and Cletus. AND he would have been safe if not for a perfect throw. People who are making a big deal about this are picking on the wrong managerial move. The real problem was burning gose when he really didnt need to.

  19. what id like to know or try to understand is at 10 games out why was hech not allowed to bat. forget the caught stealing he should have never been in game

  20. It was a pretty good jump, and poor throw by Avila probably gets him there. However, he simply doesn’t run fast enough to be gambling like that with the game on the line. Nonetheless, between Sierra’s awful throw, Mathis dropping the ball at home and this play, the Jays simply aren’t going to earn themselves many wins against teams like Detroit. In a way, this play is an example of what the team as a whole is doing: not earning wins by beating their opponents, but trying to make their opponents execute, and hoping they fail.

    Soft narrative comment, I know, but if you’re counting on your 45 year old player/coach to steal his way into scoring position when the top of your lineup is due up, you’re not putting a ton of faith in your hitters to bring him in the conventional way (and for good reason: they suck, currently). If you’re resorting to the unconventional, you’re not in a great spot to win a lot of games.

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