Jose Bautista, seen here looking extra-sharp in his Twitter background picture, apparently enjoys his social media enough to keep a personal top ten list of the dumbest tweets of all time– and this morning the Fan 590, who you’re probably aware reside somewhere under that same disgustingly massive oligarchical Rogers corporate umbrella as the Jays, made it to the list.

But a funny thing happened on the way to my retweeting the relatively innocuous exchange. The Fan deleted their end of it, after Bautista made his displeasure public.

Fortunately, because it’s the internet, there’s no such thing as deleting, and we can see via retweets, like this one, what they actually said:

And Bautista’s tweet no longer shows up in his timeline either, but it’s still viewable, as composed from his account:

Now, there’s nothing outlandish about an athlete bristling at the suggestion his team should intentionally lose, and it’s a little bit hopelessly naive to think that media operations don’t tread cautiously when it comes to staying on the good side anyone who they want to preserve access to, but it kind of adds a whole other dimension to the what objectivity is this? equation when a parent company is shared by the bristling athlete and the quick-to-delete media entity, doesn’t it?

Then again, from the nonsense Gregg Zaun spouts, to the nonsense Greg Brady spouts, to the nonsense Bob McCown spouts, to the rational, informed criticism of Alan Ashby and many others, it’s really rather impossible to suggest with a straight face that there’s some kind of corporate covenant forbidding Sportsnet and Fan personalities from crossing the Jays, but… still, maybe not a precedent I’d have bothered setting.

Gahhh, I don’t know…


Image via Twitter.

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  2. All aboard!

  3. I get the impression that Bautista is a pretty humourless dude.

    Sandhu’s question was pretty clown, though (bro).

  4. If Zaun was running the twitter account he would probably say that the Jays should trade Bautista before he gets exposed by major league pitchers

  5. I thihk they maybe removed it cause part of the company is suggesting the team tank which is terrible optics

    • This.

      I doubt they will let that intern near the twitter account again for awhile.

    • I work in IT and yet I can’t figure out twitter conversations. Someone from a generic “fan590″ account tweeted that and Jose called them out right?

      Good for Jose then. That is as douchey as that guy who asked when Romero’s surgery is scheduled for as a joke after losing 3 pitchers in a week.

      These media companies are trying to “use” social media but meanwhile their sites are going completely to shit and their idiot commentators are being exposed for the idiots they are.

  6. Many people on twitter delete tweets once they realize or are informed the tweet was idiotic. I dont think this is some Rogers empire censorship conspiracy

  7. oligarchical?!? Digging deep into the thesaurus much?

  8. All they had to do was not use his twitter handle in the tweet.

  9. Greg Brady made a rather dickish tweet once, not out of the ordinary for him, so I called him out on it, basically telling him being an asshole isn’t going to win him anymore followers or listeners. He then responded by making fun of me for not being as famous as him and then informing me he was blocking me. I haven’t missed his tweets showing up in my feed.

  10. I’m surprised.

    I thought this was a Parkes cameo.

  11. Small potatoes compared with the Wilner ‘benching’ for asking a question Cito didn’t like. That really was extremely dubious, since it was a fair journalistic question put in a news conference. This is dumb Roger le Joie-level pot stirring crap that no doubt was not intended for Jose’s eyes.

    • It worked on Wilner though, didn’t it?

      • No. It is chicken little fans that have turned Wilner into a constant defender. If people weren’t attacking the Jays at every instant he would happily discuss the different failings. Too many idiot callers ripping on everything. If the callers were being idiot optimists Mike would be arguing just as hard for reality.

        For example re-listen to him tempering everyone about Jose in 2010 and early 2011. He laughed at the notion of Jose maintaining his production.

  12. Sleeping Selig instituted his drug testing policy rather belatedly; 16 years after the Federal government made steroids illegal in the U.S. HGH is microscopic protein substance, and the IGF-1, in a typical dose, will flush out of the blood stream in 3- 8 hours. This season MLB is using a new, sophisticated test called a carbon isotope ratio test (CIR), also known as IRMS, that would identify the presence of synthetic testosterone in urine.

    Bonds’ former “private trainer,” Victor Conte told The Daily News [New York] after Cabrera was busted, that he believes the most popular performance enhancers in sports are not necessarily the undetectable designer steroids he provided athletes with more than a decade ago from his BALCO offices near San Francisco, but the kind of simple, fast-acting synthetic testosterone Cabrera is believed to have tested positive for. “I’m told that they rub it on their hands or under their arms,” he said, adding that the “trans-dermal” creams, as they’re known, clear the system in six to eight hours and don’t breach the 4-to-1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio that triggers a positive test under most programs.

  13. Beeston says we’re gonna contend next year!!

  14. “and many others,”

    Including Dirk Hayhurst, right? I’d love to shit all over Rogers as I think their position as owner/broadcaster/primary commentator is untenable and full of Stalinist potential, but the fact that all these guys willingly shit on the Jays belies the fact. That said, the timing is important. I recall Blair, McCown et. al. getting wiggy on the Jays in the spring and thinking that some Orwellian b.s. was at play. Now, when it doesn’t matter, freedom of speech reigns.

  15. If we thought a team was tanking to get a better pick, we would take away their wins, draft picks and pretend the season never happened

  16. People seem to hear what they want to hear. The Jays have been shat all over numerous times by various broadcasters on the Fan. Rasmus was essentially the worst thing to ever happen to baseball during Spring Training. The only two who are consistently positive about the team are Buck and Pat, and while you may not like it, there is absolutely sound broadcasting logic behind their positivity. Do kids need to tune in an hear a couple of jerks whine and complain like the rest of you so called fans? If you are going to create lifelong Jays fans, then you need Buck and Pat to do their jobs. Something tells me Fergie Oliver wasn’t shitting on George Bell’s lack of range in left. I personally don’t care to listen to them, but then again, I don’t need commentary to fill me in on what’s happening in the game.

    • This is wrong on so many levels.

      The role of the media is to assess, think, analyze, and criticize. It’s not to promote. Which is exactly why it is such a huge conflict of interest to have the team, the radio station, and the television channel all owned by the same company.

      I don’t want to tune in and hear commentators try to sell me on something that I know is garbage. I want to have commentators that accurately assess what’s happening in the game.

  17. Shouldn’t there be a story on here about Beeston’s interview on the Fan yesterday with Blair? Beeston said “the rebuild is done, the infrastructure is done, now we have to be aggressive in the off-season either through the trade market or the free agent market”. Significant – more significant than Bautista being pissy.

    • What he meant was this rebuild is done, stay tuned there is a spankin’ new one right around the corner.

    • Stoeten is just a different breed of Rogers apologist.

      No chance they are going to advertise Beeston painting the FO into yet ANOTHER corner and give the posters that are wary of Rogers direct quotes to slam them with.

      Beeston tied playoffs to payroll, good on Blair for finally starting to turn the screws on Beeston.

  18. I suppose this doesn’t augur well for the things the guys at TheScore will be able to tweet about the Jays in the future

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