If anybody can make sense of this one (other than the obvious ie: they’re not ready and/or good enough), I’m all ears. In order to make room for Brandon Morrow and Yunel Escobar, the Jays optioned Anthony Gose and Adeiny Hechavarria back down to Triple-A. On August 24th, one week before the rosters expand. While Mike McCoy stays up and Colby Rasmus obviously nurses an injury.

On the same night the Red Sox get a do-over on a quarter billion dollars of seemingly sunk costs. After another loss to the motherfucking playoff-aspirant Baltimore fucking Orioles – a game in which Chris Davis hit three home runs! CHRIS DAVIS!

Anything else happen today? Fuck me, I need a drink.

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  1. Open alcohol tickets for all the DJF writers tonight?

  2. Already posted this on Getting Blanked, but if the Boston-LA deal goes through, the Jays can essentially rule out any top free agent signings.

    • Why?

    • They need a top of the rotation guy.

      I highly doubt they’d be able to address that need thru FA.

    • @tercet

      I’m sure the Red Sox will spend some money, but I think they’re going to have to rebuild a bit. That’s what I would want if I was a fan of that team. Just unloaded some bad contracts, no need to rush into some new ones.

      • that was meant @tonyrage

      • The word rebuild does not exist in the red sox vocabulary. No way their spoiled fans will have the patience for a rebuild. I think they will spend a significant amount of money and be competitive again next year. Interesting to see who spends more $ this offseason. Jays or Red Sox?

        • Judging by the spending history of the ownerships in question, I think it’s pretty safe to say Red Sox on that one.

    • Because apparently this is what we’re doing, for some reason, here’s what I responded to you over there, TonyRage:

      Because Boston seems like a real great team to sign with? Y’know, as long as you’re willing to get shit on by ownership after your first year of seven doesn’t live up to the expectations of the contract THEY FUCKING OFFERED YOU, and then kicked out the door as a salary dump less than a year after that, but only after enduring a shitstorm season of media scrutiny, scandal, rumour, and general unmanageable clusterfuckery for no good goddamn reason. WHERE DO I SIGN???

      • Oversimplification.

      • If the Red Sox offer more than anyone else? They’ll sign.

        And who’s likely to offer more, the Red Sox or Jays?

        • This is spot on. There isn’t a professional athlete on earth who would turn down significantly more money because the team offering it is perceived to be a negative environment. Money speaks loudest and it always will.

          • I can see where both sides on this are coming from, but I think if Stoeten had said it bit simpler — Boston does not look like a contender (so that factor is out), and guys like Ortiz and Gonzalez have been spouting a fair bit about how it’s not that nice a place to play lately. I can see some players — certainly not all — saying they’d prefer to play somewhere else.

            Toronto has it’s own issues, but players saying bad things about the place is not one of them.

          • See that’s the problem right there. With AA and Beest saying that the Jays have to pay their “premium” for luring players to a Non-USA, non-contending team, there’s little chance they’ll be competing with the Sox for talent, when they themselves (the Sox) realize they’ll have to pay their very own “clusterfuck” premium.

          • The best thing the Jays can do is sit down with their hand picked scouts and isolate 2 or 3 “target” players for each one of their needs. Then they should go after them on a “most wanted vs likliest to sign or get a deal done” basis.

          • there are lots of them

            Jose Bautista is the first one I can think of.

          • It happens all the time, Leafs offer more money to free agents only to sign elsewhere because they don’t want to live in a media fishbowl. Same goes for the Sox. Boston USED to be desireable because they hadn’t won a series, fans were loyal, owners spent alot. Now after some success expectations are sky high, manager is a douchebag, players are ratting each other out and they are in full rebuild. Boston won’t attract shit this year. Not this year.

      • @Stoeten

        Agreed.100%. Boston is doing damage to its reputation by getting rid of Francona & leaking info about his divorce & some medical info/pills about him.

        Secondly, someone must have leaked the info about chicken & beer in the clubhouse.

        They hire Valentine & now throw him under the bus in his first year.

        Valentine somehow gets Youklis traded for peanuts.

        Players revolt using texts & have secret meetings to get the manager fired.

        If I was a free agent I would be reluctant to sign in boston

      • Andrew, I tried to find something from back at the end of the Cito days. where I am pretty sure you argued vehemently against the argument that Cito playing John Buck and other veteran friendly moves would attract free agents.

        I hope I am not mischaracterizing your opinions.

        Overall, though, I cannot really think of sitations where a team’s perceived bad vibe has kept players off their roster if the money was there. I will be happy to be corrected or shown examples. But overall, I would think that money = contract.

    • The Red Sox will sign some people, sure, but they had starting pitching talent in their minor league system and needed to dump one pitcher to make room.

      Jays want pitchers, Red Sox don’t need any (or at least any more than one).

      Jays will be fine.

  3. Why not put Colby back on the DL? Let Gose play CF. Colby is 1 for 34 & is slower than usual in CF.

    The season is over so why not let Gose get a few more at bats.

  4. What is Gose value in comparison to a month ago?

    25% ? 50%?

    • Everyone knew he wasn’t ready for MLB pitching. I don’t believe exposing him to that kind of failure helped his development at all.

      As it turned out, he became the eventual key player in the Halladay deal that isn’t looking anywhere near big league level ready yet, so we’ll have to wait, I guess.

      • Gose wasn’t in the Halladay deal and d’Arnaud is the best player coming back to the Jays.

      • Gose’s value is the EXACT SAME as it was before he got called up. The guy showed people what the scouts already told us: great arm, speed, defence and base running. Bad hitting. BUT he is only 21, so he has tons and tons of time and is a super exciting prospect. You people must be borderline retarded if you think his value has dropped at all. And also, how can you have an opinion on whether this helped his development? Do you know whether he has been psychologically damaged by his failure to hit? Because if he is, he isnt tough enough for professional sports to begin with. If he isnt, then he probably got a good taste of what it will take to get there.

        • Exactly. From all the reports I’ve heard, he’s a very confident kid. He’ll take this and use it to improve. Moreover, he’s got Chad Mottola at AAA to help him.

    • 100%

    • The idea that a prospects value would be determined by his first 30 MLB games seems pretty damn unlikely… Good or bad.

    • Gose’s value plumetting based on one month of major league ABs is as likely as his value skyrocketing because he hit .300 as one of the youngest players in the PCL.

    • The same the small sample size and the ability to steal bases changed nothing

  5. Hech will never amount to anything, so don’t really expect anything in the future.

      • He never hit rhp ever in the minors 500ops~ ’10, 500~ ’11′, 700~ 12′ in the pcl, with very poor discipline at all levels. With a track record of being a terrible hitter in the minors, you cant really expect much, even if he improves a bit.

        He was ok vs lhp in the minors…, but platoon ss do they exist in the majors?

        • Too soon and he’s too inexperienced to write him off like this. They promoted him aggressively, too.

        • It’s easy to cling to such statements when any prospect has a pretty terrible chance of ever actually developing into a bonafide MLB star, because it’s very possible you’ll be right, but this is the kind of thing idiots say.

      • the key question: will either of them ever hit well enough to warrant being a starter? I have no idea but they have their work cut out for them. I’m not really itching to get rid of Escobar in the mean time, even a repeat of Escobar’s 2012 is probably better than what you will get out of Hech in 2013.

      • See his barehanded across the diamond from a position hes never played before? Yeah he’ll never be shit.

    • Are we watching the same guy? Hech is already the best pure athlete to ever be the Jays SSS. IMO. He could have an OBP of .260, I’d roll him out there every day, every season.
      Like the Butters said, some guys prevent runs, this guy takes runs away.
      The day Hech becomes the SSS, his glove alone will be worth going to the ballpark.
      He is already my idea of a gifted ballplayer.
      I will be astounded if Escobar is a Jay when the 2013 spring training begins.

      • You might be overstating the case a lot, especially re: Escobar starting the season a Jay, but it’s true that SS is one of the few positions where a guy can provide great value even if he couldn’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag.

        I look forward to seeing him as the starting SS some day soon. I’m sure they’ll be some highlight reel moments.

        • I’ll give you that I’m over the top. But only a bit. I like Hech’s stroke. Short and on the top half of the ball = line drives. I say he has more offence upside than most give him credit for.
          If I’m pitching for the Jays, I want his glove at SSS. This team led the majors in runs until the injuries hit. They can afford a pure defence only glove. And it is not like Escobar is ripping it up himself.
          As for trading in the off season, you have the largest pool of dance partners. Everybody is looking to buy something, not just top third of teams. There is always a market for starting SS and catchers.
          Let’s hope Arencibia gets back with enough time to reinforce his value by hitting like he did for the last month before he got hurt. He was reminding me of his 2nd time around in Vegas, outstanding power and decent OBP. The guy has a very quick bat, he can blister a fastball. He has the tool, he needs an improved approach.

    • WHOLLY disagree

    • Go to the corner. The dunce cap is on the stool. Wear it.

  6. On sn ticker unnamed team claimed Justin Upton off waivers … Could it be jays..honestly I didn’t even know he was on waivers

    • Everybody is on waivers at this time of year. Not usually much to it but then again, Dodgers.

    • Diamondbacks will recall him from waivers, nothing to see here. I doubt he got through the NL on waivers anyway, you’d think given tonight’s activity that the Dodgers would at least have thrown a waiver claim on him.

    • If they put Upton through waivers, does he come off them as soon as the first team claims him, or can multiple teams claim him? Jays would be 8th in the draft, if I remember from yesterdays post, does that mean that the Jays would be one of the first teams with a shot to claim him?

      • The lowest ranked team in the opposite league gets the claim, so yeah the Jays would have a pretty good shot.

        • Pretty sure it’s the same league that gets first shot at him, so he would have to go through the National League before getting to the Jays. I’d guess that the Dodgers would have put a claim on him, but they might have not bothered given the D’backs are unlikely to give him up to a division rival for nothing or to negotiate a trade with a division rival.

  7. Rogers buys the score! I’m fine with them keeping Stoeten as long as they make him commit to doing a proper game threat for every game!

    • How can Rogers own every media outlet ? Where do we get unbiased coverage

      • you should see the list of media that Rupert Murdoch owns

        THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of media outlets

        there is no such thing on Earth as un-biased coverage, and if there is it is being quickly bought up

  8. …all this today on a day where Rogers buys the Score

    What kind of fucking planetary alignment makes this all happen

    Seriously, Chris fucking Davis too

    Red sox and dodgers

    Ah fuck it, time to see if i can get some fourplay. no seriously if all this can happen I can surely bag and nail three women today too…amiright? oh gotta get me a lotto max to boot

  9. My first thoughts too…why the hell send down the rookies, when they’ll be back up again in one week, when McCoy is already the designated yo-yo and Rasmus is hitting worse (with worse defense) than Gose. #WTF

  10. …and Rasmus is obviously injured. What is it about Jays centre fielders trying to impersonate the baseball equivalent of Joan of Arc?

  11. totally frivolity, but one thing I hope the Jays do now that Rogers is partial owners of the Leafs – nod to baseball history in Toronto by having Maple Leafs throw back jerseys (yeah, the baseball team that had the name first) – KC, PIttsburgh and Washington have all used their local Negro League teams as throwbacks, Seattle and the Angels have used their old Triple A affiliation status (Rainiers and Angels respectively) for throwbacks. Perhaps need to work something out with the Intercounty Leafs, but should not be a real impediment. Just some more merch opportunity.



    or this


    Mopupduty has a good history of Maple Leafs baseball

  12. Fairservice you fuck…c`mon give me a hug ,,,buddy

  13. Anyways once all bullshit is aside I say we as Jays fans CAN NOT LOOSE! I Expect 79…..YES….79 Hustle and heart wins next year…………and only then can they tell us…………..we EXPECT a new rebuild!

  14. While I doubt this will be a popular sentiment here, I have no issue with Gose and Hech getting major league ABs in a meaningless season while looking completely overmatched.

    Even though they’re not ready for the majors, there probably isn’t much left for them to learn in Vegas. It seems like a perfectly logical developmental plan to let them get some reps in the majors, figure out what they need to do to be successful in the bigs and go work on it in the Arizona Fall league and (hopefully) take the next step in the International league next year.

  15. Everythings crazy when it doesnt align with our preconceived notions or we actually have to play out a season instead of relying on Professor Frink’s Gamble-Tron 2000

  16. Making statements like ‘Rasmus is obviously hurt’ seems like the type of reasoning that would normally be lambasted by the people on this site. We don’t have the knowledge or information of the medical staff. Perhaps in game experience is what they think Rasmus needs to shake off whatever is irking him and get back into form. Who knows?

    But, yeah, can’t figure out why the fuck they were sent down.

    • Normally, I would agree with you about lambasting my Rasmus statement, but I’m just in a cranky mood tonight.

    • Have you watched him run? It looks pretty laboured compared to usual. Now there’s no way for us to know how that might be affecting him at the plate (if at all), but it’s an instance where the old “eye test” can pretty clearly discern that he’s in some discomfort.

      So while saying “he’s not hitting because he’s hurt” might be kind of dumb, I don’t think simply stating that he’s still feeling the groin pull is out of line.

      • Fair. I can agree with that.

      • Kinda sounds like Adam Lind, eh? Subpar 2011 followed by an injury excuse for 2012.

        Luckily he plays a premium position like Escobar so he can get away with these “excuses”.

        • Even though Rasmus may possibly be nursing a groin injury right now, to keep using that as an excuse for his otherworldly shittiness lately is a huuuuge cop out and a poor excuse for him. If he becomes the worst hitter in all of baseball everytime he has a small injury then that gets me pretty scared about how he’s going to perform over the next few years. Every single guy in the league plays with injuries and are still able to hit at least average, or at the very least not this horrendously. A groin injury can’t possibly be the reason he’s completely forgotten how to hit a baseball, or at least I hope it isn’t because that’s pretty telling about the type of player he is if that’s the case.

          • Dude, have you ever had a groin injury? Have you ever swung a bat? Can you just fuck off? Seriouslyu.

            • Yes and yes. If hes that fucking badly hurt why is he still playing everyday and probably further injuring this horrendous injury that’s making him the worst hitter in the entire league?

  17. Drew, you need a doob fella, to go with that drink. Thatll help bud bud.

  18. I think we need some lineup changes.. Jeff Mathis on the mound, Mike M behind the dish, a bag of shit at first, a tin of dip at second, omar back at short daddy, a paramedic at third to resuscitate omar if he goes down, and one rover in the outfield. Seems like a good plan what do you guys think

  19. Fuck man, its going to be an interesting offseason. The only area which does not need significant improvement is the bullpen. AA will really have to work his magic to make this team a contender next year. Bautista MUST be getting impatient.

    • I really think the offense is pretty good. Need to address 2B and LF, but this team looked great with Lawrie, Rasmus, Jose, EE as a top 4 of the lineup. We’ve seen so many AAA and scrubs in the lineup the last month it’s easier to think its worse than it is.

    • The only area that does not need improvement is the bullpen? Really? Because I see a team who needs a left fielder, has 3 exciting rookies, (not necessarily playing every day but contributing to an awesome bench) an all star in cf, 3b, rf, and 1b.
      They need pitching, but really, if Hech plays 2b or Escobar does,then what do they need? A DH and a LF + Pitching.

  20. Interesting little nugget. Apparently the jays claimed de la rosa but the dodgers pulled him back and sent him down.

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez

    Heard De La Rosa was claimed by the #BlueJays. Sent down. Would be a PTBNL in #RedSox deal.

  21. Is Farrell really this stupid? He’s now becoming a complete embarassment. Bringing in delabar to face davis? He already got burned with dunn and does the exact same thing again. He continues to try to jam a square peg ina round hole.

    And colby has become a complete joke yet he will continue to bat second because he’s a veteran you know and his defense has got real lazy.

    • Thank you. Rasmus is a joke. Team can’t win when starting centerfielder/No. 2 hitter is “hitting” .230. LaRussa was right about the kid.

  22. Hey Drunk Jays Fans!

    We’re SO excited to have you as part of the Rogers family! We really do think the bloggers and fans here are some of the most entertaining on the ‘Net.

    We’ve already been hard at work looking at ways to extend this brand across the multiple sports properties… Like… wouldn’t it be gr8 to have:

    - Drunk Leafs Fans (ha ha obvious, LOL)
    - Drunk Raptors Fans (though would be cooler as “Drunk Raps Fans”)
    - Drunk Toronto FC Fans (that domain is taken, though…)

    Anyway, we’ll work hard to preserve what’s cool and unique about this great brand as we grow it into 2013.

    Go Jays Go!



    Ross Robertson
    Media Relations Specialist
    Rogers Media

  23. Thar’s a trade acomin’!!

  24. Most disappointing season ever?

    • Don’t worry. If you really want to get depressed, the hockey and basketball seasons are coming soon. You’ll be catatonic by the time spring training rolls around.

    • Has been for me. Drank too much prospect porn kool-aid. Our kids blow.

  25. Rogers is paying $167M for Stoeten?


    Kind of makes the Vernon Wells look like chickenfeed.

  26. lol@Rogers buying the score. Looks like the boys in score towers will get their wish. All that complaining about how the Jay’s should have a JA Happster promotion bringing all 107 hippsters out to the ball game dressed in their best plaid. They will now be able to use the company suggestion box! rothflmao

  27. http://www.sportsnet.ca/more/2012/08/25/rogers_thescore_acquisition/

    “Rogers said in a statement Saturday that the acquisition of Score Media does not include its digital media business, including theScore.com website and mobile applications.”

    Muddying the waters of what this means for DJF and GB?

    • +1 for that great link. I choose to believe that this means DJF and GB will remain at the independent score digital. It’d suck if you were an on-air score person tho.

      • Very interesting info.

        So, if the the score.com remains independent , it may have to generate more revenue to pay for the costs of the blog etc…

  28. Tank!

    But beat the Oriloles.

  29. Drew, I’m kinda in the same mood, but I’m guessing AA figures if he gets to a point in the future when he’s coming close to running out of options on either of those guys, he, they, and the team are fucked anyway. So who gives a shit what might happen years from now.

  30. If the Jays just suck a little more, they may get a top 5 pick!


  31. Rogers Sports. Canada’s first 14 platform sports thing…. (That covers last place sports teams)

    • Now if they could just find some content where they could control the costs of that content.
      Maybe some sports teams.
      They’re popular when they are losing.
      Wonder what would happen when they are winning and more popular?
      Could create more sports channels and get more in subscription fees,advertising and prevent the competition from starting up other properties.
      Cable channels,covered.Radio,covered.Let’s start up a sports magazine when magazine subscripts are dropping.Won’t cost much, all these reporters already on the payroll.
      We ( Rogers) should take all this stuff and exploit the internet and mobile phone market. Get more people hyped up and using their data plans.

      Maybe we should kick in a few bucks to keep the interst high in all this content and the cash rolling in, after all if fans lose interest then less cash for all my media stuff.

  32. Can’t wait to see Morrow back on the mound

  33. So I was drunk yesterday and now I’m surprised that all the shit that went down yesterday was actually real.

  34. Rogers’ continued quest of world domination.

  35. Fuck it…I’m just gonna watch the game, turn off my brain. Watch morrow pitch good lol

  36. For all we know, the Red Sox might sign Greinke and Hamilton this offseason for 400 mil combined…

    BUT, if this is a sign that the Red Sox are moving into a phase where they are rebuilding, and focusing on player development rather than Yankee style spending (as Rosenthal suggests) that’s pretty significant.

    It was a pretty futile feeling for about 10 or 12 years being in the AL East with the Yankees and Red Sox with one wild card spot, and those teams taking on huge salaries after already having fantastic cores to their teams.

    With the second wild card, and (potentially) a Red Sox team that is run very differently, the AL East will be completely different than what we’re used to.

    • Why would Greinke and Hamilton want to go there, knowing that next year they could be shipped off in a massive trade.

    • NOOOOO chance on any big name signings for the Sox this winter.

      Even Big Papi was wary about going back.

      • The red sox would indeed look like idiots by locking into another long term mega contract with a player. However, the thing is the media and fans run that team just as much as the front office does. The FO is going to face a lot of pressure to accelerate the rebuild or retool is more appropriate. I would not be surprised at all if they sign 1 major free agent or acquire someone significant. The plan there is to always be competitive. Unlike the jays, where the plan is to hover around .500 and hopefully get lucky.

        • “The plan there is to always be competitive. Unlike the jays, where the plan is to hover around .500 and hopefully get lucky.”

          Yeah, the Red Sox have been a heavy spending contender the last 10 years or so. During that timeframe, you’re right.

          But people regularly overlook the fact that the current state of a team is not the state it will always be in. Things change, and teams go through cycles. The Yankees and Braves have been recent exceptions to that (basically being good every year for the last 20), but generally teams get good, get old and over paid, blow it up, rebuild, and eventually get good again if they do it right. Even ones that were elite like the Red Sox.

          We’ll see. But it’s interesting – if you look at Sons of Sam Horn, seems like they all don’t want big FA signings, and want a rebuild with youth. It actually reads kind of like DJF after the Wells trade.

  37. Is Drew really losing his shit because Gose and Hechavarria got sent down?? lolll I understand its a week before rosters expand but chill bro. There’s a lot more important stuff to be angry about regarding the Jays.

  38. Cubs and Mets have tried the “buy a pennant” route – sure, don’t sleep on Boston, but I would not just assume the RedSux will just always contend. Before, they had a core – there is not much of a core now

    2013 is likely Ellsbury’s last year, he is a Boras guy so he is going to free agency and likely wants out of Boston (remember how much shit he went through about his rehab two years ago) – so NOT a core piece

    that means the CORE of this team is Pedey, Buchholz and presumably Lester – seriously, what else is there???

    Middlebrooks is a prospect, who was kind of average after his super hot start.

    Yes, the Sux have money but so do the Cubs, Nationals, Rangers, Angels, hell Angelos might start up again – they don’t have an overwhelming money advantage and the FA crop is not outstanding.

    The one thing I could see the Sux doing is the same type of bundling the Dodgers pulled – we’ll take Soriano along with ???, we’ll take Vernon Wells with Trumbo

  39. One very interesting aspect of the trade from the Dodgers side to follow is how Adrian Gonzalez hits in Dodger Stadium – it iis where he has his lowest OPS (other than 29 PA in Oakland) .676 – is that because of how Dodgers pitching gamed him or is the marine layer/ballpark not conducive to Agonz. In the good news dept for the Dodgers, Adrian loves him some Coors and Chase Field, plus for the playoffs perhaps – Cincy, Washington, St. Loo and Pitts have been good to AG.

    AT&T, right about average.

    (scroll to the bottom)

  40. cmon Boston, do it – now that you have De La Rosa from the Dodgers trade, pick up Tug Hullett, utility guy playing in the Phaillies’ system:

    Rubby and Tug


  41. Baseball ecololmics.

  42. Jays pitchers won’t miss Adrian Gonzalez – .988 OPS in 150 PAs – HR and 2B rates much better than his career averages though this year, not so much

    1.225 OPS at Rogers Centre with 6 HRs and 10 doubles in only 69 PAs – good riddance

    Crawford hit marginally better vs. Jays than career average, though most of that damage was from 2006 to 2009, since then not really a factor vs. Jays (so perhaps a negative there)

    and the really sad news is the loss of Beckett for the Jays – he has one of his worst career OPS records vs. them (only Reds and Brewers higher but much fewer PAs) and Rogers Centre was a personal nightmare for Beckett (1.019 OPS) -
    JB you will be missed (though he did well in a couple of those odd years 2007 and 2011, so for 2013 who knows)

  43. I can’t be the only one constantly refreshing Twitter waiting for the first visuals of Rasmus’ cornrows.

  44. Red Sox shed $70 million from next year’s payroll and have $45.8 million in guarantees owing to Lackey, Pedey, Lester, Buchholz and Iglesias – add Ellsbury who gets $10 million in arbitration probably and that is it – as a FA you want the money but if the money is same or close do you look at that Fab Five (not counting Iggy) and say – October 2013 here we come.

    I don’t see it – realistically, where does this team rank among the 15 AL teams for next year – does John Farrell look at that and say – Giddy Up Boston, Get Me Out of Canada?


    • oh, I forgot Salty, in his 2nd arb year – not an imposing hitter and one of the worst defensive catchers in baseball, fuck yeah

  45. Boston is getting sucked into shithole oblivion. They won’t attract FA’s, they’re clubhouse is in shambles, they have the most arrogant and player hated manager in the Bigs and they are in full on rebuild. All you pussies who are saying they are more dangerous to the Jays now then before need to find something else to worry about like Y2K or the Mayan apocolypse. The trade was great news for the Jays – enough said.

  46. I suscribe to KLAW’s view that a top manager can only win you maybe 5 max extra games (I’m looking at you Joe Madden). I also feel that a manager can lose his team a lot mare than that. Dusty Baker, Jim Tracey, take a bow.

    So, how good is John Farrell? I was an Earl Weaver believer. To sacrifice bunt is to give up BOTH an OBP opportunity, and one of your precious 27 outs. This does not fly in the AL East. Farrell does this time and time again. Some of his bullpen moves are off the reservation.

    I don’t like that he has not had a firm hand with players from the get go; Caught stealing being a third out; running through stop signs, flat out missing signs. There is too much sloppy play, and dumb managerial choices when it comes to the fundamentals of winning baseball. The Jays could do worse than Farrell. But, they could do better. I like Sal Fasano. I like him more than Farrell.

    Just sayin’.

    • I wanted Butterfield to get the oppotunity to Manage, guess his ‘lack’ of experience was a problem. Like Farrell had lots. We couldn’t be in any worse shape with Butter, so if Farrell goes to Beantown this winter thats OK by me too!

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