BatterWPAaLI DH – Sierra-0.0980.97RP – Lyon0.0163.23

LF – Davis -0.154 1.35
CF – Rasmus -0.002 1.11
1B – Encarnacion 0.068 1.31 Pitcher WPA aLI
2B – Johnson -0.153 1.16 SP – Happ 0.433 1.17
3B – Vizquel -0.072 0.70 RP – Oliver -0.341 3.67
C – Mathis 0.044 0.94 RP – Lincoln 0.104 2.04
SS – Hechavarria -0.044 1.36 RP – Loup 0.175 2.85
RF – Gose -0.138 1.27 RP – Jenkins -0.361 3.37

Bests / Worsts and the Gif of the game after the jump!

Top Dog: J.A. Happ, 43.3%
The Worst: Chad Jenkins, -36.1%
Top Bat: Edwin Encarnacion, 6.8%
Worst Bat: Rajai Davis, -15.4%
Impact AB: Encarnacion 2-Run HR, Top 4, 18.0%
Impact Pitch: Alex Avila Walk-off RBI Single, Bot 11, -38.4%
Highest Leverage AB: Davis Flyout, Top 10, 4.42
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Austin Jackson Scores on Darren Oliver Wild Pitch, Bot 8, 5.11
Lineup Contribution: -52.8%
Pitching Contribution: 2.6%
Average Leverage Index: 1.64
Chart explanation

The most reliable reliever on the team pitching to the defensive specialist catcher = a giant mistake at the worst time. This season, guys.

PS Good job, Happ!

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. Donde esta el .gif?

  2. The line made it above the mid-point! Yay progress!

  3. Jays now 8th worst in baseball, and are close to being 6th.

    Tank Nation!

  4. Shoulda tagged him…

  5. Seriously, I stopped giving a fuck right after the all star break, every day I see a headline that reads something like this ( insert name here ) hits homer in loss to (insert team name here) on Facebook and I honestly question why anyone else still gives a fuck.

    What a COMPLETE joke of a season this has been. Sure injuries suck ass and theyre the reason the Jays are where they are but the ultimate insult to the injuries is finishing BELOW the fucking Orioles this season. Yup… AA, this is indeed rock bottom. Question is what are you going to do about it.

    • I would imagine he’s going to do what he was going to do anyways….find a frontline SP and maybe an OF upgrade.

      The fact that this crappy swoon was caused directly by injuries to key players, there’s nothing we need to “do” except hope our injury luck isn’t as bad next season.

      • Agreed. Between the injuries and the 8-19 record in one run games, it’s been a shit-tonne of bad luck. I know some people don’t like that word because it represents something they can’t control, but it’s real nonetheless.

        So have to stay the course: do upgrades on 2B, LF, starting rotation in the off season via trade or free agency. Plan is the same.

      • We don’t need an OF upgrade.

        Offensively we need some OBP from the middle of the diamond and we need to hit a groove. The talent is there.

        Pitching, we need Marcum and an offseason for Ricky to sort his cobwebs out.

        As for the injuries, they’ve been brutal. We need perspective, not panic. Lots of talent on the ballclub. Why not be a bit patient and see if any of our young guys can step up next year.

      • We need to pull off a trade with the Red Sox and see if we can bring Gonzalez over to play first. Edwin back to DH.


    • If you don’t give a fuck why are you commenting on a Jays blog?

      • Because Im pissed off about yet another bad luck filled lack luster season like a shitload of other people around here.

        • Strange. I’ve found this the most interesting, exciting season in YEARS. Qualitatively WAY different than the JPR years. And yesterday’s game was almost perfect baseball magic. Could go any way, for 11 innings. And what Gose needs to learn highlighted by what AJackson did and what he did not do in quite similar situations – game changing outcomes.

          • The injuries make it difficult to judge the talent of this team. You have to be concerned about the poor performance of Escobar,Romero, Lind ,Cecil.
            The prospects are still young but they don’t look to be ready yet.

            Lawrie has o stay healthy & sop runing into camera bays

        • What I’m watching in 2012 is not the same as what I had to bare witness to in 2005. Different plan entirely. The only thing to be sick of are the injuries. Everything else is baseball and the laws of probability. And as sacrilegious as it may be, I’m completely on board for an Orioles run.

    • It’s okay. The orioles suck, and according to advance stats they are still going to finish below the jays. Right?… Right?

      • Woooooah buddy, dont talk shit on advanced stats, Stoeten fucking LOVES his advanced stats. Doesnt Darren Oliver have the best QFAP in the league? and isnt Mike McCoy’s OHP% number two in the league?


        • +1. At the end of the year what counts is FIP, WAR, KLAW Prospect rankings etc. That’s why they play the game:::))

          Who cares about winning games, playoffs, etc??

          If AA makes a trade we have to “fap” because he has to be right every time.:)))

          • Seriously, you need to stop this.

          • I think everyone here, Stoeten included, cares about winning games. Advanced metrics provide a clearer picture as to how to go about that. They’re not going to turn David Cooper into Joey Votto, or make Anthony Gose hit like Curtis Granderson, but they can provide a wider and more precise spectrum of ways for fans to appreciate the game.

            And if you actually bothered to read any of the material or listen to the podcast (you got name-dropped in the most recent episode), there’s been a lot of head scratching about some of AA’s moves this summer. He’s not getting the free pass
            you seem to think he is.

            But that would require doing more than being a constantly negative douchebag who is now able to congratulate him/herself for being negative all season and having a slew of injuries and disappointing performances prove them right.

          • Can you at least be witty with your sarcasm? Shit.

    • We have lost significant time to injury by 8 of the 9 opening day position players.

      As well as 3/5 of our rotation.

      Plus several bullpen members including a closer.

      Plus TdA in the minors and a few others down there.

      Before all that we saw that we were a .500 team that needed a better bullpen (done I believe – assuming Santos comes back and is decent) and a better rotation (AA has now confirmed he agrees on this and is open to free agency to address it).

      So it’s cool you don’t give a fuck even while you waste productive daytime hours to espouse it. But you don’t need to beat a dead horse man.

      • The team was 31-30 before Morrow got hurt.

        They had at the time played what looked to be a weak schedule.

        • the offense also hadn’t been present for much of the early season. And the bullpen was brutal through the first two months. Take the improved offensive performance as well as the way the bullpen stabilized and combine it with the quality of the starting pitching we were receiving through the first couple months and getting to this trough would have been difficult.

        • You can be around .500 near the end of the year, and make a run of it. Look at what the Rays are doing now.


    • Oliver really should’ve just tagged him. What was he thinking?

      • He was thinking (in danny Glover lethal weapon voice) “holy shit, I never throw wild pitches,,, ahh shit Ive gotta run to the plate……


        Im getting too old for this shit….

  7. plain and simple, cooper is a jerk

  8. More importantly…

    Where is this NL pitching market post that Stoeten was going to put up?

    I’m fiending for off season speculation and may have to drift over to the Star to get some.

    Please don’t make me stoop that low.

    • Agreed. It’s like Stoeten expects me to do some actual work today. How is this humane? How can I live in a world where my primary means of procrastination fail to materialize because some A-hole is too lazy to do some actual work!!?

      This is insane.

      I’m not leaving the comments section.

      Enjoying my coffee.

  9. On another note.

    If you try to type Damian Cox into an iPhone it autocorrects his last name to Coxswain.

    I found this hilarious…. But I also had 4 beer at lunch.

  10. Is Bautista back tonight? Hit 2 HRs last night.

    • Channelling my inner Zaun……..

      “Bautistas return should provide protection for the rest of the line up. Now teams will have to stop pitching around Gose, Hech and Cooper… So they should be able to sit on fastballs and start showing their power. Rasmus though will still continue to suck solely because he doesn’t run out routine grounders”

  11. Basically Ill end my point with this….

    This offseason, AA has to make some real moves. Im not saying go out and spend huge money. Really there’s not even that much to do if everyone’s healthy. Im thinking Marcum forsure. The pen could really use a guy like Lyon so if he’s affordable, hook him up as well.

    As for the outfield, Sierra is making a convincing case for himself to be in LF next season but a REAL bat at 2B would sure be nice next season.

    All in all yes this was a bad season full of shitty shitty bad luck but IF the health can be there next season, this team will be a very good team with just a few tweaks.

    • I don’t necessarily disagree with everything you said here, but what’s with the Marcum fascination? Is he really going to improve the rotation enough to get them over the hump? He’s like a right hnaded version of Ricky… only older… and with less upside.
      I would prefer a Brett Anderson or a Brandon McCarthy type with the possibility of providing a change of venue talent boost.

      • Dunno really, I think he will be affordable, he’s a good clubhouse guy apparently and he loves playing in Toronto. I dont think he would be brought in to get over the hump however I think if you put him with a healthy version of the group they have now, you have a rotation that can win with the team’s offensive production. But yes, Anderson would be a good addition however Im not sold on McCarthy at all. AA will likely look trade, who knows maybe he will grow some balls and bring in someone notable. But realistically we know that the day the world series is over we will all be hoping for the best just to get some tired ass speech about how AA thinks the team can win with whats in place and the right deal wasnt out there for them and blah blah blah and thus…. next season around the same time, Ill be typing something very similar to this.

  12. Listen fellows, I’ve had a really rare morning…

  13. Fuck you Archi. If I’m not the most reliable reliever on the team, you need to revisit your definition of reliable.

  14. Can we have a moment of silence………………….

    Jesse Chavez is no longer in the Blue Jay organization… I don’t know if I can watch anymore

    • But there’s still Robert Coello!! lol

      • @ Stoeten @Paul Boudrea

        “And if you actually bothered to read any of the material or listen to the podcast (you got name-dropped in the most recent episode), there’s been a lot of head scratching about some of AA’s moves this summer. He’s not getting the free pass you seem to think he is.”

        I just listened to the podcast. I am flattered that I would get a mention n the podcast but I take offence at the “trolling” ” fucken idiot” comments.

        Firstly, Stoeten is very aware of at least one other person posting here using my screen name.

        The over the top posts about Snider are not mine, but I did like him as a player.

        I post here on a regular basis, & I don’t think I have been negative about everything the Jays do.

        I have never called for “Blowing up the team” & “firing AA”.

        If anything, I blame Rogers for not giving AA sufficient resources to fill the holes the team has until the farm system produces the talent required to field a competitive team.

        “But that would require doing more than being a constantly negative douchebag who is now able to congratulate him/herself for being negative all season and having a slew of injuries and disappointing performances prove them right.”

        The injuries are worrisome but I don’t think the team is purposely doing something wrong to get players hurt. The pitchers aren’t overworked.

        Should Farrell tell Lawrie not to run into camera bays to catch a foul ball when the team is losing in NY. Abolutely!!!

        As for advanced metrics. I suppose they have their place, but I am not as confident in trusting prospect rankings as the younger generation is.

        That is a fair point to argue.


        • Does anyone remember when Snider was in the minors and Stoeten was running the Travis Snider fan club? I sure do.

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