What an absolutely crazy few hours it has been, huh? I’m still trying to digest the mammoth news myself, but there really is a whole lot to process, and until we start hearing about the motivations and where the future lies, it’s really difficult to come to any meaningful conclusion about what’s taken place. Whatever it means, I’m glad it’s finally official.

Yes, Colby Rasmus has cornrows.


Oh, did you think I was talking about some other big news? Well, I guess the Dodgers did decide to run a train on the mom of the notion of how much a win above replacement is worth, and some company bought the Score TV network– though not their digital assets, which you would have learned if you’d actually read the entirety of today’s reports or the press release, as so. many. people. fucking didn’t– but… pffft. There’s only one news story that exists today, and it’s Colbrows.

Well… OK, also:

Today marks the return of Brandon Morrow to the Jays’ rotation, but it could be a short one as there’s rain in the Baltimore area, and even though, as of 6:17 PM ET it’s holding off, the sky isn’t looking promising, tweets Barry Davis of Sportsnet.

According to another Davis tweet, Morrow’s outing could be a short one because if there’s any kind of rain delay once the game gets going, he won’t come back out to continue pitching. And even if it clears up, according to a tweet from Mike Wilner, the Jays’ no-longer-arguable ace will be limited to 85 pitches tonight, in his first action since June.

Speaking of Colbrows, ol’ Cleatus ain’t in the lineup tonight, I reckon. He’s being given the day off courtesy John Farrell, a horrific slump, and perhaps the fact that he’s still not quite right, health wise. Seems an odd choice, seeing as the club just (mercifully) sent down Anthony Gose and Adeiny Hechavarria, though. Mike McCoy gets the start in centre.

Lastly, speaking of that pair of green rookies, let’s not go too nuts about how badly devalued they’ve been by their brief MLB experience this month. Not to suggest that they’re at all anywhere close to the same level of player as Mike Trout, but the same principle that might have you thinking that the two Jays prospects are now tarnished assets would also suggest that Mike Trout must therefore have been worth pennies on the dollar when he came up last year and struggled. You don’t exactly have to be Pat Tabler, or otherwise barely able to think your way out of a paper bag, to figure out that that’s simply not true.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
M. McCoy CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
M. Sierra DH
O. Vizquel 3B
J. Mathis C

B. Morrow RHP

Baltimore Orioles

N. Markakis RF
J. Hardy SS
N. McLouth LF
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
C. Davis DH
M. Reynolds 1B
R. Flaherty 2B
M. Machado 3B

S. Johnson RHP


Image via Twitter.

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  1. Bo-sox won’t win another series for 50 years. The curse of Kelly Shoppach.
    Karmas a bitch Boston.

  2. Looking forward to Morrow being back.

    In the spirit of mindless speculation, and since it’s at least possible that people are wondering WTF is going on with Rogers/The Score/DJF/Getting Blanked/TBJ/etc., here are some relevant snippets from the press releast that I can’t like to because of the spam filter.

    In short, the Score’s digital ops, which I think includes DJF, and Mssrs. Stoeten, Fairservice, Parkes (Carefoot, Melas, Skeets, etc, etc.), is NOT being purchased by Rogers, apart from a 10% stake. Rogers IS however giving $12 million bucks for development of Score Digital… so, my non-insider, non-expert, informed by available information best guess is that there won’t be too much of a change in the daily lives of these gentlemen, or the blog(s) content, barring the possibility (however remote) that Rogers starts to muzzle quasi-in-house criiticism by offering editorial “suggestions”.

    With all of that said, I have no idea what I’m talking about, the above is about as valuable as my input on yesterdays trade.

    (ii) the digital media business of Score Media will be spun-out to Score Media’s shareholders as a new corporation…

    Score Media’s television business is comprised of theScore Television Network, …. Score Media’s digital business includes theScore.com and its mobile applications ScoreMobile, ScoreMobileFC and Sportstap. John Levy, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Score Media will lead the digital media business following the spin-out.

    …Under the terms of the agreement, Rogers Media will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Score Media and a 10% equity interest in Score Digital for total cash consideration of $167 million (CAD). The total consideration includes the per share cash consideration of $1.62, funds to repay Score Media’s outstanding credit facility, up to $12 million to initially capitalize Score Digital, …. In addition, as part of the transaction, Score Digital and Rogers Media will enter into a software development and licensing arrangement….

    • Conspiracy theory- Rogers is trying to maintain the air of neutrality of this site. Of course, if by neutrality I meant Cito bashing, stat mongering, orioles underrating, straw man creating…..

  3. The equation hasn’t changed.

    - House

  4. Colby’s cornrows are very, very fucked up.

  5. Think McCoy was actually safe there but whatever we never get those calls.

  6. I’m so glad McCoy stole 2nd right there with our two best hitters up & coming up.

  7. Such idiotic baserunning. 3-1 to bautista and mccoy trys to steal 1nd. Nevermind that pitch was a ball just moronic. Farell has to be responsible for all these baserunning miscues.

    • I know, if he’s successfull on the swipe they probably just pitch around Bautista. Stupid play.

  8. Thanks Mike! Who needs runs?

  9. Edwin! chickenwing!

  10. Eddie’s ring-ding wing thing.

  11. Wow those clouds are moving fast.

  12. Ok, let’s get some opinions. Was McCoy sent or did he go on his own?
    I sure as fuck hope he went on his own.

  13. I still haven’t seen cornrow colby…

  14. Morrow!

  15. Who’s the new guy?

  16. I am hoping for multiple eyegasms of the sort I just had watching B Morrow there

  17. Vegas line on Visquel hitting a 500 footer tonight??

  18. Thinking shoelaces might be in the zone today.

  19. Colby’s awesome, much love bro. I’m sure at least half of you want to ridicule….just look at that shit, takes balls, so just shut your word hole!

  20. Morrow will show why he’s the staff ace by getting his 4th complete game shutout in 85 pitches or less.

  21. 25 years ago a 40 year old Vizquel might have had that.

  22. Colby Rasmus cornrows counts as major trade. It’s almost as if we got a new player!

  23. money morrow

  24. When did the Jays aquire Bronson Arroyo?!

  25. do you think his dad told him to get that hair outta his eyes?

  26. I’m just going to assume Farrell’s not playing Rasmus for the same reason Mr. Burns wouldn’t play Mattingly.

  27. Stay aggressive meatballs. Jesus

  28. That was maybe the worst slide I’ve seen all year.

  29. Away from his dad, Colby is going through his rebellious phase.

  30. The problem with Rajai Davis is that every single person knows that if he gets to first base and second base is open, he’s going to run. It’s as certain as gravity. And even then he gets the base a good percentage of the time.

    Catchers can just call a steady diet of fastballs and pitchouts because there’s no doubt Davis is going to run.

  31. omg

  32. Oh God Bautista has been pulled. Rasmus playing in his place.

  33. Jose been traded?? (joking – i think ?!?)

  34. Wow Colby’s hair looks nasty as fuck. Bring back the shag.

  35. What happened to Bautista? Reaggravated the wrist?

  36. AA got an update on his cell (Score Mobile app of course), Jays in the lead:

    Hey, get Poulos on the phone – I want a medical inspection of Jose – do not want to “take any chances”


    (This is all a joke, don’t yell at me about it, just having fun)

    ……………………………………………………TankNation!! (yells and runs away)

  37. Fuckin lollygagger

  38. “McLouth flied out on a bunt to catcher Mathis.”

    How is this possible?

  39. escobar…more like escobum

  40. Anyone else turning in to the Roger Clemens start on TSN2? Tough choice between that and watching the Jays boot the ball around.

  41. Here comes Colby Rasmus…

  42. There goes Colby Rasmus…

  43. So much ball-washing of Clemens right now on TSN2.

  44. Even Escobars fly balls are lazy.

  45. Conditions are a little windy.

  46. Let me give you my elevator pitch about my manuscript:

    Its Manchurian Candidate meets Moneyball – its about a young hot-shot general manager in charge of a perennial cellar dweller who brings his new and perhaps a little dangerous methods into the C suite. When he persuades some players to sign long-term deals they also unknowingly agree to brain implants (its in the fine print and there is a knock-out gas and fully-stocked operating table in the “Signing Room”). These implants allow the GM to marshall his “sleeper cells” whenever he wants them to do his bidding – there is an error by the Catcher during a crucial play in Detroit and another one by a Shortstop in Baltimore. He gets some extra draft pool money – its awesome because it all works on in the end with the a magical player who leads them to the World Series two years later, plus we have some CGI-effects to simulate the “Baseball Gods”
    assistance to this team like in Angels in the Outfield.


  47. Corn-row track power.

  48. Jose “left wrist discomfort” – ruh rohhhhhhhh

  49. Roger is sweating like a whore in church but he’s keeping the ball down.

  50. Um………….

  51. ferrell is a f’in moron with baserunners

  52. I’m starting to think Moises Sierra should be in charge of our running game.

  53. OmarVizquel
    Go Jays! #TankNation

  54. Good lord, our team is a fucking joke on the basepaths.

  55. Comic Relief Brought to you by……..

    The Jays baserunners!

  56. Really cant help but hate Vizquel this year, from his shitty play, to Buck and Tabby washing his old balls every game “Boy I tell you what he has almost as many hits as the great Babe Ruth!” Fuck off he hasnt been good in a decade, he looks like he may physically collapse at any moment.

    • I was especially pissed at him being visibly disturbed by Escobar calling him off on a pop-up. Come on, man! You suck and make errors and have no range and are over 40! Why you gettin’ mad at the younger shortstop takin’ a fly ball over you? Retire already!

  57. Oh no…Bucknor will fuck up any conversation…

  58. Nice to have a real live pitcher again.

  59. Shitty cheeseball hit….weasels..

  60. One batter in the 5th eh?

    Now that’s managin’.

  61. Fuck the bottom of that inning took almost half an hour. It should not be that hard to get 3 outs out of Baltimore. This Orioles team ain’t fooling anyone — they still suck.

  62. Clemens can still pitch.

    • He topped out at 88 and, in the inning I watched (2nd), seemed to be leaving a lot of pitches up in the zone.

  63. I forget–did we just think that Mathis was good defensively because of his all to apparent offensive shortcomings?

    • I believe he’s our defensive specialist…by virtue of the fact that JPA has more passed balls.

  64. what;s the news on Bautista fof F sakes-I just got in expecting to maybe see a moonshot and I get to watch Colby Fukstick SO instaed -WTF??

  65. Poor a little gasoline on this burning shit truck.

  66. Excellent! All going according to plan.

  67. The Jays quite possibly might not win another game this year.

  68. Mathis. Jeez.

  69. How come KJ couldn’t come up with that bullseye from Mathis?

  70. the only thing special about Mathis is his olympic aspirations

  71. Boy this series is just a circus freakshow.

    • I know, a white guy with dreads, Bautista rebreaks a hand, Visquel changed his depends undergarment on live tv because he’s getting senile, Escobars booted more balls then David Becham and I’m watching a 50 year old Clemens pitch a gem.
      Fuckin Twilight Zone.

  72. only 39 more sleeps until its (all) over . . . .

  73. Edwin scored our 2 tonit and did the same in game 3 in detroit and had 1/2 our fuckin hits yesterday. The opposition should just walk him and we might not score for a month

  74. I miss this Yescobar.

  75. For the rest of the season, everything should be geared toward September 21, 22 and 23 – last series of the season in Tampa – it is the only thing left worth playing for – get the Tampa Monkey off the back before 2013 becomes about watching to see if the Jays set AL record for most consecutive road series losses from the Kansas City Royals (vs. the Yankees)

    ** streak currently sits at 16 and record is 19


  76. Omar has become dirt-adverse.

  77. Great quote from Magic Johnson about the mega-trade:

    “We understand that you have to spend money to be good in this league. We understood that before we bought the team. So we’re excited.”

    Gee, guess he didn’t get the Roger’s memo.


      Its not that you have to spend in insane amount of money but fuck it sure is nice to be able to if it means you can pick up a guy like AGON as a salary dump.

      I love how fuckers come on here and point out how spending money does not guarantee you playoffs…NO FUCKING SHIT…there are no guarantees in sports, that is why we fucking watch.

      however there is strong general trend interms of victories and payroll. note i said general..not one for one.

      the reason we had to give up all those propsects to houston for happ is because we were "paying" them in nonmonetary sums to take fat fucks contract off our hands.

      • The Dodgers are in a hurry to win.

        fascinating to see a team go from a bunch of nobody’s in April except for Kemp, to the West Coast Yankees by August.

        Magic Johnson must have unlimited amounts of money to spend .

        • Magic Johnson knows how to be successful and has won championships to prove it. He is building the Dodgers like his old coach Pat Riley did with Miami. Those guys are winners and know how to win. Rogers communications are about excuses, cheap labour and broken promises. Wait to the end of season press conference and hear the excuses from the GM and manager. This great franchise has become a fucking joke!

        • Hey I watched them play the Rockies the beginning of August Looked like a decent team to me and Kemp is a one-man wrecking crew.

  78. Fuck!

  79. Josh Beckett needs Labia reduction surgery.

  80. on the hopium tip, Daniel Norris makes his Vancouver debut tonight vs. the Cubs NW League team – which includes Daniel “HeavyD” Vogelbach and this years #6 overal pick Albert Almora – late Saturday night dirty prospect porn – soooo dirty

    • Vogelbach is a monster. I like knowing that someone who’s positively obese can play a professional sport. I’m rooting for that kid.

  81. mathis ≠ money (unless you’re the rogers blue jays, then you’re worth $1.5 million)

  82. and on the Schadenfreude tip, the Royals have come all the way back from a 9-3 deficit vs. the red sox just in time to ruin Sweet Caroline (and the night of adrian gonazlez’ replacement Mauro Gomez who is 4 for 4 with an HR – Jeremy Guthrie is gonna JeremyGuthrie)

  83. Adrian Gonzalez HR in his first Dodger AB – 3 run shot

  84. Can we skip September?

  85. I can’t remember the last time Colby didn’t strike out. I don’t get this guy. He can look like a super talent for weeks at a time, then looks like he’s never played baseball in his life.

    • Supposedly, he’s still having trouble with his groin, which begs the question why is Farell running him out there everyday.

    • He would be a useful pickup.

      In the event that gives us one too many relievers, I would be fine with trading one of them for a, say, Travis Snider.

  86. Bautista and Cooper DL’ed.

  87. I get it. The baseball gods hate us this year even more than the last 17 years. But they’ve done their thing. The season is toast. Do they have to rub our faces in it by re-injuring Jose?

  88. Apart from Edwin and Janssen this team is a festering stew of shit.

  89. so rasmus has struck out in his last HOW many at bats?

  90. 150 or so

  91. This is where the summers of our discontent come to a full rolling boil…

  92. a comment re: Dustin Parkes’ and his increasingly insufferable hagiography of the SF Giants – in the most recent Getting Blanked podcast at the 27:30 mark during a discussion of Barry Bonds, DP says he remembers that the 2006 book Game of Shadows incensed him and “this was before I kind of fell in love with the Giants as a team”. No fucking shit – we know this bandwagon chasing happened no earlier that late October 2010, literally on the eve of the World Series start:

    “Like many baseball fans without a natural rooting interest in the coming World Series, I find myself torn over who to cheer for: the claw and moose of the Rangers or The Machine and pandas of the Giants.”


    Fuck off, Parkes – Go Dodgers!!!! (my other blue team)

    • I fucking hate Parkes too. His shit is insufferable and he loves to break down other writers’ analysis without ever saying anything on his own,. He picked up on this and started trying to be creative and original when writing his “blog posts,” yet they all turn out shitter than the garbage he spewed prior. Stoeten only pretends to be his friend.

    • Should I be embarrassed that I had to google “hagiography”?

  93. Daniel Norris not ready for 2013 rotation spot

  94. Too painful to watch jays games so this is as close as I can get. I have a question though – who is the 13 year old girl in the picture leading this post?

  95. Omar only 4 hits to tie Babe Ruth.

    • I dont know if this is an example of confirmation bias,because I have no stats to back this up and Its not like I remember every game I have ever seen or that I really watch that many out of market games, but has any team ever run into so many outs? Ever?

      • With absence of sustainable offence,Farrell is trying to manufacture runs but is overthinking/overdoing it.
        I love small ball but Farrell is panicing at every turn.
        My worry again is,can he handle the strategy and make the adjustments to get to the playoffs?
        If the team is healthy and he has the talent, would he help or hurt the teams chances?
        Stoeten always says that anybody coulda managed the 92/93 team and any manager could have won with that group of players.
        I’m not so sure,when I think of Farrell.

  96. Hechavarria:

    0.2 dWAR in 14 G. SSS alert — and of course DRS and UZR are notoriously noisy in those small samples — but that prorates to 2.3 dWAR over a full season, and that’s playing out of position.

    I haven’t watched too many games lately; does that jive with what people are seeing?

    If they could get his bat to major league average, this guy could be very, very valuable.

    You never want to compare any SS to Ozzie, but that guy never OPSed higher than .775 and had a career average OPS of .666. His career WAR was 73!

    • You sound like an indie rock fan giving a rundown on the beard of the guy from Fleet Foxes. Give the stats a rest and check out pornhub for information on what a girl looks like.

      Plus Ten Thousand to me, bitches.

    • He’s still a work in progress. That’s why I cut him some slack.But even defensively,IMO,he needs more seasoning.
      And don’t get too wrapped up in the stats, they’re a general tool but even the developer of UZR says it has it’s flaws.
      Hech also needs to show that he can even marginally hit in the Show before you can start comparing him to Ozzie.

  97. Secondly, and this has nothing to do with his hair, which I could not possibly care any less about, but why don’t y’all cut Colby some slack? Heres why you should:
    1) He was awesome when the game actually, you know, mattered.
    2) He has clearly been injured for some time. Anyone can see that he doesnt have his normal speed or range, and a groin injury would surely screw up your swining mechanics. No doubt about it.
    3) His defence, when not obviously slightly injured, is outstounding, astounding and the best I have seen for the BJs since Devon White was in charge.
    4) He looks cool and talks cool and is does so while being the ugliest Toronto athlete since the retirement of Otis Nixon and/or Popeye motherfucking Jones
    5) He just isnt going to get a lot of fastballs when surrounded by the likes of Jeff Mathis, Omar Visquel, a bat boy signed to an emergancy contract that was written on the back of the lineup card and an actual blue jay batting with a bat in his beak.
    6) For the three or four weeks it went Lawrie Rasmus Bautista Encarnation and we were in contention, it was the best month of baseball since 1994..
    7) He’s my favorite player.

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