What an absolutely crazy few hours it has been, huh? I’m still trying to digest the mammoth news myself, but there really is a whole lot to process, and until we start hearing about the motivations and where the future lies, it’s really difficult to come to any meaningful conclusion about what’s taken place. Whatever it means, I’m glad it’s finally official.

Yes, Colby Rasmus has cornrows.


Oh, did you think I was talking about some other big news? Well, I guess the Dodgers did decide to run a train on the mom of the notion of how much a win above replacement is worth, and some company bought the Score TV network– though not their digital assets, which you would have learned if you’d actually read the entirety of today’s reports or the press release, as so. many. people. fucking didn’t– but… pffft. There’s only one news story that exists today, and it’s Colbrows.

Well… OK, also:

Today marks the return of Brandon Morrow to the Jays’ rotation, but it could be a short one as there’s rain in the Baltimore area, and even though, as of 6:17 PM ET it’s holding off, the sky isn’t looking promising, tweets Barry Davis of Sportsnet.

According to another Davis tweet, Morrow’s outing could be a short one because if there’s any kind of rain delay once the game gets going, he won’t come back out to continue pitching. And even if it clears up, according to a tweet from Mike Wilner, the Jays’ no-longer-arguable ace will be limited to 85 pitches tonight, in his first action since June.

Speaking of Colbrows, ol’ Cleatus ain’t in the lineup tonight, I reckon. He’s being given the day off courtesy John Farrell, a horrific slump, and perhaps the fact that he’s still not quite right, health wise. Seems an odd choice, seeing as the club just (mercifully) sent down Anthony Gose and Adeiny Hechavarria, though. Mike McCoy gets the start in centre.

Lastly, speaking of that pair of green rookies, let’s not go too nuts about how badly devalued they’ve been by their brief MLB experience this month. Not to suggest that they’re at all anywhere close to the same level of player as Mike Trout, but the same principle that might have you thinking that the two Jays prospects are now tarnished assets would also suggest that Mike Trout must therefore have been worth pennies on the dollar when he came up last year and struggled. You don’t exactly have to be Pat Tabler, or otherwise barely able to think your way out of a paper bag, to figure out that that’s simply not true.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
M. McCoy CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
M. Sierra DH
O. Vizquel 3B
J. Mathis C

B. Morrow RHP

Baltimore Orioles

N. Markakis RF
J. Hardy SS
N. McLouth LF
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
C. Davis DH
M. Reynolds 1B
R. Flaherty 2B
M. Machado 3B

S. Johnson RHP


Image via Twitter.

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  1. You guys remember how good things seemed after this game?


    3.5 out of wildcard. Holding it together with all the injuries, somehow. That was LESS THAN A MONTH AGO!

  2. Why WOULD anybody read the fucking press release?

  3. Also, if there is any good to be gotten from Rogers owning another chunk of my country, let it be that The Score broadcasts less fucking wrestling.

  4. The Jays seem to have a swagger this year…

  5. Drop all the stats you want, but at the end of the day the 2012 Jays are far worse than the 2012 Orioles. That makes me so sad to state that.

    • But according to the experts like Wilner,Parkes and Drew, The O’s are about to fall back to earth because they can’t keep this up until the end of the season.Too much negative run differential and they are playing way above their Pythag Wins projections.

      In fairness to the Jays, they’ve had a couple of injuries.

      • Funny, how many months have they been saying that? And yet here we are with a month left to play and the O’s still in the WC race.

  6. Colby rasmus is on fire.

    • …before he got injured.

      • You mean last year he was injured too?

        • Last year he wasn’t fixed yet, and was still dealing with LaRussa in his head.

          He got fixed (batting stance change) going into June this year, and he’s been fine since, until the groin injury.

          He was fine in July too, because he was still squaring up the ball and smacking line drives; but he was getting unlucky in that the balls were going right at the fielders.

          Right now he’s awful because he’s striking out 38% of the time, which screams “I’m injured, stop playing me already.”

  7. If anyone feels like a bag of shit when it comes to the Jays Callis from BA says no team had a better 2012 draft than the Jays and they still have one of the best farm systems in baseball.

  8. Hey where are all the geniuses mocking me now when I predicted 99 losses? The jays are winning less than 20% of games, even less than I predicted.

    The only good thing that can happen now is if this whole coaching staff is canned. But knowing alex he probably gives everyone a 2 year extension because he trusts them just like he trusts mathis.

    • 99 losses is still ridiculous. You can’t honestly believe that the Jays are only winning seven games for the rest of the season. That’s ridiculous.

    • This team has anything close to normal injuries and they’re very likely a .500 club.

    • You’re still a complete fucking idiot. You didn’t predict a single injury, faggot.

    • Still here, still mocking. I see your dumb hasn’t been looked after. But I bet you feel good about yourself.

  9. Here comes a rant.

    What in the name of FUCK is the front office doing? The fucking season has been TOAST since Morrow went out with injury MONTHS ago. Sure there were some fun times there where they kept the shift afloat with improbable pitching performances by Laffey and Los Del V but we all KNEW that it was going to be a major uphill battle..a battle that only became more improbable when the position players started to drop like flies.

    So my point is NOT to say the jays suck or they have under achieved etc. etc.. they have been snake bit straight from the head of Medussa herself.


    KNOWING this gig is up, WHY on earth are they putting guys like Rasmus, Lawrie, and Jose in jeopardy for the meaningless remaining games?

    There is no point in Jose coming back only to “reinjure’ his wrist. There is no point in Lawrie busting his ass in the GCL just so he can tweak his rib cage.

    And certainly Rasmus is a shell of the player he was now that he has this groin injury. I hope to God its the injury that has Colby playing like feces and not some reflection of True Talent but holy mother of fuck, the Manger or GM has to fucking step in and say ENOUGH….I DONT CARE WHAT THE PLAYER WANTS TO DO..IM DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR THE LONG TERM HEALTH OF THIS ORGANIZATION AND IN THIS PARTICULAR YEAR WHERE WE ARE WELL OUT OF ANY FORM OF CONTENTION, IM SHUTTING THESE FUCKERS DOWN.

    In fact when in Tampa, our hero Sam Fauld tried to get a word with Bautista and let him know that he had the SAME injury Jose had and that no matter how much rest he gave it, it ultimately required surgery. But rather than bite the bullet and accept this fact, the Jays, in order to squeeze a few meaningless games out of this guy, felt it perfectly OK to take by far their most valuable asset and jeopardize his career further by humoring him in this lame comeback attempt.

    Are there no adults here? Sure it sucks to have to watch the Las Vegas 51′s grace major league facilities across North America but you know what? Id rather watch that this year and get it over with than have to watch it for the next few years when it might actually cost them something.

    That is my rant and that is all for now, but one has to seriously begin to question the decision making of AA when it comes to these types of things. Sure he knows how to swing a trade, but there is more to leading an organization than that. I cannot understand in what dimension that running out a fucking CF with an injured groin, who cannot hit or play defense because of this injury…in a lost season..makes any sense.

  10. So not to be too negative..there are several rays of sun shining on the jays organization.

    Sean Nolin has been dealing all year, and that has not stopped since his promotion to AA.

    Brett Fucking Cecil has been dealing as well since his demotion to Vegas where he sports a 2.70 ERA in the very tough PCL.

    Kenny Wilson and Kevin Pillar have been hitting very well since promotion to high Class A Dunedi.

    Christian Lopes was solid in Bluefield and continues to rake up in Vancouver.

  11. The rebuild is over!

  12. Could be worse…..Houston is now 6-44 in their last 50 games

  13. Ugh – it’s depressing to be in the ‘moral victories’ stretch of the season. I was going to write what I’ve thought has gone wrong in 2012, but will leave it to Stoeten to conduct the autopsy in October.

    I’m just going to sit back and root for EE to finish with better numbers across the board than Prince Fielder.

  14. The problem with Colby’s cornrows is the lack of facial hair – he looks more “Juliette Lewis”


    than Ed Norton


    In truth he should have told them, “give me the Tommy Lee”


  15. Since July 1, Justin Morneau has played in 44 games (38 at first and 6 as DH), has a .883 OPS including .511 SLG which kind of puts him back at his long term average), though he does seem weak defensively – LH bat might look good. Supposedly the Dodgers wanted him so I don’t know if Minny is asking for a lot.

    • but, but but, his contract is worth more than the value he would contribute, so under this system there is absolutely no way he can be a Blue Jay. Even if he would help the team, he would be costing too much money. Better to bring an inferior player in here that is cheaper who would contribute more value for the price of their contract. That’s how things are done.

  16. ahhh, nice to see Stoeten do his usual disappearing act on the weekend…
    that was sarcasm!
    Put up Sundays game threat already!
    Too bad Rogers didn’t purchase Score digital, either fire Stoeten or hire a guy that isn’t so hungover on the weekends, that he can at lease put up the threat.
    and yes, I am aware its under a rain delay right now… so do another rain threat then.

    • In fairness he does a damn good job and who do you know who doesnt get a day off?

      • I agree, when he gets around to it, he does do a good job.
        It probably takes 2 seconds though to just write “here’s your game threat” just so we have a forum to write our very informed opinions on.
        Although all a moot point today anyway cuz it looks like the game will be postponed.

        • Nothing takes two seconds, be real. Everyone deserves a day off.

          If anything, between Stoeten, Zuber and Drew, etc., they should have a schedule where each one takes turns posting on the weekends. Barry Davis never takes days off! Lqtm

          • You could get an IT guy to script a default threat for weekend games and then no one would have to do it. :P

            • Also a great idea. Write it on Friday and just have it isn’t prior to game time. It rocket science. This is the age of the computer.

          • See I was thinking that…every normal workplace in the world that does business on the wknds has staff to cover it.

    • To be fair, is this not a website that he started and that the score bought? How the hell do you fire the guy who created something? Also, fuck you its the internet there is literally an infinite amount of other things for you to read.

  17. so we gonna get a game in???….gots to see them Jayz rack up another L !!!

  18. I have a theory about the current spate of injuries and the need to rehab in Dunedin. I call it Thee Doll House Theory:


  19. Just watching this Kipnis of Cleveland play 2nd base. Hits .300 and 24SB for fsakes.
    If Jays had half a brain they would steal Choo as a FA and somehow make a trade for Kipnis. THen, we could move Escobar and let Hech paly short ( or vice versa)

    • Yes, and why would Cleveland trade him? Or why would the Jays get him over any other team?

      You don’t think there would be about 20 other teams wanting to get Kipnis if they were to trade him?

  20. Maybe its the hangover from all the whirling Darvish hype from last year, but I have not heard or read anything about possible Japanese FAs for 2013. The Baltimore Wada signing blew up because of his TJ surgery but are there some good risk opportunities there for next year for the Jays? The Stankees won the bid on the SS Nakajima last year but couldn’t get a deal. Is he available as a 2B option? He is having another good year.

    Just from perusing Baseball Reference for the JPPL, there are some numbers that stand out. Takeya Nakamura is a 1B who hits a HR every 13 PAs over the last 5 seasons. Nobuhiro Matsuda plays 1B and 3B seems to have some pop in his bat and a good OBP.

    Yoshihisa Hirano seems to be a relief pitcher with a ridiculous 15:1 K/BB ratio this year and a sub 1 WHIP over the last 3 years. Masahiro Tanaka was mentioned as a definite drop-off from Yu, but a good young starter with seemingly better K:BB ratio than Yu had at the same age. And, another Yoshisa, in this case Naruse, has been a good starter for 6 years and turns 27 this October.

    Anyone hear anything about possible postings or outright FAs from Japan?

    • If Nakajima wants to come over, he’s be an outright FA because he was posted last year.

  21. ahh well, tomorrow’s another day, put off that L until tomorrow…rack em up!!! rack up them L’s!!!

  22. Randon Thoughts:

    The Jays are on the verge of becoming an excellent team and a perenial contender.
    Its kind of lucky the injuries happened this year when we probably werent gonna win anyways.
    Chinese Democracy is a crazy underrated album.
    Work up.

    • Chinese Democracy was shit, the Jays are more than 1 player away from being a contender – more like 3-4 – and I agree with the notion about the injuries.

      To be more broad, the Jays were only a .500 when healthy. They need a LFer, a 2Bman, at least 2 SP, a DH so E3 can play 1B, and an improved bench around Mathis (ugh) and Davis. C.D. really didn’t have one great tune on it when compared to GNR’s other work.

      • Indestructible, no team is that deep and has no holes. The Jays Brass needs to make sure that they have no critical season ruining ones though.

        There is no doubt that the Jays are far from what Alex talked about with having a rotation full of number two starters. The Jays could sign or trade for two #2 starters and push down the other guys into relief or depth (Cecil, Alvarez, Villanueva, Laffey) and then things will be looking playoff bound.

        This is basically the price the team needs to pay to be serious about contending. If there is a pitching surplus to be had from this later, it either won’t last long or the team can deal some of it away- teams always need more pitching.

        • No argument that there’s no team that has no holes, but it’s going to take a lot of wand-waving to get this team to being a contender in 2013.

          Even if they left Sierra in LF, Johnson at 2B, and had no DH, getting the 2 SP they desperately need to make the rotation note-worthy isn’t going to be cake.

          Stoeten did some pieces, but to recap:

          • Greinke hasn’t had much success again the AL East.

          • If the Angels decline Haren’s option, he’s lost velocity, and it may be the cause to his sudden rise in FIP/xFIP.

          • Marcum is injury prone, and never did well in the AL East,

          I may have missed a few others, but I’m trying to keep it short. The trade front doesn’t look too spectacular either. I fear that window has come and gone (last off-season).

          I don’t mind trading prospects as long as the player(s) coming back can make an impact, and from a pitching standpoint, I can’t think of one. The only player worth mentioning is Justin Upton.

          • Well, that is up for the scouting and player development team to do. Look, the Jays grab the Astros crap 4th starter and he’s throwing diamonds out there. The team has to be creative and the ownership needs to flash the cash when the braintrust asks for it- no justifications needed.

        • Look at some of the team contending this year. The Jays are not too far away.

          I agree with Ed that they need two more #2 or #3 type guys. Say.. Edwin Jackson/Matt Garza/Anibal Sanchez type guys. That’s the really vital thing, I’d say.

          The offense needs upgrading, but finding a league average LF and 2B shouldn’t be too hard or expensive.

      • “To be more broad, the Jays were only a .500 when healthy. ”

        To be fair, the Jays were playing .500 ball into the very beginning of August (shockingly) well past the time they were ‘healthy’.

  23. Villenueva will walk because the Jays won’t offer him what he wants to be a starting pitcher. If they did resign him, he’d be their 3 or 4 starter next year, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. He appears to be more durable this year after losing a bunch of weight and making a concerted effort to work on his fitness level in the offseason. As much as people don’t want to admit it, he’s been one of their top 5 pitchers the last 2 seasons.

    • How can you possibly know that yet? He started 13 games last year. He’s started 10 this year. Let’s see where things square off at the end of the year. He’s been good though.

    • “Villenueva will walk because the Jays won’t offer him what he wants to be a starting pitcher.”

      How do you know? Seems like AA has retained everyone he’s wanted to up to this point.

  24. Someone has compiled a list of FAs for the Jays to consider. Thanks Hardball Talk:


    • Nice link, dm. It’s still not about just the free agents. It’s about having the payroll to take on contracts too. If you trade for Josh Johnson, you have to pay him still.

      I don’t know about anyone else, but that Beeston comment about the payroll definitely not going down is a little scary because the Jays are only at around 75 million to start 2012.

      I don’t want to see the team bump it up to 80 million (through arb raises and the sort) and have Beeston puffing up that the team is over 80 million in payroll and their committed blah blah blah when the MLB average is 98 million.

  25. The Jays have no reason to not be sitting on a 100 million dollar payroll already – which is just the average of MLB team spending. Just imagine what GM AA could do with an extra 25 million to play with.

    • Agreed. I wonder if AA will be able to convince Rogers that this extra payroll is necessary to get starting pitching he needs until the Lansing Trioo show up.

  26. It’s laughable listening to wilner saying you are willfully ignorant to not insist that injuries are the reason for the jays downfall. After all half the team is injured. Well guess what half the team is not injured! Let’s look at the healthy players and see how well they are playing

    edwin – only guy hitter playing well
    kj – sucks
    escobar – sucks
    rasmus – sucks except for 1 month
    rajai – plays ok at best

    romero – totally sucks
    alvarez – sucks
    happ – only guy pitching well
    laffy – ok enough to get by
    cv – good

    jansenn – good
    oliver – good
    lyon – good
    delabar/lincoln – jury still out

    so basically you have 1 good hitter, 2 good starters, and a few good relievers. That’s why this team has been sucking because the healthy players have been playing like shit. And lawrie, lind and JPA weren’t playing that great either when they left.

    • Are you insane?

      Look at the lineup man. It’s AAA.

      The team is far from perfect, but it IS willfully ignorant not to blame this month on injuries (at least to a great degree).

    • You forgot:

      willfully ignorant – dumbass

  27. Here’s another gem, farrell said he’s not going to put rasmus in left because he’s never played there before. But that didn’t stop him putting edwin there or putting adeiny at 3rd or yorvit at 1st or gomes in left.

  28. WRT the offense, it’s going to be a bit rocky when the team has pretty streaky hitters, you just hope that a few hot hitters offset the cold ones.

    I mean, I can live with that. You can’t live without decent starting pitching.

  29. Anyone know the low down on this dude?


    he’s put up pretty good numbers everywhere he has gone. also done understand why he was demoted form lansing to vancouver even though he was doing well in lansing. perhaps a role change.

    • Role change it is. He was demoted to Vancouver to move out of the bullpen into the rotation. Either they didn’t have room for starters in Lansing, or they wanted him in the lower league when they made the switch.

  30. When is Farrell’s contract up? It’s the end of this season, right? I think we should let him go back to the Sox because he’s really looking lost out there. I understand any manager would be going a bit crazy this season, but some of his decisions–especially his running game–have been nuts. Who else is out there and available that isn’t Valentine?

    • Farrell’s original deal was three years IIRC. I don’t really agree with you, but in any case, I think there’s basically no chance of this happening.

    • Holy fuck I’m getting tired of people trying to scapegoat the manager for everything that’s gone wrong this season. Is he the best manager ever? No, probably not but look at what he’s working with! Mike McCoy is playing pretty much every day! Mike Fucking McCoy!

      Aaron Laffey is our number two starter and our ‘ace’ just walked 8 batters (8!) with no strikeouts. But ya, its totally the manager’s fault for sending out lincoln even though he throws hard and has fucking reverse splits out the ass. Think about that – our best pitcher was so shitty that he broke FIP and everyone’s pissing and moaning about whether or not Oliver should have faced two or three batters.

      The running game – ya, that Omar thing is pretty hard to defend but I’ll always have a soft spot for that game in Boston last year when Farrell made Bobby Jenks litterally piss his pants. And of course Omar stealing second is totally why we didn’t win that one. It probably had nothing to do with the fact that Rajai Davis was up to bat with Colby ’0-25′ Rasmus in the on deck circle. Plus, um, Mike McCoy!

      In conclusion, shut the fuck up about blaming the manager for every little thing that goes wrong on a team that has gotten 20% of the expected production from its lineup and pretty much 0% from its rotation. You sound like an entitled fucking Boston fan. Also, I’m hung over.

      • I guess you are.

        I’m not scapegoating him for the injuries. I’m not scapegoating him at all. But he’s the manager and has to explain why he’s spent two seasons running into outs. I’m the poster who applauded the speed on the team. Speed can be a great thing and we haven’t really played small ball for forever. But sending Omar Vizquel? That’s elder abuse. And dumb. And desperate. In any case my concerns with Farrell don’t end with his running game. There’s a lot of his decisions I don’t like. And I especially don’t like that deer-in-the-headlights look he gets sometimes before something bad happens. At the beginning of this season I thought he was a lot better. Then I thought he wasn’t. I haven’t changed my mind.

        And knock it off with the BoSox crap willya? You can want a managerial trade without being an entitled asshole.

        • Olney was shitballing on ESPN Radio saying to watch for Farrell as next Boston manager. He shitballed even further, suggesting a Farrell for Bard trade.

        • Thanks Ray for trying to talk some fucking sense into these manager blaming meatheads

        • +1 to Isabella.

          The running game is a concern. The bullpen mismanagement by a former pitching coach is shocking, particularly when Coco was here.

  31. If Farrell wants to go, let him go.

    In terms of his in game management, I don’t see how he’s been anything special.

  32. Suck it swisher you asshole! Man I hate that guy.

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