After a merciful rain out yesterday in Baltimore, the Jays return to the scene of the crime– Yankee Stadium– where just over a month ago the club effectively lost two bats from a top four that until that point had been humming along spectacularly, when during a three game set Jose Bautista’s wrist exploded in the opener, and Brett Lawrie got dimed by a camera bay in the finale.

The club has gone 12 and 26 since the beginning of that fateful series, a run that has included three losing streaks of five or more games, and seen the offence dry up, just as Carlos Villanueva and JA Happ have begun to provide some stability to the rotation.

Which, of course, is just a long way of saying Fuck Yankee Stadium.


It’s the end of an era: no more cornrows for Colby Rasmus, tweets John Lott of the National Post.

At the Post itself, Lott looks at the Farrell-to-Boston rumours that just. will. not. go. away.

Lott also tells us that the manager’s update on Brett Lawrie was pretty vague, as there’s no way to know yet when he’ll be able to get back into rehab games, and that Jason Frasor is on track to get into rehab games by the end of the week.

Shi Davidi tweets that there is no word yet on the results of Jose Bautista’s visit to the hand specialist in Cleveland today, but says that he’ll rejoin the club tomorrow. Davidi re-tweets something from CAA agency, which congratulates Dunedin manager Mike Redmond on having made the Florida State League All-Star team.

Oh, look. Adam Lind hitting clean-up. That’s… well… probably fucking appropriate against a right-hander at this point. *SIGH*

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Torrealba C
M. Sierra RF
A. Hechavarria 3B

H. Alvarez RHP

Poo Yuck Stankees

D. Jeter SS
N. Swisher DH
R. Cano 2B
M. Teixeira 1B
C. Granderson CF
E. Chavez 3B
R. Martin C
R. Ibanez LF
I. Suzuki RF

D. Phelps RHP


Image via @ShiDavidi.

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  1. We should have signed Derek Lowe. Rogers should have offered him $200 million dollars to throw the ball down the line.

    • @ oakville69 or fake Oakville or whatever.

      What kind of bug is it thats stuck up your ass?

      If you’re trolling for a reaction, try something different.
      This shit is kinda dull.

      • Radar. Mocking the stupidity.

        • Fake Oakville69

          Profound words.
          Very deep.
          I see what you’re trying to say and I feel your pain.
          Let it all out and you’ll feel better.
          Mommy and daddy don’t hate you anymore.

          • Radar, I fear his deep-seated need for your sympathy and respect could cause him to hurl himself out his basement window. Be it on your head.

          • But he needs our support in his time of need.
            I don’t consider it as crying as much as a call for attention.
            If we could all give him a group hug, maybe that pent up rage would release tears of joy and understanding.
            I’m going to light some candles and whail a special chant for him tonight.
            Oakville , I’m here for you buddy.

          • You’re a sweet, sweet man, Radar. I was thinking more along the lines of giving him a group hug and popping his noggin. There’s always more that one way to skin a cat.

      • @radar.

        That was a fake post by someone using my screen name.

        I never advocated a 200 million payroll or signing Yogi Berra.

        I would like to see what AA can do with a 120 million payroll.

        • This is not me. This is an imposter. Of course I know the Blue Jays can’t sign Yogi Berra. He might even be dead.

  2. Sierra for LF next year? Anyone? Anyone?

  3. K this Bitch.

  4. Oh shit!! Oliver walked Ichiro! He’s no good. Must be Farrell’s fault.

    • I hope you get carpal tunnel and can’t get the poison out in your Moms basement anymore.

  5. Swisher up. Farrell should bring in Mariano Rivera. But Rogers was too cheap to sign him.

  6. Wahoooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Fuck you, Swisher.

  8. Eat that Oakville

  9. Got That fucker in his own fuckin park!!!

    Take that you Muthas!!

  10. That’s it, I’m buying an Oliver jersey.

  11. Yay!

  12. winning streak!

  13. Hey wow!!! We won!! How many extra-inning games have we won this season?

  14. Sweet.

  15. Oliver > Janssen

  16. I liek tha kut of colbys jib

  17. Trade for Brett Anderson
    Sign Dan Haren (if he becomes a FA)
    Trade for JustUp
    Work on the conditioning of the players more and look into the minor league training staff
    Pray for better luck

    • Best case scenario

      • I’d rather look at the greenest pastures than wonder if this team could get any worse, cause it’s already a clusterfuck of rotten luck.

    • Get rid of Buck and Tabby. No, that’s not an on-field move but fuck. They’re just too ridiculously bad. And I’m old enough to remember them as players, but that positive association has long since worn off.

      • Buck actually isn’t too bad when he has Ashby in there to temper him. I mean there must be better, but he’s tolerable… the real problem is Tabby.

      • You old enough to remember Tony Kubek?

        • I’m 60. When I was in Little League my uncle gave me a Louisville Slugger bat that was the Tony Kubek autograph model. Unfortunately, I can’t remember ever seeing Tony Kubek the player. Baseball was on television a lot less than it is now and the first major league team I can remember seeing was the 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers with Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Maury Wills and Tommy Davis. The first MLB team I ever actually saw live was the 1966 Detroit Tigers with Denny McLain pitching. Of course all that’s now like a memory of a memory.

  18. I love everyone tonight, even Lind.

  19. Rasmus was not wearing his swagger sleeve tonight. What does this mean?!

  20. Been waiting all season for the Jays to force a BS on any of Rodney, Valverde or Soriano – now that Pimplebum is gone NL, those are the three most hated 9th inning save celebrations [The Archer, The Scream Dance and The Shirt Yank (ee)]. Eternal gratitude Colby – that “0 fer” streak and the K parade was ALLLLLLLLLLL worth it for that fucking gem.

    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

    I apologize for saying your cornrows made you look like Juliette Lewis at the Oscars – you go on with your bad self – any fucking thing you want to do (for the next 2 weeks at least).

  21. everyone remember SN’s One on One feature with Casey Janssen that has run on Blue Jays Central a few times this season? His answer to the question: who is the person you most admire in baseball – - – Derek Jeter.

  22. some audio clips to remember this one by:

  23. Where is IsabellaReyes? Wanna bitch about Farrell costing us this game? Ya know, by making some decisions on the base paths that were aggressive.

    Youwin some,you lose some. Butto call for his head when we lose is just stupid,IMO.

    • I imagine most women are in the kitchen this time of day

    • Wanna chat about the outs he’s had the team run into for 2 seasons now? And that base running was all McCoy. So eat shit pal. I don’t think he’s the best manager we could have. But I haven’t been yelling for his head as loudly as some.

      That having been said, Tom W’s suggestion about Tito works for me.

    • @ Stond

      Isabella was basically agreeing with me and questioning some of the tactics of Farrell.

      Perhaps instead of picking on her you could try me instead.

      I’d be glad to accommidate and I love a robust conversation about baseball.

      Care to enter my lair?
      I promise to be gentle.

      • I am sorry I don’t read every single comment on this blog or threads, I simply do not have the time that some of you must have. I noticed her calling for Farrell’s head the other day, when I didn’t think it was completely warranted. Sue me.

        I enjoy good conversation too, and wasn’t trying to ‘pick on’ anyone, her comment just stood out to me, that’s all. I guess next time I should keep my opinions to myself….ya know, because that is what public forums are all about.

        • I actually enjoy your comments.
          And I hope Farrell gets it together.
          My problem with him stems from not adapting his strategy to the players he has available.It’s surprising really,seeing he has Wakamatsu an other former managers at his disposal for advice.
          He seems to be desperate and trying to manufacture runs at all costs without analysing his options.
          Trying to steal or bunt at every opportunity isn’t working.
          The concern isn’t that he’s a bad manager but whether his style is condusive to taking the team to the next level.
          If this was Cito making the same decisions,DJF would be all ovr him.
          Can Farrell lead the team ( when healthy) to the playoffs?He’s not above criticism.

          • Radar, can you please not tell people what my opinion is as though you have a fucking clue.

          • Well thanks, I too enjoy your comments to be honest.
            I’m just not a huge Farrell hater yet. I think he has been doing a fairly good job given the assets, or lack thereof, that he has had these past two months.
            I cant disagree that he does seem desperate to manufacture runs, but when you are mired in a 0-6 slump and a 4-21 skid, you gotta be trying desperately to win, IMHO. Maybe the real mistake is having a 45 year old Vizquel on your 25 man roster, actually that is a horrifyingly bad mistake.
            I think he can lead us to the promise land, personally, but maybe I am just chugging the fucking kool aid. I dunno

          • @ Stoeten

            You’ve totally fucking lost it.
            Where in this thread did I mention your opinion?.

            Get a grip.

        • @Stond.

          I wasn’t calling for Farrel’s head. I was pointing out that I thought he might be better suited in a Red Sox uniform, especially if we got Bard back in the deal as per the Onley tweet. That is a long way away from ‘fire his ass!’ You didn’t even read the post properly did you?

          • Dammit I mean ‘Farrell’s head’. An edit button would be real useful!

          • It was a post from yesterday, not in this thread. But I cant remember the exact wording, nor do I really care that much to go search through a bunch of posts full of comments to find it.
            Id rather just say ‘Sorry’ for calling you out.

            Im not sure Id trade him for Bard. Id would for Buchholz, but Bard is fucking lost.

            • @ Stond.

              You can call me out as much as you like :). I’ll yell right back at you!

              Talking seriously, Farrell has had a lot to deal with, way more than the average rookie or sophomore manager. So it’s really hard to evaluate him. That having been said, he doesn’t fill me with confidence. I guess all I can hope is that next year we won’t have the injury problem and then we will really see what we have.

              Rosenthal last night said that ‘a lot of things have to happen’ before Farrell goes to the Sux. But he didn’t totally discount the possibility of him going there. So I guess we’ ll see.

              And I agree, Bucholtz over Bard.

  24. The WPA graph for this game will be fun.

  25. Fever dream for those who want Justin Upton – Red Sox trade Ellsbury and Iglesias (or Middlebrooks) to Arizona for Upton and then sign BJ to play CF – Upton Boys united –

    No way, right??

    • I honestly think after that Crawford fiasco that the Red Sox should start taking some… ethnic considerations into their decisions of whether or not to sign players. Red Sox fans can be a little – how to put this delicately – fucking racist as shit.

      And this isn’t just a Red Sox hating thing (though I do hate the Red Sox even more than I hate Communists). Its well known that NBA free agents avoid – or at least avoided before the KG era – Boston because of all the racist Massholes roaming around.

      Having said that, the Upton Brothers would be crazy fun in the middle of someone’s order. I just hope that someone is not the Red Sox.

  26. If Boston wants Farrell so bad – - – How about Rubby DeLarosa for him?….. That would put AA into legendary trading guru status

  27. The Farrell stuff won’t go away but AA has the power to make it go away. Either fire Farrell or extend him. Either you want him as your manager or you don’t, so pick one and deal with it. I love AA but his policy to not say a word about anything is really irritating.

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