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Sportsnet goes nuts with John Farrell speculation stuff, passing along Buster Olney’s suggestion on ESPN Radio today that the team was very close to losing its manager to the Red Sox last season, before they pulled back, (and that they should offer Farrell for Dan Bard), and Shi Davidi saying that the Jays need to sign their manager “to an extension, announce it, and show other teams that their staff isn’t simply a breeding ground for the needs of others, so a repeat of this situation doesn’t happen again.”

Adam Lind spoke to Gregor Chisholm upon his return to the club after his latest back troubles, and we can see the transcript of their talk at Gregor’s North of the Border blog. Jose Bautista talks to Gregor about his setback, as well. And so did Brandon Morrow.

At the National Post, John Lott talks about Aaron Laffey, and his mental preparation for games. And before he was sent down, Lott had a feature on Anthony Gose, as well, talking about his tough first go-round in the Majors.

It’s a brand new Tweet Bag at the Tao of Stieb, or… at least it was when the post was fresh, back on Friday.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels asks readers to weigh in on whether the Jays’ system might be wildly overrated. Hmmmm.

Mop Up Duty gets into their fancy ESPN Stats and Info data to preview the Jays’ upcoming series against the Yankees.

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin brings it with his latest wide-reaching bullpen post.

Elsewhere there, Kyle Matte looks at what we’ve learned about Chad Jenkins from the brief look we’ve got.

Jays Prospects tells us that the Lansing Lugnuts have set a new (team?) record for shutouts in a season, they look at the Vancouver Canadians’ top performers this season, and look Lugnuts right-hander Anthony DeScalfani.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun tells us, among other things– like the effort the rehabbing Luis Perez made to make his teammates aware of the situation involving Omar Malave’s granddaughter– about Sandy Alomar (Sr.), and his recent talks with the Lugnuts.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Ken Fidlin tells us that Jose Bautista has gone to Cleveland to have his wrist looked at by Dr. Thomas (Moonlight) Graham. ““Ideally, we would get Jose back in time before the end of the season so that he can test it and then head into the off-season knowing that the injury is fully behind him,” said John Farrell.

Jays Jounal has their weekly prospect hot sheet, which includes, among others, DJ Davis, John Stilson and, once again, Justin Nicolino.

Bluebird Banter wonders what the Jays should do with Carlos Villanueva, who has done very well as a starter this year, is slated to hit free agency, but has yet to ever start in more than 13 consecutive appearances in his career. You could do a whole lot worse, and he likes it here and should come at a palatable cost, but… do you really want to go forward thinking 4/5ths of your rotation is set with Morrow, Romero, Villanueva and Happ? Tough.

Bluebird Banter also asks their readers what they’d expect back from Boston, should John Farrell be allowed to leave for there. Ugh. Do we really need to take this stuff so seriously?

At the Blue Jay Hunter, Ian looks at what the deal between the Red Sox and Dodger might mean for the Jays.

At his Grey Matter blog, Kevin Gray of the New Hampshire Union Leader looks at Jose Bautista’s performance in his brief rehab for the Fisher Cats.

John Lott tweets that Adeiny Hechavarria is the only member of the Las Vegas 51s to have made the PCL All-Star team.

Interesting stuff from the Atlantic, who had a team watch over 200 MLB broadcasts, noting words announcers use to talk about players, analysing the data to find out some curious things about how race is treated. “The analysis reveals that foreign-born players—the vast majority of whom are Latino—are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to receiving praise for intangibles,” Adam Felder and Seth Amitin write. “Latino players are almost 13 percent less likely to be praised for intangibles than their white counterparts. Announcers are nearly 14 percent more likely to praise a US/Canadian-born player for intangibles than they are their international counterparts.”

Lastly, the Onion absolutely slays it with Desperate Angels Deactivate, Reactivate Vernon Wells To See If That Works.

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  1. The Tao of Steib article mentions that Greinke should get paid more than Hamels did. I don’t doubt Greinke is a comparably good pitcher, but I’m pretty sure right handed pitchers get paid less than lefties, don’t they? If memory serves, the Cain contract (5 yrs, $125M) is the highest ever paid to a righty. There’s something to that, right? Its not just a coincidence, like the righties on the market just haven’t been as good?

  2. Link for the Atlantic piece?

  3. What ethnic group leads the league in “most likely to bring fiery passion to the game with his smouldering-hot, salsa-style defensive shuffling”, though?

    Did they look into who led the league in “boy, this kid right here’s a gifted natural athlete who plays with a ton of swagger, but sometimes he just looks lazy out there?” Maybe the announcer can subtly hint that those players could learn a lesson from whoever leads in “This guy right here’s the kinda blue-collar, hard-working, lunch-bucket player that just hustles and grinds and gives 110% out there on every play”.

    • Wes Welker continues to lead all professional sports in grit, but I feel MLB could provide the next challenger to that throne.

      Probably not gonna be a shortstop, mind.

      • Wes Welker is a little pussy

      • Perceived Levels Of Grit By Announcers POWER RANKINGS:

        1. Hockey player (Canadian/American)
        2. Football lineman (White)
        3. Football quarterback (White, exception: Tom Brady)
        4. Football back/receiver (White)
        5. Basketball player (Steve Nash)
        6. Basketball player (White, non-Steve Nash)
        7. Football player (All remaining black players)
        8. Basketball player (Black)
        9. Hockey player (European)
        10. Baseball player (White)
        11. Baseball player (Asian)
        12. Baseball player (Latino)
        13. Baseball player (Black)
        14. Football player (Kickers)
        15. Soccer (all)

        • White & Asian Baseball Players ahead of European Hockey players – non Nik Lindstrom division.

        • In his defense, Steve Nash once relocated his own broken nose in the middle of a game. In the actual, non-stupid grit category, he may be the winner.

        • Shouldn’t it really go like this

          1. Hockey player (Canadian/American)
          2. Baseball player, (Brett Lawrie)

          10. Baseball player (White, non-Brett Lawrie)

  4. “but… do you really want to go forward thinking 4/5ths of your rotation is set with Morrow, Romero, Villanueva and Happ? ”

    I’d be fine with that rotation provided the Jays could add a true number 1, like Greinke, but anything much less than that makes it much harder to keep both Villanueva and Happ in the rotation.

    • I’d go one step further. Add a number one through free agency. Then also take as many of Brett Cecil, Hutchison, Alvarez, McGowan, Villanueva, Jenkins and/or Laffey as it takes to get one further top of the rotation starter.

      Then you have Free Agent Man, Morrow, Romero, Happ and Trade Man + whatever remains as backups.

      And the Trade Man doesn’t even have to be a long term piece – 2 years should be enough time for some of the minor league talent to force its way through.

      • That would be great too, but for some reason I’m really high on Villanueva, possibly just because I like rewarding players who step in during an emergency and do a good job.

        I think he’s earned a shot to prepare to be a starter in spring training so that his endurance can be fairly evaluated.

      • Why stop there? They should add McCoy, Davis and Cooper to that list and get Strasburg.

    • There’s an assumption there that Romero makes the comeback. So far-as much as we all want it to happen- there’s no indication of that. We wont even know in Spring training 2013. We wont know til the season start of 2013.

      • Thank you! Everyone is overlooking this. I`d sure as fuck rather have CV in the rotation than Romero. I understand why people are apprehensive about CV but holy fuck, we could do a whoooole lot worse that`s for sure. If he pitches a whole season he`s basically Shaun Marcum, nobody had any issues with him in the rotation when he was here. CV is a valuable, serviceable starter.

  5. This may be a little early to judge, but how about that Steve Delabar trade (in case you missed the insane end of the WSux/Moroners game):

  6. What ever happened to the posts about the inner workings of the Jays farm system? Those were always a good read :(. I’ll post some numbers on notable prospects:


    John Stilson: 8.02 K/9, 3.72 BB/9, 0.78 HR/9, 3.98 FIP at AA in 46 IP
    Anthony DeSclafini: 6.73 K/9, 1.82 BB/9, 0.24 HR/9, 2.73 FIP at A in 113.2 IP
    Noah Syndergaard: 10.31 K/9, 2.83 BB/9, 0.27 HR/9, 2.34 FIP at A in 98.2 IP
    Aaron Sanchez: 9.59 K/9, 5.21 BB/9, 0.31 HR/9, 3.50 FIP at A in 86.1 IP
    Justin Nicolino: 8.82 K/9, 1.42 BB/9, 0.47 HR/9, 2.53 FIP at A in 114.1 IP
    Marcus Stroman: 9.00 K/9, 6.75 BB/9, 1.13 HR/9, 5.08 FIP (3.38 ERA) at AA in 8 IP

    Position Players

    Jake Marisnick: 1 HR, 13 SB, 4.8 BB%, 20.2 K%, .269 wOBA, 59 wRC+
    Mike McDade: 1 HR, 3.9 BB%, 9.8 K%, .361 wOBA, 112 wRC+
    DJ Davis: 4 HR, 9.5 BB%, 28.4 K%, .353 wOBA, 123 wRC+

    Anthony Gose, Adeiny Hechavarria and Travis d’Arnaud we know about, Michael Crouse and Marcus Knecht have both flopped hard this season.

  7. “The analysis reveals that foreign-born players—the vast majority of whom are Latino—are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to receiving praise for intangibles,”

    Yunel Escobar, much?

  8. Hey! You should link to my website wherein I talk about the current rash of injured pitchers. I believe I have the solution. Read the entry “Play Frickin’ Ball”
    “Go Gandhi!”

  9. I hope Alvarez gets a look for a spot on the rotation next year…..isn’t he like, still 22 years old?

  10. Wasn’t this the reason Alomar didn’t get to the HoF on the first ballot — because he looked ‘mopey’ for the Mets?

  11. All of u -stop dreamin-Greinke ain’t coming here. The BOSOX jusr saved 70m. They will offer greinke like 28m per year and Hamilton 30m and sign both and still have cash left over to sign Carlos V and anyone else they want

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