No, really, the one in the middle.


Well, fuck.

According to, well… everybody, Blue Jays first round pick Marcus Stroman has been suspended 50 games for PED use, specifically the drug Methylhexaneamine, which is a stimulant.

More on this as it develops / Stoeten comes back from the washroom.


Stoeten here. Shit, this is some news huh? At least Jose Bautista is OK though, right? (Nope: having wrist surgery, will be ready for Spring Training, making those days when Greg Brady was worth listening to seem like long memories deep in the mists of time. But… those wrist surgeries, they always work out OK, right? RIGHT????)

Parkes has more on Jose at Getting Blanked.

Annnnnd, so yeah. Here’s what I’m seeing in a quick search about Methlyhexaneamine:

Three minor leaguers were suspended for it less than two weeks ago, about which explained “Methylhexaneamine is a substance originally intended to be used as a nasal decongestant but is banned by Major League Baseball. It’s believed to increase focus and energy. Side effects include nausea and stroke. The drug has been linked to some Minor Leaguers over the past two years since it’s an ingredient in the pre-workout supplement Jack3d.”

Now, I can’t conceivably picture where Marcus Stroman might have got the idea to take supplements from *COUGH*, but perhaps this is merely an instance of a player unwittingly taking something he shouldn’t. Indeed, that’s what he said in a statement to the media, as relayed by a tweet from Gregor Chisholm of

Believing such notions whole hog, however, give Stroman a huuuuge full-on Jack3d up benefit of the doubt– which I feel I can do, personally, because I don’t play the ridiculous moral grandstanding game when it comes to whichever performance enhancing drugs we choose to put in the bad pile (you know, as opposed to getting cortisone shots, dimed on Red Bulls, or whatever other things are literally performance enhancing drugs we’ve decided are OK).

Those of you who like to lose your shit when it’s one of the other teams’ guys, though? On this I expect consistency.

Remember when we thought he might help the bullpen during the stretch drive? Ugh.

2012, you guys!

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  1. What the fuck…

  2. So we are really calling methylhexaneamine a PED. I hate everything.

  3. Methylhexanmine is a nasal decongestant, as well as a treatment for hypertrophied tissues.

    • Those of us that made it past the first paragraph of that Wikipedia article learned that its most common use is as a stimulant – basically a weaker version of amphetamines. It is also used as the active ingredient in many ‘party drugs.’

      My guess? Given the fact that ballplayers used to pop amphetamines like candy, the use of this drug is probably fairly widespread. Or he was at a pretty awesome rave. Either way, I hope this has taught him to stick to coffee.

      • He took an over the counter dietary supplement that contained it. Seriously doubt that it was intention, especailly with all reports on his makeup and the fact that his dad is… A COP.

        • You think his dad is natural?

        • Yea cause his father is a cop hes 100% squeeky clean

        • Exactly, this ingriedient is in hundreds of cold/flu medications available FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

          It won’t make the kid catch a corner, it won’t improve muscle mass, it won’t make him grow a bicep between his eyebrows. It’s a blood pumper. Wake up pill. Every NHL hockey player in the last 50 years would have been banned for taking pregame Sudefed for the wake up effects of ephedrine.
          I hate that this get’s the same punishment as some asshole who put’s synthetic testerone all over his body and then creates a phony website to say he did it accidentily.

          Fuck you MLB
          Fuck you Bonds
          Fuck you Balco
          Fuck you Melky
          Fuck you McGwire

        • His father is a cop? So it Ronnie Coleman.

        • Bullshit

    • Masked my friend

  4. Bautista done for the year as well – surgery. Solid day of news..

  5. Where’s Parkes?!? This time I actually agree with him – there is absolutely no evidence that Methylhexaneamine improves performance. Unless you mean all night dance party performance…

  6. His father’s semen would test positive for a PED.

  7. just when you think things could not get any worse

  8. I hate this Blue Jays season so much.

  9. So this is what happens when you have a jacked up dad on roids, lol

  10. They usually don’t announce a suspension until the appeal process is complete, right?

  11. and Jose to have surgery – done for season – but “surgery” , for real – wrist surgery – kind of scary

  12. Are we sure it wasn’t his dad that was suspended?

  13. LOL. what a shitty year. I think he got it from his dad.

  14. that picture is not marcus stroman dick weed……it’s DJ davis

  15. Nowhere to go from here but up, right? Right? Please say I’m right. Blurg

  16. I’m going to need to find a puppy to kick.

  17. “Methylhexaneamine itself has not been studied intensively and its pharmacological profile has not been evaluated since Eli Lilly filed its patent in 1944″


  18. So… when does 2013 spring training start?

  19. Height Doesn’t Measure Heart.

    But MLB does measure for PEDs.

  20. “Many Canadian athletes take supplements, including pre-workout products, protein powders, energy drinks and vitamins,” said Paul Melia, President and CEO of the CCES. “Many of these products contain banned substances, which may be revealed only after they cause a positive test. I don’t think athletes fully appreciate the damage that taking supplements could do to their athletic career.”

    . . .

    However, even if none of these ingredients are listed on the label, there remains the real risk of a positive test.

    • methylhexaneamine is the first item listed as something athletes should be aware of when reading labels on supplements

      Matt Nicholl, who was the former strength and conditioning coach with the Leafs and now runs BioSteel with Gary Roberts talked today about his role of vetting guys’ supplements for banned stuff – Fan audio on demand maybe

      probably a lot of junk out there, especially for a guy first entering pro sports and not having the access and funds to get the “good shit”

  21. First off, I’m not advocating any “ped”.

    But for all the tards who will lump him in with Steroid users, this is just a blood pumper. In my opinion and (I know I’ll get blasted for this) it’s no worse then a reliever who pumps back a couple red bulls before he jogs in from LF. Hockey players have been taking sudefed for years because it has ephedrine in it which does the same thing. It just wakes you up, get’s the blood pumping. This poor kid will have the stigma attached to him for the rest of his career. His biggest mistake is probably stupidty or ignorance. MLB probably lumped this drug in because some Orioles pitcher with a heart condition took like 10 Epphy’s and then had a heart attack on the mound.

    Stroman made a dumb mistake but I’d hardly brand him a “cheater”.

    • FDA banned Ephedrine many many years ago. But man, that shit was effective.

      • You can still buy it in canada, I have a bag in my medecine cabinet. It’s great for saturday morning hockey games. They still sell it but in smaller dosages.

        • Ever drive through Windsor? Every other store has signs for Ephedrine. The truckera and meatheads use it. It’s available in bigger doses and cheaply in Quebec.

  22. Stroman said, “I unknowingly ingested a banned stimulant that was in an over-the-counter supplement.” Takes full responsibility for it.

    • Exactly, it could have been any number of the 100′s of cold/flu meds out their that contain it.

      Fuck I hate what Bonds did to baseball.

    • Pretty amazing that something you can purchase in that way carries a 50-game suspension.

      • I know, it’s fuckin stupid that this is lumped in with roids.
        Everyone in this whole forum has taken this drug or one remarkably similiar several times every year.

      • read this Archi, sounds like a more common problem than we know

        • Very informative.

          I don’t have any idea of the specifics of how he got whichever supplement it was, whether he walked into the pharmacy himself or someone else gave it to him, but that’s a crapload of danger to accidentally walk into.

        • It’s a problem that athletes may accidentily ingest as stated in the articles “the real danger”. But as you can see there are no health risks listed in the article because for a healty person there really isn’t that many if you occasionally ingest them. This is why they are in so many cold meds, preworkout drinks etc… It get’s the blood pumping, makes you alert. That’s fuckin it.

  23. /headdesk

  24. It is interesting to me that DMAA is a banned substance, and I suspect that it has more to do with the (relatively) recent changes to its legal status in the U.S. than anything. Given what I know about it, it isn’t that different from the high doses of caffeine common in some legal supplements.

    Anyway, do the crime, do the time, but if we can refrain from character judgements on this one, that would be fantastic.

    • This is also my understanding. Most use ephedrine, which is more powerful but still not really that bad of a drug. I know a lot of people who use it. Not sure how it enhances anything.

      • Ephedrine is also banned by MLB, but point taken. It’s the same basic idea as guys chugging a Red Bull or taking a supp with caffeine before a workout or taking the field.

    • that story is fucking crazy, RIP Brian Ludwig and much white light to your friends and family but I seriously want to know what the two guys were arguing about:

      The fight began over a disagreement about pitching on a Toronto Major League Baseball team, said police Tuesday.

      “It was in regards to pitchers in the (Toronto) Blue Jays,” said St. Sgt. Doug Andrus with the homicide unit.

      • So fan dies at jays game…fan dies arguing about jays…every jays player gets hurt…..jays draftee busted for PED’s


  25. Wait, does this mean the 50 next Jays games, or the 50 next FisherCats games? How is Spring Training affected?

  26. I guess the Mayans were right about 2012. They just fucked up the month.

  27. Don’t these morons know what’s in what when they put it in their bodies? “unknowingly” – try “stupidly” or “arrogantly”.

    As for Joey Bats, why surgery now but not before? Jays have a bizzaro way of handling injuries, never seen anything like it, beginning with Santos’ mysterious disappearance from the Spring roster only to reemerge as a damaged closer on Opening Day, only to be out for the season after blowing a couple of saves, and putting the team in a hole right from the start.

    What a fucked up organization this is.

    • Seriously? The problem is that players are put in a position where they can easily take a banned substance without knowing it. Think about it. If you are arrogantly/stupidly ingesting something you know carries with it a 50 game suspension, then at least get the good stuff. The effect is roughly equivalent to caffeine and yet it’s treated the same as anabolic steroids.

      • +10

      • But they are professional athletes with teams of people trying to keep them healthy. There tons of things on the banned substance list, regardless of whether or not they should be there, the player should check with a trainer/doctor/someone before ingesting anything that isn’t food.

        It’s not that difficult a concept.

        • I agree. He was negligent and so not completely without fault.

          My point was 1) its very unlikely he took it knowing that it was a banned substance, and 2) its far too easy for this to happen to players who know have no intention of taking a banned substance.

          If you decide that DMAA should be a banned substance (which it shouldn’t be in my opinion) then why treat it the same as amphetamines and anabolic steroids? There is no conceivable instance where a player would take DMAA knowing that it was a banned substance because they could take a substance far more likely to “enhance their performance” and face the same penalty.

    • You’re purposely playing dumb right?

      1. Who are you to say that Stroman took these by being “stupid” or “arrogant”? Considering all the information we don’t have (such as, what did he specifically take that had the PED in it, or how long has he been taking it, or even who told him it was fine to take) I think you’re way off here and making yourself look like an idiot.

      2. Why would anyone have an operation when rehab is a means for regaining health? Who in their right mind would say “hey doc, I’m sore, cut me open and fix it” when there are alternatives? Furthermore, who cares if he had an operation on it a few weeks ago or today? He’d have been out for the season either way. I’d much rather a player rehab his injury to the point where he’s told it is okay for him to play (which is what happened here) than take it to the extreme and unnecessarily hop on the operating table. I also think that it’s hilarious that you would know more than the various doctors that Bautista has seen, and even funnier than you would think that the team was told Bautista needed surgery weeks ago only for AA and Bautista to say “nah, we know what’s better for him.”

  28. Stoeten=racist for using that picture. ;)

  29. Well, aside from John Farrell tripping on the dugout steps while going out to make a pitching change, hitting his head on the warning track, and giving himself a concussion, we’ve seen about every piece of bad luck that’s remotely possible hit the Jays in one season. In all my years watching all sports, not just baseball, I’ve never seen anything like this happen to any one team. Even the Red Sox injury woes this year seem light by comparison.

  30. Remember when I predicted Jobo would be out for the year and you fucks ripped me apart? Suck it.

  31. It’s news like this that makes me wanna run toward the nearest living thing and kill it.

  32. This is the worst month and a half of Blue Jays baseball I can remember. I’m not superstitious. Like, at all. But this is some serious voodoo shit happening.

  33. Conspiracy Theorists Unite:

    AA or Paul Beeston slipped the banned substance to Stroman to avoid stating his arb clock this year. (“Well we would have had him as a September call up, but, well we can’t now . . .)

    (I keed, I keed, just a joooooookkkkkkkke)

    • They’ll probably still call him up. Minor league season ends September 3rd. If the Jays called him up they could shave 30 games of his suspension next year. (unless there’s some sort of rule against that, and as most guys on this site know everything I’m sure I’ll have my answer shortly)

  34. Ok now that he’s banned what does this mean for him next year now that the minor league season is almost over? Does the rest of the games at the major league level this season count towards his ban next year? If not, that’s going to piss me off a lot more because he won’t be able to contribute at the major league level for nearly a third of the season.

    • They should call him up and the start his games ticking, then send his contract to the Arizona Fall League, we could have this shit cleared up y Christmas.

      • If they are allowed to.

        It’s a shitty situation that’s for sure. If they aren’t allowed to do so it’s the equivalent of a injury on par with what Morrow went through except you can’t start the clock until opening day 2013.

        Holy fuck this team is cursed.


  36. Is August over yet

  37. You can buy jack3d at any supplement/GNC-type store, legally. Kind of weird that MLB would ban something like that, just my opinion though.

    • Nope, Jack3d is banned in Canada, the UK and Aus for sure and there are still talks of it being banned in the US.

      As for being banned in sports I found this on the company website:

      “Jack3d *IS* Banned by WADA, MLB, NCAA, etc

      It’s important to note that the supplement IS, in fact, prohibited among semi-professional and professional athletes. Jack3d legal is effective because it gives the user a powerful surge of energy and motivation. It is the ideal supplement if you are an amateur athlete because it helps you with your awareness and focus during workouts. But if you are under drug testing, and DMAA is banned, you will get caught – it’s as simple as that. Although it should be used with caution, the effects ofJack3d three are undeniable. The caffeine in Jack3d boosts the users energy levels, which is really helpful for regular workouts.”

    • The thing is that drug tests can’t tell if the banned substance he took was in a legal supplement or not., so you have to suspend.

  38. This is the most depressing Jays season ever.

  39. Just looked over the Joint Drug Agreement, it looks like the Jays are allowed to put him on the 40-man roster and serve part of his suspension as minor league games. According to the Joint Drug Agreement, minor league postseason games, spring training games, and winter league games do not count. So it looks like he can serve 4 Fisher Cat games from tonight to August 31st, get called up to the Jays on September 1 and serve 30 MLB games to the end of the season. That’ll leave him with 16 games left to serve at the start of next season. Not the worst thing ever.

    • J. Completion of Minor League Discipline

      A Player suspended under Major League Baseball’s Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program (the “Minor League Program”) who is selected to or otherwise placed on a 40-man roster before such suspension is complete shall be suspended at the Major League level for the lesser of: (a) the remainder of the suspension imposed under the Minor League Program or (b) the difference between the maximum penalty that could have been imposed under this Program (had each of the Player’s violations occurred while he was on a 40-man roster) and the number of games already served by the Player at the Minor League level.

    • Well that’s a bit of positive news. Still sets back his development this year but at least he’ll still have spring training to work on stuff.

    • That’s what I was guessing BUT will AA do it? Here’s hoping.

      • Don’t do it Alex. We need that spot on the 40-man for a reliever that I can actually use. I can never have enough relievers.

      • Hmm that could be interesting if he has to be added to the 40 man. I mean the optics of kicking off someone else so a guy could serve a suspension can’t be all that great.

        • Season is a write-off, it would send the wrong message but I’d do it if you want to call all-in on next year.

          I want the Jays to get wins this year, I don’t give a fuck about drafting 5th or 10th next summer and I was dancing around like a rave-kid when Cletus hit that jack last night but if we can get Stroman to start spring training with all this shit out of the way then I’m all for it.

    • Great research. I assume that also wouldn’t start his service clock because he’s not on the 25-man and it’s September?-

  40. Someone single in the front office needs to jump on the grenade and do a “slump buster” for the baseball gods.

  41. Too bad no playoffs this year. Bautista could have had his “bloody sleeve” moment.

  42. I like this kids dedication. Sure, its sucks that he was pinched but i hope the young guys in the organization are doing everything they can to become great, and to eventually carry us to the playoffs. We’re approaching 20 years on this playoff drought shit, so at this point i don’t care if you gotta pop a few supplements or kick a puppy, lets get this team competing. It’d be nice to see this kind of effort out of Lind…

  43. From Gregor Chisholm ‏

    “For those wondering, club provides a list of approved supplements. Stroman obviously took something not on that list.”

  44. off topic but the pirates just released erik bedard …. he’d look nice in a jays uni !!

    • He’d probably look like Brad Pitt if you sat him next to Cletus and EE but aesthetics aside he’d probably get shelled in the East if he can’t get outs in the NL Central and in that ballpark.

  45. Chisholm tweets:

    “The tendon is Bautista’s wrist has not been damaged but surgery will fix “instability” in the area. Help strengthen the wrist area #BlueJays”

    I guess ‘instability’ is better than ‘damage’ … ?

    • Bullshit, he needs me!

    • This is what happens when you have nonmedical people trying to describe medical things. Of course there is damage..or else there would be no instability. instability doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. it happens because things that created stability have been damaged.

      what I find odd is this.

      Jose hurts wrist…gets mri..”no damage” reported. he rests..and then plays…and then realizes he’s still hurt

      he then sees s wrist/hand specialist. specialis says he need surgery or else problem will recurr.


      why not see hand specialist FIRST? instead of this trial and error bullshit.

      • Thanks Doctor, but we use “special paid” type of folk so ….you know, move on.

      • Just accept that all public statements made by sports clubs regarding the medical status of their players are >90% noise. In seeking to make sense of them, you can only harm your mind.

  46. To beat a dead horse, it is ridiculous that a stimulant which is probably weaker than the energy drink I just had before the gym is judged as harshly as something that can alter your physical makeup like steroids and GH. I have had plenty of friends who have taken steroids over the years and it does stuff like taking a 365lb bench press to a 500lb bench press in less than a month…conversely, stimulants (ephedrine, etc) basically would give someone a temporary jolt (like multiple coffees) and cause them to have a hard time sleeping…big difference!

  47. Actually, I am glad he is getting the surgery now so that he doesn’t need to rush to return. It’s just like the tendon damage, just get the tommy surgery done and fixed for pitchers.

    I think I now have a strong belief that all pitchers should do Tommy John rehab strengthening exercises all of the time to try to protect themselves.
    All position players should be doing core strengthening exercises and hand strengthening exercises all the time in addition to their normal routines.

    I mean you do hand strengthening just sitting there on the bench or zip into the clubhouse early on if you’re not a starter.

    Players will still go exercise after the game anyway like Janssen if he’s doing an “arm flush”.

    Guys will still pull hammys or break bones etc., but it will put the players in the best position to avoid some injuries, recover from injuries and have great performance on the field.

  48. I suggest that the front office take a vacation after they settle their plans for expanded rosters and tell the team to just go out and have fun for the last month and that they will hold nothing against the team for that time period. Farrell- go ahead and do as many hit-and-runs, stolen base attempts, sac bunts, defensive debuts you want to do. You want to pound the ball up up up in the zone- go ahead pitchers. Swing from the heels bitchez- wait, that one’s already in place. Uh… mmmm…. now go away, we’re done here for this year. Oh and if anyone finds Cooper’s chin, be in touch with the medical staff.

  49. I just took some nasal spray and now I can throw 95!!!!

  50. Can this season get any worse?

  51. I take jack3d regularly (I’m a weight lifter).

    The results from this supp are minimal, really shouldn’t be a banned substance.

    What’s the point of putting products like this on the same list as growth hormone, testosterone and so forth?

    All jack3d does is give you a bit of a head buzz when you perform, hardly a “PED” in the way that it’s normally presented in the media.

  52. “Methylhexaneamine is a substance originally intended to be used as a nasal decongestant but is banned by Major League Baseball. It’s believed to increase focus and energy.” Meanwhile, Brett Lawrie has a keg of Red Bull connected intravenously between innings…

  53. I’ve actually taken Jack3d before, its a pre workout mix that I would use because it gets your blood pumping (obviouly since its full of stimulants) for those times yiu know you should go to the gym but just don’t feel it.
    I had no idea this was a banned substance (and after hearing about the side effects ill be sure to stay away) not that I would care anyway.
    All of this is to say that I believe he didn’t intentionally take a PED. Im sure a lot of guys use that stuff and almost none of them know whats in it or that its illegeal.
    So if he can prove that he didn’t know what was in it could the suspension be lifted? Should be a lot easier to do since this isn’t you know a made up supplement.

  54. Might I suggest the purchasing of several websites? The best defense is offensive.

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