Oh, great. It’s CC Sabathia. That should totally work out great for a Jays club looking to build on last night’s moral victory, or whatever you want to call a halfway decent start, for once, from Ricky Romero, coupled with yet another brutal output from the club’s hitters, save for Adeiny Hechavarria, as long as you’re going to look past his two strikeouts.

Uhh… I don’t know, at least it’s afternoon baseball, I guess.


At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi doesn’t pull any punches about how much is riding on surgeon Dr. Thomas Graham, as he gets set to repair Jose Bautista’s wrist.

Davidi notes in a tweet that bullpen coach Pete Walker is filling in as pitching coach, with Bruce Walton away from the club for the birth of his baby. Wait… how old is Walton?

Um… yeah.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
M. McCoy CF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
M. Sierra RF
J. Mathis C
A. Hechavarria 3B

J. Happ LHP

Poo Yuck Stankees

D. Jeter SS
N. Swisher 1B
R. Cano 2B
A. Jones RF
C. Granderson CF
S. Pearce DH
J. Nix 3B
I. Suzuki LF
C. Stewart C

C. Sabathia LHP

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  1. I liked it better yesterday when you didn’t put the shitty Jays record in the title of the post….how fucking sad has this season become?

  2. So, there’s that…

  3. Top 5 draft pick baby

  4. After the news yesterday, it seems to me that the 2012 Jays season has had a little bit of just about everything for those of us, who passionately follow this team.

    Oh, well except for success of course.

  5. Why is Adam Lind batting cleanup against CC? Sigh…

  6. Over/Under on hits for Jays today is 2.5. I got the under.

    • Over. Over. Over. Since Jose and Lawrie went out we’ve been about equally terrible vs good and bad pitchers. I suspect its because when you just close your eyes and throw your bat at the strikezone hoping for a fastball, your odds of success are about even no matter the pitcher’s ability.

      Pat Tabler’s explanation; “These kids aren’t scared of anybody. They don’t care if its Nolan Ryan facing them from the mound, they’re gonna go out there and rack up 2-6 hits and 0-2 runs.”

      Thanks Pat.

    • I’ll take the over.


    Actually, it WOULD be pretty cool to have Joe Mauer, but I guess not at that ridiculous price. But couldn’t he bounce back if we conserved his legs by DHing him instead of Lind? (Note: definitely not)

    Fuck, that might be the most retarded thing I’ve ever considered. Usually I would just delete it and move on, but I think it shows a teachable moment about how desperate for competence this team has made me. Go… JA Happ? Awesome!

  8. How can Jeter keep this up at his age? My guess is nasal spray.

  9. Fer Fuck’s sake.

  10. Are they stirring in the pen?

  11. Ideal outcomes for the remainder of the season:
    - Hech hits consistently and becomes the clear best option for 2B next year.
    - Orioles, through even more staggeringly good luck, catch the Yankees, making the AL playoff teams a pupu platter of Orioles, White Sox, A’s and Rangers.
    - Happ keeps dealing
    - No other players lost to crushing injuries that will impact the team in 2013.

    That’s not too much to ask.

    • I like your thinking. Of course you realize that you’ve totally jinxed all four possible outcomes now.

    • I for one will be thrilled when the Orioles become the fourth AL East team to have been in the playoffs at least three times since the last time the Jays were in the playoffs.

  12. if i was in the game i’d hit me up a dinger, then ya’ll ‘d git some dough

    • We all know you’d rather be mud ridin’.

      • ya’ll mght be right about that, m’ buddy Festus & me really tear up them mud bogs…..a sweet dinger though that’s not too bad either….gots to figure me a way to combine em…boggin & dingers….gots to be a way..mebbe check wit Farrell, mebbe a mini bog in the pen?? be shweet right there…

  13. Holy fuck I can’t believe Bruce Walton fucked a chick young enough to make a baby….

    I just googled him and it turns out he’s only 49. I thought much older by his epic trots out to the mound. Also – did you know he has a career ERA above 8 and a WHIP of 1.76. Explains some things eh?

  14. Our 80 year old pitching coach is having a baby? This has indeed been a year full of medical amazements.

  15. Gameday says injury delay. what’s going on?

  16. Just kidding, have no idea.

  17. 8, 9 and 1 guys coming up. The meat of our order.

  18. meat of the order is coming up. Don’t wanna miss Mathis AB.

  19. Nice Jeff. You made the whole south proud. #hatersgonnahate

  20. Can this team please learn to frigin’ bunt

  21. It’s sad that I’ll be thrilled if we can get one run in a bases loaded, nobody out situation.

  22. We was Nixed.

  23. I really, really, really fucking hate Mike McCoy.

  24. watch rajai get caught stealing third….

  25. thank god for you EE

  26. lind? wat?

  27. It appears that Farrell did find some magic in his hat after all.

  28. eat that Nix!

  29. If KJ doesn’t struck out I’ll buy 649.

  30. Following an inning like this on game day is both exciting and anti-climactic.

  31. KJ hitting zone in Gameday still has some red zones. I don’t know what the fuck does that suppose to mean.

  32. Kelly Johnson is definitely my least favorite Blue Jay in a long time.

  33. Could KJ take a pitch? Is there something in his contract that pays him by the swing? Good Lord! We had CC on the ropes.

  34. I hope all the mouth breathing retards out there realize that the past two starts from Happ were probably better than the combined career production of Musgrove, Comer and Wojnawhogivesashit. They probably don’t, of course – who needs major league caliber starting pitchers anyway, amiright?

    • The funny thing is that Happ himself was a highly touted prospect. I think fans were OK if we were trading him when he was still a prospect.

  35. #benchrajai

  36. Silly Rajai is back.

  37. Rajai deserves an error on that.

  38. “Day games can be a real adventure on defence”


    Rajai Davis is a poor defender….

  39. I really, really, really fucking hate Rajai Davis.

  40. It’s a wonder the Jays pitchers don’t strangle their fielders in the clubhouse.

  41. Motherfucking walks (the 1 run game yesterday decided by a walk) and fucked up read by Rajai – oh wait, TankNation!!

    • It need scarcely be stated that Travis would have been successful in capturing that ball.

      • True but ball flights are different in the high altitude air of Las Vegas.

      • LOL!. Another fake post.

        I am in Tampa Bay area this week. Rays are the team to watch here. They have been shut out 4 times this month by a score of 1-0.

        I wonder if AA would be able to get anyone from the Rays pitching staff in exchange for Sierra or Gose plus JPA

  42. Gonna be a looooooooong afternoon.

  43. “What time is it Mr Wolf?”

    “Its time for CC to settle down, strike out 10 through 7.2 innings and leave with zero ER.”

    For some reason, I remembered that game as being more fun…

  44. The rebuild is over!

  45. Probably been asked before (sorry) and maybe inappropriate for this forum (if so, sorry, just let me know) but how can you I watch the game on the other’s team’s network (in this case Yes) for free on the internet? One can only take so much Buck and Pat, and my tunein radio app doesn’t seem to be helping.

    • Its always inappropriate to ask to watch the Yes Network

    • There are a few websites I have seen people posting on here, but I cant name them offhand. However, I have just done google searches and been successful before. Sometimes you have to weed through the shitty streams or annoying popups with these sites, but just search for :
      Watch MLB baseball online for free
      Watch Yankees games online

    • ATDHE

    • 1) It’s been asked before ..NP
      2) It’s not inapporopriate for this forum but would be for Blue bird banter.
      3) you search for an illegal stream to view , it can take a little time to find with the various sites available.

      The technical points someone else can answer.

  46. Every time a Jays pitcher walks a batter, Glenallen sees a spider.

  47. stop walking people…ASSHOLE

    I don’t feel any better….

  48. Mathis doing some Jose Molina type framing for the Ump here.

  49. FUCK YOU Swisher!!!

    Fuck you very much

  50. i hate to bring this up (and be labelled a troll etc) but why was sierra shading ichiro so much to center?…that hit should have been a single…third mistake by jays fielders in 2 innings…

    • The coach positions the outfielders troll.

      • i know that, linz…my point is that the jays fielding is below average: whether due to poor play or positioning, how their poor fielding is not often reflected in the stats and how it negates the “pitch to contact ” ethos.

      • and my larger point is that the management does not value fielding appropriately: judging by the personnel they trot out, the personnel they trade etc… i would say the jury is still out on their overshifting and general positioning decisions too

        • You should have said all that in the first place. You only asked why he was shading him to centre. Spit it out Norm.

  51. Happ E

  52. Gangsta!!!!!

  53. i will give it up to AA on this point: Happ may just be worth it.

    • he impresses me…today the yankees are bleeding him big time though…over 90 pithces through 4 innings…keep away from the leadoff 4 pitch walks and don’t let them hit the ball to rajai and you’ll be fine…

  54. Happ is pitching a lot better then his line is indicating

  55. That was m’ buddy J.A. right there….pitchin outta a jam like that is almost as good as a dinger….& mud boggin…almost as good as that too.

  56. Happ’s K’d Cano a coupla times…he makes him look very ordinary

  57. Lovely, the first two Jays batters are out on three pitches…

  58. Seriously, Buck, shut the fuck up….”there aren’t a lot of guys who have the arm strength to make that throw, going away from the bag like that” about Cano’s play.

    Yes, the play was nice, but pretty much every baseball player over the age of 14 has the arm strength to make that 10 ft throw…….yes, even “running the other way”

  59. Did Buck really just say “moxie”?


  60. Mother F’n Chrysler, it’s bad enough that Mike McCoy is on a major league roster, but can someone please explain to me why he is hitting 2nd????


  61. I recognize the sun is brutal for fielders today, but is it just me or are Blue Jay fielders not communicating very well on fly balls? I saw Gose involved in a number of near botch-jobs while he was up, Rasmus and Davis nearly let a pretty lazy one drop between them last night etc … seems very uncharacteristic of pro ball players …

  62. YES – cobar!!!!

  63. Escobar goes ya-ya

    Chew on that, Cheeseburger.Cheeseburger. Sabathia

  64. Yescobar–nice!

  65. whats a bunt to a motherfucker like me can you please remind me?

  66. The guy had a double last time and he’s forced to square for a bunt. Well that’s shitty managing.

  67. Yescobar!!!

  68. DDDDDD estroyed that CCCC ball

    Yyyyy unelll

  69. A bunt woulda been better.

  70. Your move, Mr. Happ…

  71. KJ needs a job next year. this better be the start of a streak.

    • Given that he’s mis-spent the last two years playing for a new contract, I don’t like his odds. However, he seems to be judged the best 2B of a bad lot, so who knows?

  72. hech doesn’t look terrible…

  73. Apparently the Blue Jays are in flight…huh, who knew?

    • If we win this series, I think it says more about the Yanks thenit does about the Jays.

      Panic button will be pushed if we take 2/3 here.

      • They may not collapse. But they’re surely not good enough to make it to the next round.

      • One thing for sure, the NY media will be all over it.

      • I listen to the games on the radio via MLB Atbat and Gameday. Our boy, Jerry Howarth, likes to say ‘The Blue Jays are in flight!’

        That is what I meant…I was mimicking Jerry’s overused call.

        The beauty part of listening on the radio is avoiding Pat and Buck. Y’all should try it.

        • I wish somebody gave me this advice in every other game thread like they already did.

        • Jerry Howarth is the best announcer this side of Vin Scully. If you don’t realize this you should keep it to yourself.

          • I love Jerry Howarth and Alan Ashby. I dont see anywhere above where I said otherwise.

            Overuse of one saying doesnt mean I dont think he is great.

            I fucking love them.

  74. We’ve been Nixed & Rajai’d to death.

    • I feel like there’s a video of Rajai they keep. And everey time the ball goes in his direction, they play it. How many times have we seen him fumble a ball like that? …Or flail at a ball going over his head like that?

  75. And Lonnie plays it like a bag of toys.

  76. Did lind toss that ball? It was just one fucking step to the bag.

  77. Delabar kind of looks like Jesse James

  78. Beauty K!! I LIKE this guy Delabar!!

    • You can’t tell right now because we’re never ahead in games, but we could have a pretty sweet bullpen next year. As the Orioles showed, sometimes that’s enough if you have a few good bats…

  79. Fuck you Jeet

  80. That pitch is #DIRRRRRTY

  81. Ichiro can’t bend his elbow. Like a good ole samurai.

  82. What’s going on with Lind vs lefties or is this just another giant tease?

  83. I dont care if he can’t for shit. I love playing the where is Mccoy playing today roulette.

  84. Why not Loup?

  85. That is a strong arm on Sierra … way to immediately tear him down Buck.

  86. That throw from Sierra would’ve arrived just ahead of Cano if it was online.

  87. Why can’t Delabar teach the Split Finger to Alvarez in the off season?

  88. Because I live down here in Ohio, I can’t watch or listen to today’s game. If it were a night game I could at least listen to it on WCBS. So I’m here working out watching MLB network and they keep cutting in for live updates……….but only when the Yankees are batting. This is starting to piss me off. I suppose being pissed off is better than being pissed on, unless of course you’re Stoeten.

  89. Helluva game from Yescobar.

    Lowe sucks.

  90. wow – what a bunt

  91. C’mon Colby, just get us a slow roller somewhere.

  92. Unpopular opinion alert – I love a well executed bunt which gives the fielder no chance at the runner and gives the hitter a fighting chance at getting to first. Especially when the other option is KKKKelly striking out on a dirt slider.

    Suicide squeezes also give me a boner…

  93. That was ball 4.

  94. PERFECT bunt…Kj on 2nd

  95. 6 more outs! DO IT JAYS!!!

  96. Does anybody think the yanks will be bunting down two runs?

  97. F*cking Martin is hitting .195… Asshole!

  98. Fucking Baseball Gods.

  99. How about that catch Norm?

    • it was a nice catch…about a 7 out of 10….since one plays ichiro shallow and has not as far to run,, i don’t believe it worthy of more than a 7…what do you think, mr. potatoes?

      • So you’re saying his positioning was good, so his catch wasn’t? Hell Norm, he made a clutch catch.

        • no, i am saying it was a nice catch — worthy of a 7 out of 10. If the batter was Cano (or similar power hitter) and Rasmus would therefore have been positioned deeper, and then had ran and dove to the same spot as he did for Ichiro hit ball, then i would value the catch at greater than a 7 out 10.

    • read griffins tweet in star about rasmus catch now…

    • It sure LOOKED like a nice catch…guess we’re wrong.

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