Batter WPA aLI
LF – Davis -0.072 1.19
CF – Rasmus -0.045 1.38
1B – Encarnacion 0.022 1.23
DH – Lind -0.161 1.91
SS – Escobar -0.230 1.56
C – Torrealba -0.134 1.25
2B – McCoy -0.086 1.13 Pitcher WPA aLI
RF – Sierra 0.033 0.78 SP – Ricky 0.114 1.00
3B – Hechavarria 0.028 1.14 RP – Lyon 0.033 0.42

Bests / Worsts and the Gif of the game after the jump!

Top Dog: Ricky Romero, 11.4%
The Worst: Yunel Escobar, -23.0%
Top Bat: Moises Sierra, 3.3%
Least Relevant: Brandon Lyon, 3.3%, 0.42
Impact AB: Escobar Line Drive DP, Top 6, -18.4%
Impact Pitch: Nick Swisher RBI Single, Bot 3, -10.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Adam Lind K, Top 9, 2.95
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Derek Jeter F8, Bot 3, 2.07
Lineup Contribution: -64.5%
Pitching Contribution: 14.7%
Average Leverage Index: 1.13
Chart explanation

A better-than-decent start from Ricky, unfortunately on a day (again) where there is no run support.

Enough about that though, let’s get serious about how much we’re all starting to fall for Hechavarria.

I heart Hech.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

Comments (12)

  1. Hech is converting all of us.

  2. Me gusta Hechavarria.

  3. I too heart Hech. Despite the low batting average I think his PA’s have been pretty solid. He certainly doesn’t look as overmatched as Anthony Gose did.

  4. I refuse to believe that Yankees fans are respectable and exchanged Hech’s HR ball for another one. This is all camera tricks.

    • I’m sure the guy spit on it or something when the camera wasn’t on him.

      • If the gif started a few frames back, you will see they actually switched the ball with one that had been marinating in Yankee fan butt crack sweat most of the day.

        True story, they keep a good dozen of those on hand at all times for just such situations.

  5. Wow what are the odds that Yunel was the shittiest player on the team. That hasn’t happened all fucking year. I guess he’s just unlucky that Kelly didn’t show up to play.

    I’ve been having a little internal conflict over what has been the worst part of the season; the fact that players like Ricky and Yunel have inexplicably regressed or the part where someone somewhere pissed off Jobu and broke our entire team’s voodoo dolls.

    Then I remembered that in two separate series we lost three of our starting pitchers then two of our top four batters. Fuck injuries suck.

  6. How nice of a Yankee fan to switch balls

  7. He should have thrown the ball back anyways

  8. Hech is looking better, but for a guy that projects as a potential lead off guy I’d like to see him walk a little more.

    His OBP is less than his BA over the past 2 weeks for Christ sake.

    SSS of course so long term nothing has changed. But I’m not about to sit in the Rogers centre bleachers with a “Marry me Adeiny” sign quite yet.

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