With the Blue Jays in obvious need of at least one quality, established Major League starter to add to their 2013 rotation, they’ll be looking to both the trade and free agent markets to make an acquisition. Two weeks ago we looked at the free agent market for pitching, and now it’s time for the much more difficult task of trying to find what may be available in trade, starting last week with the AL, and concluding today by looking at the National League…

NL Central


There’s a little something of everything in the NL Central, with a couple of very strong rotations at the top, and the Houston Lucas Harrells at the bottom. The Reds, despite the reputation of their manager, have had reasonable success, remarkable health– until mid-August they’d only used five starters all season– and have their entire rotation under contract next year. The Cardinals have Kyle Lohse set to hit free agency, but Jake Westbrook was recently extended, Lance Lynn and Adam Wainwright will be back, Chris Carpenter is a possibility, top prospect Shelby Miller is finally surging after a tough year, Joe Kelly handled a rotation spot very nicely over twelve starts, and Jaime Garcia has now returned to the rotation after being off since early June.

The Cubs are one of the few teams who understand already that they have little hope in 2013, meaning Matt Garza still could be had, for sure, and perhaps even breakout star Jeff Samardzija and his three remaining years of control, too, if a club is willing to pay Jed Hoyer’s price. Similarly, the Astros have a breakout pitcher in Lucas Harrell, but it would be kind of a hard sell for fans, even for a club in Houston’s position, given that he doesn’t appear he’ll hit free agency until after 2017.

The Brewers have some talent, but some serious holes to fill, making it  tempting to possibly view them as candidates for an organizational re-think– which might throw Yovanni Gallardo into play. But they also have Zack Greinke, Shaun Marcum, Randy Wolf and Francisco Rodriguez coming off the books, which probably will see them more inclined to move forward and build around the trio of Gallardo, Michael Fiers and Marco “Polo Erik” Estrada.

Meanwhile, the Pirates have AJ Burnett, Wandy Rodriguez, Jeff Karstens and James McDonald set to return in 2013. Charlie Morton should return mid-season from Tommy John, and– more importantly– 2011 first overall pick Gerrit Cole is coming too, meaning the club could potentially flip someone for another much-needed bat.


Michael McKenry has provided some surprising offence from behind the plate for the Pirates this season, which may make JP Arencibia less of an attractive starting point if the Jays were looking to pry away, say, James McDonald.

I think the Cubs made a mistake by not dealing Matt Garza mid-season, because getting just one season of him shouldn’t be nearly as attractive to other teams, so maybe they’d consider a Latos-like deal for Samardzija, but since they’re not quite staring down as deep a rebuild as the Padres, I’m not so sure that flies.

Gallardo could be an interesting option if Milwaukee intends to take a step back next year, but with all that money freed up, I’m not sure that’s in the cards, nor do I think the Astros will be too willing to part cheaply with their one legitimate arm, who has so many years of control left.

Speaking of the Cards, the extension of Jake Westbrook was taken by some as a signal that St. Louis isn’t hopeful of getting much from Chris Carpenter in 2013, but that still leaves a number of quality arms there, with Trevor Rosenthal coming also, and Marc Rzepczynski a one-time starter as well– which of course I only mention in part of some wishful thinking that maybe Jaime Garcia could be in play. Could be time to move Furcal off short– why not for Escobar or Hechavarria? Huh? Huh? Huh?


NL East


There aren’t a lot of moving parts when it comes to the rotations of the NL East this winter. I’m pretty sure Philadelphia didn’t sign Cole Hamels to such a huge deal only to take a step backwards as an organization by dealing Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay. The Nationals will likely lose Edwin Jackson to free agency, and will therefore look to add to their core of Strasburg, Zimmerman and Gonzalez. The Mets, for all their Met-ness, have some good rotation options, with RA Dickey, Jon Niese and Matt Harvey in place, Dillon Gee and Mike Pelfrey working their way back from injury, prospect Zack Wheeler coming fast, and Johan Santana still in existence as well. Josh Johnson still looks like an intriguing name from the Marlins’ rotation, which will still look decent enough with Mark Buherle, Ricky Nolasco and the recently-acquired Nathan Eovaldi and Jacob Turner.

The Braves have a number of options for 2013, with Tim Hudson having another solid year (and an upcoming club option), Paul Maholm coming over from Chicago to help solidify the rotation, Mike Minor and Tommy Hanson doing… OK, Julio Teheran and Randall Delgado in Triple-A, Kris Medlen pitching a lot better than you probably realize, and Brandon Beachy recovering from mid-season Tommy John surgery.


Sure, there’s the Roy Halladay pipe dream I’ve got no doubt a lot of Jays fans are going to cling to, but that’s such a long shot it’s not even worth calling a long shot– or even taking seriously for a second, if only because it’s going to provoke certain subsets of the fan base into talking about it like it’s a potentially real thing. I think it’s safe to skip right past Johan Santana at this point in his career, and Josh Johnson was talked about plenty in the lead up to the trade deadline– which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t still be interested, or that there might not be a fit, should the Marlins be as enamored with JP Arencibia as I really hope they might be (but probably aren’t).

The Braves maybe interest me the most, now that I look at it, because though they’ll have significant money freed up, they may not be able to fill all their holes with money alone– or may not find it ideal, at least. Atlanta is slated for two major losses, offensively, with Chipper Jones set to retire, and Michael Bourn a free agent. Certainly the Jays couldn’t offer the Braves players with those kinds of offensive profiles, but Adeiny Hechavarria and Anthony Gose could slot right into those spots– well… technically, though neither would be worse off for some more minor league seasoning. They’re cheap, with many years of control left, and filling those spots– perhaps even with Colby Rasmus– would free the Braves a lot of money to pursue just one bat rather than multiple guys, and would allow them to deal from depth. Randall Delgado was already almost traded this summer for a two month rental of Ryan Dempster, so it’s not like John Schuerholz will be entirely opposed to considering something in this regard– though it’s hard to see how exactly .


NL West


There are some intriguing options for a team looking for pitching to target in the NL West, though they don’t reside in San Francisco, where the Giants looked locked in to a serious front five, or in San Diego, where the Padres have really only Clayton Richard and Edinson Volquez, in terms of established starters, both of whom have significant-enough home/road splits to entirely rule them out of consideration. Colorado, of course, is where halfway decent pitching careers go to die, so there isn’t a whole lot there to look for either.

The Dodgers, though, added a starter this week in their giant mess of a deal with Boston, picking up Josh Beckett, to go with ace Clayton Kershaw, as well as Aaron Harang, Chris Capuano and the injured Chad Billingsley and Ted Lilly as returning starters in 2013. And out in the desert, the Diamondbacks got out of the Joe Saunders business prematurely, but still have Ian Kennedy, Trevor Cahill, Wade Miley, Patrick Corbin, Dan Hudson (who is recovering from Tommy John), as well as phenoms Tyler Skaggs and Trevor Bauer.


Arizona is a club with plenty of arms and a declared need for help at short, which might make them a natural fit for the Jays– though, as I wrote last week, the Rangers can trump anyone trying to deal a shortstop, with their ability to offer Elvis Andrus, now that Jurickson Profar is ready for the Majors. The Jays, as I also wrote at the time, may be able to provide a more cost effective option for Arizona, as they’ll be looking down the rotational pecking order, should they be interested in trying to deal Hechavarria or Escobar to the Diamondbacks. Miley or Corbin, while unsexy names outside of the NL west, seem like they might do just fine.

And then there are the Dodgers, who may not be content to keep their rotation intact, and obviously have more than enough money to do something about it. Ryan Dempster, we heard this summer, really wanted to play there with his pal Ted Lilly, and perhaps the club will have eyes for him this winter, when he hits free agency. Should that be the case, perhaps a Chad Billingsley becomes available– and the Jays could help the Dodgers recoup some of the prospect value lost to Boston in a deal like that. You could do worse.

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  1. It’s finally here!

  2. That doesn’t sound very promising.

  3. You’re clearly watching the game very attentively Stoeten.

  4. Of course, Randy Wolf can be scratched from the Brewers line since he’s with the Orioles now.

    • Greinke, too.

      • He says Wolf and Greinke are coming off the Brewers books. Not that they are trade pieces.

        Unfortunately for my hopes of an Arencibia/Cecil for Gallardo swap he’s right.

        • Well even if they didn’t have Lucrory and had a massive hole at catcher, they wouldn’t even dream of that.

          Add in say a Lansing arm, and you get their attention but probably still not even close to enough.

  5. Is there going to be a FA SP outlook as well Stoeten?

    Wouldn’t mind the Jays spending some money for 4 years of Edwin Jackson.

  6. What do you drunks think is max that the Jays would give up for Josh Johnson this offseason?

    • From the Happ trade, I assume quite a bit.

      • are you talking volume or quality?

        • Either, maybe a bit of both. Alex isn’t afraid to pay the price for the player he wants although he would rather pay volume than quality so far if he has the choice (Rasmus, Happ, Escobar).

  7. any deal with the Dodgers could also involve a Escobar or Hech, they have needs at 2B and either SS or 3B (Hanley takes 1 of those spots),

  8. Jays need more established and/or proven starters than the two young dbacks starters. They would be foolish to acquire them hoping they can be no.2 or no.3 in the rotation. Never know how young pitchers are going to perform. The 4 pitchers I like best are billisingsley, garza, Samardzija and gallardo in no particular order. They can miss bats which is very important in the AL East.

  9. Samardzija in a Jays uniform would be awesome, but as it’s mentioned in the article it would take a Latos-deal given the sorry state of the Cubs and the Shark being one of their few bright spots going forward.

    Miley and Corbin would be interesting options, as would one of the Braves numerous young pitchers. Billingsley is owed a hefty amount over the next few seasons, but I wonder how willing the Dodgers would be to shed his contract from their now massive payroll (or whether they care about that at all).

  10. From the Rush to Judgment Files:

    seriously, everyone should go listen to this podcast again – especially Drew and Parkes (this should be a PropHate punishment) – love to shit on everyone who makes hasty judgments but revel in the sounds of their own voices pronouncing their Fangraphs/Baseball Reference scouting report on Steve Delabar:


    Drew: Steve Delabar is not that good. I don’t think he is ever going to be that good.

    Parkes: No (agreeing with Drew)

    Drew: He throws hard. He can get out lefties but he can’t get out anybody that requires an off-speed pitch because he doesn’t have one.

    Parkes: Or a fastball that doesn’t come in straight (I am assuming he meant he only throws straight fastballs)

    Drew: Yeah, if he can get his fastball on top of your hands, you’re in trouble. If it is out over the plate, he is the one in trouble. (Parkes giggles in the background) He is going to give up many, many homeruns.

    Parkes: I don’t think a relief pitcher from the Seattle Mariners who gives up a ton of homeruns is really [Eric Thames'] equal. I don’t think that this was necessarily a good trade, just a shifting of bodies.

    Stoeten: I know the homerun rate is atrocious and Delabar is not very good but, . . . he throws kind of hard so I can see them taking a flyer. But, that’s all it really is.

    and Drew tweeted today:

    Drew F ‏@DrewGROF

    Wow. That splitter to Jeter was aaaaaaaaaaawesome.

    I am not saying Delabar is the new Tom Henke, but then again I wasn’t out there declaring him kaka the day after the trade. Those who like to say “well, I told you so” should also have to acknowledge their, ummm, stooopid shit too.

    • Bob Blaw, nice take down. I visit GB maybe two to three times a month now if Stoeten has something interesting linked. It’s bad enough listening to Parkes at times on DJF podcast. Drew is reasonable but Parkes has lost something over time. I don’t know if it’s increased skepticism or disappointment with the Jays or just his terrible choice of rooting for the Giants, but the magic is gone and it’s not coming back.

      • Parkes is insufferable. I stopped following him on twitter and i can’t remember the last time i went to GB.

        He’s just way too unlikable.

        • It’s really tough to find a mathematician likable. Parkes provides a perspective that is valuable albeit dry, pessimistic and often over alotta peoples heads. I hate tabler’s “gamer”"clutch”and “playing the right way” comments but I do feel a lot of analysts need to remember we are talking about humans not robots that create various number (even in a large sample size.)

          • I think Parkes would be the one I would like to go drinking with of the three. It’s just, he sounds like some sort of angst ridden teenager- “why can’t they understand regression to the mean, I mean just for once! …” It’s like Mark Hammel before Jedi training.

            It bugs me after hearing it over and over.

        • Parkes is simply not the writer Stoeten and Drew are. The unearned pomposity makes him all the more unpleasant.

      • Yuuuuppppp!

      • yup, Parkes got me riled up about this recent post and I had to comment on it too:


    • It’s crazy to judge this soon, but of the three mid season trades:

      I feel pretty good about the Happ and Delabar deals at this point. Particularly Happ. Have been totally surprised at how much I’ve liked watching him pitch. Feel pretty good with the idea of Happ as the 5th starter next year. I love both pitchers abilities to get strikeouts.

      I’m not going to judge Lincoln on a bad few games, but I still don’t get the Snider deal. Even if he’s good in 2013. Would rather have given Snider another shot and signed an FA reliever.

      • I’m with you on the Happ and Delabar deals. I think people were losing their shit way too early on those deals. I mean, the Jays gave up some middling prospects for Happ, who might turn out into what Brett Cecil was supposed to be, a reliable lefty 5th starter who can neutralize some of the lefty dominant lineups in the AL East.

        As for Delabar, the Jays gave up Eric fucking Thames. Enough said. Actually, Delabar profiles to become a nice middle reliever who can strike guys out when used properly. Sure, Delabar’s HR to FB ratio is high, but look at how few fly balls he’s given up. SSS is applicable in his case. And Law said that developping a breaking pitch could solve some of his troubles versus RH hitters.

        As for the Snider for Lincoln deal, I’m still on the fence. I think the fact that Snider will be out of minor league options in 2013, AA saw an opportunity to dump him now as opposed to later. The Jays know Snider better than any other organization. Perhaps they saw something other teams didn’t (and you can include Jays fans in that mix). Having said that, it would have been interesting to see what Snider could have done for the Jays in 2012.

        • I think my favorite part of the AA regime is that the player turnover is tremendous. It’s a fun and unpredictable ride where you don’t know who is next to go.

          I’ve wanted to get a Juneyell Escobar jersey so bad but I can’t trust that he won’t be traded before it arrives.

        • AA traded a couple guys who might turn into JA Happ for JA Happ.

          I’m more than OK with that.

          • The Happ trade also has other players involved. The Snider trade one for one is much riskier for Alex’s rep if it blows up.

    • its all puke…i can’t even use another finger

    • Breaking: I was wrong. Just as we addressed in each of the subsequent podcasts. It happens. I’m not afraid to admit it.

    • Wait, people are allowed to have opinions? And CHANGE them? Since when?

  11. I like what you guys are saying

  12. It’s hard to be disappointed with the deals AA made at the deadline this year, since they mostly seem to be working out nicely. But I think the bigger problem with the deadline was the deals AA didn’t make. In the past I supported his passing up on big FAs, or selling the farm for Gio etc, but this time, it’s clear that guys like Liriano and Blanton were available for peanuts. At a time when it still looked like the Jays could hang around in the wild card race if they got another solid pitcher or two, I still don’t get why AA wouldn’t have gone for those guys. Granted, in hindsight, neither one has played that well since being traded, but still…

    • I agree completely, but it depends a lot on what the scouts think / project they can do for the Jays going forward. GM AA has mentioned before that he doesn’t want to grab guys and then release them again shortly after if they are ineffective (doesn’t he do that with his AAA depth already though?).

    • Given that the Jays were screwed for pitching, my guess is other GMs were tightening the screws on AA even if they were willing to let pitchers go for peanuts. Overpriced is still overpriced. The one thing AA has been consistent about is not overpaying for talent.

      That said, t would have been nice if he had made a big pick up.

  13. And Stoeten, no mention of Bud Norris?

  14. That sort of talk they were throwing about regarding Delabar is exactly the type of shit they would crucify others for putting forth with such small sample size. Delabar is just a baby in terms of major league experience. The guy had only a september cup of coffee last year and only a part of a season this year. Sure he is 29 years old but his circumstances are quite unique and he is certainly not the finished product other 29 year old pitchers would be.

    His strikeout rate this year is really impressive and tells you that there is something there. The fact that he throws mid 90′s lets you know that he’s not doing it with smoke and mirrors.

    He has the classic combo of high leverage, late inning pitchers….big fastball, devastating split. That combo leads to alot of strikeouts and yet, dingers will occur on the occassional split that doesnt split, and he had not been throwing it to righties when he was in seattle. hence he was really a one pitch pitcher vs righties (save for a really shitty alvarez like cement mixer slider which he has mostly nixed).

    My point is, its fucking ignorant to shit on a guy as having no future when clearly if someone had actually ever watched him pitch over several games they would realize such shitting was not only hyperbole, but flat out wrong.

    in fact, i would say of all the arms the jays have that are healthy right now in the organization, delabar’s is the one I would choose as having the greatest chance at long term success as a closer..even more than janssen who is more of a trick artist, control guy who has posted a strike out rate that he never has before and is unlikely to match going forward

    • The Jays also have a thing for grabbing pitchers without a (decent) changeup and giving them one.

  15. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If Cliff Lee is possibly in play for the right deal (and while we don’t know for sure, others have speculated), why not Roy Halladay?

    I certainly don’t think Philly is rebuilding, but I do think they’re going to ask themselves whether or not it makes sense to be so top heavy on a group of older/injury-prone players.

    Just like it’s shortsighted to suggest Blue Jays fans only wanted Votto because of his passport, it’s disingenuous to suggest the only reason to want Halladay is to “bring him home”. He’s still a very good pitcher, even if he’s not the best pitcher in baseball like he was from 2008 – 2011. He’s also on a very managable contract and has signed 3 team friendly extensions in a row.

    Yeah it’s a longshot. But it seems parochial to dismiss it outright. Espescially when this blogger suggested that Adam Lind could have been a key piece to trading for Joey Votto with a hot first half in 2012…

    • Um the reason to want Halladay is totally to ‘bring him home.’ And that’s more than enough. Bring. Him. Home.

  16. Do the Jays really want Halladay or Lee? Is either one of them going to be effective in three years? Are we not now clutching at memories of talented players, hoping that they can be the sorts of players we remember them being, when in fact they are highly-paid former Cy Young award winners on the downslope of their careers, with contracts that will be difficult to live up to now that they’re at this point in their careers? I don’t see value in players like that for the Blue Jays, who, let’s hope, will play meaningful games in September next season, maybe even make a wild card play-in game, but aren’t likely to go deep into October without a lot of things going very right. The Jays need a pitcher who is at his peak potential, with a high likelihood of being among the best for the next few years. Roy and Cliff are not that pitcher.

    • Roy Halladay over the next 3 years will still easily be better than any of the Jays bottom 3 starters over that time.

    • I would take Halladay for 3 years at $20M in a heartbeat. He is nowhere near done.

      • This.

        Roy Halladay is still one of the top pitchers in baseball. Yeah, he’s probably never going to be #1 again. But he’s better than anyone on the staff including Brandon Morrow.

        • Would be an amazing mentor that can actually get it done on the field every 5th day.

          Looking at you Omar.

  17. I think that might be a little unfair to the pitchers, who are still pretty darn good this season, Halladay’s injuries notwithstanding. I think they both also have a couple of solid years left and would offer pretty dramatic improvements to the rotation.

    The question isn’t whether they can help the team, it’s whether they can help it enough and for long enough to justify the price they would command. Probably not the most cost effective options, but it’s not likely these guys who are still damn good pitchers just fall off a cliff next season.

    • Oops, meant to be in reply to Winfield Killed That Bird.

      • Exactly.

        The Jays are in no position to scoff at a pitcher who had a 4-1 K/BB while he was “injured” and a near 8-1 K/BB since he has returned from injury.

        Mind you, this is a longshot and we don’t know what the price would be. Certainly Halladay is worth quite a bit less in trade than he was 3 years ago…but it’ll still take meaningful assets.

        Also, it’s not impossible Halladay “requests” a trade in the offseason much like he did with the Jays. Does he actually want to hang around on a team that isn’t contending even with him on it? That’s the reason he was traded in the first place, to get a ring.

  18. The one thing I don’t understand is why we’re all so quick to try and unload Escobar. I mean, I know we have Hech there, but 4 Win SS’s don’t grow in trees. It’s a down year for him, for sure, but if Johnson isn’t in the plans (and he shouldn’t be), doesn’t trading Yunel just create another hole on this team?

    • I agree

    • It’s 2 down years out of 3…and much of his value is from his defence which stands a good chance of declining with his body type.

      Mind you, I still think it would be ridiculous to trade Escobar and go with Hech at SS and fill-in-the-blank at 2B…but it depends what Yunel could bring back in trade.

    • He’s too big to age gracefully. Move him if we can get value.

  19. Happ looks like a major league starter. Cecil doesn’t. That’s not the most effective way of judging players but when you dont expect every pitch to leave the yard it’s a good start. He’ll do fine as 4/5 man next year.

  20. Hey Stoeten think we should still release Happ??? Got to say buddy that posting was your worst ever and really showed your lack of insight into MLB pitching.

  21. Does anyone else get the sense that there will be no market for JP Arencibia?

    Seems like most teams have shored up their catcher position with unexpected performances this year.

    The teams with holes will be the Yankees and Rays, who are unlikely to be deal with the Jays, and maybe the Rangers. That list seemed a lot longer a few months ago.

  22. Your allowed to be wrong but to throw out releasing Happ was just plain stupid after we just traded for him and one bad outing in pen.

  23. “Is Happ’s contract a better allocation resources than paying about the same amount to retain Carlos Villanueva? Than paying Aaron Laffey much less? Or how about Jenkins, who ought to be given an extended look these last two months as well?”

    Yes it is a better allocation than paying Laffey much less. 3 million dollars, I have been told around these parts, is chump change to pay for even a replacement level catcher who is likely not even as good overall as a fucking dude claimed on waivers last week, but its perhaps too much money to spend on a major league average starting pitcher?

    • You’re absolutely right – based on those declarative sentences it is clear that Stoeten was making a point which was indefensible at the time and ridiculous today.

      What’s that you say? Question marks? Meant to convey a lack of certainty and to introduce a debate rather than enter an opinion? Ahhh, well in that case it would be an asshole revisionist historian move to dump on him for raising something that had been relentlessly pursued by other Jays fans and especially commenters here. My mistake.

      • I like you Ray. You’re good people.

      • The question marks are using a ploy of the original poster in which you get to say shit which you really mean but then get to deny that you actually said them in a declarative fashion because you introduced the interrogative. so yeah. . fuckoff and try again

  24. I like the article and the previous one about the AL starters available, Personally, I find the market on starters to be somewhat volatile. You never know about some of these guys. One team I would persue in trade talks right now would be the Indians. I’d be after two players in particular, Jason Kipnis and Chris Perez. The Indians have lost 27 of 31 going in to todays game against the A’s. As I write this they are down 6-1 in the fourth inning. I’d grab Kipnis because he’s a young established 2nd baseman. I’d rather have someone I knew could succeed at 2nd base, rather than someone I supposed could play there, or even hoped could play there. I’d grab Perez because in the event Sergio Santos can never make the contribution he was acquired for, Perez can fill that role. Should Santos come back the Jays would have a very stacked back end of the bullpen similar to what Cincinnati had when they won the 1990 World Series. The Reds won that series because they had 3 studs at the back end of their bullpen who could shorten the game to 6 innings for Lou Pinniella. Cincinnati actually won a World series with guys like Joe oliver, Hal Morris, Mariano Duncan, Billy Hatcher and Chris Sabo in their everyday lineup. The current Jays are way better than that when they are healthy.. I’d say more, but I think you get my point.

  25. I completely agree, Halladay will not be traded to Toronto — that ship has sailed on both ends.

    But, I do wonder if Halladay may be in play, depending on how the Phillies do next year. Remember, he orchestrated the trade to the Phillies and signed that contract because he wanted to win and win right now. In his 3 years in Philadelphia the Phillies have lost in the NLCS, lost in the NLDS, and fallen right back to last place this year. They’ve dismantled a lot of the veteran team despite the Hamels contract, and the long-term health futures of key pieces Utley and Howard, and even Doc himself, are still question marks. If the Phillies start slowly again in 2012 and start going to a full-on rebuild, I wonder if he’d ask for a trade to a contender for the last season-plus of his contract.

    Note: I’m not in any way saying he’s coming to Toronto or wants to come to Toronto or would approve a trade to Toronto. Short of the Jays having a .900 winning percentage that ship has sailed until he’s put up on the Level of Excellence. So get that idea out of your heads before it even comes in, people.

    • On what are you basing this? Presumably the words coming out of your ass?

      Obviously it’s a very longshot; but acting like it doesn’t make some sense is pretty narrowminded.

  26. Turns out the Marlins were more enamored with Jeff Mathis instead of Arencibia. Neat-o!

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