Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Baseball America has the rosters for the clubs in the Arizona Fall League, and while a number of Jays have yet to be announced, we know that Jake Marisnick, Ryan Goins and Kevin Pillar will be there. Ryan Tepera tweets that he’s been invited, as well, leaving spots for three more pitchers from the organization, and one catcher. If healthy enough to participate, we’ve been led to believe that Travis d’Arnaud will be there, but there’s no official word of that yet.

A much needed bit of hope for this dreary season: Bob Elliott brings a long feature on the Lansing Three for the Toronto Sun.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Ken Fidlin quotes John Farrell on JA Happ and Mike McCoy, both of whom have impressed the manager of late.

Elsewhere still, Fidlin looks at the bad news on Jose Bautista’s wrist from this week, and suggests it’s probably for the best that he’s able now to just get it fixed.

At the Toronto Star, Liam Casey gives us some background on methylhexaneamine, the banned substance Marcus Stroman was suspended for taking.

Speaking of Stroman, Dirk Hayhurst writes that there’s really no excuse for a ballplayer to have unwittingly ingested something he shouldn’t have, given all the repeated warnings about just such a situation.

Gregor Chisholm of echoes the stuff from the Sun on McCoy in a notebook post that also mentions how the manager has been impressed with Moises Sierra.

More McCoy stuff, as Bluebird Banter looks to the future– specifically the future of the Jays’ bench.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes fills us in on the details of the broadcast rights contract signed between MLB and ESPN, which should net each club $13-million more than they were making from the previous deal, beginning in 2014– and they’d damn well better spend it.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Drew and GIFman Lewis bring us a spectacular GIF of ex-Jays catcher Rod Barajas.

HELLO KEVIN PILLAR!!!! The Lansing Lugnut has been named the Midwest League’s MVP, according to The Midwest League Traveller.

Jays Journal looks at the curious case of Jesse Hernandez, who looked good at Dunedin when promoted from Lansing as injury cover for Sean Nolin, but was demoted back to low-A anyway.

Over at the Blue Jay Hunter, Ian looks at the difference between the Jays and the Dodgers.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels continues to go round-by-round through this year’s draft and looking at how players are doing in their first taste of pro ball. Pretty funny to see how the Jays’ picks from the sixthseventh, and eighth round are doing, seeing as they were all super cheap college seniors selected to increase the club’s bonus pool for players they actually, y’know, wanted. tells us that three Jays games in September will be simulcast with descriptive video, for the blind and visually impaired. So… there’s that? Should be more entertaining than Buck and Tabby, amiright?

In case you missed it yesterday, I finally posted my NL trade market for pitching piece, a companion to last week’s AL trade market piece, and an earlier look at which arms will be available in free agency.

One guy who was mentioned in the  NL trade market piece is Wade Miley of the Diamondbacks, whose surprising success with less-than-dominant stuff was examined by FanGraphs yesterday. And elsewhere at FanGraphs, they look at a potential free agent I didn’t include in the above piece, asking whether the Angels should pick up Dan Haren’s option.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, there’s some Jays content in Jeff Sullivan’s piece on when giving a hitter the green light on a 3-0 count goes wrong. (And there’s more in part two.)

Lastly, those who may be interested are running out of time to get in on the earlybird ticket deal for Blogs With Balls 5, the sports media conference that’s coming to the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto in early October, and is co-presented by the Score.

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  1. The seventh round link actually takes you to the eighth round.

  2. Another interesting read, after you’re done reading all of those above: Deadspin has an excerpt from the Baseball Prospectus book Extra Innings, specifically, the chapter on whether the stats spikes of the Steroids Era are really more about the composition of baseballs:

  3. Very little mentioned over at GB about Bryce Harper’s eerily similar incident to Brett Lawrie’s involving throwing a helmet “at” an umpire, or about him smashing his bat last week. I guess Bryce Harper is in no way at all similar to Brett Lawrie.

    • We discussed on today’s Getting Blanked show how the incident was vaguely similar, but not nearly as egregious, and was dealt with far better by Harper after the fact.

    • Ya it’s totally differentish (depending on which player you like more). Its not at all pretty similar in most ways…

  4. miley’s success makes me think that pat corbin would be a great offseason target… the peripheral numbers are very similar aside from miley’s unsustainable HR/FB rate.

    stuff – wise both guys are very similar… but corbin is nearly 3 years younger… and has the type of build that may lead to a little more velocity down the road.

    corbin has a background of playing basketball at a pretty high level so he seems to fit the front office’s recent desire for athletic guys on the mound.

  5. with dodgers selling for $2 billion plus, their tv rights apparently worth over $4 billion, with ESPN doubling their TV rights for baseball etc…has someone attempted to do a current valuation of the Blue Jays? Is there somewhere we can find such a current valuation?

    • A lot of the Jays’ value is tied up in the fact that they ARE owned by Rogers, which also owns their stadium, TV station and radio station, allowing them to piggyback on top of their own earnings. It’d be hard to value what the team’s worth, since it’s worth more to Rogers than it is to anyone else on Earth. It’s like trying to estimate the value of one cinema at a movie theatre, if it were to be sold off without the accompanying lobby and box office.

      • i believe that is called vertical integration (and interesting you bring up a theatre parallel—the American regulatory agencies broke up similarly vertically integrated entertainment companies in the past …i believe universal under lew wasserman for example)
        that being said, although it is complicated, i am sure a valuation can still be made…
        and considering that the Dodgers are valued at over $2 billion conservatively, that the Jays’ ‘market’ extends across Canada (and potentially to some parts of US), etc… would it be absurd to think the Jays by themselves are worth over $500 million? $800 million? $1 billion?

        • If my memory serves correct the last Forbes valuation of the blue jays was around 450MM, keep in mind Rogers bought the blue Jays and the stadium for less than 300MM I think.

    • Pretty sure Forbes conducts valuations of all franchises once a year…also a rough estimation for informational purposes would be to multiply their free cash flows (or net income since it is easier to find online) by an appropriate multiplier for their industry which I’m guessing would be between 15-20 judging by the dodgers sale

  6. Djf podcast today?

  7. Does anyone think it would be possible for the Angels to pick up harens option and then still look to trade him? save the 3 million buy out and get something back for him?

    • I hope the Angels sign up Greinke, keep him out of Boston.

    • I’d say that’s a very likely scenario.

      • if I were them i’d do it in a heartbeat.
        Haren is a quality start machine.
        I really think the jays and angels match up well for a trade,
        we need a quality DH or left fielder and we need pitching.
        I think they could use a little payroll relief from some awful contracts.

        • Did you just propose a Vernon Wells reunion? Because for all of our sakes I’m going to assume you didn’t just propose that.

  8. Looks like Amy K Nelson is going to be at your blogfest, maybe you can get more details on the man in white. Such quality reporting she did there….

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