Batter WPA aLI
LF – Davis -0.033 1.38
CF/RF – McCoy -0.229 1.15
DH – Encarnacion 0.103 0.87
1B – Lind 0.165 1.29
SS – Escobar 0.502 1.58 Pitcher WPA aLI
2B – Johnson 0.023 0.98 SP – Happ -0.202 1.21
RF – Sierra -0.076 1.02 RP – Delabar 0.124 2.04
PH / CF – Rasmus -0.065 0.75 RP – Loup 0.075 2.61
C – Mathis 0.018 1.09 RP – Lyon 0.002 2.92
3B – Hechavarria 0.051 0.95 RP – Janssen 0.043 0.55

Bests / Worsts and the Gif of the game after the jump!

Top Dog: Yunel Escobar, 50.2%
The Worst: Mike McCoy, -22.9%
Top Arm: Steve Delabar, 12.4%
Least Relevant: Casey Janssen, 4.3%, 0.55
Impact AB: Escobar 2-Run Home Run, Top 6, 24.3%
Impact Pitch: Russel Martin RBI Double, Bot 8, -20.3%
Highest Leverage AB: McCoy Fielders Choice, Top 3, 2.53
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Derek Jeter F9, Bot 8, 3.47
Lineup Contribution: 45.9%
Pitching Contribution: 4.2%
Average Leverage Index: 1.33
Chart explanation

Jeter has some incredible range.

Winning a series in Yankee Stadium? Obviously, right?

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. I love these! Thanks so much!

  2. Didn’t see the game but that gif looks like it’s a grounder off the pitchers glove that otherwise would have been headed up the middle.

  3. hey Archi – would you consider wrapping up the season with a best and worst perfomances chart? and how about averages (or would that defeat the purpose?)

    • I’ve been tooling around with that idea. I think there’s a very good chance I’ll be able to put together single game and season long records for WPA at the very least.

  4. I mean, theres no way Jeter gets to that ball, but it looks hilarious to see him really not even get out of the crouch hes in. I can watch that GIF 1000 times.

  5. You can almost see Jeter thinking “this isn’t gonna look good on sportscenter” as he makes that half-hearted effort to get out of the crouch as the ball rolls to the LF. Love it.

  6. I haven’t seen a game in a few weeks…..FML….where has all the time gone…

  7. that game was just flat out fun to watch.
    I was all excited that junel was playing good so he could increase his value and maybe help us get some pitching… then I started thinking, if he could just play like this more, why the fuck wouldn’t we just keep him?

  8. That gif just shows Jeter’s veteran presence. He KNOWS he won’t get to it so doesn’t waste his energy. Duh.

  9. I’m gonna go with he was getting out of the crouch because once that ball gets through he becomes the cutoff man…but you know, that’s not as much fun.

  10. “Escobar, Again” sounds like the title of some postmodern poetry.

  11. Speaking of Jeter: he has a reputation as a clutch hitter. Wilner insists up and down there’s no such thing. I wonder if it’s possible to do some kind of analysis of WPA and/or leverage to compare Jeter to the league average and to his teammates. A scatter plot of WPA vs. leverage? Wouldn’t the league average show no correlation, a clutch player a positive correlation, and a choker a negative correlation?

  12. I find it hilarious that Yunel had more WPA than the entire lineup had total. As in, including Escobar.

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